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Keynote Speakers – Sports Psychology and Business Coaching with Dr Phil Jauncey

The Power of Positive Doing


The Power of Positive Doing
Understanding Ourselves and Others
Management Education
Changing Behaviour
Excuses are for Losers
Goal Setting


“One of Queensland’s most dynamic presenters…has stimulated sports and professional audiences alike. His contagious passion for life has an overwhelming ability to leave guests wanting more as he tackles the more technical mind sets of self development and gets back to basics.” Brisbane Breakfast Club

Client List

St.George Bank
Wallace Bishop Jewellers
Commonwealth Bank
Qld Police
Corporate Express
City Pacific Finance

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Duration : 0:3:2

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What you need to know about Managing Physicians

Amid the uncertainty of medical reform, some companies are gobbling up what they bet will be health care’s hottest commodity, the doctors. Specialists in general, internal medicine and pediatrics are being sought after by large physician management groups. People behind these big companies truly believe that these primary care specialists are the cream of the crop, according to an investment banker. Obtain further advice on doctor jobs and the subject of medical jobs.

The present medical reform systems are certainly making the demand for health care specialists rise, as the supply is diminishing by thousands already. In order to lessen costs in health care procedures such as lab tests, cost of medicine and professional fees that burden patients, the rise of managed care companies utilize primary care doctors to be on the forefront of this initiative. The private sector as well as the state and federal leadership are known to espouse the aid of managed care groups to cut down costs of health care.

The expertise of the doctor groups purchased by managed care companies are marketed to hospitals and health maintenance groups while these establishments forward the services directly to patients or through their employers. Managing doctors has been a good business since the 1980s and more companies of the same craft has been springing up in the last few years. Individual physicians, health care insurance companies as well as investors who invest in high risk companies are the ones who chip in for startup capital. Although most medical stocks had experienced a bear movement in the stock market, many of the publicly traded care management firms continue to see their stock prices rise.

Physicians recognize the vast number of benefits they can derive when they join one of these companies. A hundred thousand dollars or more are the numbers that initiate the auspicious doctors. Afterwards, they enter into an agreement that would be advantageous to them as it guarantees an annual income of at least 100,00 dollars a year which could be up to 30 years, and financial security from uncertainties in health reform programs. Physicians of care management companies receive salaries as estimable as those without management firms. More information on the topic of medical jobs is located at doctors job in australia.

These management companies also take over the headache of office matters such as billing, marketing for patients, leasing copier machines and office space, hiring receptionists, writing paychecks, and getting malpractice insurance. Engaging physicians to work closer to eight hours per day instead of being on call at an uncertain number of hour is something that these firms also undertake. What some are worried about is that corporate lapses might get in the way of patients getting adequate care due to their aim of taking care of the company’s interests.

The doctors are left to practice their specialties while they are supervised by their superiors who have to ensure good quality and operations under minimal costs. It requires great effort from the doctors to bear a boss that will be tasked to ensure that they won’t go beyond the budget allocation. Critics state that only time can tell if the physician management firms can hold their promises that doctors will not find their patients at an assembly line otherwise the physicians might skimp on the health services and the profit will not subjugate the medical care quality

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Joe Paterno offered me the Penn State coaching job when he retires, should I take it?

2035, his last year, is a long time away. I guess I can keep flipping burgers at McDonalds until that happens. He even told me the secret to his success. He said get the best athletes you can, and schedule the weakest teams you can. The secret is to get the worst QB you can find. That way you win a ton of games, but not all of them. That wouldn’t look right.

Should I take the job?

And give up your dream of running the drive thru register? No.

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The 11 Forgotten Laws Review

Almost everybody has heard in the Regulations of Attraction and some have even tried applying what they’ve learned as a way to have a more fulfilling life. Unfortunately, they locate that it either doesn’t work or that it only works component way. They may also come across that it seems to take forever before anything happens no matter how difficult they try to wrangle the universe. This is since they’re missing The 11 Forgotten Laws to finish off the equation. You would like to possess the filling info to be able to make the rest with the regulations perform for you.

There is no threat involved on your portion for you personally to come across out about the missing pieces from the puzzle. You will be gonna get a cash back guarantee with your purchase so you’ve no fear about losing your cash on some thing you will be unsure of. But, to be able to uncover the dollars as well as the existence that you might be in search of you would like to read up on 11 Forgotten Laws Of Attraction so you’ll be able to apply them to your living. You might be going to have two months to put your new information to use so that you may see for your self just how powerful these laws really are.

You’re gonna be able to practically sit back and relax although the guidelines go to function for you. There is no risk involved as you’ll see these are the true regulations that individuals have been following in order to save their enterprise, make the dollars they’ve been searching for and to bring peace into a lifestyle that is filled with tension, being overworked and without love.

Let Bob Proctor 11 Forgotten Laws show you the method to success and a happy everyday life so that you may live life the way that it was meant to be from the really beginning. Harness the power of your universe and let it work for yourself as opposed to you trying to figure out a technique to function around it. Your existence is in your own hands.

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Mama’s Family – Positive Thinking – with Carol Burnett 3/3

Original Air Date: 30 April 1983
Eunice (Carol Burnett) in her 40s,feels neglected by her jerk of a husband Ed and that her life has amounted to very little. Vint’s son Buzz,tells her about a tape called “The Power Of Positive Thinking”. She’s skeptical at first but after a few listens,she gets up the nerve to audition at the local playhouse for a small part in an upcoming show. Mama,while glad Eunice is trying to be more positive,realizes it’s also making Eunice a doormat for others. Especially the people in the play,when all of Eunice’s lines are given to another actress instead.

Duration : 0:6:24

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Common Herbs Used to Treat Infertility

As many as one in six couples who are trying to conceive will be confronted with infertility. If you have received this diagnosis, you may have found yourself filled with a sense of helplessness. Your physician has probably encouraged you to enter the high-tech world of expensive, invasive medical fertility therapies- with no guarantee of success. That isnt your only option. Natural, time-tested choices are available. Complementary fertility therapies like yoga, fertility-enhancing diets, acupuncture and Chinese fertility herbs can help you create optimal conditions for a healthy pregnancy

Women are told that they need to take folic acid once they are pregnant in order to keep babies healthy, this should also be taken before a woman has conceived a child. Starting to take folic acid as a trying to conceive vitamin will help to improve fertility.

The Chinese also used herbs for the expectant father when treating fertility problems. Through modern research, a few compounds have been found that optimize sperm production and mobility. The most important of these are Acetyl-L-Carnitine and L-Carnitine. Men also benefit from minerals like zinc and selenium. The ancient Chinese surely would have benefited from this modern knowledge to combine with their traditional herbs.

At present there are many fertility medication herbs available in the markets which help to overcome fertility issues and are very safe to use. These fertility medication herbs are usually extracted from fruits, vegetables, flowers or other natural products. It has been found that selenium, zinc, Vitamin C and E are some of the major contributing deficiency which effect fertility and when these products are taken they help in restoring the fertility of both man and woman. Berries like Chasteberry and red raspberry leaves, and herbs like ginseng, black cohosh and evening primrose oil are used for producing fertility medication herbs tablets which are often prescribed to couples for enhancing their fertility.

Fertility tea is a careful combination of herbal teas, which aid women who are having difficulty in conceiving. Tea is widely used for several medicinal purposes but its use to aid women go through conception has been widely practiced especially in China for centuries. Fertility tea combines peppermint leaf, nettle leaf, ladies mantle, green tea, red raspberry leaf and Chasteberry to produce a wonder tea which will regulate your menstrual cycle and balance the hormonal level in your body.

Mother’s Hope Products is one of the few, if not the only ovulation pills product which offers a 90 day unconditional money back guarantee. It is 100% confident that its ovulation pills can provide you all the answers and formulation you need to increase chances of conception. So do not wait too long and miss out on this amazing opportunity, order Mother’s Hope now.

Want to find out more about Overcome Infertility – Fertility and Essential Fatty Acid, then visit our site and learn more about 06/19/2010
Can't Get Pregnant? – Try These 3 Natural Infertility Cures To Get Pregnant Fast.

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You Want to Make Extra Money Online? be Careful

Let’s face it; we would all like to make extra money online. After all, making money on the Internet is what everyone is trying to do these days. It’s not just the PC whizz kids doing it either, anyone and everyone now has the opportunity to seize the chance of a life time and earn as much money sitting in front of their PC as they could doing a full time job.

However, with so many get rich opportunities available on the Internet, it’s difficult to know the good from the bad. The so-called “life changing” products appear from nowhere overnight, offering anyone the opportunity to finally make a job quitting income online. The sad truth is, many fail to deliver. This is usually because the product creator is simply combining a number of techniques from other people’s products, with little or no experience when it comes to making money online themselves.

A fine example of a product that will allow you to make extra money online is Who Loves Money. New for 2007, Who Loves Money is a product that will give anyone, at any level of experience, the opportunity to earn the equivalent of a full time wage online, from the comfort of their home. More importantly, you learn how to do it at zero cost.

The creators of Who Loves Money are two 25-year-old Internet Millionaires – Kyle & Carson. They are also the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, a website where they show people at all levels exactly how to make life changing incomes online. Within the Wealthy Affiliate community, Kyle and Carson provide a huge amount of tools and resources that would otherwise cost a small fortune. Not only that, they even provide 1 on 1 coaching and will even turn your failing campaigns into winners by actually accessing your Adwords account and making it as profitable as possible, all with your consent of course.

In addition to Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson also have two other products, Beating Adwords and Inside The List. Beating Adwords is obviously based on fully understanding the whole Adwords game, taking you right through each important step required to fire you to adwords expertise. Inside the list is dedicated to teaching you how to make massive earnings by having a mailing list. This is something of an overlooked topic by many, but it’s one that can result in staggering online paydays.

So if you want to make extra money online, make sure that you choose a competent and reputable source for your education. With such a fantastic history of providing the very best information for their students, you can be certain that with Kyle and Carson’s latest product “Who Loves Money”, it couldn’t be made any easier.

Noah Steed

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kama sutra positions Get An Understanding

The Karma Sutra has returned to favor again. As we become much more and additional open about our sexuality, there has been a greater desire to learn how to please each other. Tired in the same old boring sex, several have turned to this book to spice up their sex lives.

The Karma Sutra is additional than just a sex information. It really is definitely concerned about the intimate relationship between the two men and women much more than just the physical act. While the physical act is what we focus on probably the most, it can be truly the whole relationship that’s the primary concern of this text.

One of the most crucial points that you will make this a special time is obtaining prepared. It takes much more than just jumping in bed to truly satisfy your lover.

Sweet breathe. It begins at the mouth. Make confident that your breathe is sweet smelling. Should you desire to genuinely turn your partner on come across out what their favorite flavor is and put that in your mouth ahead of you kiss. Bad breathe is tough to ignore, even during sex.

Clean body. Make sure to take a quick shower ahead of the fun. This can have your body smelling good and your partner will be far more likely to do all the freaky factors that you like.

Sensual Food. Feeding each and every other might be a really sensual act. Make confident that you simply have ample supply of chocolate, fruit, wine and cheese on hand at all times. These finger foods will permit you to feed and lick each other hands. Quite sensual. Also extremely thoughtful. This can score major points.

Sexual Atmosphere. This can permit you to set the proper mood. Candles, music, lotion, baby oil, incense, condoms and dental dam. All these have there purposes and you really should never be without any of them.

If you might have absolutely nothing else make sure you happen to be stocked with condoms. Although the Karma Sutra does not mention these, this goes to become prepared to become intimate with someone. Nothing ruins the mood quicker than having to generate an emergency run to the store for condoms. When you come back again you might discover your mate gone.

Make guaranteed which you are setting the perfect mood for sex. This can elevate you evening from something additional than just a rump from the hay. Respect yourself and your partner enough to make it and enjoyable night. Just simply because you prepare does not mean that the preparation will take away any from the passion. In fact, proper preparation will only make a hot night even hotter. Enjoy!

Kama Sutra Enjoy Creating Positions

Kama Sutra love producing positions may be the standard information for couples who are seeking out on new adore creating positions offered. Inside Kama Sutra guide, there can be a lot of enjoy creating positions for you to try out with your lover.

So what are some on the most famous Kama Sutra really enjoy generating positions inside the information? Let me just share with you some of them:

Kama Sutra Location #1: The Doggie Location. This is considered probably the most favorite place of all time. This placement begins using the woman on all fours, and taking her weights on her forearm. The guy will kneel behind her and penetrate her from the back again. This position permits optimum pleasure and will allow the man to stimulate her G-spot too.

Kama Sutra Position #2: The Clip. That is a extremely uncomplicated placement whereby the man will lie down on his back with his legs outstretched. The woman will sit on him and lean back again, even though controlling the thrusting. This placement allows the guy to play freely with her clitoris and breasts to create maximum pleasure.

Kama Sutra Position #3: The Scissor. The woman will lie flat on the bed using the man positioning himself in front of her. The man will hold both her legs wide at the ankles and penetrate her from his kneeling position. This place permits deep penetration and is extremely stimulating for the man. Place a cushion under the woman’s hip to create it more comfortable for her.


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How to Understand Highly Sensitive People with Dr. Jeanine, Life Coach for Women Worldwide

I am actually an INFJ!
Dr. Jeanine discusses the implications of being a highly sensitive person.

Duration : 0:6:12

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Astral Travel Or Astral Projection

Astral travel or other wise called astral projection is an out growth of out of body experience. It says human body is constituted of as astral body and physical body in which astral body can leave human body and it can travel while physical body remains dead. After its travel or floating and it will re enter to human body and resume earlier state.
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