Does positive thinking change the outcome of situations?

People always say to think positive regarding situations as if positive thinking will actually change the outcome of the situation. I can’t remember a time where positive thinking alone did anything for me that I know of.


Yes, I do. When I was 10 years old, my mother became an invalid from Multiple Sclerosis. When I was 16 years old, I was tired and irritable and when I went to get my mother up for the day, she was sunshine and good cheer.

When I snapped at her for always being cheerful and up, she sat there for a minute and said, "I am not always up. Most of the time I don’t feel well, but to whine, bitch and complain will simply make my life and the lives of everyone around me harder, it won’t fix, change or solve anything. So, I choose to face each day with good grace to inspire those I love to go forward with what you can fix or change or solve and don’t waste time making yourself and everyone around you miserable." I believe she changed the outcome of my life by showing me how to handle difficult situations with good grace. It has served me well in my life.

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Any good selfhelp or personal development courses?

Hi All

I’m looking for free online courses that deal with aspects of self help and personal development. Things like building confidence, approaching women, talking to strangers, all those types of things.

Preferably the course should be interactive with actual exercises.

Hi there,

You can find some free courses here on the subjects you want, which hopefully will help you.

If you are particularly interested in approaching women / talking to strangers there is a program by David De’Angelo on confidence who’s name escapes me (I’ve just moved house and everything is still boxed).

Hope that helps you out.

All the best


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Passionate about personal growth and development—Looking for higher education opportunities or jobs?

I’m 22 years old and about to graduate college from Santa Clara University in the Bay Area. I’m incredibly interested in personal growth/development, social dynamics, etc. Does anyone know of any higher education opportunities or possibly career paths down this avenue? Any schools or teaching opportunities? (Psychology isn’t much of an interest unless someone knows a specific type of psychology that would be particularly useful for this) Thank you so very much for your help as I’m trying to pursue something that I love.

For what you say you want to do psychology would be the perfect career choice. There are many ways that working in the psychological field would help you to achieve these objectives. What do you think psychology is about if it isn’t to help people with their personal and social growth?? That’s what people go to therapist for to help with their own personal development and to learn how to get along better with the wider world around them. You should talk to some of the therapist in your school and some one one the staff in the psych department to see what they’ve been able to do with their lives. That would help you. But you would get better responses if you posted this in another area. This area if for parents and students who have learning disabilities.

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Affordable Life Coach Training
Affordable Life Coach Training

Anybody with the passion, the heart and the desire to help people can become a life coach. The problem though is that those qualities alone are not enough to qualify you as an effective life coach. You will also need training and mentoring. But life coach training resulting in a certification costs $3000 to $6000 on the average.

Let’s assume you simply don’t have that kind of money laying around. Does this mean your dream of becoming a life coach is over? Well, not quite. There are several ways you can make life coach training more affordable.


As in traditional colleges and universities, there are scholarships available to help you pursue your dreams of becoming a life coach. There are a number companies willing to help you as long as you meet their qualifications and discplay the necessary level of desire and determination.

One approach you can take is with your current employer. You can inquire whether or not they have scholarships or other programs available that would meet your needs. Many companies offer incentives for their employees to further their education, especially if it’s in an area that would benefit the company, such as life coaching.

If no such progam currently exists in your company, you could suggest it to the appropriate department head or your supervisor. There are many companies that fund 100% of continuing education.

Another approach is to apply for a scholarships with the top coaching academies. One of these institutions is the International Coach Academy.

International Coach Academy is one of the top schools in the world for coach training. They provide top notch, affordable and accessible training. Their Certified Professional Coach Program is fully certified by the International Coach Federation. What may be of special interest to you is they offer a number of 50% scholarships for their program.

Find A Mentor

Another method of obtaining affordable life coach training is by finding a mentor. If you have the necessary desire and motivation, you can look for someone already working as a life coach who is willing to take you on as an apprentice. This may not be formal training but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be less effective. Someone currently working in the life coaching field may well be a better teacher or trainer who has been in the classroom and isn’t an actively practicing coach.

Of course it’s going to require some work to find someone willing to become your mentor. You will need to gain their trust as well as demonstrate a high level of desire and determination to become a life coach. While you should attend some sort of formal training later to attain life coach certification, the lessons you will learn from studying under a personal mentor will likely prove to be far more valuable than anything you will learn in a classroom.


If you are unable to find a mentor or are unable to afford formal life coach training, then your last resort is going to be self training. One source of self training that is widely available is books. There are many books on the subject of life coaching, but you don’t necessarily need to buy them yourself. Find the ones available through your local library and start with those.

Another good source of information is the internet. The information superhighway has an incredible amount of information on life coaching. Just make sure you exercise some caution on where you get your information. Choose sites that are credible sources of information regarding life coach training.

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Who has had a miracle in their life because of positive thinking?

I am changing the way I think – turning from being a negative person to a positive thinker. I want great things in my life and would like to hear from others who have already experienced it.

Hmm…Well I definitely accomplished a lot more. Suddenly I had tons of friends, and I met a great guy who I ended up going out with. I improved a whole lot on the violin. I lost weight, I felt beautiful.

I guess it was because I wasn’t letting my insecurities or fears get in my way. I always used to think I couldn’t do things because I was fat, or I wasn’t smart enough or something. I was always able to find some sort of excuse. When I started thinking positive, it was like I could do anything. People always say "you can do anything you put your mind to." I always thought that was a huge exaggeration, but it barely is. If you really want something and you have the confidence to try, you will have so much more.

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Positive thinking?!?

OK. I am doing volleyball. I don’t know why I get so nervous before each practice, but then when I get into it, I LOVE IT!! What can I do to ease my nervousness and that will help me to think more positive about myself? Since I can’t really get a overhand serve over, I think I am bad at volleyball and such. What tips do you have for me to get over my nervousness and think more positive? I know positive thinking will help you become better at everything you do if you "Think you can". So please give me some tips. NO RUDE ANSWERS!!!!

Well you’re definitely on the right track when you say that you need to think positively. Actually, studies show that one of the best practices you can get into is using positive self-talk to help give yourself a boost when you need it. Basically, you need to take time to remind yourself why you are playing volleyball in the first place. Are you planning to make a professional career out of it or is it something you really enjoy doing? If it’s just a healthy past-time for you then your self-talk might involve you reminding yourself that "I’m not trying to make a career out of this. I know that sometimes I feel nervous before practice but I always end up loving it. Having a perfect overhand serve is not what defines the perfect volleyball player." If you combine this with something like deep breathing or meditation exercises (you can find some relaxation meditation tips on the net) I know you’ll be able to take a good chunk out of that nervousness you’ve been feeling. Good Luck and remember you’ll only feel as good about yourself as you’ll let yourself.

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How do I become a life coach? What education credentials should I have before starting the business?

I graduated this past spring with bachelors in psychology and i want to do something with it. I am in grad. school right now and i currently work at a mental/behavioral hospital. i would like to start a life coach business, but i’m not sure what is required. I want to know, do I have enough education background to legally start the business and what other legal stuff will I need to know about? I live in ohio and I have looked on the gov’s. site for establishing a new business, but it is less than helpful.

I want to specialize in high school sports and self-esteem building workshops.



There are none. It’s also incredibly competitive.

If you want to start that business, just do it. The most important factor will be your own promotional efforts. See if you can find the early-career stories of folks like Michel Fortin, who are slightly off the beaten path in the self-help game but still produce a decent bulk of material.

Also, educate yourself on it (obviously) — that’s probably how you got the idea in the first place. See what the other marketers in your field are doing- particularly Jeffery Gitomer and Stephan Schiffman- to stay on top of their sphere. The industry of which you’re speaking is surprisingly mature- you won’t be able to take it by storm the way Anthony Robbins did in his youth- but it’s far from dead.

If I were you I’d focus self-education in a direction which suits your desired image and personality- classicism for one particular sort of flair, sports for another. Just today I was reading Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads, wherein Williams probes the far reaches of history, literature, and- sigh, yes- psychology to bring us an amazing perspective on the world around us and how to divert its money toward us 😉

Finally, my own personal hunch but I bet I could find people to back me on this- stop revving your engine and get into gear. Less school, more legwork. If you’re serious about this then it should be no problem for you to burn some midnight oil and work up a quick folio of products/services to offer, then go sell somebody something! =)

If you haven’t, also make SURE you’ve read The Little Red Book of Selling (Gitomer), E-Myth Master (Michael Gerber), one of Schiffman’s "25" books or or Telesales, and at least one of David Ogilvy’s major titles.

These geniuses of self-promotion and topical expertise will show you what works in the field you’re attacking.

Also, consider myself an open-eared ally and email at your leisure.

Finally, cement your key connections by giving back- whether business, expertise, or personal synergy. Start by rating this answer the best =)

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World's Worst Life Coach

My entry into Martha Beck's "World's Worst Life Coach" video competition

Duration : 1 min 43 sec

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How can someone else tell me what I can do with my life?

How can someone else tell me what I can do with my life?
No one can tell you what you can or can’t do with your life. The only person that is an expert on your life is YOU. That is one of the differences in Life Coaching in the ACE System and Therapy or other […]
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Recover Quicker From A Reversal And Perform Better : Positive Thinking.

An event game me the chance to experience the power of positive thinking. All too commonly we let the difficulties of the day get to us and we finish up caught in the mire. We simply lose sight of staying positive when the negative attitude around us creates an obstruction. You consider the report you were going to draft after the meeting and how you do not have time for this. It isn't until something giant occurs that we remember to put things into proportion. Your thoughts churn / spin / spiral in this negative direction and the reciprocal FEELINGS of anger, disappointment, apathy, race in.

You think how nothing is going your way. Or : two. They may even overpower you and the cycle may become deeper and more agonizing. The most effective way you can do that's by targeting the best things that you would like in life. You also need to monitor who you spend a little time with and stay clear of those kinds of folks that have a tendency to be negative all of the time. I put together articles like this because people just like you have asked me to. So they can get the contentment and success they deserve in life.

The company you surround yourself with can more or less affect you the way that you look at life. If you're still having problems to keep a disposition that's positive make sure I know what your struggles are so I will help you. One of the most advisable positive thinking systems is to stay away from cynical people and loaf around with the positive ones. Let the second group influence you with their methods. Positive thinking methods help you to become a nicer person. It’s better to remain positive when the folk around you support your viewpoint. To generate a positive thinking is terribly ease, but the very first thing you ought to have is the ‘faith in yourself’. Thinking Certainly is the primary pillar to success without which you can't move further. If you have a belief in this, then you're on the beginning point towards success. There are various methods to build your consciousness towards Positive Thinking.

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