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Subrosan Discusses Topics That May Have An Impact On Your Applied Creative Evolution

Paper Stain Subrosan

Paper Stain Subrosan

In many ways where we are going is impacted by where we came from. The new and exciting web series Subrosan, is breaking ground in the discussion of where did we come from. There are many who say we are hard wired in a genetic way and that limits or enhances who we are. Subrosan takes a look at some of those concepts in a different way. The story of Subrosan is “A down on his luck street hustling private eye teams up with an obsessed college student and a gentle but tortured priest to investigate a powerful occult underworld hidden in plain sight.” It is based in part on the research done by Zecharia Sitchin on ancient Sumerian text. This web series takes a look at these topics.

This web series is available in edited for on YouTube or you can view unedited versions using the links below. At the time this article was published a total of two episodes have been released with three more to follow. You can use the links below to view:

Subrosan Web Series Episode 1 – The Challenge

Subrosan – Web Series Episode 2 – Cremation of Care

Both of these episodes are rising in popularity on the Internet. engine results. The reviews have been amazing and anticipation of the remaining 3 of the total 5 episodes is growing.

This is a project was totally funded by investors from Louisiana other than contributions from contributors on their IndieGoGo page.

Stay tuned and you will see the new wave of Indie film making develop in front of your eyes.



Subrosan is an adult drama made for premium cable TV. Inquires can be made via the contact page on the website

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What You Must Do As A Father Or Mother To Raise Happy Youngsters

Being a parent is a huge responsibility, because what you teach your children, will affect them their entire life. The most awesome thing there is in life is raising a child, because you are responsible for what happens to another human being. It is too bad that common sense is not something that all parents have. Good parenting can basically be defined as good common sense. So much is passed along from parents to children, and the manner in which a child is raised is very often how that child's parents were raised. Learning by mistakes is very important when raising a child, and it is possible to learn from the mistakes of your parents.


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Positive Thinking

This is a close to 4 minute video of music and quotes by successful people about positive thinking.

A Little Video that has helped my self-confidence and self – esteem.
I would like to think its helped others.
Please Comment 😀

Duration : 0:3:51


Mayo Clinic


Read more…

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What is a Life Coach?

Many people are looking for help with the issues in their life. The role of life coach has become increasingly popular with time. This video discusses the role of a life coach presents… A look at how a life coach can help you and give you guidance.

Duration : 0:2:27






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Finding Websites and Communities That Are Devoted to Spirituality

Tons of people state that prayer is a vital part of most worldly religions, and is occasionally merged into their practices also. It is a direct reflection of a person's faith and having your wishes heard is extremely satisfactory to the person. Prayer isn't restricted to followers of an organized religion. yet, and it can play an important part is a person's views on spiritualism.


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What If God Was All Of Us?

I have spent my Life trying to figure out the truth to Life and the Universe . I have done much reading and taken different pieces of the truth from many religions. Many Religions I have found to be False. Even though things are proven to be false over and over People do continue on "Faith" to believe them. My ideas here are as a Theory of what I have come up with so far. There is No Box where things have to be 100% True and can not be wrong. They are only what you Believe and want them to be. Here I will try to explain what I think the truth is so far and why I believe it to be true ! This is an on going work and there will be many updates and Changes as time goes by and I learn more. Please feel free to ask Questions because that is how we find the Answers. Lets be clear I am not Saying I am God or the Son of God, I am Saying that We as a Human race are all small Pieces of what we think of as God !


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Attitude in Positive Thinking and Self Talk

Research has shown the value of Positive Thinking And Self Talk. This article reviews those concepts. There are additional resources at the end of this post.

Applied Creative Evolution Attitude in Positive Thinking and Self Talk

Applied Creative Evolution Attitude in Positive Thinking and Self Talk

To achieve success we need to have a positive attitude. We can achieve this by using positive thinking and self-talk. People who succeed need to think positive and tell themselves that they can do it.

Being positive and telling yourself that you can do something like reaching that big dream you have for the future will change your attitude and make those dreams come true. Tell yourself that you can do it instead of thinking negative and let your self-think that the dream is too big you’ll never make it that far. This is called affirmatives, which bring nice rewards.

If we think about negative things, our mind will talk us right out of doing something especially if it seems scary. Don’ pay attention to those negative notions; jump in there by thinking positive, like “I can do this.”

Our attitudes depend on how we are thinking.  If we think negative thoughts, we will be unhappy making our attitude stinks. When we are happy, thinking positive things, our attitude will be happy and we in turn can be happier around others as well as ourselves.  We have to be happy with our self in order to have a good attitude on life.

Find out why you are holding a grudge about something. Think about how you got this rotten attitude and what can you do to change how you feel. Make a list of all the things that made you angry and what made you angry with yourself. Now prioritize the list with the worst one on top and work your way down until the bottom is the most less that bothers you.

Now make some suggestions on how to eliminate this list in order for you to like yourself and those around you. Changing is not going to be easy and some people might make fun of you or get mad but do what you have to do in order to change your attitude from being negative to positive.

You can’t have a positive thinking and self talk if you’re not happy with yourself. Think positive and tell yourself you are going to make these changes in order to be the kind of person in your dreams.

If you haven’t already made of list of dreams and goals, you want than do that right now.  Make your list of dreams and goals that you really have to work for in order to achieve them. When you are writing you may be thinking negative things like “I’ll never be able to get this dream” but you can by changing your attitude on life and using your power of positive thinking and self-talk.

Feel like a new person with an attitude adjustment; remember that if your thinking negative than that is how you’re going to feel. Positive thinking and self-talk will make you think happy giving you better health as well.

Think happy things by positive thinking will get you a long ways towards your goals for the future.

Relieving stress by thinking positive things will help you prevent health problems. Stress can and will cause you high blood pressure, heart diseases, strokes and high cholesterol.  Start relieving stress with positive thinking and self-talk.

Tell yourself that you’re going to be a happy person today. Everyday you’re going to learn to smile more, learn a new skill, and do something positive for yourself.  These and many others thinking positive will help relieve stress and help to putting your life on track with better health.


Mayo Clinic: Positive thinking: Reduce stress by eliminating negative self-talk

Wikipedia: Positive Mental Attitude



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