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What is the best way to avoid participation in the personal development courses employers send you on?

I can’t stand these god damn courses. My employer regularly sends employees on personal deveopment courses (soft skills, communication, interpersonal etc.) I’m on a graduate programme so there is no way I can get out of attending them. But I just can’t get involved in a bunch of people in suits doing dumb activities and “teambuilding” etc. I’m perfectly capable of communicating effectively on the job. But I’m also an introvert and consequently find it difficult to get involved in these courses as they are not ‘real-life’.

Plus alot of people I work with are a bunch of toffs who live off daddy’s money.

What’s the best way not to get noticed in these activities. My main goal is to avoid being the ‘group spokesperson’.

Remain yourself in the midst of it all.

If you are an introvert and by that i mean one who prefers to observe and think, (rather than any of the usual negative conotations) just do that.
Speak only when you feel like it and to whom you feel it necessary.
Advocate as you will , not as it would be seemly, ask for reason not ballyhoo and allow no unreason. Querie reasons for why you are doing what you are doing if its not apparent, you are a rational individual, team building is too unspecific to be an explanation, “exactly HOW will filling my trousers with custard make me a better team member ? i just need to know so i can engage better ”
Focus on delegation in the group, flatter those who will be flattered into being spokes person.
Accept that teams are things of diverse talents and aspects (not bonded yes men, sorry, ” persons”) and occupy your “peculiar” position brilliantly.

As for the toffs, dont let them bother you, you could be their boss one day, eyes on the prize baby, eyes on the prize.

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Thinking Positive does it really work?

I heard if you think positive and believe that everything is going to work out for the best you can become successful because thinking positive makes you more self confident

true or false?

Even if you fail at something at least you know that you kept a positive attitude!! :)

Okay i have to add… sometimes one might go crazy or mental from being positive wayy too much… Like if they keep their hopes up high for something that really isn’t gonna happen, they’re gonna hurt in the end. So like sometimes being wayy too positive all the time can eventually break a person down…When you’re not positive be neutral about things…

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How am I expected to think positive if people are always thinking lowly of me?

People are always trying to tell me what I CAN’T do, & then they tell me my dreams, goals, & wishes are irrational & unrealistic. When I do think positive, people think I’m crazy & call that abnormal. & then when I think negative or complain, people say I alienate society away from me. I don’t even know how I should feel.

Well, I’d say….start hanging around with new people. If you’re working on being positive, there will always be negative crabs in the bucket of life. The best thing you could do would be to limit, or cut those negative ties altogether while seeking to upgrade your associative relations.

I can understand where you’re coming from…when I was making a lot of growth happen in my life I had a lot of people trying to drag me back down.

Here’s the thing, if you allow the limited expectations of the mediocre to dictate how you should be or how you should live your life….you’re doomed to be just like them.

When you see what the mediocre majority is doing, sprint towards the opposite direction. This is the way to make changes, and to facilitate the avenue for personal growth and expansion along your life.

Take this for what it is, but I want to make a suggestion towards some reading for you : “What to say when you talk to yourself, and Who are you really, and what do you want” writted by Shad Helmstetter, PhD.

Trust me, if you read those books, and apply the principles he has in there….it’ll change elements of your self-talk and self-perception to a point where the naysayers won’t make nearly as much of an impact anymore.

I read them, and it woke me up to so many elements of ill-affecting self-thought/self-speech programs that I never thought I could shake. No matter what you hear from others hon, most of what you hear all day is yourself. Once you change what you yourself program into your head, all change can begin for the better.

Take care of yourself,


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Setting up a coaching Business?

I have just got my level 1 FA coaching badge, this allowing me to coach up to the age of 18. And I am really intrested in coaching kids but I dont knw where to start. I was thinking that I should go into schools first and then set my own coaching up on a saturday morning. What do you think??????

We need to know what are your long term goals.
Are you talking about development coaching (ie:teaching young kids how to turn and dribble etc)
are you talking about becomig a first team coach of a national team.
Whatever it is you need to define your ultimate goal and the identify all the smaller goals that are required to be achieved on the way to achieving your ultimate goal.

If you have a level one badge, I would guess that little ones are a good place to start.
Going to a school and coaching kids after school is a good idea.
You could maybe team up with other coaching schools, eg: swiming, karate, scouts etc and offer your services to them.

You might consider taking on a franchise.

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Out of all the Life coaching accreditations, which one is the best (NLP, ICF, CPCC etc)?

I want to be a life coach but I am a lawyer and know nothing about psychology except for a few books I have read. I want to become a good life coach. Doing a psychology degree first would have been my best option but I am 37 and need to work. Is it still worth doing a psychology degree first?

It makes absolutely no difference whatsoever, which type of “accreditation” you pursue, because “life coaching” is not state regulated. The accreditation mills will happily take your money, but they offer you NO protection. They are NOT – NONE OF THEM – “legitimate”, as far as preparing you to offer psychotherapeutic services in the USA.

In addition, unless you are actually licensed by the state in which you reside, to practice psychology, you would be breaking the law by doing so, and could EASILY be sued and/or prosecuted. No genuine agency providing malpractice insurance to mental health practitioners will touch a “life coach”.

Short answer: don’t waste your money on “life coaching” accreditation. It’s an unnecessary waste of time and money. If you want to provide therapy – get an actual degree (bare minimum of a master’s degree) and a state recognized credential (e.g., LPC, LMHC, psychologist).

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Where does motivation come from? How do you get motivated to work or to do what ever?

I am doing a project in my psychology class and I have to figure out where motivation comes from. I have to figure out where motivation comes from in the work place. Does one get motivated by pay increases etc, or does motivmotivation come from other factors such as personal goals that one has set for ones self. What motivates you?

Please let me know what you think and why.

Well there are two types of motivation, extrinsic motivation, and intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation is motivation that comes from outside an individual. Examples of that at work would be earning a paycheck, or getting a promotion. Intrinsic motivation is motivation that comes from inside an individual. Examples of that would be like self satisfaction at work, knowing that you can do good work, and you have the desire to do good work. I am motivated by both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. At school i do good because i know if i do i will get a good job and be able to afford nice things in life. Also i do it because i like looking smart and having the ability to answer questions and help people do good in school.

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What is the initial motivation behind writting all in capitals?

I know that it sounds like shouting. I know that for some it’s trolling. I know maybe someone wants to make a point. But what is the initial motivation, the brain influence to writting in capitals? Someone attributed it to autism, someone said it’s a trend on the internet. Those who are compelled to write in all capitals, what do you have to say about your personal preference to do so? What motivates you to prefer capitals?


it is subconscious. we think that something is ‘easy to see’, meaning understand. the person we are talking to ‘doesn’t see’ our point (understand), so we write it bigger (in caps) to make it easier to see.

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Video Blog – 02/27/10 – Snapping Back to Reality

Personal development video blog time. Thanks for watching. :)

Duration : 0:6:33

Read more…

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Business Coach Terry Dean

Clips from Business Coach Terry Dean’s presentation at the Internet Marketing Superconference.

Duration : 0:8:29

Read more…

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Produce a personal development plan covering your first three months as a first line manager?

Produce a personal development plan covering your first three months as a first line manager.The plan and any accompanying narrative should show:
(a) When and how you will indentify your own training needs.
(b) What you will do to meet those needs.
(c) Target dates for completion.
(d) When and how you will agree the plan with your manager.

How will this benefit you ? If you are a first line manager are you having problems compiling your own?

It’s a bit cheeky. I’m afraid I have to say my own is confidential – between my linemanager and myself (and my team – where relevant).

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