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Explain the personal motivation to produce something that people would want under a Socialist government.?

I work with a few people who could take the next 5 years off from work and no one would notice. Under Socialism wouldn’t the majority of people be as useless as these people?

You are confusing three separate issues, which is never a good idea.

1. Socialism is not based on whether people want to work. One phrasing is "from each according to his ability; to each according to his needs". Management in Socialist enterprises need to be just as concerned with worker productivity as at capitalist firms. Little in Socialist theory (or in the few small examples we have) suggests that people not working would be the problem. Nothing about socialism suggests that people who aren’t contributing according to their ability will get their needs satisfied.

Even in the Soviet Union, the issue was never whether people worked or whether goods were produced, but about quality: were the right goods produced, where they of good quality, etc. (You can argue that the kind of fear that caused people to work was not a good way to motivate people – and I can’t disagree, but that’s a different matter.)

2. Then there is the question of whether people would want to work:

A. Clearly, if no goods are produced, then no goods are available for consumption. If only a few people slack off, then the system can survive but if too many do, then it can’t. Since it is easier to monitor slackers and shame them into doing real work, smaller socialist organizations tend to have fared better than large ones.

For example, the monasteries of Medieval Europe, the kibbutzim of Israel, some of the religious communities in the U.S., etc.

Part of the problem is education. We live in a society where people are brought up to want more for less. "Free" is good. Yet in reality, there is no such thing as a free lunch – a lesson most people can’t appreciate.

I, for one, can’t understand the idea of pretending to go through the motions of working. If I’m there, why waste my time if I can, with no more effort, be productive?

B. There are rewards other than money that motivate people. Look at all the free software that has been written and/or maintained by volunteers; look at all the various volunteer-driven non-profit organizations.

3. Then there is the fact that not working is bad for your health.
To the extent that people understand this, and it is a function of upbringing and education, motivation should be less of a problem.

There are various forms of socialism so one can’t say much that would apply to all.
The kinds of command economies such as the Soviet Union and Maoist China had were clearly not productive. But from what one can tell, the problem was that the systems in place did not encourage good decisions – in some cases even discouraging good decisions.

It is possible that general worker motivation could also be a problem – free riders can be a problem in any social system
and might be worse under socialism – but so far, preventing bad decisions is a bigger one, and, from my perspective, much harder to do anything about.

People argue that in capitalism companies are punished for bad decisions. Perhaps some bad decisions are punished, but many are not and some are clearly punished much too late. (Is the current recession the result of good decisions by Wall Street firms? What about all those immense bonuses?)

Still, it does seem to be the case that there are fewer forces for good decisions in socialist systems.

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Is it worth getting a personal trainer at the GYM?

I am so slim and have no motivation to exercise and cannot even lift too heavy. I’ve been thinking about getting a personal trainer to help me gain weight and muscle mass. But im embaressed because I cant lift too much. I cant even work out an hour cause I’ll get light headed. What should I do?

having a friend by your side motivating you would probably suffice. But hey if you can afford it, get a personal trainer

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Iron Dolls – Female Bodybuilding Secrets

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How To Work And Study While Gaining A Distance Learning Education

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Business Success Coaching with EFT – Removing Fears Around Making Connections
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Can someone help me find a good book for life coaching and management?

I have a very stressful life with so much work to do in office. Moreover I live alone, so also have to do all the housework. I really want some book, or podcast or audio. Anything that will help me to get my life into order.

try “the monk who sold his ferrari”…… Robin S Sharma
i bought it coz ppl who read it said it ws awesome!! i dint find the book all that effective possibly because i dont really face the problems mentioned in the book……bt i think theyre similar to those uve said

all the best!

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Week 5 — Exercise — Feel Great in Eight: No Excuses! Tone Up at Home

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Please rate my Essay on a scale from 1 to 10? :)?

Good evening, i was wondering if anyone would have the time to rate my essa. If it is not a ten, could you please tell me what i need to work on? thank you.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”We all play an important role in how our society evolves; whether it be by doing small actions that affect the people closest to us to solving a mystery that will help the worldwide population. I am sure that by going to another country it would enable me to understand other nations culture and the problems that arise in our modern time so that I could solve them with more facility which would make me a contributing factor to our planet’s welfare. For now, however, I must content myself by helping one person at a time.
Growing up with no father and not much money, I found that helping others made me feel better and doing so made me realize that I could accomplish so much in my lifetime with the right tools. I believe I deserve this scholarship due to the fact that that I always give my all in every aspect of my teenage life. I am currently involved with project L.O.V.e, a group that “aims to reduce violence in the lives of youth and in our communities by building a team of youth who communicate a message of non-violence“, Leaders Of Today, a provincial youth network between government and youth, The Youth Advisory Council and have been helping with the government addiction website for Nova Scotian teens. I am also working on a project with a Dalhousie student on rebuilding the Preston Community.
Not only am I a strong youth activist in my community, but I enjoy student life as well. I am involved with my all girls rugby team, to which I won MVP last year, and am on my provincial-winning cheerleading team at my high school, all while maintaining grades high enough to be on the honour roll. I also coached my junior cheerleading team last year, volunteered at a recreational gymnastics club, was president of my chapter for best buddies , only to name a few of my prior commitments.
I do believe I could adjust well to my environment if I had the chance to go study abroad. I am quite into meeting new people and making the world a better place. I have learnt to be true to myself and never to change for others, no matter how much pressure is put on youth these days to be like their peers. I love exploring new places, learning about other cultures , having an open mind and I never let anything bring me down. I’m the kind of person that wants to show the world what I am capable of. I may come off as an ambitious girl, but Ive always been dedicated to the work I do , all while having a positive attitude and an optimistic view on the world. I believe that by allowing me to go study elsewhere’s, it will open doors for me and for that, you shall be investing in a better tomorrow since I know that I will be able to change the world so that it is a greater place in the future.

Nice! Very nice Essay ! 8/10!

You need like to extend your mind in words, I mean, you used certain words several times, you can use it 2 times max, so work on it, ok?
Another thing you misspelled some words such as : L.O.V.e <— L.O.V.E ok? and you did a lot of punctuation, so work on those 3 things, but you did well!

Congratulations! 😀

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