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Health and Safety Films create specialist PPE videos

Working deep down within the sewers of Kent required Southern Water workers to use specialist PPE.

This production became a detailed animated method statement for the safe use of escape sets and personal gas monitors.

” As Senior Health & Safety Advisor I know that our productions have benefited enormously from Health and Safety Films/ITV Channel Televisions personal and professional input from inception, development of a realistic shooting schedule and script all to an agreed timescale, filming on our sites through to final edit and delivery – even late changes are dealt with ease! ”

Andy Nicholls, Senior Health & Safety Advisor – Southern Water

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Self Coaching series 1: Cultivating a daily spiritual practice ( BETTER AUDIO)

No matter what your spiritual or religious background or way of life, adhering to a positive, inspirational routine is sacred, and it’s what creates real change in your life. It’s what brings ‘god’ in, or love/the Universe/you Higher Self/etc. It opens you to possibilities, it motivates you, and it heals. It also changes thought patterns that do not serve you.
Having a daily spiritual routine truly is sacred, as I mentioned. But what works for you?
I’m a minister ( nondenominational, but with an emphasis on Eastern traditions, Earth based practices, and mystical as well as metaphysical ways of living) as well as a life coach and Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultant. Thus, I take from many walks of life, many ways. THERE IS NO ONE PATH AND ANYONE WHO SAYS THEY OFFER ‘THE’ WAY IS SEVERELY MISINFORMED AND WILL NOT OFFER TRUE HELP. I therefore recc people use self coaching tools, which are free or at least cheap and that you have chosen to your tailor made program, then, if you are stuck or need suggestions, go to a therapist/minister/life coach. It will be cheaper. BUT if you are really in need of help, then of course go to a person and work daily with them, but please look into all forms of healing, and find the person right for you.
I recc doing the following daily, if it feels right to you:
~ walking in nature/gardening/spending time in nature
~ writing or creating whatever art form inspires you ( INSPIRATION is DIVINE)
~ reading from spiritual, inspirational, motivational texts, preferably of various backgrounds from various traditions
~taking herbal supplements that help calm the mind and keep you at your physical and mental best
~chanting or doing japa meditation ( Getting in the Gap by Wayne Dyer talks about japa)
~meditating ( SO many different types! SPEND TIME RESEARCHING THE KIND THAT WORKS FOR YOU)
~Praying ( reading Healing Words to understand more about prayer)
~ doing affirmations, preferably in combination with visualization ( Creative Visualization talks about how)
~following ahimsa, or doing no harm to living creatures
~helping others

Creating an alter or sacred space can help as well. And so can clutter clearing. Denise Linn has several books on both these topics.

MY BLOG, THESATTVICFAMILY.BLOGPSPOT.COM HAS TONS OF FREE RESOURCES FOR YOU TO LOOK TO, FROM WEBPAGES TO PODCASTS AND SUCH, as I am not a fan of people charging an arm and a leg in order to help others.

Google vedanta to become familiar with various forms of yoga.

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Examples of issues you can address in Life Coaching

4 examples of issues you can work with in Life Coaching sessions. Example of feeling shut down around dominant people, financial issues, relationship issues for women and men or feeling depressed or anxious.

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Dave Chappelle – The Secret

Dave talks about depression at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood, CA. See more hilarious stand-up on!

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Time Management: Three Strategies to Master Your Day

Enjoy videos by award winning author and Executive Sales Coach Keith Rosen. From tips on cold calling and getting more appointments with the right decision makers, motivating a sales team to perform, sales training, executive coaching, building a business, sales coaching, management advice, closing more sales, time management, prospecting and coaching a team of sales champions, find it all here on Keith Rosen TV!

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Jonathan’s success story – How he experienced my coaching

Yes, this is a testimonial, success story – The aim of this vid is to give you a real first hand experience of what happens in coaching sessions with me – Jonathan did a remarkable job over the last year in reframing his life according to what HE wants…

Duration : 0:7:11

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Video Player Platform Insight

Applied Creative Evolution has some insight on choosing your online video, mobile video or Video Player Platform solutions. Whether you rely on getting fresh content from staff in the field, or your business depends on offering a mobile website or on-phone applications. You can build sites and applications for the most basic or state-of-the art mobile devices with a good Mobile Video Platform .

If you are an involved with an organization or a business website, keep customers involved with integrated user comments and ratings. Sharing on your mobile sites and applications is a breeze when using an open-media framework. Viewers like to direct connections to Facebook, Twitter and other social-networking sites to make it easy for to spread the word through an Online Video Platform . Whether picking a winner for a UGC contest or getting feedback on a recent story, building dialogue with your customers is a smart move.

At Applied Creative Evolution we think it is good business to make your mobile site easy to find using the latest video SEO techniques for mobile web sites. Whether looking to embed video comments and metadata into mobile pages, leverage closed captioning, or just interested in tools to help you group similar content on a page, there are online video and photo platforms available that can help you achieve your SEO goals.

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Lily Dirus Mind Movie2.avi

Mind Movie feito para alcançar a felicidade, a abundância, a saúde perfeita e a realização pessoal e espiritual, pois somos 100% responsáveis pela nossa existência.
Mind Movie for happiness, wealth, perfect health and personal/spiritual development realization, as we are 100% responsables for our lifes.
Mind Movie hecho para

Duration : 0:3:34

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Enhancing your personal success in 30 days: Self-Coaching Questions

This is a 30 day journey! After reading: “If nobody loves you, CREATE THE DEMAND” This book offers a powerful jolt of entrepreneurial energy and wisdom. I’ve decided to challenge myself in 2 areas: Determination & Commitment! Come grow with me!! Wrestle with each of these questions over the next thirty days, writing the answers to each on a separate pad of paper. It’s worth the struggle. Pause and reflect on each question even it it doesn’t seem to apply to your life right now.

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Job #1: “Managing” Your Thoughts, Emotions & Feelings

By continuously gaining greater control of your thoughts & emotions you will harness the Infinite Power of Creation in your life & work. Learn more at: about Mentor-Coaching and why what I do is NOT about “How To” or even “Why To.” My Mentor-Coaching is about WHO TO… who you can BE to live and work with power, passion & joy and greater success & achievement in all you do.

John Fogg has taught & coached with individuals & companies from Avon, Usana, Quixtar, Mary Kay, Melaleuca, Success University, Herbalife, Pre-paid Legal, Isagenix, Nu Skin Enterprises, Shaklee, Forever Living, Market America, Xango, Tahitian Noni, FreeLife International, Take Shape for Life, Arbonne International, Watkins, Scent-Sations, Sunrider, Send Out Cards, Agel, Freedom Rocks, Mona Vie, Wealth Masters International, Waiora, Max International and more.

In his books, magazines and MasterMind Sessions John has worked the best of the best in the business including Dr. Denis Waitley, Richard Brooke, Kim Klaver, Tim Sales, Art Jonak, Doug Firebaugh, Randy Gage, Bob Burg, John David Mann, Tom Schreiter, Michael Oliver, Len Clements, Rod Nichols, Robert Allen, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracey, Paul Zane Pilzer, Dr. Robin Rushlo, Bo Short, Brian Klemmer, Bob Proctor, Seth Godin, Robert Kiyosaki and million-dollar income earners like Jordan Adler, Donna Johnson, Robert & Donna Fason, Jimmy Smith, Beth Jacobs, Paula Pritchard, John Haremza, Donna Valdes, Orrin Woodward, Dana Collins, Margie Aliprandi, and others.

I appreciate you.
— John

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