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Do you think that positive thinking and self affermations work?

Books like "You can heal yourself" and "Power of Positive Thinking" seem to say so?

If you have read the above books which one was better and why?

yes it always helps me. after really internalizing the idea and concept i have been able to do and get out of extraordinary things. when i get upset or worry its almost like my mind shuts off and all i can think about is the promblem (for instance not getting enough sales that week) but when i change my thinking its almost like i find a way to make things work and i attract help because im not negative and im not just narrowing in on the problem. its easier to find a solution when you can see the bigger picture and you are not stressed out. have you read the secret yet? try that book. or i like to listen to the audio books in the car in order to keep my mind healthy.

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Nick Vujicic – Life Without Limbs – No Limits, No Worry’s part 2 of 6

Nick Vujicic’s story is an inspiration to all and a miracle.
It is a story of hope and courage. Nick was born without limbs; no arms or legs. Yet he lives life to the fullest. He is a great man and a Christian following in the footsteps of Christ.

This is part 2 of 6. Nick’s whole testamoney here is about 45 mins in length.


Nicholas James Vujicic (December 1982) is a preacher, a motivational speaker and the Director of Life Without Limbs, a non profit Christian organization. He regularly gives speeches across subject of disability and hope.

Early life
The first-born child of a Serbian family, Nick Vujicic was born in Melbourne, Australia with the rare Tetra-amelia disorder: limbless, missing both arms at shoulder level, and legless but with two small feet, one of which has two toes. Initially, his parents were devastated. Vujicic was otherwise healthy.

Growing up
His life was filled with difficulties and hardships. One was being prohibited by Victoria state law from attending a mainstream school because of his physical disability, even though he was not mentally impaired. During his schooling, the laws were changed, and Vujicic was one of the first disabled students to be integrated into a mainstream school.[2] He learned to write using the two toes on his left foot, and a special device that slid onto his big toe which he uses to grip. He also learned to use a computer and type using the “heel and toe” method (as demonstrated in his speeches), throw tennis balls, play drum pedals, comb his hair, brush his teeth, answer the phone, shave and get himself a glass of water (also demonstrated in speeches).

Thanks to my freind Alex in Chicago who is a youth pastor
for sharing this video with me.

All credit goes to:

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Thanks for watching and God bless!

Duration : 0:10:0

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!!!!הילה מתפשטת בשידור חי פרויקט חדש ליצירת הכנסות באיינטרנט ,פרויקט עוצמתי שיש בכוח שלו אפשרות לקחת אותכם ובתוך זמן קצר לייצר 5 ספרות בחודש
============================================כדי לעקוב אחרי בפייסוק כנסו
============================================בכדי לעבור אחרי בטוויטר כנס

הכנסה נוספת
הכנסה מהאינטרנט
עבודה לסטודנטים
עבודה לחיילים
הכנסה מהבית
שיווק רב שכבתי
הדרכות בשיווק רשתי
מצגות של שיווק רשתי
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חברות שיווק רשתי
שיווק רשתי באינטרנט
איך להצליח בשיווק רשתי
השיווק הרשתי הכי טוב
שיווק רשתי בישראל
בית ספר לשיווק רשתי
אימונים בשיווק רשתי
כסף בשיווק רשתי
איך להצליח בשיווק רשתי
להביא עוד מועמדים בשיווק רשתי
מפיצים בשיווק רשתי
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מוצרי חברות שיווק רשתי
תוכנית תגמול של שיווק רשתי
שיווק רשתי בחו”ל
שיווק רשתי מקצועי
monavie agel nuskin herbalife
עסקים ביתיים עסק מהבית כלכלה הסוד סוד
עסקים מהאינטרנט, מגנטיק ספונסורינג
עסקים און ליין שיווק אינטרנטי כסף באינטרנט
שיווק באינטרנט כסף שיווק רשתי מיתוג branding
שיווק און ליין דיק צ’ופרה אנתוני רובינס ג’ים רוהן
תוכנית חברים jim rohn antony robbins
תהליכי שינוי והתפתחות אישיים, מכירות
אימון אישי לחיים התפתחות אישית
כיווני חשיבה מנוף מינוף רנדי גייג’ רנדי שריידר
התמרה טוב לי ויראלי,שיווק ויראלי ,שיווק גרילה,שיווק בקהילות
coaching מועמדים לקוחות חשיפה לחשוף
coach מאמן אישי אימון אישי אימון עיסקי
מיקסום מקסום הצלחות
קואצ’ינג אוניברסיטה להצלחה
תוכנית שותפים
מאמן כושר
הנחיית קבוצות הנחייה
חלומות קריירה מרשת לרשת
חלומות עבודה מהבית עסקים כסף שיווק באינטרנט
vemma וימה יזמות הקמת עסק הצעות עבודה הזדמנות עסקית
התמודדות עם לחצים שיווק רשתי שיווק רב שכבתי שיווק מרושת
שיפור הצלחה מכירות יזמות יזם יזמים צעירים
הרבלייף ffi לייף וייב אג’ל שיווק רשתי
אג’ל sunrider סאן ריידר neways רנדי שריידר
agel herbalife ניו וויס נייטשרס סנשיין NSP)
ניקן נוסקין ניוסקין אינטרא אינטרה רנדי גייג’
mlm nuskin עסקים מהבית מרושת רב שכבתי
יזם יזמות חיילים משוחררים כסף מכירות הזדמנות הסוד עבודה
Life wave מונה וי חופש monavie

Duration : 0:4:0

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The best way to Exercise and Get pleasure from it

Find Out More:

Girl Muscle

 There are three key components which can be important to make any train program successful.  These components are safety, effectiveness and enjoyment.
Security: The “No pain, no acquire” principle is a myth.  Keep away from any train that causes ache or undue discomfort.  If ache occurs within the neck or chest space, stop exercising and if needed, search medical attention.  Normal muscle soreness is another matter, particularly for the beginner.  You can expect some soreness but it surely need not be excessive.
A personal coach will design an train program for you and your current health level.  As your fitness level will increase, your program will be adjusted to keep up with you.  Too much too soon will solely undermine your efforts.
Using correct type, technique and avoiding high-impression will hold your exercise program safe.  A strain in your lower again, shins, calves, ankles and knees are predictable outcomes of improper form.  Repetitive, jarring actions needs to be prevented for general fitness.  In the event you really feel a pressure, please let your trainer know.  We don’t all the time know if you don’t inform us.
Don’t bounce or pressure stretching movements.  Fast, pulsing actions while stretching can result in muscle strain and tears.  Static movements that step by step extend muscle mass by the total vary of movement until you are feeling resistance is the stretching to make use of for general fitness.  Stretching can even lower the chance of damage and soreness.
Effectiveness: Efficient exercise does require effort, but those who say it should harm are wrong.  The level of exercise is decided by your health stage and goals.  The gasoline supply for the body throughout low to moderate aerobic train is fat.  If burning excess physique fat is your present fitness purpose, persist with the recommended exercises and depth levels to receive maximum results.  As your health stage will increase, so will the method in your program.  Depth, weight, repetitions and rest durations will all be adjusted as you progress.
Proper warm up earlier than exercising and cool down afterward is important to avoid harm and obtain peak performance.
Enjoyment: It has been mentioned that nobody will exercise just because it is good for them.  We’d like extra motives or objectives that imply something to us and that can come because of regular exercise. 
You will need to establish your aim so your exercising effort is focused on your aim(s) to maintain motivated.  The more motivating your train becomes the more gratifying it’s going to be.  Extra enjoyment produces more constant and larger results!
So how do you make exercise enjoyable?  To begin with, stop considering of it as exercise and begin thinking of it as play.  You remember play: these actions you loved as a child.  Flip train into play!  Often, play involves interaction with buddies and variety.
Maintain your play enjoyable, positive and exciting! Bear in mind, have fun. For extra information and recommendations on exercise, go to

Find Out More:

Bodybuilder Women

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Norv Turner has not had success as a head coach, maybe o-coordinator, but do you agree that he will fail again

I dont see him as the answer for the head coach position. Wade Phillips has had more success at head coach, but we know Tunrer is a DALLAS guy and will probably be named head coach this week…

he has not even had much success as an offensive coordinator recently. No team he has been associated with has even made the playoffs since 1999, and only once since 1994

1994 Redskins HC 3-13 5th place
1995 Redskins HC 6-10 3rd place
1996 Redskins HC 9-7 3rd place
1997 Redskins HC 8-7-1 2nd place
1998 Redskins HC 6-10 4th place
1999 Redskins HC 10-6 1st place *** only playoff appearance
2000 Redskins HC 7-6 (fired)
2001 Chargers OC 5-11 5th place
2002 Dolphins OC 9-7 2nd place
2003 Dolphins OC 10-6 2nd place
2004 Raiders HC 5-11 4th place
2005 Raiders HC 4-12 4th place
2006 49ers OC 7-9 3rd place

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Have you ever wanted to be an NFL or College coach?

Have you ever wanted to be an NFL or College coach?
Have you ever wanted to be an NFL or College coach?
well heres your chance
Pigskin Empire is an multiplayer online football game in which players are coaches in the Empire Football Universe.(EFU)

Players can seek head or assistant coaching jobs in either the College or Pro ranks within the EFU and try to guide their teams to pigskin success by building and developing their team and developing strategy. Players can also collaborate with other players by building a coaching staff made up of other players in the EFU.


Build Your Team

* College coaches recruit players from around the country
* Pro coaches draft players from college teams, trade with other pro teams or pick up free agents
* Build up your player’s attributes through training drills and practices

Design Your Playbook

* Create limitless plays using our play design tool
* Set your formations, play calling tendencies and gameplan
* Set up practice sessions to watch your plays

Take The Field

* Watch your games live
* Call plays live with the unique play calling feature

Get a Job

Once you are a coach you need to find a job. When you log-in you will be taken to your “home office” which will be located in the hometown that you selected. To find a job click on the big MAP and find your way to a town that has a pro or college team (they are marked on the map) and interview for a job. Head Coaches are only hired after the season but can become an assistant
any time. If the team has a CPU Head Coach you will get an offer immediately. Otherwise it’s up to the player who is the Head Coach of the team you interviewed for


Although there are slight differences in Pigskin Empire, the general rules of the game are the same as in real life. In the college game they have added a playoff system. This system takes the winners of the 11 conferences plus the 5 best at-large teams and runs a single-elimination playoff. The pro game is mostly the same but they use the college rules for overtime situations.

Building Your Roster

The first step to building a team is getting your players. There are a few ways to do this in both college and the pros. In the college game you fill your roster by recruiting high school and junior college players or from players transferring from other colleges. Pro teams build their roster through the Draft, picking up free agents and through trades with other pro teams.

College coaches recruit H.S. and JUCO players using the map. Travel to a player’s hometown and click on their name in the balloon to visit and scout them. Keep players high on your list by visiting them often. You can also call them using the phone.

Pro coaches aquire players through the draft. See “The Draft” help page for more. You can evaluate college prospects by visiting their college town using the map. Pick up free agents at any time by going to the free agent page from the clipboard. You can also initiate a trade with another team from the clipboard.

Heres the link

I am a fan and never wanted to be a coach.

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Save Time and Money with a Life Coach

This segment, aired on the Fine Living Network’s TV series “What’s Your Time Worth,” provides a look into the lives of two of Bill Baren’s clients and the impact that life coaching had on their lives.

Duration : 0:4:51

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The Webseries Subrosan Asks The Questions About Applied Creative Evolution They Do Not Want Asked

People wonder where we came from and where we are going. The Web Series “Subrosan” looks at that question in a way that the powers that be do not want it looked at. There are additional resource links at the end of this article.

Applied Creative Evolution Subrosan The Web Series

Applied Creative Evolution Subrosan The Web Series







Many people accept what they have been told in regards to where we came from and what our purpose on this Third Rock From The Sun is. There are some of us, however who do not take either the religious or “scientific” view of these things. Subrosan is geared toward the second group of inquiring minds. Subrosan was filmed in Louisiana and primarily in the New Orleans area. Subrosan is based on research done by Zecharia Sitchin on ancient Sumerian tablets containing seemingly mundane text. When viewed closer these tablets contain information that sheds a different light on the origin of man and our applied creative evolution.

“A down on his luck street hustling private eye teams up with an obsessed college student and a gentle but tortured priest to investigate a powerful occult underworld hidden in plain sight.”  is the tagline for the web series Subrosan. Watching all five episodes that have been released in succession is the best way to view the series.

There are edited versions of all 5 episodes available on YouTube at SubrosanTV. The unedited and higher quality versions of the first three episodes are available by clicking on the links below:

Subrosan Web Series Episode 1 – The Challenge

Subrosan – Web Series Episode 2 – Cremation of Care

Subrosan Web Series Episode 3 – Her Maidenship

All five episodes will be available on DVD in June or July of 2012.



Zecharia Sitchin

Subrosan is an adult drama made for premium cable TV. Inquires can be made via the contact page on the website

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Life Coaching | Coaching For Life | Coaching Wheel

Coaching is a method of directing, instructing and training a person or group of people, with the aim to achieve some goal or develop specific skills. There are many ways to coach, types of coaching and methods to coaching. Direction may include motivational speaking. Training may include seminars, workshops, and supervised practice.

Duration : 0:7:8

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CAROLINE: When she turns…

I really wanted to make a TVD vid, but halfway through the vidding process my muse got lost as well as my motivation to finish this. :( I hope this’ll change soon!

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (2×02)
Music: *info at the end of the video*

Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Duration : 0:0:29

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