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Internet Marketing Success With a Positive Mindset

When pursuing internet marketing success, a positive mindset is a crucial ingredient.  A positive mindset is the most important attribute a home business owner can have.  It is undoubtedly the determining factor as to whether one will succeed or fail.  Although it is not discussed often, this strategy is exactly what is needed to achieve internet marketing success.  There are several relevant factors in creating a positive mindset.

First it is critical to know exactly what one wants.  Business goals should be written down specifically in detail.  Reality is based on perception, so goals should be set high.  Writing down goals makes them visually tangible, which is the first step in making goals a reality for internet marketing success.

Consistent thoughts about what is wanted need to be aligned with these goals if they are ever to be reached.  A prime example would be wanting a $25,000 monthly salary and consistently thinking about it, working towards it, planning for it and finding ways to get it.  The goal needs to permeate all thoughts, and the subconscious mind will align itself to this goal.

Creating a positive environment is needed to reach internet marketing success.  This includes people that are associated with, the words that are used and the thoughts that are pondered.  If the work environment is positive, positive things will be generated.  There is a saying that states, you can’t fly like an eagle if you keep walking with turkeys.

A business plan is a crucial element for one to achieve internet marketing success.  Reach for the stars and also display business goals through words and pictures.  These visual goals should be placed in locations where they can be seen daily.  This also allows the subconscious mind to align itself with these goals.

Ones thoughts need to be checked often.  This is a critical habit also needed to have internet marketing success.  Day-to-day problems can be very discouraging and lead one to despair.  Take notice of these thoughts and consciously redirect them to positive ones.  A positive pep talk is also a good idea.  Hearing positive words can be the best remedy for any onslaught of negativity and help realign ones mind to a positive thought process.

These positive mindset tips do work.  Millions of dollars are spent every year to train employees to function with a positive mindset.  Positive thinking works.  The positive mindset process is infectious and has been proven to turn businesses around and create massive internet marketing success.

Bill Browne “The Illini Dude”

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Happiness is to build relationships

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a relationship with you lucky, I think so, yes. And when I look back on the thousands of clients I have coached over the years, people are happiest were those relationships effective. 4 Reasons the 2011 suck and support to ensure that

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Life Coaching Moment: Mediocre vs. Extraordinary – Jordan Wirsz

Jordan Wirsz is one of the nation’s top life/success coaches. A self-made millionaire at just 23 years old (now 26), Jordan possesses amazing insight to living a balanced, successful life. And like any good coach, he instills ‘accountability’ into the process of coaching you to success. If you are interested in finding out how Jordan Wirsz International can take you to the next level, give them a call toll free at 866-592-3646, or visit the website at

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Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Sales Coaching, Business Coaching, Sales Coach, Mindscan

Learn to find success strategies that actually work for you. Stop trying harder. Get a free MindScan assessment and 30 minute personal coaching session. We do executive coaching, life coaching, sales coaching, small business coaching and more. Learn how to get past the obstacles that are stopping you. Get a free MindScan and private coaching session today.

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Where Can I Find Inspiration? – Ingrid Perri Life Coaching

Are you looking for inspiration?
How is it that some people are able to think of new strategies and get new ideas all the time?

Find out how you can do this too!

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Daily Pep Talk Android Application Demo

This is the Daily Pep Talk, and personal motivation Android app by Cube Escape. This demo is from the Android Emulator, so it will be crisper on your device. Learn more about it at

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Why Christmas is a Joke

It’s that time of year again when the roads freeze, people tell us we need to go and spend hundreds of pounds on tacky gifts for people we barely even know that won’t even want them.


Thank god then that I’ve been able to avoid thus far the mad furore around Christmas for the past five years by escaping to a Spanish Island off the coast of Morocco, here the locals are far more relaxed about Christmas, an attitude which suits me down to the ground solenoids suit electric motors.


Sadly, this year I’m back home and bracing myself for the wave of tacky Christmas mania that about to sweep over me. Here are five good reasons why I think this sickeningly twee holiday period should be cancelled for good:


We Would all Save a tonne of Money


Imagine not having to buy Christmas presents, you’d save hundreds of pounds on gifts for other people that they didn’t want. And we wouldn’t have to trudge round malls fighting our way through crowds. Bliss. We also wouldn’t make electrical component suppliers rich.


We wouldn’t have to force small talk about the poor Summer we had with Aunt Mavis


Let’s face it, most of us don’t want to make small talk with distant relatives while sipping cheap Sherry, no Christmas would no struggling to explain your obscure job title to uncle Charlie over and over again!


We wouldn’t have to act surprised when we open presents


Pretending that you love the itchy knitted monstrosity of a jumper that aunt Nora made for you does get tiresome after a few years. In lieu of Christmas we could keep our closets knitwear free and waterproof switches.


We Wouldn’t Unwittingly Overindulge


I tend to eat fairly well for most of the year, yet I’m still a tad overweight, I attribute this to the obligatory two week long binge that is customary over Christmas.


January Wouldn’t be such a Drag


The only reason that January is such an anticlimactic month is because it follows Christmas. Without it the hangover we suffer brought out by over-indulgence and over spending would be non-existent

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Manifesting Abundance in the Middle of Tough Times

 In 2000 my life took a terrible turn.  Very difficult circumstances caused me to move from Florida to Minnesota.  Due to enormous grief I was unable to pursue my career as a hypnotist until I had achieved some measure of peace. 

 So, within a short period of time I found a job not related to counseling.  The challenge was that it was a difficult sales job with high quotas.  Hence, a few months later I was handed a written notice of job termination if my sales didn’t improve quickly and dramatically by the end of the month.  This imminent loss simply piled itself onto the enormous grief I had left behind in Florida. 

 One night, after waking up again worrying, I remembered key information about manifesting.  Funny enough, this was information I had shared with so many clients who had applied it successfully but I had ‘forgotten’ it. 

 You know how it goes: taking one’s own advice is tough medicine—especially when your emotional resources are stretched to their limit.  I am reminded of one of my favorite funny quotes: “Take my advice because I’m not using it!”

 But, this time I had to take my own advice or suffer terrible emotional and financial consequences.  Following is an outline for an incredible manifesting exercise that changed my life. This exercise is an adaptation of advice from Dale Carnegie’s book How To Stop Worrying and Start Living.

 What’s curious is that I only spent 4 hours working on the manifesting exercise and I shudder to think of how much time I had spent worrying. 

 Step 1— Clearly identify your problem.  Just one.  Identify the main problem that is at the root of other perceived problems.  For me, my problem was losing my job. 

 Step 2—Clearly identify all the sub-problems and the attendant feelings that stem from the major problem.  In my case, this meant several things.  I’ll share a couple of the big ones here.  First, my bills would go unpaid.  The feelings that went with this sub-problem ranged from panic to despair.  Second, being unable to pay my bills, I would have to declare bankruptcy.  Again, feelings of panic and despair.

 Bear in mind that a problem not clearly seen is a problem with lots of damaging power.  It lurks menacingly in the corners of your mind causing a great deal of harm just through fear.  In fact, more harm probably results from worries hiding in the dark corners of our imagination than from the reality of the worries were they to come true (which most times they do not). 

 So, the point is to get all your worries and feelings out of your head and onto paper.

 At this point you might think that the first two steps seem to be focusing on the problem rather than the solution.  The truth is that this process actually helps to free you from focusing on the problem(s).  You see, so long as your imagination is wrapped around one major negative idea and all the negative sub-ideas that come with the major one, one is indeed manifesting—the problem is that only negativity and fear are being created.

 This process gives you the ability to free your mind, imagination and heart from the quicksand of overwhelming worry.  It does so by giving your unconscious mind room to imagine and ultimately create better possibilities.  Steps three and four tell you how.

 Step Three—Create a list of responses to each problem.  The major and minor ones. 

 Note that your responses should range from the ridiculous to the ultra-practical.  By letting your deep mind come up with goofy solutions you may find some humour and perhaps unique answers.  At the very least you are lubricating your imagination so that it can come up with answers that a mind full of unease could never imagine.  One of my solutions to the imagined problem of creditors calling was to think of myself barking at them on the phone. 

 Please note:  I never had to do this but the thought of it made me laugh which caused me to draw a few odd stares in the coffee shop where I was doing my work.

 Just remember: “Seven days without laughter make one weak.

 Step 4—Pick one (relatively sane) response to one problem and do it until the problem is solved as much as possible.  I know this sounds simplistic but three things came to my mind when I first rebelled against this simple step:

 (1) Dale Carnegie’s ideas have changed the lives of millions of people.  I figured he was onto something.

 (2) I had seen it work for hundreds of my clients.

 (3) I knew I needed to do something other than waking up freaking out at 3 in the morning. 

 Here’s the bottom line:  In a very short period of time after implementing this solution manifestation program, I went from about to lose my job as the worst salesman to becoming one of the top salespeople in my region.  I earned several awards and, just as importantly, I was bringing home large ($15,000) commission checks. 

 And the bonus is that by giving yourself constructive options to focus and act upon, many of the terrible feelings you may be experiencing will literally fade away.  A friend of mine many years ago gave me a great line to live by: “There are either problems or solutions—what do you want?” 

 If you would like to see a summary by Dale Carnegie of his book How To Stop Worrying and Start Living, please visit:

 And remember W.H. Murray’s words: “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness concerning all acts of initiative and creation. There is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans; that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too”.

 So, commit now to doing whatever it takes to succeed.  Reach beyond your limitations.

 And never give up.



Devin Hastings

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First Session with Christian Life Coach, Discover What is a Life Coach? After #1

Lisa, who lives with rheumatoid arthritis and is the founder of and shares her experience in a “vlog” (video blog), part 2, about her journey of being “coached” by a Christian life coach.

Duration : 0:4:34

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Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom

Dr. William Glasser is the brains behind of “Choice Theory.”  He proposes that all our behaviour is chosen, either consciously or subconsciously.  Choice Theory lists 7 Caring Habits and Seven Deadly Habits; to a large extent choosing between these Caring Habits and Deadly Habits can determine our level of fullfillment with our lives.

  Choice Theory indicates that relationships largely decide whether or not we have satisfying lives; and that the outcome of those relationships is fundamentally determined by how we react to the choices of optimistic , caring habits or negative , harmful habits.  The more we shift towards the Seven Habits that result in Personal Empowerment, the more we move towards fulfilling  Relationships.

The first choice is, “Are we Supporting, or Criticizing?”   From our own reactions to being criticized, we know that criticism does not work.  We also know that supportive behaviour does work.  To have fulfilling relationships, we must be perpetually working to improve supportive behaviours and reduce our criticism of others.

Second, we need to ask, “Are we Encouraging, or Blaming?” Very similar to the above – the question that comes readily to mind is, “Do you want to fix the blame?  Or do you want to fix the problem?”  For as long as we stay in the “blame game” we lose the opportunity to encourage .

Third, we get to choose between Listening and Complaining For our third choice, we get to choose between Listening and Complaining .  There is a reason you have two ears and only one mouth; your creator knew what He was doing.   Unfortunately , many of us choose to talk rather listen.  By choosing  to improve empathetic listening skills you will significantly improve all of your relationships.

Next, we get to choose between Accepting or Nagging .  We all know that nagging does not work – but we all do it.  Choosing to accept others as they are is close to unconditional love; it is a skill we should all work on.  And accepting others has a huge side effect – over time they come to accept us as we are .

At number 5 our choice is between Trusting and Threatening.  We are born trusting – but our worldly experiences soon push most of us to threatening.  As we grow and understand the ramifications of our choices, we need to push the balance back towards trusting.

Our sixth choice is , “Are we Respecting or Punishing?”  Punishment seems to be the primary mechanism of our world, despite centuries of living proof that it does not work.  This is true in our personal lives, our schools, the business world etc; we need to choose respect.

For our final choice , we get to choose between Negotiating Differences and Bribing/ Rewarding .   In a world that stresses we have win at all costs, the win/win solution is gaining some ground amongst the more enlightened.  Negotiating differences can be handicapped by weak negotiating skills for many people, but as we work on the six preceding habits our negotiating skills improve as we move from a selfish point of view to one that accepts, respects, values and empowers others.

Glasser’s book , “Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom” is the primary text for choice theory and is available directly from the William Glasser Institute.

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