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Gain Positive Thinking & Optimism
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Make Success Inevitable

How do you get want you want in life?

Why is there a disconnect between what you experience and what your desired outcome is?

In this video I'll be explaining how to make success inevitable – please feedback & rate!

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Jim Rohn Original – How to have Your Best Year Ever (1 of 3) INCREDIBLE VIDEO

Jim Rohn
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Born September 17, 1930 is an American business philosopher, motivational counselor, businessman, and bestselling author. Personal development company Nightingale Conant acknowledges him as the

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Coach With Business Tip – Assist Clients in Buying

Be an assistant buyer for your prospect. Be their advocate and you create a loyal fan who will come back to you first. You may not ever be able to sell them anything, but their loyalty to you will pay off.

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What is Business Coaching?

In this article we will look at the role of the cliente and coach and define what business coaching is.

One can define business coaching as the practice of providing support and advice to an individual or group to help them recognize ways to improve the effectiveness of their business.

Though this definition does get to the heart of what business coaching is about it seems too simple as compared to what business coaching really does for a client.

Business coaching is a relationship between 2 or more people that are committed to a common goal and future for the business. It isn’t simply a matter of someone coming in a telling you how to make more money.

It actually involves rethinking the way the client approaches their organization in order to transform it. In many cases business coaches deal with the client’s personal lives as it may be impacting their professional life.

For the client to work cooperatively with their business coach they have to be willing to reinvent themselves and this means they need to be open to change. In addition to being open to change, they need to be open to learning and growth.

Therefore, it undermines the growth journey taken by the client to define business coaching as merely the working relationship of individuals improving their business.

Many clients have praised their coaches for helping them find or rediscover their passion in both their business and personal lives. Often we need to draw motivation and inspiration from our personal lives to move us in our professional lives.

Business coaches can help bring these things to spotlight. They also may intervene if they notice their client losing focus.

It is only natural for a business owner to drift from their goals from time to time. Business coaches make it easier for clients to find their way back on track because the client is not doing it on their own.

Business coaches reemphasize the future the client envisions. This is something we cannot always do for ourselves. When we are facing great challenges it’s hard to keep the vision in our heads and continue to work towards it. But for business coaching clients they have someone who will work with the client to help them face the challenge and is committed to their success.

Business coaches don’t take it upon themselves to build the business for their clients or do the work for them. The ideal coach is committed to helping the client achieve their goals rather than forcing their personal ideas upon the client.

Business coaches create an environment for the organization to help them see its potential. They are not there to undermine the client or the organization’s mission but rather to uncover some of the elements restricting action and profit growth.

By discovering these limitations they can then help to eliminate some of the “unsatisfactory” areas and facilitate new ways of doing things that will produce positive results.

If a client and a business coach were to define business coaching they might say it is the extraordinary relationship between individuals committed to a common goal.

Lyn Troyer

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Complete Well-being Begins With Building Positive Emotions

Women come to me often wondering why they are having a hard time finding their own place of well-being or inner calm. So I’m always looking for the hard facts. Specifically, my curiosity has always been around complete well-being: not just physical health, or financial wealth, beauty or balanced weight, and not just a healthy mind, but all of them put together. The real questions have always been how do we create complete well-being for ourselves and how do we teach it to others?

My basic premise is that complete well-being begins with building positive emotions where no emotions or negative emotions exist. Pure and simple, our history, upbringing, friends, family and many other factors play into the types of emotions that have become habitual for each of us. Sometimes lack of complete well-being stems from a build-up of lots of habitual negative emotions that fuel more negative emotions. In a way, it is founded entirely in not knowing what complete well-being feels like (or not knowing what it is like to live with an abundance of positive emotions).

I look for evidence of my theory everywhere. Sometimes I find it in one of my kids, other times in myself, and sometimes I even find it in complete strangers. Today I find it in my reading:

One article submitted towards the topic of ‘the science of well-being: integrating neurobiology, psychology and social science’ by Martin E. P. Seligman, Acacia C. Park, and Tracy Steen in the Royal Journal says: “Results from a new randomized, placebo-controlled study demonstrate that people are happier and less depressed three months after completing exercises targeting positive emotion. The ultimate goal of positive psychology is to make people happier by understanding and building positive emotion, gratification and meaning.”

Another article, this one submitted by Barbara L. Fredrickson says, “The broaden-and-build theory describes the form and function of a subset of positive emotions, including joy, interest, contentment and love. A key proposition is that these positive emotions broaden an individual’s momentary thought-action repertoire: joy sparks the urge to play, interest sparks the urge to explore, contentment sparks the urge to savour and integrate, and love sparks a recurring cycle of each of these urges within safe, close relationships.” In other words, positive emotions spark more positive emotions.

Both of these articles support my theory that complete well-being can be learned and that we’re all capable of living in a state of complete-well being, if only we set our intention to live there and learn how to create new positive thinking.

The reality is that working towards a state of complete well-being is a process – one that never ends because life throws us new challenges every day and we have to find new ways to regain our balance. However, once you realize that this wonderful place of health, inner wealth, and richness can exist for you if only you know the secret, you are halfway home.

Knowledge is powerful. This knowledge, in my opinion, is powerful and priceless.

Julie Fisher

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A Look At Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is when an individual is motivated by internal factors, as opposed to external factors.

Examples of intrinsic motivation would be doing something because you feel it is the moral and ethical thing to do; doing something because you know it will benefit others or doing something because it brings you pleasure and joy.

The latter is common in regards to an enjoyable pastime or a hobby.

It is believed that intrinsic motivation is far stronger than extrinsic motivation however there are times when extrinsic motivation can become stronger because it displaces intrinsic motivation.

This is known as the overjustification effect. For example this occurs when you begin doing something for intrinsic reasons and then are offered monies or another type of reward for doing it that overrides the reason you started doing it in the first place.

In many cases when this happens, a person loses interest in the activity once the reward is taken away. The key is to not offer large extrinsic rewards for something that is meant to be motivated intrinsically (in other words, from within).

Intrinsic motivation has been widely studied by researchers in the realm of education since the start of the 1970s and their findings have been that when students are intrinsically motivated to do well in school, they tend to perform better, make higher marks and they also tend to enjoy the material they are learning a great deal more.

A man named Bernard Weiner created a theory known as the “Attribution Theory” and he looked at such things as the orientation of goals and the locus of control (internal and external).

As an aside, an internal locus of control is when a person believes that they have control over what happens to them whereas an external locus of control means that a person believes that control is outside of themselves and has more to do with extraneous factors as opposed to their own actions.

According to Bernard Weiner, students are much more likely to possess intrinsic motivation in their studies if they feel that their educational achievements have more to do with their own efforts as opposed to anything else.

As well students will experience intrinsic motivation if they feel that they play a paramount role in attaining their own personal educational goals as opposed to feeling as those it has more to do with luck or simply a “roll of the dice.” Finally when students have motivation that comes from within they will work harder to completely understand and master a given subject as opposed to simply learning the work at hand so they can pass a test or exam and then forgetting it afterwards.

Keep in mind that intrinsic motivation holds no promise of rewards for students as opposed to extrinsic motivation, which is all about rewards.

Many decades of research has given rise to a theory known as “Goal Theory” which has shown that intrinsic motivation in some communities and groups is altruistic in nature as the desire to help others and contribute to the greater whole is the number one motivator.

When a person appeals to the common good or does something based on a moral obligation or commitment to others this is when intrinsic motivation is shown to be alive and well in the world.

Charles Williams

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Business Coaching Resources

Businesses seek coaching when they need an effective business plan specialized for their needs and their employees forged into a team that can deliver on that plan. Business coaching can be implemented in any field of commerce. All organizations, whether profit oriented or otherwise, require certain resources to conduct their day-to-day activities. A resource means anything that is available to a company for increasing production, work efficiency or profit. These include the money, people, time and equipment that are necessary for any enterprise. Similarly, the process of business coaching requires certain resources to achieve its targets and make the operation a successful one. These resources include information pertaining to business basics, banking basics and leadership.

One of the most valuable resources required for business coaching is an experienced and qualified coach. Hiring a business coach is an excellent investment. A professional coach helps a business increase its profitability, prioritize its goals, and work towards them more efficiently. A business coach helps to hone all the people skills that are critical to success. A coach will also help you define your target market and develop your marketing strategies. In addition to all these responsibilities, a business coach can also help to expand the business and increase profits. Business coaches do not come cheap, but they are an investment worth making as their effectiveness is well proven in the long run.

Up-to-date software is another valuable asset that any business must have. Software is used in many aspects of a business, including coaching. It is a tool used by coaches, consultants and advisors to assist their clients. With the aid of the right software, coaches can provide ground breaking training to the employees through powerful presentations, audio-visual aids and process flowcharts. Modern software also helps the coach analyze the different client requirements and devise a work plan accordingly.

The Internet is one of the best resources to help a business coaching process become highly successful. The web has a vast database of articles, tips and strategies on how to coach better. Articles and forums are excellent sources of information that can help the business tremendously. Forums, especially, are a great way to discuss motivational tactics, cost reduction methods and maximizing coaching efficiency. Tapping all these resources is sure to yield valuable insights into the different methods of coaching employed by various organizations.

Training the employees can help develop the organization, which in turn can result in momentum, action and growth. Whatever process you are training in needs to be incorporated into your business, else the efforts will be wasted. The business coach can conduct interactive training sessions, which promote direct participation of the employees, getting them even more involved in the training process.

People and organizations who opt for business coaching can also select a wide array of books available on the subject. Books providing in-depth information on a range of coaching topics are easily available in most bookstores and libraries. These are one of the best resources for information on business coaching.

Picking the right resources greatly affects the business coaching process. The resources can be considered as the raw materials for the coaching process, the end result of which are improved performance, work efficiency and a better place to work.

Kris Koonar

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What are your experiences with positive thinking?

does it make you happier in general.
has it had an effect on your life?
is it easy to get into the habit of positive thinking?
if it makes you happier to think positively then why are so many people in the world negative thinkers?

Positive thinking definitely enhances your life. It helps to see the world in an entirely different perspective. You can feel the positiveness when others start treating you positively. You can see the changes in children very fast when you treat them positively than with adults for adults are already biased in their approach. It is not easy to get into a positive mindset if you are a negative person. Like any other mental training it takes considerable time and effort. But it is worth the effort. People are still negative thinkers because they are reluctant to change. This is similar to the fact that smoking is bad for health yet so many of us are smokers.

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What php free script would be good to use to setup a free life coaching network online?

I am trying to setup a free life coaching network at and I need a way so that people can search for coaches, and then leave feedback after coaching sessions. I need a free script that can be easily customized to meet this need.
I wrote my url wrong, the concept is explained in sorry!

The best way to do what you want is to write a custom program, not customize something not meant for what you want. You need a couple of database front-ends (data entry, data search) and some existing comment code. I spend most of my working time these days writing that kind of code, and I’ve never seen anything that’s easier to customize than writing from scratch. (If you can’t write it yourself, you won’t be able to analyze someone else’s code well enough to customize it.)

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