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Life Purpose Heart Tip
Tap into your intuition with this quick tip!

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Business Coach on Developing a Millionaire Mindset | Business Coach, Wealth Coach and International Best-selling Author William R. Patterson discusses how to overcome your psychological barriers and develop the proper mindset for building wealth.

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Life Coach – There Is Now A Clear Definition And Definitive Standard

Until now, there has not been a clear definition or standard for the term Life Coach. Everyone agrees that Life Coaching is about helping people set and accomplish their goals. The new Definitive Standard of Burris Life Coaching and the old standard definition now have a major difference.

• Life Coach Definition from – An advisor who helps people with problems, decisions, and goal attainment in daily life.

• Burris Life Coach Definition – A Burris Life Coach guides youthrough the clinically proven process of how to change your subconscious programming to match your conscious goals.

The reason one must address the process of the subconscious when setting a goal is the subconscious runs approximately four times faster than you can speak. This is why you can type or drive while talking on the phone because the subconscious is already programmed to do the other tasks.

The dilemma is that everything you have seen, smelled, heard, tasted or felt is stored in the subconscious mind. The subconscious uses this information to develop and establish how you will perceive your world. Certified Burris Life Coaches refer to this as subconscious programming. These programs can emerge at any time of the day or night and will sabotage goals if it is contrary to the subconscious programming.

If a person does not know how the subconscious works they are guessing how to obtain their goals. It simply does not make any sense to guess what might work while the subconscious is running amuck. The best example of the subconscious running amuck is the over 95 percent fail rate for people who want to lose weight. You will almost always be out gunned by the subconscious if you do not know how the subconscious works.

Every Certified Burris Life Coach is equipped with the training and infrastructure to prove their claims and what they can provide, each time they see a client. This is the standard that Burris Life Coaching has established and the standard that every client will now require.

Not only has Burris Life Coaching established a clear definition for “Life Coach” it also established a definitive standard not yet met by practitioners in the coaching, counseling or psychology fields.

Kelly Burris

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Does Your Past Block Your Future Success?

Reza Hossein Borr

I wish my past was as beautiful as I can imagine today, but now, that it is not, I live today so beautifully that my history of today becomes as beautiful as I want it tomorrow.

All those who lost regularly had the motivation to do it once more and they became the winners and looked like they have never lost before.  Winning and success compensate for the all losses of the past.  Even people forget what kind of loser was the person before he became a winner.  It is winning that matters most after most failures.  It is the nature of success and winning that begin with failure and loss.  Those who make it big the first time are very rare.  Those who make it big even after few failures are rare.  Those who have made it unwarrantedly big are those who have lost many times before.

This does not mean that you have to expect of yourself failing any time that you started a new project.  The outcome of a new project must begin with 100% faith in success while knowing that the outcome might not be the same which was desired.  Winning has different levels.  If a politician wants to run for an election, he has already won the votes of many people even though those votes may not be more than the other side.  In fact both sides have won.  Only one side won more.  This proves that the person has some popularity among some people and what he needs to do the next time is to have more popularity among more people.

When some young men participate in Olympic contests they have already won certain level of victory.  Anyway, the first winner is the one who wins more points.  Some people believe that unless you have scored the highest points you may not be considered as the winner.  This may be true mostly in sports.  The champion belt goes around the waist of the person who scored more points.  But the fact that the other side goes in the field and shows his capability for competition also shows his attitude and determination for winning.

The winners become winners in competition with others.  Only if someone is better than them, the person will win.  We must always look at the level of skills, determination and preparations that the other side accumulates to win.  If the other side makes more preparations; off course he has more chance of succeeding.  This does not mean that you cannot make the same level of preparations or even more for the next time.  Some people may believe that there is no next time.  If you believe so, there will be no next time but if you believe that there is a next time then you will have another chance.

Every winner that we know has a history of failures before he becomes a winner.  We know that they did not sit on their failures and consumed their energies regretting over what happened.  What they did was they sat down and thought how they can use this experience as the source of winning next time.  The experience did not hold them back but it pushed them forward with more determinations.  Sometimes when people lose, especially the children, they make a general decision that that will be the fate of everything that they will do in future.  That failing experience makes them fail themselves in the future.  Their history becomes their end.

I have never allowed my history to fail my future.  My present and future are too important to me to allow them to become the target of failed experiences.  I am here to get things done, to make things happen, to go forward, to shed light in darkness, to build roads that lead me and thousands of other people to beautiful and promising destinations.  When I have such a great vision for myself, I would never allow history, difficulties, difficult people, disappointing situations and lack of resources to stop me from doing all those beautiful things that I was born to do.

I am my own lord.  I am my own God.  I am my own decision-maker.  I can make anything happen.  This is my destiny.

Reza Hossein Borr is an NLP Master Trainer and a leadership consultant and the creator of 150 CDs and 14 Change management models. He is also the author of Manual Success, Manual of Coaching and Mentoring, Motivational Stories that Can Change Your Life, and a New Vision for the Islamic World. He can be contacted by email:

Dr Reza Borr

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The Success Doctor is in

Many people think that they do a good job writing their own sales and website copy
but, truth be told, copywriting is an art often best left to the experts. 
Professional writers have studied techniques and marketing tactics and have a much
deeper understanding of what motivates prospective customers than does the business
population in general.  Plus, the best creative consultants have a wealth of testing
information to support their recommendations; most businesses do not.  In fact, many
of us don’t even have the expertise to develop a decent system of testing what works
and what doesn’t.

So, even if you consider crafting the words to be fun, and are good at it, you’ll
usually find that consulting or learning from a trained writer can help drive up
response rates by as much as 500%.  Additionally, a professional knows the right way
to express your message so that people are attracted to your website and potential
customers actually get excited about your offer.

Michel Fortin, also known as “The Success Doctor, is one of a handful of premium,
highly sought out copywriters.  He has more than 20 years experience working with some
of the most successful Internet marketers from all over the world and is frequently
asked to speak at major conventions and seminars. 

Fortin and his seasoned staff of professionals develop tested, response-driven copy
for businesses and websites using tactics that work well regardless of the economy or
particular industry.  The people at The Success Doctor call their mix of proven
experience, actual results and tested conversion strategies “privileged knowledge”
and it really does raise their writing to a totally different level.

There are also are several service elements that make The Success Doctor unique,
including the offering of coaching services for those who do want to write their
own copy on a continuing basis.  Additionally, Fortin and staff can provide copy
designing, i.e. a service that further empowers the words through impactful visual
elements.  They employ tested techniques to maximize the punch of cosmetic elements
like color, formatting, highlights, grabbers, screenshots and proof elements. 
It’s no wonder that The Success Doctor has a long list of demanding clients that
come to the Fortin team for copy that really sells products and services.

Additionally, The Success Doctor website provides a wealth of valuable information. 
You can find free ebooks, whitepapers and articles, as well as a link to a popular
copywriting blog.

John Cale

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Achieve Positive Attitude Through Self-Discipline

Attitude is defined as the way you dedicate yourself to the way you think. Think negative or think positive is a choice and a process. Negative is (unfortunately) an instinctive process. Positive is a learned self-discipline that must be studied and practiced every day.

To achieve a positive attitude, you must take physical, verbal and mental actions. Here are a few short chunks of attitude – awareness and actions – that will help put you (or keep you) on the positive path:

1. Admit it is the fault of no one but your own. The more you blame others, the less chance you have to think positive thoughts, see a positive solution, or take positive action toward solution. The opposite of blame is responsibility. Your first responsibility is to control your inner thoughts and thought direction.

2. Understand you always have (had) a choice. Attitude is a choice and most people select from the negative column. Reason? It is more natural to blame and defend than it is to admit and take responsibility.

3. If you think it is OK, it is; if you think it is not OK, than it is not. Your thoughts direct your attitude to a path. If you think: this is crappy, why does this always happen to me, then you have chosen a path. If you think, wow, this may not be the greatest, but look what I am learning, than you learn what not to do again.

4. Invest time, do not spend it. Ignore the local junk news. Find a project, or make a plan to sell something or meet with someone who buys or teaches instead. You will become a world-class expert in five years. The only question is: at what? Spend (invest) an hour a day in anything and in five years you will be a world-class expert.

5. Study the thoughts and writings of positive people. Read Napoleon Hills Think & Grow Rich.

6. Listen to tapes and CDs by positive thinkers of the world: Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley, Wayne Dyer and as many others as you can find.

7. Attend seminars and take courses. Enroll in a Dale Carnegie program.

8. Check your language gauge. Do you say half full or half empty, partly cloudy or partly sunny? They are just words, but they are a reflection of how your mind sees things and an indication of how you process thoughts. Avoid confrontational and negative words. The worst ones are: why, ca not, will not and should.

9. Say why you LIKE things and people, not why you do not I like my job because I love my family. Say things from the positive side enough and it becomes a habit you will revel in for life.

10. Help others without expectation or measuring. If you give it away freely, you do not every have to worry about the measurement. The world will reward you 10 times over.

11. Think about your winning and losing words. Lose with: They do not pay me enough to. That is not my job. IF you say: Why should I when he… then really, who loses? Think learn, lessons, experience and solutions before you make a statement.

12. Think about your mood and your mood swings. How long do you stay in a bad mood? If it is more than five minutes, something is wrong. And your attitude (and relationships, results and success) will suffer.

13. Are you the head of the complaint department and the chief complainer? Many people slip into cynicism day by day. They become bitter because of jealousy or envy of other people or their own misfortune. Big mistake.

List the lessons you can learn from those you have bitterness for and the results will turn your thinking toward your own success and away from theirs.

1. Celebrate victory and defeat. Winning and losing are part of life and apart from attitude. Visit a childrens hospital. Get comfortable with the plight of others and feel good about the minuteness your problems compared to theirs.

2. Count your blessings every day. Start with health if you are fortunate enough to have it. Add the love of children and family. From there it is easy to build the list. Want an instant lesson? Go out and buy a copy of The Little Engine That Could. It is a philosophy for a lifetime!

Pj Germain

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Be Grateful for Things you Have and Develop Happiness

There are 3 basic element to change your life, you need to ask, believe and receive the new life, you also need to live your new life, just don’t imagine it but really believe and feel that your life has changed, you should set specific goals, create plans, but the most important is to always stay positive and be grateful for the things you have. This science proves beyond any doubt that what the success scientists of the 20th century were teaching us is absolutely true. These experts coach and educate those who want to become a success in life and those who want to become a success in business.

When you create your life’s new plan remember it is a journey and you need to act like you are living this journey using your thoughts and imagination, and see the vision as if you are there in this new life. To stop the negativity you need to think of something positive quickly, think of a pet, listen to music, start thinking of the opposite of the negative thought.

When planning a personal development plan you need to alter your life style and career path. Defining a personal development plan would mean altering the career path life cycle. If you develop a personal plan and believe in it, and practice this and see yourself in this new plan it will be only a matter of time before in comes in reality. will be only a matter a time. A good plan will also act as a performance assessment tool and a blueprint of all your day-to-day operations.

The personal development plan will only work if you truly are motivated and believe in this new life. Without the unpredictable variable such as luck, coincidence and the like, to rely on an emotional impulse such as motivation to drive us forward is like waiting for food to appear in your cupboards without going to the store to buy it. And the most convenient source of motivation comes from these books and seminars.

The problem is 99 percent of success psychology can’t provide the guarantee that 95 percent of the population needs in order to be convinced it works. These experts coach and educate those who want to become a success in life and those who want to become a success in business.

Everybody has one or another personal aspect to improve and better and hence a personal development coaching business could be a good idea as not only will you be making money, you will be helping so many individuals develop and improve their skills.

There are lots of self declared gurus on the internet as well as in the book stores who want you to follow such rigid routines and they are not actually interested in helping you but want you to continue following them so that you become dependent on them and thus, be able to use you as a predictable source of income. Oh sure, I liked to believe that I was in control of myself, but why then was I not able to motivate myself if I did indeed have so much control. The speaker is able to tap into your emotions.

You get so caught up in “what if” that you end up not doing anything. Furthermore, they have the nerve to complain and cry about it when they are doing nothing to try to better their situation.

David Marc Fishman

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If someone is in love with another person, how does the power of positive thinking work?

If, one person sees their future with another and care for that person but the other person does not reciprocate, how does the power of positive thinking or law of attraction work ?? If the other person isn’t acknowledging love. What do u do and how long does it take ?

Definitely your positive approach cannot force some one to fall in love with you. And one thing that is difficult to accept but practically the best solution is to love some one who loves you a lot. If you are able to find a person who loves you, then give your life to them, you will be happy with that person, rather than suffering your entire life after forcing some one into love. Love is not love that alters when it gets a chance. Use your positive thinking to keep people around you happy and one day you might find that one among them is the Mr. / Ms. Perfect Match made Just for You

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Any ideas on a fun business name that deals with money and personal coaching?

I am not so creative and need help coming up with a business name where I would be coaching people about the economic, spiritual, emotional and social/culture aspects of money.

Capitalist Coaching

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Do you credit Patrick Ewing’s coaching for Dwight Howard’s success?

Ewing mentoring of Howard on how to play center

Well he teaching Howard how to be a real center, before Ewing came to Magic, Howard only used his power to dunk the ball but now he learn more post up games and hook shot from Ewing

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