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Spa: What’s Up In 2010?

It’s given – the spa is a big industry and is still booming. And nothing can stop that. Sometime in November this year, the International Spa Association (ISPA) released its 2010 Trend Watch report, describing many fascinating craze for spas in 2010:
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People: the Key to Turning your Dream Into a Successful Reality

When talking about entrepreneurs; what sort of people make the best entrepreneurs, suddenly the words of the late and great John Lennon come to mind. You may say that I am a dreamer/But I am not the only one. Entrepreneurs are, in short, dreamers. They are the sort of people who wake up from a deep R.E.M cycle with an idea and then spend the next hour or two scribbling on yellow notepad ways to expound upon that idea. They may even call their best friends, old college buddies, family members, and neighbors with, in sheer joy and excitement akin to a child anticipating the arrival of Christmas day. And they begin talking in high-pitched, hurried speech that is barely decipherable when discussing how this idea will “change the world.” Entrepreneurs are business-minded individuals, who are dreamers. The perfect blend of right brain and left brain; entrepreneurs are the spawn of a delightful marriage of the logical and the idealistic.
While entrepreneurs understand that a good idea is akin to discovering gold in the water, the best of them recognize and understand that the key to transforming an idea into a successful reality rests upon the talents and skills of other people. They know how to “sell” an idea to others, thus inspiring them to jump on the band wagon, so to speak, and thereby develop a team of people who work towards a common goal.
Many Fortune 500 businesses will attest to this; that regardless of how clever the idea, or how well the business plan reads, the longevity of a business rests upon tapping into the power of people. “The impact of factor in the success of a company is in its people,” says Jeff Sloan, the co-author of the best-selling book StartupNation: Open for Business. “It all starts with the entrepreneur and flows from there to everyone on your team […] No matter how great the idea is, if you have a mediocre team it will not succeed. Successful entrepreneurs all say the same thing it is the quality of the people.”
Alas, having a business degree does not necessarily qualify an individual to be an effective leader. Knowing the logistics of starting up and business, is only part of the equation. Additional ingredients include knowing how to motivate, empower, and lead people requires a slew of different skills and tools. Fortunately, there are training courses employers, as well as employees. Contrary to popular debate, good leadership skills can be developed, refined, and polished. This process is more commonly known as business management coaching, or executive coaching.
Executive coaching is a process that focuses on the people that comprise a business management team, employers and employees alike. The process entails a variety of tools to generate specific, identifiable, and measurable results. Typically such results are centered on internal company growth of both the people who comprise it as well as the people it serves. In sum, it is a proactive approach toward successful realization of goals and objectives, through identifying which course of action will not only be most effective, but mutually beneficial for all involved. Highly recommended by strategists and leaders alike, business management coaching and executive training workshops provides insight on how not only to take a company onward and upward, but, also provides hands-on, interactive, practical and applicable resources for improving the overall morale and productivity of the company through empowering and enabling people. This, in turn creates a strong, unified home front; a team that works interdependently, together. Unlike sports coaching, executive coaching offers constructive criticism from peers, professional mentoring and the formation of integrated and interdependent partnerships, personalized feedback through two-way communication and brainstorming, external support and reassurance through customized, internal training. And it offers such in a neutral environment. One may dub such coaching and training seminars by loosely comparing it to student government leadership retreat for executives. To an extent, this is true; however, instead of learning to trust your team-mates by falling backwards from a table and crossing your fingers, hoping they will catch you. Executive coaching facilitates practical, collaborative problem solving, self-management, communication skills, staff recruitment, leadership theory, as well as entrepreneurship.
The U.S. Small Business Administration lists among its Top 10 important steps to starting up a business, finding a mentor and finding great people. Expounding on the concept of leadership and team building is Stephen R. Covey, founder of Franklin and Covey and author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, who says “Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying out a process.” He adds, “While management works in the system; leadership works on the system.” Covey goes on to explain that leaders must know how to empower and motivate others in order for management to successfully carryout the mission and objectives of the company. Utilizing the tools and resources offered through executive coaching, leaders will learn to develop among their team, leaders who will thus carry the business on into the future. Keeping abreast of the latest literature on leadership development, management training, and corporate team building, is crucial. Yet, putting these concepts into practice provides, through coaching, for hands-on interaction which helps for improved communication, increased productivity and greater applicability, even customization and interpersonal relations, proves invaluable if not essential. Hence, an increasing number of top performing executives are turning to coaching to stay ahead of the curve.
Whereas, entrepreneurs are the inspiration, the vision and passion behind the business constantly fueling it with a slew of innovative, exciting, and revolutionary ideas, the heart of the business; the brains and manpower behind it all are the people who comprise the sum of its parts. Never underestimate what a group of dedicated, committed individuals can do. People are the heart and soul, the lifeblood that transform dreams into realities. There is power in numbers. The best businesses realize this, and constantly capitalize on it by utilizing and maximizing the infinite potential of people—their most precious asset; their key to success.

Danielle White

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Self Improvement Tips | Personal Development http Easy Tips Self improvement advice self improvement are a great way to start your personal growth and make you a new level of performance and fulfillment. Here are seven simple tips to improve the lives of as a way to give back and help people like you to be more successful in their study JournalingIf life.Daily performance history to reach, you will find that almost all were enthusiastic writers. Keeping a journal helps you clarify your thoughts and feelings of self-awareness to develop what you can reinvent yourself in the moment and help you develop unshakable self confidence.MeditationMeditation is the most effective way to reduce stress and clearing your mind of “junk thought” that lead to worry and fear. Daily meditation also helps your heart rate to slow digestion and settle among dozens of other health WinPeople benefits.Expecting that achieve great things in life are not normally more intelligent or capable than the person average, but they do something different that many intelligent people are struggling to make:. they expect to win, even before they know how to go about planning and objectives it.Writing of writing used ActionsThe clear and specific goals and plans to approach the realization of these goals is a must if you want to achieve something. This is because the precise writing of your goals and they will start building a confidence in your
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positive thinking/positive reinforcement methods to tackle a bad thought ?

Can anyone suggest any methods of positive reinforcement or positive thinking that i could use to tackle a negative or bad thought i am having ?.

I am thinking of writing something down repeatedly or leaving notes to myself to tackle this thought, would this work or am i on the wrong track ?
Maybe people can suggest methods i could use to tackle the thought ?, perhaps suggest websites that could help ?.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Instead of opposing negative thoughts, encourage them. Use reverse psychology. Act as if you are superior to the thoughts. They are powerless against your free will.

On the contrary though, encouraging negative thoughts and accepting them are two completely different things. See all negativity that your mind feeds you as a lie – an exaggerated form of something. Be kind to yourself and replace all worries with positive thoughts and reassurances.

Also, the art of gratitude is always good. When you find yourself thinking negatively, be thankful that you have your health and such. Think of all your strengths and disregard the weaknesses.

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A Self Motivation, Self Improvement, Personal Development & Inspirational Video

Just touching on a few subjects besides the business……..


Duration : 0:9:33

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How to Stop Negative Attitude to Have Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude is important as it is the key to all the success that we want to achieve in career, relationship etc. But the sad thing is that our world right now is filled with all the negative things. So in the society that we are in today, we can easily find people who always have a negative attitude and thinking. Negative attitudes will actually prevent us from reaching our goal and it can really destroy our life. So it is important to stop negative attitude.

So what I am going to share with you in this article will be on how to stop your negative attitude. Firstly you will have to recognize that negative thought is actually hurting you. Not having a positive attitude damages your health, your motivation, your relationships, and just about everything else. It is that lethal as what you have in your mind will ultimately lead to action which will decide your fate. You have to understand and know the reasons why having a negative thoughts can affect you in a negative way.

Secondly when you find yourself thinking negatively, immediately stop yourself. Be conscious of what is going on in your mind and stop yourself immediately. Shout inside your mind the word STOP as loud as possible and then be conscious enough to switch to positive thoughts. Initially it will not be easy but with practice, it is achievable. With constant practicing, it will soon become part of your good habit and it will be able to help you for life.

So what I have just shared with you is the simple way to stop negative thoughts and be on your way to positive thoughts. When you are unmotivated, struggling with your goals or just want to feel more energy, a simple turn in attitude can really make a difference. So stop your negative thoughts today and have positive attitudes to achieve all the success that you richly deserved.

Zack Lim

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Mama’s Family – Positive Thinking – with Carol Burnett 1/3

Original Air Date: 30 April 1983
Eunice (Carol Burnett) in her 40s,feels neglected by her jerk of a husband Ed and that her life has amounted to very little. Vint’s son Buzz,tells her about a tape called “The Power Of Positive Thinking”. She’s skeptical at first but after a few listens,she gets up the nerve to audition at the local playhouse for a small part in an upcoming show. Mama,while glad Eunice is trying to be more positive,realizes it’s also making Eunice a doormat for others. Especially the people in the play,when all of Eunice’s lines are given to another actress instead.

Duration : 0:8:6

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Jeff Mills Resorts360 Resort 360 Training 1

Coastal Vacations was served a lawsuit by Florida State Officials during the Coastal Vacations Training Seminar Convention at the Gaylord Palm Resort in Orlando, Florida. Posted: for all Coastal.
Posted: For All Coastal Vacations Directors Worldwide and Board of Directors.
Subject: Breaking News on Coastal Vacations Lawsuit.
Category: Corrupt Companies – Income Opportunities with Lawsuits.
Charges: N. B. Management / Coastal Vacations for Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practice.

Jeff Mills is a provider of Resorts360 Resorts 360. A home travel business with savings and discounts. Jeff Mills is a trainer and leader in the Home Based Business income opportunities. Jeff Mills provides training and support to help your success. Jeff Mills website is CALL JEFF MILLS AT : 651 769 2189 EMAIL :
So if your goal is to earn a professional level of income in this business, then I submit that you must be willing and committed to invest in professional training for yourself. Imagine you had just invested $1.2 Million in a McDonalds franchise…. How eager would you be to get trained on how to do that business right? Exactly! You would be highly motivated to learn exactly what you needed to do in order to achieve success in that business. This business is no different. Be willing to invest in yourself and this business can pay you handsome rewards. And guess what? There is a real bonus that comes along with professional training—once you learn a new skill that makes you money, you get to keep it for the rest of your life!
Say you invest $3000 this year in your own professional development and training; the bonus is that you will get to keep what you learned and apply it for the rest of your life. I always felt it would be worth me paying $500,000 to be able to learn how to make $500,000 a year. Because guess what, I will have that skill and ability the rest of my life so when I learn how to earn half-a-million dollars a year one year, then I can do it again and again and again.
Take a word of advice from the very wise Ben Franklin who said, “If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”
With all that being said, I want to point you in the direction of the training resources that I have run across in my time with this industry that I feel are of great value. Please don’t limit your choice to just these options—seek out your own as well. Also, keep in mind that I do not receive any commissions or finders fees for recommending these resources to you. I recommend these trainings to you because I believe in their value.
Dani Johnson — — When you visit Dani’s website, you can get a free membership and have access to all of her free recorded training calls. She also hosts a free live training call on Monday evenings. You can attend her two-day First Steps to Success event or her three-day advanced Creating a Dynasty leadership event.
Todd Falcone — — Todd’s a personal friend and I saw Todd make is name on the net over the last 10 years and he’s a great trainer, with a very personal and real approach. He’s got great tools and resources as well.
VIII. My Personal Challenge
My personal challenge to you is this. Decide, truly decide, if you are going to give this business your absolute best. This business is not easy, just like life is not easy. There will probably be times when you are going to want to quit, to throw in the towel, think everyone is poor, with no money, and no motivation to change their lives, but what distinguishes those who go on to achieve great success from those who live a life of regret is the decisions you make at times of difficulty.
When things are rough and the last thing you want to do is try again, will you keep on keeping on? Will you persist past the trials? The people who have gone on to find the greatest success in this world often had to endure some of the greatest disappointments, but the common thread that ran through their lives was the never-give-up mentality of pure persistence.

Duration : 0:1:30

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What is Life Coaching?

Many people are searching for help in their daily and business lives. Many of those on this quest are turning to a life coach. This article looks at what is life coaching. There are additional resources at the end of this article.

Applied Creative Evolution What is Life Coaching

Applied Creative Evolution What is Life Coaching

People from every walk of life share a common dream. We all want to be happy, fulfilled, and successful in — whatever we define as success. However, just living life is enough to distract us into falling away from our goals and getting stuck in cycles of self doubt. This robs us of our power.

So What is the Solution? Enter the Life Coach!

What is Life Coaching?

The greatest athletes, the greatest team, the most successful companies use coaches. Life coaching brings these proven methods to you! This is a process of self improvement that will help you grow as a person. It focuses on YOU! This process is designed not for your spouse, boss, parents, children, friends or company. It helps you determine the goals that are important to you. Life Coaches assist you in becoming the World’s Leading Expert on the most important person in your world, YOU! Your Life Coach will help you understand the uniqueness that is within you. Your coach will help you achieve control over the results you achieve through coaching. You will be able to determine what is important to you. What are the things that you are passionate about and what are the steps to achieve or accomplish those things.

Have you ever felt “stuck” or that “you have hit a wall”? Have you ever felt that you wanted to take things to a new level? Things may even be working well but you know that is not all you are capable of. You know that your best is still hidden inside of you. Life Coaching is the process that will help you find that. Coaching is not targeted at psychological illness and coaches are not therapists or consultants. Life Coaching is about assisting a client in closing the gap between where they are and where they want to be. They will help the client determine what is important to them, what is missing in their life, or business. They will help the client determine what outcome they are REALLY looking for. The coach, will then ask questions, listen, and reflect on what they hear and challenge the client’s thinking in a way to create the transformation that they want to achieve. Clients report greater levels of confidence, self-esteem, a passion for life, enhanced relationships and a far more focused approach to their life and to their business

Just like a personal trainer motivates and walks you through the exercises you need to become more physically fit; a life coach brings a new focus to your life so you can become stronger and more focused you.

Life Coaching is About Empowerment

Imagine how far you can go to reach your dreams if you have a professional coach helping you focus on each step while also providing guidance on future goals. You may be surprised to know that successful performers, like, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, used coaches. When Michael Jordan was going through his championship run, he used a shooting coach. This is a player that led the NBA in shooting and yet he felt the need to hire a shooting coach. Tiger Woods, who many feel is the greatest golfer to ever play the game, has used a swing coach at different times in his career.

A coach is an outside set of eyes that will take a nonjudgmental view of the goals you want to achieve. They will help you drill down to what you REALLY want to accomplish or achieve. They will work with you to examine your progress and what is the best course to take to help you reach your goal. They are there with you every step of the way to adjust as needed. A coach will act as a sounding board for ideas and help you examine where you are going to help you stay on track.

Life coaches help you stay focused on goals. They work with you in a nonjudgmental way to help you realize your own potential and to gain confidence. Sessions are most often conducted discretely over the phone — although some people work better using email, text chat, video chat, or in-person sessions.

Life Coaching is a Process

The process starts with an assessment to help you and the Life Coach determine where you are on your life’s journey. This assessment is designed to determine what are your natural areas of strength are. I go back to the story of Michael Jordan. He was an excellent basketball player. Most people would agree that is was certainly one of the top 10 players of all time. His father had wanted him to be a baseball player during his younger days. After James Jordan was murdered in 1993, Michael decided to pursue a career in baseball. Michael made it to the minor leagues in the Chicago White Sox system. After less than one year away from the game of basketball, Michael returned and led the Bulls to 3 more NBA championships. The lesson is to focus on your passions not someone else’s. That is where a Life Coach is an invaluable resource.

After we receive your assessment, we will schedule an initial appointment to help us get to know you. This will last from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Our goal is to help you determine what you REALLY want to do. We will ask you questions designed to help you find out where your passions lie. It is always easier to do something you are passionate about than something that is a chore. Once we are able to determine what you are passionate about, we will help you develop a plan that will help you systematically reach your goal. This is a proven process that is tailored to your desires and goals.

Your Life Coach will schedule time once or twice a month for you to discuss progress. These sessions will be scheduled in a way that will provide you an opportunity to have a sounding board to discuss your progress. You will be able to see your progress unfold right before your eyes. During your sessions, you will review progress since you last meeting and map out the steps to take to move you forward before your next session. Each step will be tailored to your personal goals and desires.

You will not be alone in between each session. You will have unlimited email access to your Life Coach. Most questions can be answered using this method. In the event that is not the case, an additional session can be scheduled depending on both of your schedules.

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Coach Curly Preview

This is a site that offers free coaching information. Coach Curly is based in Australia. He offers free updates showing clients having breakthroughs. If you have any information regarding the effectiveness of this program please use the contact form or leave us your comments.


Here at Coach Curly we are keen to educate anyone who wants to listen in, on the advantages of emotional intelligence. The whole idea of this website is that we can bring easy to understand lessons in how to have a personal breakthrough to anyone willing to spend the time necessary to watch the series and learn as they go.

For that reason Coach Curly is a free service. We sincerely hope that our contribution to the well being of mankind is a significant one. We plan to keep loading videos of breakthrough sessions onto the website as long as they get enough views to make us feel as if our efforts are being well received.

What does it take?

It’s worth mentioning that all of the volunteers you see in the Coach Curly episodes are unpaid for their time. In fact most of them invest serious time and money to be at the event – sitting in he room hoping that they are chosen to get into the hot seat. We thank them all for their permission to film the action and make it sable for those who don’t have the opportunity to study emotional intelligence, to learn by watching how easily it cable used to change a life forever.

The key in the Coach Curly methodology of using emotional intelligence is to ask the question whose answer would make a difference. Most of us have been trained to not aggravate sensitive (perhaps even explosive) emotions for fear that we could worsen someone’s experience. But with care concerned compassion we can help others to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

We intend that the initial 40 episodes will expand into hundreds of up to date, cutting edge breakthrough technology lessons. Much of that depends on you because sharing these videos may be the single most important act you ever undertake in liberating your fellow humans. So we encourage you to take a moment and tell those you feel you can help about what we do. That’s it.

No, ‘share this with 20 friends to get good luck’. Just the opportunity to make a difference. A difference we hope will make the lives of many thousands of people that much for the better.
That’s what emotional intelligence can do. invites you to a sneak peek of what’s in store when it launches on Friday 13th!!!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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