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Be Organized And Your Small Business Will Thrive

Operating a small business might take over your life if you are not careful and organized.

Unlike within big companies where you may possibly take into service scores of men and women to do an assortment of tasks, running a small business entails the small business owner to do lots of the tasks themselves. Some of the everyday jobs would be things like doing your accounts, lodging trademarks, carrying out the ordering etc. Often as you start in small business, you can not get enough money to sign up other men and women to do these everyday jobs.

What I have in my opinion discovered is that if you do not keep a tightly-controlled diary and document your discussions and tasks that it will not take long before you will be swamped by all of the things you have got to do to keep the business running on a daily basis.

It is this phenomenon that very often leads small business owners to surrender and fail in the first twelve months. Let me advise you this – the warning signs that this is beginning is when you say to your other half on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon that you are going down to the place of business to finish a bit of office work for a few hours. Once you get into this habit, you will by no means ever stop doing it and the business will eat you up really speedily.

I strongly advise all small business owners keep a calendar. My preference is to use Microsoft Outlook. Not only does it include a task calendar that you can consult day-after-day when you schedule your work. But you can also keep track of your appointments to make certain you do not miss anything. If you do this, then you will find over time you may perhaps get through this phase of being disorganized and start to thrive.

In addition you will notice how long it is taking to do the different tasks that make up your business. This will help a lot when you eventually get someone else to do those tasks for you.

Additionally, consider setting up a Mastermind Group. I read a book a little while ago called Think and Grow Rich by a man called Napoleon Hill. He talks with reference to the thirteen secrets to success to gain massive financial wealth. One of the things that I gained both from this volume as well as being a small business chief was that I required a Mastermind Group.

The Mastermind Group is a range of professional people who can support me accomplish in my objectives for my business. Literally anybody can be part of your Mastermind Group and some of these may be individuals such as a lawyer, an accountant in addition to others among your peers who could be of assistance to you in starting your business.

In addition, it could also comprise personalities who are not inside your business world which will give you a different perspective on thing and bring some balance to the group.

The Mastermind Group is in fact those people you turn to for advice and direction. You do not automatically have to take their advice nonetheless a very good Mastermind Group will allow you to discuss what is materializing in your business and what to do about it.

Frank Martinez

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Clear Vision Business coaching video Jacob Roig Certified Business Success coach

Jacob Roig introduces Clear Vision Business coaching, share some insight and knowledge on coaching and business. Jacob has over 10 years of coaching experience and coaches clients from all over US and Canada, he focuses primarily on Medical MD’s Chiropractors, Dentist practices and has a strong presence with the Natural, Holistic and Spiritual practitioners. Jacob has also owned several businesses and has over 15 years of Marketing and Management experience.

Duration : 0:1:45

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CLICK(more info)⬆ * * * *

As promised, I handpicked this one from the archives for you…this is a never-before seen video I filmed in mid-September, and these words are truly my words for you today…and for me! Yes, I watch my own videos to get inspired! As I need all the inspiration I can get!

…and now…a deliciously beautiful & simple recipe that even your kids will love… and yes, that even your meat-eating hubby will love too!


* I n g r e d i e n t s *
— 1 Cantaloupe, cut into chunks (save a few chunks for the garnish!)
— 1/2 pint Raspberries
— 1 in. of Ginger
— 1 cup Ice

* P r e p a r a t i o n *
— 1) Blend all ingredients together in your Vita-Mix, or other high-powered blender of your choice.

— 2) Pour into glasses, garnishing each glass with a cantaloupe chunk if desired, and enjoy!

* I n s p i r a t i o n *




Instead of suppressing symptoms, on this channel we make health our priority and our hobby!

It’s always a great day to explore and fiddle with different ingredients in your recipes! I only decided to throw in the ginger into this recipe at the last minute…and you should try similar things too! It doesn’t hurt to try…and this goes for all of life’s experiences too, of course. 😉

OK…and now for those new to the channel, here is the fruit & vegetable anthem:

Fruits ENERGIZE your cells…so in other words:
Fruits energize your body!
Fruits energize your brain!
Fruits energize your nervous system!

Fruits are fantastic for the illumination of your mind, and are very ascending…they make you want to reach out and up! For example, they make you want to reach up and pick fruit off a tree!

**HERBS** (HINT: VEGETABLES are also HERBS, in my book!)
Herbs HEAL us!
Herbs RECONNECT us with nature!

In order to get herbs, we reach down into the earth to retrieve them…they come from the ground, so they are grounding for us…



— GET SOME SUN WHEN YOU CAN! (with NO sunblock!)

Cultivate habits of self-care!
Make it a priority to take care of yourself!
Get enough sleep! (Is going out and partying all the time really that great?)
There is nothing like waking up in the morning!

NURTURE yourself!
Get MASSAGES when you can!
NOURISH yourself!
LOOK at the beautiful and amazing CLOUDS and SKY!
APPRECIATE your home, and all the tools you have that makes your life easier!
APPRECIATE the healthy foods you have to eat & enjoy!






Thank you for listening and growing with me…
and may you keep on coming back, my friends!

Love, Dan

Duration : 0:9:58

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Paris. a Charming City

Paris is an amazing city. We have all heard the sayings “The city of love” “The most romantic city in the world” “The city of lights”, well after visiting this city and experiencing it first hand, I can tell you that it is all true.


The city is very beautiful. The architecture is stunning, the tourist attractions amazing and I found the people to be friendly.


Paris is a place you can’t describe in words to someone, it is a place you have to experience for yourself. The city is like a living museum, with architecture dating back to the 13th Century. That is when Notre Dame began to be built.


The grandeur of Paris really became evident in the 16th century, when Versailles became Louis XIV’s headquarters. In the 19th Century, Napoleon appointed Baron Haussmann to develop modern Paris, with its long boulevards and beautiful buildings, the wide avenues and parks that still make the city unique today.


Paris is internationally renowned for its architecture and its influence in fashion and the arts. Walking is the best way to see and get a feel for the city. You can explore the city’s districts, its old centres, cemeteries and great parks. When you first arrive in Paris, I highly recommend getting on the Hop on, Hop off buses. Stay on and do a circuit and get a feel for where everything is. It is very easy to walk around once you know where you are.


I remember one day, later in the afternoon, we walked from Notre Dame back to our hotel near the Place de la Concorde. It was very charming and it turned dark and the lights came on. We stopped to have a meal in a restaurant. It was just wonderful.


The Champs-Elysées is a fantastic place to experience people watching. Another one is the Place de la Concorde.


Those who fancy a trendier atmosphere, can visit districts such as Le Marais, Quartier Latin, or the quaint Canal St-Martin. If you like art galleries, museums, or famous cabarets such as Folies Bergères, Paris has everything to meet your dreams. Be aware, Moulin Rouge, does not look like much during the day but it comes alive at night when the lights go on.


The top attractions in Paris are certainly the Eiffel Tower, originally a “temporary” construction for the 1889 Universal Exposition, the Arc de Triomphe, commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte and the massive cathedral Notre Dame. A walk from Place de la Concorde towards Champs Elysée is also a must as well as the world famous Louvre museum. One place you must visit is the Montparnasse Tower. There are less crowds than the Eiffel Tower, it has an enclosed viewing area as well as being able to go onto the roof. The best part is that you get the Eiffel Tower in your photos! I highly recommend it.


There is obviously much more to explore!


Père Lachaise The largest cemetery in Paris, and said reputed to be the most visited in the world. A huge and peaceful park home of those who have experienced French life over the past 200 years.


Jardin du Luxembourg. The garden of the French Senate which is also a large public park. A recommended place to relax and savour the cosmopolitan atmosphere of a rich palace garden.


Musée d’Orsay. This is the place for art and artefacts from the Middle Ages and Impressionist eras with leading collections. Originally a railway station and the building itself is worth a visit.


Le Marais. Situated on the right bank (3rd and 4th Arr.), this trendy district has beautiful
architecture of the 17th century. There are also many museums, art galleries and historic sites such as Paris’ oldest square, Place des Vosges where you can find Victor Hugo’s residence.


Montmartre. One of the most popular historic areas with the Sacré Coeur Basilica on the top of the hill, the highest point in Paris. It’s also famous for the cafés and studios of many great artists. I recommend taking the tram to the top, then walking down the steps followed by browsing the artists work in the narrow streets at the bottom. A fantastic experience. I bought a beautiful print and everytime I look at it, wonderful memories come flooding back.


Versailles. Near Paris, this is where King Louis XIV built his Palace in the 17th century. For those who love Renaissance architecture, don’t miss it! The Palace has been recently renovated and you’ll also enjoy lovely walks in the well kept gardens.


Bateaux Mouches. One of the most relaxing, and romantic ways to view some of the city’s oldest and most majestic historic monuments is to get a ride on the famous and unique long-boats that leisurely glide along the Seine.
Despite the number of operators from which to choose, most of the boat lines offer similar itineraries and are equipped with an audio announcement system, providing commentary on the passing sights in several different languages.


In Paris, you must differentiate between restaurants, bistro or brassieres. A bistro is usually small, featuring simple food, sometimes with entertainment. A brassiere serves hearty meals along with beer and wine, usually cheap and with a liquor and coffee bar. Like New York or London, the choice is huge. Each place has its own particular atmosphere and style whether recipes are local or from all over the world.
However Paris is internationally renowned as a food capital. It is the right place to test the high-quality French products and delights of traditional French cookery thanks to the talented and creative chefs. Parisian restaurants are real gourmets delight. There are good places for all budgets. Whether it’s a restaurant, a bistro or a brassiere, you’ll be able to enjoy a real culinary feast with gourmets from all over the world.


In Paris you will find lots of trendy and popular bars serving all kind of drinks with a good mix of music and sometimes with DJs. Take your time and sample a few, they are all open late!
Paris has a very diverse nightlife. From high-tech dance clubs to mellow jazz haunts, there’s anything to fit your mood. Also try the famous cabaret venues for a great night of vibrant entertainment!


Paris is home to some of the most famous designers and luxurious brand names in the fashion industry like Louis Vitton or Dior. But you’ll also find more affordable brands matching your budget in the huge department stores or many popular neighbourhoods.


Paris is served by two major airports, Roissy Charles de Gaulle (CDG), 25 Km and Orly 15 Km from the city centre. A third airport, Paris Beauvais, is mainly served by low cost airlines. A paying shuttle service (€13) is organized to and from its terminals and Paris-Porte Maillot.
From CDG terminals, the Roissybus leaves every 15 minutes from 6.00 and arrives to the city centre (at Opéra) after a journey of 45-60 minutes. (€8.40 one way). After midnight there are night busses going to Place du Châtelet, 90 rue de Rivoli every 30 minutes (€8 one way). The cheapest and fastest (30 minutes) is the underground RER B to Gare du Nord running from 4.56 in the morning to 23.56 at night (€8 one way).


From Gare du Nord you are connected to Paris’ metro network. Air France busses go to Porte Maillot. Taxis can be found near the terminals’ baggage collection area exits. Average day fares are €50.
From Orly, the automatic metro Orlyval takes you to RER B Antony station from 6.00 to 23.00. Combined ticket price (Metro+RER+Orlyval)is about €9. Other options are the airport shuttle buses going to RER C Pont de Rungis station. Combined ticket price (Metro+RER+shuttle) is around €5.60. As for busses, the Orly bus takes you straight
to RER B Denfert-Rochereau. Daytime taxi rates are approximately €35.


Public transport. The RATP runs the city’s local transport system. The bus, underground (metro), and commuter train system (RER) is divided into five zones, and is cheap and efficient. The underground runs from 5:30 in the morning to 0:30 in the night. Tickets are valid on both busses and trains, and can be purchased from the stations and in kiosks. Travel cards, ranging from one to five days, are also available at the airport, at underground stations, and from tourist information offices. 1 day travel card zone 1-3 costs approximately €8.30.


There is so much to see and do in Paris. If you are going to visit, make sure you allow enough time so that you can experience all that it has to offer.

Marlene Challis

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What Is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching has become more popular in recent years. This article looks at the question “What Is Life Coaching?” There are additional resource links at the end of this article.

Applied Creative Evolution What Is Life Coaching

Applied Creative Evolution What Is Life Coaching


Are you wondering what is life coaching? It is becoming increasingly popular and something that you may want to consider for yourself.

First, it is important to differentiate this from things like therapy and counseling.

Focus of therapy is primarily in healing by addressing emotions, behavior and disruptive situations by looking into the past to find out how a client behaves in a certain way. According to Wikipedia, therapy is the attempted remediation of a health problem, usually following a diagnosis. Counseling is more treatment of everyday problems.

Life coaching is about looking into building a future. It is about achieving goals that you set for yourself. If could be in different areas like making more money, seeking happiness in life, excellence in sports, professional excellence and many more.

Problem is that although people want to achieve great things in life, sometimes they find it difficult to self assess, develop a plan and take action for themselves. Uncertainty creeps in and confusion seems to reign. This is where life coaching helps.

The life coach works with you to work on your goals and develop the plan required to achieve it. The coach encourages and if required gets a little tough on you to ensure your progress. The coach becomes a sounding board. You will be amazed at how much you already know but just could not organize and look at it in a way that it can deliver good value for you.

If you decide to get life coaching, then you need to evaluate carefully to ensure that you get a life coach that is not only qualified but also best suited for the life coaching area that you are interested in and you can relate to.

Shortlist first by identifying those who work on your specific area of interest. You may want to call those who have attended their life coaching programs for feedback. Find out where the coaching sessions will be held. Distance of the location may be a deciding factor if the sessions are face-to-face. Fees, of course, is the other factor.

Even if a life coach can fit all your other requirements, the chemistry between the two of you is important. Most coaches also provide a free introductory session. Make use of this session to see if there is good fit between the two of you. Is this a person that you feel knows the stuff and someone that you will listen to? As your sessions will be one-to-one, if you cannot seeing yourself working together with this person, it is better not to select this life coach.

Life coach aside, once you decide on life coaching, it is important that you become committed to its success. You need to be open and dig deep into issues. It may get uncomfortable but it is difficult to achieve great things without getting out of your comfort zone. You need to follow through on the actions. Whether the life coaching will succeed or fail will ultimately depend on you.

Now that you know what is life coaching, decide if this can help you. If it can help you but the cost of having a one-to-one life coach is high, then look into alternatives of how you can still get life coaching.

Regina Maniam



Resources: Life Coach International Life Coach Federation

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Start It Up! Start your business successful coaching

Start It Up! Start your business successful coaching

Rel style =
In this book, which will go into the world of coaching and show you all the steps you must take to start and grow your coaching business.

This book teaches you:

* Who are the coaches and what they do
* The different types of professional coaches * Why
Coaching differs from counseling and therapy
* The skills you need and why you need a specialty
* What it means to be an entrepreneur
* How to develop, finance, start and g


List Price: $ 9.99
Price : [wpramaprice asin = “B005FM823A”]

[wprebay kw=”Business Coaching +” num=”14″ ebcat=”-1″] [wprebay kw=”Business Coaching +” num=”15″ ebcat=”-1″]

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Coaching Basketball Is Not Always Fun And Games

I wound up volunteering to coach basketball, a game I new nearly nothing about. Shortly after I wound up with the job, a parent approached me and asked what sort of coaching style I was going to use. After I managed to clear up the blank look on my face and stammer out some lame answer, I drove quickly to the privacy of my own home to avoid any more questions, and thus, not let my inexperience be known, for I knew after that question that I was in way over my head.

At the time I was probably more suited to coach football, but basketball was what I was dealt. A buddy of mine who had played basketball in high school told me that his coach had used a hands-on coaching style. The coach played with the athletes, showing them the different techniques to use, and what situation to use them in, etc…However, he also pointed out that coaching basketball is more than just playing basketball with the kids like his coach did, but coaching is also about teaching fundamental skills that the players will use for life, as well as team work.

Feeling even more hopeless and confused after this conversation I set out to do heavy research on the topic of coaching basketball. I immediately realized that a large list of references existed to help me, which gave me a great feeling of relief. I had never thought of such concepts as team play, sportsmanship and sharing in regards to coaching sports before, but from my reading I began to get familiar with the topics and ideas. I quickly learned that basketball was about more than just putting a ball through a hoop.

As part of my research I began reading articles that focused on building skills and confidence level in young athletes while coaching. I did my best to absorb everything, but still felt that I might be a little out of my element coaching a basketball team. I had to constantly reassure myself that I could do it. The whole experience ultimately taught me that before you can coach other people you must be able to coach yourself, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’ve been coaching for six weeks now. I feel I’ve done a fair job of helping my players build skills and confidence levels they can use on the court and in the real world. This experience has taught me much about myself and about coaching. In regards to coaching, I have learned that it is not all fun and games, but a huge responsibility; however, I think I’ve prepared myself for the challenge. After all, my team is 5 and 1.

While coaching a team might seem a very attractive job to many a sports fan, it is not easy. I only coach at the Junior High level and it’s exhausting and stressful. I can’t imagine what it is like at the professional level, and I don’t want to. If you are interested in being a coach, make sure and give it some serious thought.

Joe Goertz

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The Speed of Life and What it Means to You!

The speed of life is a global condition that presents a strategic challenge for everyone.  The speed of life combines excessive amounts of unrefined information with a glut of choices and opportunities and presents itself in the form of confusion and distraction!  How well we function within this constant condition determines value, competitive advantage and the ability to create results that will convert a vision or a dream into reality.  These issues are always important but in tough economic times they are absolutely critical to success.

The speed of life can’t be stopped but it can be understood and leveraged in a positive way.  It is a fact that knowledge and information have always been a cornerstone of power, influence and achievement!  However, the speed of life generates so much information it creates distractions that unwittingly lead people into well-intentioned busyness.  It is a form of busyness that marginalizes results.  The solution is to identify and deploy high leverage activities that harness the right information at the right time and focus on action that will move the results needle! 

The only thing certain about the speed of life is uncertainty.  It is impossible to accurately forecast future conditions over a long period of time and an  approach based on the principle of ‘going as far as you can see — so that you can see farther’  is needed.  Such a strategy is created by concentrating on the three strategic issues that matter most:  Clarity, Focus, and Execution.   

If you have no cohesive vision there is little chance of achieving sustained success in a bad economy.  Think about this:  Most organizations have adopted vision and mission statements; however, many within those organizations find it difficult to articulate the vision or mission, without reading it.  This condition is typical and may be evidence that there is no real  clarity about the vision and how to achieve it.  Unless there is clarity regarding a vision — there is no vision!

When businesses have clarity concerning their vision it lives!  It also creates zeal and passion for the commitment and determination needed to execute the vision.  The vision itself becomes able to pull everyone forward.  The pulling effect is created because clarity impacts people at the level of belief and produces voluntary change in attitudes and behavior. 

Clarity is achieved when we have an unfettered view of our vision and understand what we really want, why we want it, the value of doing it and the highest purpose for doing it! 

Focus is the opposite of distraction!  At the speed of life,  success hinges on the ability to cut through the clutter and focus on the high leverage activities that directly impact results.  Focus is not something that comes naturally for most people, and that is why it is a skill that must be learned, polished, and practiced. Specifically, focus is a thinking skill that is acquired as a result of mental discipline.

Because the human mind serves as a connector of facts and information, fresh input is the raw material of creativity, opportunity recognition and problem solving.  The mind is always hungry for new information because it stimulates thought and is fulfilling.  Unfortunately, basic process of thinking provides the opportunity for distraction.  Distraction is always the path of least resistance and the most natural activity for the mind to embrace.  The speed of life offers up scores of opportunities each day that lure us into distractions that gobble time.

Between today’s conditions and tomorrows hope is a gap that must be crossed.  In that gap is every goal, objective and action step that must be taken to be successful.  Achieving focus is a matter of identifying the high-leverage activities in the gap that powerfully impact results and developing the mental skills to insure they receive the time they deserve.

The ability to persuade others has a direct impact on achieving superior results, faster, which is what the speed of life demands.   As we gain clarity and develop our focusing skills, the need to concentrate on high-leverage activities becomes paramount.  However, identifying and focusing on those activities is only the beginning.  Once our high-leverage activities are known the challenge of actually doing them becomes the issue.  People must be persuaded to focus on these activities and to act quickly!  This always involves exceeding expectations.

There is more to exceeding expectations than adopting the idea as a strategy.  Exceeding expectations has its greatest impact when it is adopted by individuals as a way of life.  When you have a group of people who are willing to exceed expectations in the normal course of their daily activity a powerful force for superior results is created. 

People in businesses and organizations are persuaded to exceed expectations based on the positive strategic presence of their leadership team. Leaders create images of influence in the minds of those they lead and those images define the organizational perception of leadership.    It is this overall persona that creates what I call Strategic Presence.  Leaders are constantly creating positive and negative Strategic Presence based on their values and their behavior.   The most important fact about Strategic Presence is that it produces two possible reactions in others.  It either produces voluntary cooperation or it produces various forms of resistance.  If the Strategic Presence of leadership is highly positive, people will be more likely to support the vision of leadership.  If the Strategic Presence of leadership is negative, people will not be willing to exceed expectations.  They may actually try to undermine the goals of leadership!

The key to persuasion is Strategic Presence and the ability to communicate strategically is the foundation for both.  Organizations frequently treat communication as a collection of skills, or just another training or coaching objective.  This idea represents a tactical approach to communication.  If execution can be seen as a train rolling down a track to a predetermined destination, communication is the engine that powers the train!  If you can’t communicate effectively you will not execute effectively

©2008 Tony Jeary, author of Strategic Acceleration: Succeed at the Speed of Life

Tony Jeary, author of Strategic Acceleration: Succeed at the Speed of Life, has been and continues to be the coach to the world’s top CEOs and high achievers for more than 20 years. His clients include the Presidents of Wal-Mart, Firestone, Shell, Samsung, New York Life, and the United States Senate, to name only a few. An advisor to many, Tony Jeary has invested his life and career in helping others discover new clarity for their vision, develop focus on direction, and create powerful execution strategies that strategically impact achievement and results. Tony is happily married and blessed with 2 great daughters.

Tony Jeary

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Do You Have Any Quick, Personal Tips To Stop Procrastination?

Most of us what to get things accomplished but many of us struggle with procrastination. This article looks at some techniques to help with the issue of procrastination. There are additional resources at the end of this article.


Applied Creative Evolution Procrastination

Applied Creative Evolution Procrastination

I read a lot of articles on the Internet but they make me procrastinate even more.
Do you have any personal tips for stopping this, things that trigger your motivation? Fancy stuff usually makes us procrastinate even more at the moment, like setting goals. That’s long term and it takes self discipline, what about quick and now?

Here are some quick tips to stop procrastinating QUICK and NOW:

1) Imagine how much better you will feel when you’ve completed your task. If it’s a bigger task that takes lots of time, imagine how much better you will feel to know that you’ve started. Use this feeling to get yourself started.

2) Don’t put yourself in situations where you are “justifying” putting something off. For example, never say to yourself “I can’t start studying until I’ve _________.” It is extremely easy to talk yourself out of something and procrastination is the art of perfecting these self-generated excuses.

3) Just get started! You’ll be amazed how much easier tasks are once you’ve begun them.

If you really want to take charge and change your habit of procrastinating, try taking the 21-day Procrastination Challenge from this website:




Wikipedia: Procrastination Procrastination


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How do I make my hobby(coaching people) into a business??

I coach overweight people but at this moment for free. I want to find out what te possibilities are to make it a real business. I already did a study for Lifestyle Coach.

get a job at jenny craig or weight watchers

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