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Anxiety Disorder in Children

An anxiety disorder – a mental condition wherein the sufferer is unable to adequately deal with normal levels of anxiety – is an exceptionally difficult thing for a child to handle.   Often the child is unaware of what is happening and is therefore unable to seek help even if there is no embarrassment present.  Not unlike adult experience with this disorder, a generalized anxiety disorder in a child may expand into a severe panic attack if not adequately treated.  There is good evidence to suggest that as many as 10% of pre-adolescent children are sufferers of this disorder. Again, while not substantiated with empirical or scientific study results, many medical professionals believe that anxiety disorder is the most prevalent form of emotional trauma in children regardless of age.

The sources or origins of this disorder can be both physical, including heredity, as well as environmental, including parental pressure and over strictness.   When it is recognized by a parent that their child may be suffering from the disorder, especially when a panic attack has occurred, the primary first course of action is to speak with the child’s primary physician.

It is normally a physician’s early diagnosis, if stress is readily evident, that the child may have either a short-term bout of over-anxiety or full-fledged Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is a level of the condition wherein the patient has little control over differentiation of anxiety sources, so they worry about almost everything. Separation anxiety disorder, however typically causes the child to focus specifically on the fear of losing contact with parental units and the assumed trauma that may result.  Finally, Social phobia disorder, which is the most common source of anxiety in children can be greatly disproportional to the assumed severity.

Physicians, especially family doctors, will prescribe low dosages of tranquilizers to reduce the physical symptoms and begin a prescription drug therapy with antidepressants.  The challenge in regard to medication for children with GAD lies in the complexity of medications used typically for adults, which function differently in an immature body.  It is often the case that drugs intended for adult prescription for GAD affect a child’s body differently.  

However the best approach to the continuing treatment of child who experiences an anxiety attack is not unlike that for adults in general.  The doctor will perform total screening of the child’s life, environment, habits, sleep patterns and after-school habits.   Once a child has been informed that he/she has an illness – as is the case with all other forms of illness – the presence of GAD can be successfully treated.

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How to build Confidence

The primary question is do optimistic affirmations work?  There has been substantial research that shows that people who lack self confidence actually felt worse about themselves after repeating every day affirmations while confident people felt far better when they did the same!  This leaves us questioning why positive affirmations do the job for some, and not for others.  Sometimes positive affirmations give you wonderful results, but it can also lead to adverse results, it all depends on the person.

The huge secret is that becomming motivated truly depends on how you feel at the moment.  For example, try Hearing to a motivating song when you are frustrated, it doesn’t do much.  On the other hand, if you listen to a motivating song while you are feeling very good and motivated it will more than likely do the job.  The science behind it is unless your external stimulus complements your internal beliefs it will have Minor to no effect on you.  The same goes for affirmations, when you repeat a real statement or one that is believable by your subconscious mind then it will have a optimistic effect.  On the contrary, if you constantly repeat a statement that is unbelievable by your subconscious mind it will likely have the opposite effect on you.  You must understand that your subconscious mind knows what is plausible and what is not.

The crucial thing when talking about good affirmations is knowing when to use them.  Only the affirmations that match up your current beliefs will be recognized.  If you have had social anxiety your whole life, but you keep telling yourself you are good in social situations it will do completely nothing. Positive affirmations do the job when you use them to already reinforce an existing belief, you don’t say something your subconscious mind won’t believe.

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positive thinking and love – I deserve the best

I deserve the best
© Raj Arumugam,2008

I deserve the best
I love myself;
I love the world:
it is good
it is right

it is right to love
for love is pure and nurturing
if it is good to love
it is good to start with oneself

it is good to love oneself
for one who
cannot love oneself
cannot truly love another

loving oneself
one finds calm,
peace and quiet;
from love flows
positive thinking, natural and smooth

love moves one
to completeness —
to all good things
one needs in life:
love yourself.

I love myself;
I love the world:
it is good
it is right

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What personal devices do you use for motivation?

I am very talented and artistic, but I can’t seem to find the daily motivation I need to get anything done. I just wonderd what you do to get yourself out of bed. What drives you to your goal. Please save the self-help book answers for Oprah. I need real answers. Thanks

my family is my personal motivation. my son is my life, and i think about how much more i want him to have in life that i lacked.

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Personal Power; April 2010 Life Cycles Life Grid.mp4

Do you recognise patterns in your life? Does your life go through cycles? This video from Katie Pritchard at Quest Chiropractic Coaching provides insight into these life cycles. If we can understand these patterns, then we can potentially maximize our practices, businesses, and our lives.

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Life Coach Kute Blackson talks about being lived by your true life purpose | Self Help | Selfhelp

Kute Blackson is utterly unique in the world of human potential speakers and life-coaches. Unlike those who promise to help people get what they want, Kutes method instead reveals to people what they have to give, by liberating who they are most truly and deeply. The focus: Freedom.

Kutes own background and experience lays out the blueprint for his approach to liberating others. His multicultural upbringing as the child of a Japanese mother and Ghanaian father, raised in London, now living in Los Angeles, spans all continents and defies stereotype.

Hes also personally lived out the reality of challenging the expectations of others. The son of a revered spiritual healer himself, Kute was addressing his fathers congregations, in more than 300 churches, by the age of eight. At the age of 14, he was ordained into his fathers ministry and groomed to carry on the familys spiritual legacy. But his heart-truth drew him to another path: to come to Los Angeles. Here, he became proficient in a number of modalities including NLP, and today offers participants his own uniquely powerful process for transforming their lives from the inside-out.

Kutes fluency in media keeps him connected to Gen X, Gen Y and beyond. He has hosted his own weekly radio broadcast on KYPA 1230 AM, in addition to making regular appearances on KTLA Channel 5 in Los Angeles. He currently is developing both a book and a television talk-show for national distribution. Today, the venue for his message may be one-on-one, a vast stadium setting, a corporate seminar or anything in-between. His electrifying presentations are especially sought out by major companies, including American Financial Group, REMAX, and TCG seeking to redefine their paradigm of success.

Kute creates a dynamic experiential learning environment where participants are moved to stretch far beyond their comfort-zone. Whatever the setting, the tangible results of un-coaching by Kute Blackson range from healthier personal relationships to a healthier bottom line for business.

Kutes commitment is to help people live what he calls the 200% life, which requires that you go into yourself 100%. This willingness allows you to re-emerge with crystalline clarity, and give your gifts 100% in return, to your loved ones, to your work, to your life. Kute calls this Living your WOW. | Self Help | Selfhelp

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Tools to Life Video Podcast – Episode 1

One of our members has a question about sticking with the program and keeping his motivation.

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Batman Tag: Why do I hate The Watch Tower.

Bat Man sent me a Message:

You my girl have been tagged , re your motivation and personal campaign regarding the watchtower

Here ya go!

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Diamond Training More Leverage =More Time

Tools to Boost Your Productivity on Twitter

This tool will help you leverage your time because once it set up it runs by it’s self

The Twitter Traffic Machine Shows you how to how to get 16,000 followers on twitter in 90 days and make money doing it

If this is of interest to you contact Kevin Kavanagh today Skype kevin.kavanagh1

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Liposuction: Modern Method Of Weight Loss

Excess weight is probably the most common health issue today, and people around the world are continually searching for effective weight loss techniques. Liposuction is one of the techniques that can be utilized for removing extra fat from specific parts of the body through surgery.
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