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Fantastic Collections- Producing Your Own

If you wish to make your art collection, you ought to achieve this in an intelligent manner. This is because whatever you purchase for your collection will not be considered as a complete waste of money. However, collecting art intelligibly would certainly require you to master a couple of things. First, is to have very good research skills, and second the skill of gathering. Starting On The idea of Collecting. Typically, as many people do, you’d most likely possess knowledge of acquiring art on a piece-per-piece basis, yet still may not be considering plans like making several achievements as time passes by, or simply, racking up a collection.
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Life Coaching Tools – Coaching Cards

Here is the basic overview of Lifeways Coaching Cards and how they can be used with a client. Check out the blog.

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Do you have a great business that requires capital to grow? The Success Coaching and Venture Capital funding team at Powerteam offers the perfect combination of venture capital funding solutions, business coaching and personal development programs.Through Online Success Coaching, Powerteam International has the resources necessary for you to be successful in your own business. For every type of business including professional services, financial planning, direct sales, and many other types of businesses, we offer the tools and experience to launch or grow your business to new heights. This includes having a personal coach or professional coach for advice on advertising, training, web site development, website traffic generation, business financing and personal development. We offer some of the best high-level consulting and training for business leaders and their organizations. We also can offer you a personal life coach to be your career mentor.

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Keeping Your Vision Strong During a Recession

The Economy might be down but that does not mean you have to be. Just because things are tough does not mean you have to kiss the good life goodbye. You have goals and dreams that at this time may seem impossible to reach. However, you can still have great success if you keep this one fundamental principal in mind.


Everything you see in life is merely the outwardly manifested version of a person’s vision. Even the things in your own life that you currently have, material and non. They are a reflection of a vision you had at one time. Your greatest achievements were at one time only images in your mind. This is important to remember, because what that means is anything your mind can conceive and truly believe it can ultimately achieve.

First of all it is important to remember that thoughts are things, and adds you think so you become. With that in mind as difficult as it may be, worrying and stressing about the current state of things will get you absolutely nowhere. And if we can learn anything from the previous statement, then we know that worrying does much more than nothing in fact it becomes detrimental. So first and foremost rather than focusing on what you do not want or what you are not happy with. I want to personally challenge you to start thinking about what you do want and what you are happy with.

Now you might be saying Shannon you’re crazy. How could I possibly focus on what I do want and what I am currently happy with what I’ve either just lost my job, my house, or both. Well I’m here to tell you that I may be crazy, but I’m definitely not wrong. At any given time no matter what the circumstance you can have power and you can have peace. It all depends on your focus and your vision.

When bad things happen we tend to focus on the bad. And not only that but we also lose sight of our long-term goals imagine what would have happened if in the middle of your struggle towards one of your greatest accomplishments you lost sight of what you are fighting for. Do you believe that you would have come out the other end of the victorious? I highly doubt it.

See it is your belief that keeps you going; it is your faith in the invisible that allows you to accomplish the impossible. The power that you have inside you is much greater than any challenge you will ever have outside of you. But you must take charge and tap into this power, it is yours for the taking but you must command it. I truly believe and your vision ultimately comes down to how far you can see with your eyes closed.

To be sure, the tools necessary to shape your destiny are invisible. They are your focus, they are your determination, and in your vision. While you cannot physically see these tools do not underestimate their unlimited power. You have proof of what they can do, you have used them before. And now in these most trying times when the very fiber of your character is being tested is when you must rise up. All of the answers and solutions you are looking for are staring at you in the mirror. Take action now, believe me there is no time to wait. Do not wait for the government to help you, do not wait for your friends and family to help you, the greatest help you will ever receive will come from the very hand that you extend to yourself.

It is said that you will never know how much bigger, stronger, and better you are until you absolutely have to. There is nothing like necessity to show a person what they are truly made of. I believe that human nature that when the odds are stacked against us that is when we come through. When it seems like the end is near that is when we reach down into the deepest pits of what we truly are and bring forth that it is necessary to achieve.

Take advantage of the power that I know you have. Choose to keep your vision strong, make a decision to say yes to the potential that is hiding within you. View these tough times and not as the end but rather the beginning. Think not of the current issues you have as problems, but rather challenges. Allow this to be a time to exercise and build up your mental fitness. Do this my friend and as you sleep at night and as you walk during the day, your mind will ring with the timeless creed that constantly and never endingly moves forward and says….. we can win.

If you are interested in a complimentary life coaching consultation get in touch with me today:

Shannon Graham

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Does positive thinking ever work?

I have been advised to use positive thinking to help me with my depression.
I can see how it would work, as I am afraid to go out in the world and afraid I will fail, but I am not convinced. Any thoughts on this?

Sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t. If you feel more needs to be done, don’t feel bad if it comes down to medication. After SO many years of denying my problems, I did have to get put on meds, and they actually work. Thing is, you just have to find the right doctor who will actually listen to you and not twist your words around. After I was put on the right combo of medication I am so happy that I am not scared or ashamed to be MYSELF. But if you still don’t want to go the medication route, be sure to get PLENTY of sun. The sun puts off rays of light that actually WILL cheer you up. That is why they sell "sun lamps" in certain places. I hope you feel better. Good luck!

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What do think about Life Coaching?

I personally think it is great having found someone who is a great coach. Anyone have any thoughts about it?

Life on the edge by James Dobson. Its EXCEllent

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Michael Richardson – An enlightened perspective

Left as a paraplegic after a car accident in 1986, Michael Richardson’s first therapeutic horseback-riding lesson steeled his determination to lead an active, optimistic life as a horseman, clinician and motivational speaker. Michael’s injury and experience has placed him in a distinguished position to communicate a message of perseverance and hope to anyone who faces challenges in their life. Whether profound physical challenges as Michael has faced or more familiar trials such as losing a job, his message reaches out to us all. He has the personal experience and inspirational qualities, as well as the horsemanship talent, that set him apart from others.

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The Slight Edge of Personal Development

What is the Slight Edge and what does it have to do with personal development, self help, success, prosperity, abundance, wealth, business, career, money and freedom? The Slight Edge is a philosophy for living life that was introduced to me by a man named Jeff Olson. Not only are the principles of the Slight Edge intertwined with all of the things mentioned above, but it also is at work in the lives of those who experience depression, poverty, poor health, debt, unemployment, jobs they hate and unfulfilling relationships. The Slight Edge is at work all the time, every day in the life of every single conscious human being on this planet.

You can read Jeff Olson’s book or listen to his audio program about the Slight Edge, but I will do my best to simply summarize its meaning here for you. The Slight Edge is really referring to the very slight difference between making positive choices and negative ones, between choosing things that will enhance and improve our lives versus things that will bring us less than we truly desire. For instance, each day you have an opportunity to make hundreds, if not thousands of decisions! When to wake up, what to wear, what to eat, whether or not to exercise, what to say or not say to family and friends, what to read, what to watch, where to go, what people to see and spend time with, what to listen to, what to think and on and on and on.

Most of these “choices” that we make each day may not even feel like choices because so many of them are made on more of an unconscious level than a conscious one. However, even choices that we make day and day out require our conscious approval in order to take place and we have the power and ability within ourselves to change what choices we make at any given time. Understanding how the Slight Edge works and the difference it can make in your life over time will give you an added sense of discipline and desire to make those positive choices that are in your best interest.

An important element of the Slight Edge philosophy is understanding that most individual choices are easy to do, but they are also easy not to do. It’s easy to choose to eat a healthy salad for lunch instead of a hamburger, but it is also easy not to do that. Therein lies the power of the Slight Edge choice. To understand the influence of the Slight Edge at work in your life it is important to look at a given choice over time, let’s say one year. If you watch one hour of television each day, that doesn’t really seem like a big deal right? It is certainly easy to do and it could also be said that it is easy not do. On average, Americans watch much more than one hour of television a day, but for the sake of this illustration we will assume you watch just one hour. The equates to seven hours a week, approximately 30 hours a month and 365 hours a year, which is equivalent to more than nine 40 hour work weeks! I’m not saying this is good or bad I’m just illustrating the power of the Slight Edge at work. When you think about your daily choices in terms of their impact and influence in your life over one year or one decade, it puts those activities into better perspective.

Now, I’m not saying we should not watch TV, go to movies, relax, or anything like that. I enjoy doing all of those things, in proper balance. My intention in sharing my experience with this philosophy with you is to help you understand that there are little simple things that you can begin doing today, that if done over time, will absolutely transform your life. It is about understanding the potential that each of us have to grow, to progress, to improve, to create, to expand and to be a better, more fulfilled and happy person in one year than we are today! How can we go about making Slight Edge improvements to our daily choices so that we can experience consistent growth and personal development in our lives? There are several ways and I will share a few that have worked phenomenally well for me.

Reading personal development or self help books and listening to similar audio programs has made a huge difference in my life. Do you realize that if you read just 10 pages from a personal development book every day that you will have read 3,650 pages by the end of just one year! Sure, the math is easy and it makes sense, but that translates to easily one or two dozen books. It only takes about 30 minutes a day to do that yet the impact upon the way you think, act and live your life will be tremendously enhanced. Reading 10 pages a day is easy to do. It is also easy not to do. Therein lies the power of the Slight Edge decision. Additionally, if you listen to just 15 minutes of inspiring personal development audio programs, podcasts or audiobooks each day while driving to and from work or while exercising, that equates to 91.25 hours of listening in one year; more than two 40 hour work weeks put together! Do you think putting such content into your mind and applying it in your life would help you to become a better person and be more successful in achieving your personal and professional goals? Absolutely! It is easy to do? Is it easy not to do?

You see, a large majority of people read trashy magazines, watch tv and listen to worthless radio instead of reading personal development books, listening to inspiring audio and taking a little time out to improve their lives. We should not be surprised if our lives our not what we wish them to be if we are not taking the simple daily actions to improve ourselves and to be better. Our lives right now, in this present moment, are nothing more than a cumulative result of everything that we have thought and done previously in life! If you do not like your situation, your relationships, your job, your build, your income (or lack thereof), then look in the mirror and make a firm resolve to yourself that you will begin TODAY to make changes in the Slight Edge choices you make each day. Don’t beat yourself and drop deeper into depression. Celebrate and get excited that you now know what you can do to change your life for the better. Will you transform into the life of your dreams overnight? Of course not. However, by making slight changes each day in the seemingly insignificant choices of what you do, your life will absolutely be transformed in a years time, probably much sooner. I have experienced this first hand and I absolutely know that it works.

When I was a teenager I was hanging out with the wrong crowd and got involved in drinking, drugs, smoking, theft and all variety of unhealthy behavior. My life was falling apart quickly and the future did not look to bright for me. After having a very scary experience with drugs I made a firm decision that I was going to change my life. I made some drastic decisions at that point to dis-associate from my friends, to get rid of all my depressing music, to stop abusing substances and to begin working heavily on improving myself, my mind, my body, my life. What I’ve found for myself and for others is that immediate change can be noticed and experienced, especially when you are making these changes at a very low point in your life. If you are in the depths of despair and the whole world seems to be crashing in upon you then shifting your mind, body and spirit can make a visual transformational difference upon you in a matter of hours. A lot of that depends upon the intensity of your determination to change and to improve your life and your willingness to disassociate yourself, as much as possible, from those things or people that have had such a powerful negative influence over you. This isn’t about running from your problems, but rather about taking back control of your life and not giving that control to anyone but yourself.

I read book after book about personal development. About thoughts, behavior, attitude, goals, success, achievement, etc. Just get your hands on any personal development books that really jump out at you, dive in and absorb as much as you can as quickly as you can. What I loved about these books is that there were always numerous ideas and suggestions that I could immediately begin applying in my mind and in my life to see how they would make a difference. I would do the exercises, follow the guidance and see what happened. I also did a lot of spiritual exploration during this time, praying, meditation, reading scripture and just cleansing myself as well as I knew how. This will be a different process for everyone depending upon your religious persuasions, where you live and what spiritual books and teachers are a part of your life. I also began eating more healthy foods, exercising and getting more adequate rest every night. This was invigorating to build my body, to develop and to see that it was ready to take on new challenges and to be pushed to new limits. That felt good and seemed to help accelerate the growth I was experiencing mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.

I was 18 years of age when I made that decision to change my life for the better. I am now 31 and have by no means reached the pinnacle of personal growth and achievement. However, I have been fortunate to have enjoyed many remarkable experiences and blessings in my life, due in large part to the fact that I have been continually working on improving myself and the lives of those around me. I’ve traveled throughout the United States and Canada. I received scholarships to college and graduated with honors. I married a beautiful woman when I was 24 and we now have two incredible children with our third to arrive this summer. I have started businesses, invested in real estate, managed multi-million dollar companies and consulted entrepreneurs. I currently own a multi-million dollar business within the Health and Wellness industry and am able to help people from all walks of life all over the world. My future is bright and I know that there are no limits to what I can achieve as long as I continue to follow the Slight Edge path of personal development and striving to improve the lives of others.

It is my desire that you will join with me in this phenomenal journey of life. If you are looking to make some changes in your life, do it now! Take the time for some personal exploration, set your goals, decide what small things you can begin doing each day that will have a powerful cumulative effect upon you and your family in your life. If you are looking to make a professional change or to work within a business that is perfectly aligned with these principles, then let me know. I’d love to explore the possibility of working together with you in my business and helping you to accomplish all of the goals that you set for yourself.

If you would like to learn more about the business that has provided me with an unlimited opportunity for developing true time freedom and financial freedom, simply visit my site at!

Until then, enjoy the journey,

Munro Murdock

Munro Murdock

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Put Some Action in the Law of Attraction!

The ‘Law Of Attraction’ seems to have been the buzz word over the past few years with movies like ‘What The Bleep Do We Know’ and ‘The Secret’. The thought of attracting and creating anything we want in life is certainly exciting and inspiring. I personally believe in the Law Of Attraction and the power of creating our own future. However, there seems to be a lot of scepticism and ‘grey areas’ around the subject.

 Is the law of attraction real and does it work; is it actually a universal law? The theory is that we become and attract what we think about most of the time. It’s been knocking around the personal development world for decades and decades. Napoleon Hill was the first person that introduced the concept to me in the book ‘Think And Grow Rich’, an awesome and life changing book.

 The late great Earl Nightingale also said “We become what we think about all day long” (or words to that affect). So, do our thoughts become reality, do we become what we think about and focus on and are thoughts really ‘things’?

 Well, like I mentioned earlier, I personally do believe in the law of attraction and I have personal experiences to support my belief. But surely there is more to the law of attraction than simply just ‘thinking’ about what we want in life and waiting for it to magically appear. I mean let’s be honest and realistic, if you were to sit on the end of your bed saying “I am a millionaire….I am a millionaire….I am a millionaire” whilst visualising $1 million in your hands, you’ll probably have a long wait before the $1 million appears.

 It’s for this reason I think that a lot of people get disheartened or even depressed when things do not work out, or magically appear the way they wanted and then give up on their dreams and goals. So, it seems we need to be a bit more specific, a bit more clarity if you please. The sometimes overlooked and probably most important ingredient is actually staring us right in the face. The law of attrACTION…..did you catch that? Yes, ACTION.

 This was explained and made clearer to me recently by one of today’s greatest entrepreneurs and business minds and one of my personal mentors, Mr. Dan Kennedy. Dan said quite openly that the ‘law of attraction’ is NOT a law. He explains that gravity is a law, meaning, you don’t have to think positively or negatively about it. In fact it even works on inanimate objects which have no thought process.

 If you step off a building or drop an object from a height, you and ‘it’ are going to hit the ground….simple.

 He goes on to say that attraction is something that is MADE to happen, a product of strategies, of thoughts and of ACTION and behaviours. Pretty mind altering when you get it. The ‘secret’ is not in how you think. Thinking does not make it so, as he jokes saying, “If that’s true then where’s my ham sandwich?” He continues tongue in cheek by saying, “If we become what we think about, then I’m going to turn into a girl…”

What he is saying is that the law of attraction itself is NOT a lie, but the error is in the omission, or what’s left out. Meaning, thoughts CAN become things, only when certain actions are taken. This is very, very important and where a lot of people get caught out. They think that all they have to do is think about wealth and abundance and it will magically appear.

 It’s not to say that this is impossible, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s highly unlikely. There would certainly be a lot more wealthy people out there and the lottery jackpot would be divided among a lot more people.

 So, there are a lot of ingredients that go into the ‘law of attraction’, thinking…belief…behaviour, but most importantly…ACTION! Well, actually Dan says ‘behaviour’ is the secret, which I agree with. However, we can study the behaviour and the consistent commonalities of all the successful people on the planet, but nothing gets done without taking that all important ACTION.

 Find those that are successful, or have achieved what you’re looking to achieve and model them to the letter, take massive continuous ACTION.

Make the law of attraction work for you. You can be rich; you can attract wealth and financial abundance into your life, as soon as you take the appropriate action towards that goal. Your thinking and belief will shift you to another level. And if you don’t believe in the ‘law of attraction’ at all, you might want to ask yourself how you came to be reading this right now.

Put the action in your law of attraction NOW and grab your 3 amazing FREE videos that’ll start you on the road to wealth by visiting

Charles Bennewith

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