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Top 7 Reasons Why Women Business Leaders Are Needed

Business is business? That’s what they say…but business is being
done a new way. Massive technological connectivity and access to
tidal waves of information is causing a shift in society,
workers attitudes and how business is done.

Rapid changes in technology are causing disruption in the way
corporations do business. Communication is now digital. Products
are now digital. Marketing and delivery of product and services
must be done in a different way.

Added to that, the evolution of global business environments has
significantly increased competition and stress on the
traditional corporation.

One other important shift is that now the “knowledge worker”
(skilled and experienced) is now becoming the most valuable
asset of the corporation versus capital equipment and they are
leaving corporations by the thousands.

So what is a corporation to do? Find and retain the best people.

I believe a new, better corporate structure is evolving and it
will take women of ability paired with men of ability to make it
the best and most profitable business. However, few women make
it to the top management positions.

This is where many women’s development programs have failed.
They simply addressed the soft skills of mindset and confidence
for women.

The truth is that successful business is led by people of
experience with specific business skills AND the right mindset.

This is why we must develop women managers further through
learning experiences, coaching and training that insure the
results a corporation needs to obtain highly skilled women

Here are some reasons why we need more women as leaders in

1. Women, on average, are terrific communicators and tend to be
better at it than men. It’s the information age and it’s highly
competitive. This means companies will need more skilled
communicators involved in all aspects of business where good,
clear communication is critical to generate revenue, control
expense, manage top talent and build a loyal customer base. 2.
Global business will require expanding business networks. Women
are natural networkers. 3. Diverse viewpoints can result in
better, more creative solutions to business issues. Both women
and men are needed to address business issues effectively. 4.
Keeping a talented knowledge worker will require relationship
strategies. Women instinctively care about building
relationships which is why they tend to gravitate toward jobs
where building relationships is a major component such as
Marketing or HR. 5. Increased competition will require the
resources of creative thinkers to develop new products and
services that meet the needs and desires of the marketplace. The
talent pool of creative leaders is doubled when more women
leaders are available. 6. Rapid change in technologies requires
more flexibility. Women have extensive multi-tasking abilities
as evidenced by women who manage business and families at the
same time. 7. Half of the workers available today are women.
Women in leadership roles can act as mentors to develop other
potential women leaders just as executive men have done for

With all this said, women are still not reaching top levels in
management. There are several reasons for this.

Part of the reason is societal in that women were often not
included in business conversations as they were growing up so
they did not have the opportunity to learn. Part is that the
corporate structure was invented by men for the way men think
and work. Part is that women are still the primary managers of
the family and cannot always dedicate all their time to the

In a recent survey conducted by Womencorp, there were some
striking differences between what men believed and what women
believed about the “why” women are not succeeding as corporate
business leaders.

Of the female respondents, 68.3% believe that lack of flexible
options for work is holding women back. 51.7% believe that lack
of confidence is also a contributing factor. 45% believe that
women aren’t given a chance because men stick together.

This was what one woman had to say about that subject: “This is
a very complex issue. What I have found, after seven years at {a
major corporation}, is that men seem to internally denigrate
qualified technical women (perhaps because of jealousy). They do
form cliques and do not wish to ‘include’ women in their
cliques. They are group-oriented, no doubt. They will hang with
other guys, just because they are guys. There are individual
males who communicate well with women, but they are few. Despite
years of emphasis on including women, promoting women, and
hiring women, I feel that the disparity of women in the business
world is growing, not shrinking. Still, both men and women do
not seem to ‘get it’. I wish I had something more positive and
constructive to give, but I do not.”

On the other hand, 53.7% of men believe that lack of flexible
options is holding women back. 32.3% said they feel the glass
ceiling is still firmly in place and just 17.9% believe that
women lack confidence.

Perhaps men don’t realize women lack confidence, whereas women
know how they feel. This mindset can be altered with a proper
development program for both women managers and men who manage

This comment from one male participant is noteworthy: “Capable
women are often unfairly fast tracked early in their career to
positions that may demand experience to be successful over a
prolonged period. Found wanting, they are then niched in
dead-end executive roles. Rather like moving a ball player to
the majors too quickly because of their native talent. Their
“rookie” mistakes occur with too much exposure and can prove

But what difference does it make as to why few women have
achieved top leadership roles in business? The reason to know
why is because we can then use this information to develop

The bottom line is that more women need to be in leadership
roles for many reasons including the 7 listed above. The
challenge is to find new ways to enable them to succeed at top

For both men and women respondents, they seem to feel that
coaching, mentoring and multi-day workshops are quite important
to help develop women leaders to their fullest potential.

The Womencorp Team agrees and is working to make a difference
for women in business. Would you like to help? Just take a
moment to fill in this quick 30 second survey:

For Women ( For Men

Brian Kirk Womencorp (205) 835-8167 http://www.womencorp.or

Roxanne Batson

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Values Coaching Cards : values coaching cards that help coaches, trainers and consultants work with values; e.g. eliciting values, prioritising values, developing understanding about particular values

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24 Season 8, Episode 18 – Day 8 part 1 of 4 – Watch the latest TV Episodes and more! MUST SEE!

With only seven hours left in the series’ final harrowing day, Jack Bauer sets out to avenge the tragic life-changing events that he has endured. As things become even more personal for Jack, he heads to CTU for an intense meeting after learning of a devastating development. Meanwhile, on the verge of achieving peace on a scale that has eluded the world for generations, President Taylor becomes deeply conflicted when former President Logan sits down at the bargaining table.

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Stephanie Alva Group Life Coaching Session Focus: Weight Loss & Visualization

This is footage of Certified Professional Life Coach Stephanie Alva (President/Founder of My Life Keys) facilitating a group Life Coaching session with celebrity Fitness Instructor Kenya Crooks weight loss group. Here she discusses weight loss and how you can use visualization as tool.

Stephanie specializes in Life, Self-Esteem, Relationships, Singles & Couples Coaching, Group and One-On-One Coaching, Writing A New Life Story, Weight Loss, & more! Visit to make your appointment TODAY!!

Duration : 0:7:12

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no, but football world game need Extra time to make the game full of emotion

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Dual Control Revisited with Michael Vincent

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Alan Alans Dual Control revisited with Michael Vincent

The Dual Control gimmick has been synonymous with seemingly impromptu suspensions and close up animations for many years but in recent years has been overlooked by many modern day performers….Until now!!

Michael Vincent is back to bring you the most detailled look at this fabulous utility gimmick to date and after years of using and refining the technique and uses of the Dual Control gimmick, you can be sure that this is the definitive work on DVD.

In his third Alakazam Magic release, Michael is joined once again by Chris Harding to not only show you exactly how to construct the gimmick and discuss its basic uses but in addition, you will also learn several high-callibre effects that will have you creating miracles with the Dual Control system in no time at all and really fire up your imagination.

Perform the classic magnetised cards with a regular, borrowed deck. Learn the wonderful pencils suspension and also what we consider to be one of the finest ways to open at a restaurant or banquet table with perfect motivation and set the mood of magic straight away with Michael’s ow personal opener – the spoon suspension – which is discussed in full detail within this context and how you too can use it to introduce yourself, establish your credentials as a magician and create a wonderful moment of magic immediately.

Another highlight of this project is that you will get to learn possibly the greatest version of the rising card ever! Michael shares the full method and presentation, along with all his tips and subtleties, on Alan Alan’s legendary rising card trick that is performed witha regular, borrowed deck! This masterpiece is as powerful on stage as it is in close up and as a bonus on the DVD, you will get a rare opportunity to see Alan Alan performing the routine, live on stage at the world famous Magic Circle in London, England.

The package comes complete with everything needed to construct the Dual Control gimmick and also includes the detailed instructional DVD that runs for over an hour and will take you step by step through the construction process, lots of tips and advice on using your Dual Control gimmick as well as full routines that you will be performing in no time! All taught in the inimitable, relaxed, charming and detailled style that has become synonymous with The Classic Magic of Michael Vincent series.

So sit back and get ready for Alan Alan’s Dual Control REVISITED with Michael Vincent!

Perform seemingly impromptu miracles!

The rising card… With a borrowed deck!

The magnetised cards

Spoon suspension opener

The pencils

Create miracle suspensions with borrowed objects

Start clean… End clean!

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Online Business Success Coach-Coaching And Mentoring
Online Business Success Coach-Coaching And Mentoring
I am looking for serious entrepreneurs to join my millionaire mastermind group and become wealthy with me using the power of the internet. Internet marketing exploding and to get coached and mentored by the experts online can make you a 6 figure earner in no time! We have the top online business coaches and mentors to help you build your own life. For more info go to

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Ultimate INSTANT Transformation Process Video 5

Ready for the Secret that’s more powerful than the secret? The most powerful aspect of the most powerful self-help, self development process ever created? This video answers the question, “What ONE action can I take that will get me the best possible results?” Law of Attraction in Action, baybay!

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Complete Well Being Begins With Building Positive Emotions

Women come to me often wondering why they are having a hard time finding their own place of well-being or inner calm. So I’m always looking for the hard facts. Specifically, my curiosity has always been around complete well-being: not just physical health, or financial wealth, beauty or balanced weight, and not just a healthy mind, but all of them put together. The real questions have always been how do we create complete well-being for ourselves and how do we teach it to others?

My basic premise is that complete well-being begins with building positive emotions where no emotions or negative emotions exist. Pure and simple, our history, upbringing, friends, family and many other factors play into the types of emotions that have become habitual for each of us. Sometimes lack of complete well-being stems from a build-up of lots of habitual negative emotions that fuel more negative emotions. In a way, it is founded entirely in not knowing what complete well-being feels like (or not knowing what it is like to live with an abundance of positive emotions).

I look for evidence of my theory everywhere. Sometimes I find it in one of my kids, other times in myself, and sometimes I even find it in complete strangers. Today I find it in my reading:

One article submitted towards the topic of ‘the science of well-being: integrating neurobiology, psychology and social science’ by Martin E. P. Seligman, Acacia C. Park, and Tracy Steen in the Royal Journal says: “Results from a new randomized, placebo-controlled study demonstrate that people are happier and less depressed three months after completing exercises targeting positive emotion. The ultimate goal of positive psychology is to make people happier by understanding and building positive emotion, gratification and meaning.”

Another article, this one submitted by Barbara L. Fredrickson says, “The broaden-and-build theory describes the form and function of a subset of positive emotions, including joy, interest, contentment and love. A key proposition is that these positive emotions broaden an individual’s momentary thought-action repertoire: joy sparks the urge to play, interest sparks the urge to explore, contentment sparks the urge to savour and integrate, and love sparks a recurring cycle of each of these urges within safe, close relationships.” In other words, positive emotions spark more positive emotions.

Both of these articles support my theory that complete well-being can be learned and that we’re all capable of living in a state of complete-well being, if only we set our intention to live there and learn how to create new positive thinking.

The reality is that working towards a state of complete well-being is a process — one that never ends because life throws us new challenges every day and we have to find new ways to regain our balance. However, once you realize that this wonderful place of health, inner wealth, and richness can exist for you if only you know the secret, you are halfway home.

Knowledge is powerful. This knowledge, in my opinion, is powerful and priceless.

Ajay R (

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If mounting debt has got you down debt consolidation could be the answer.

Mounting debt got you down? No debt problem is too bad or too big for American Credit Foundation; we are available today for a debt consolidation consultation. Eliminating your debt in the shortest possible time and with the lowest payments possible is the goal we will work toward together. Peace of mind is within your […]
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