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e-Coaching For Cash! – Start your own online coaching business

e-Coaching For Cash! – Start your own online coaching business
Do you have years of experience and knowledge about a particular topic that you would like to share with others? Would you like to get paid to do this? Learn how to start your own coaching business and move it online to the new age world of eCoaching!
e-Coaching For Cash! – Start your own online coaching business

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This life coaching thing, is it a pyramid scam?

The more research I do in life coaching it just seems like, people go to a life coach, then become a life coach, and it continues like that. I am interested in going to see someone, if for nothing else but to be held accountable for my goals, but I don’t want to end up in a cult.

Hi –
There are GREAT life coaches out there who aren’t interested in selling you their products. The web is a great place to look. A lot of coaching is done via the phone so you can look for a coach anywhere your phone will allow.
I am a coach in Seattle and have both phone and in office clients, both are equally as effective.
However, I realize that there are so many it may be hard to know where to start.
I have my Master’s Degree in Counseling and chose to do Life Coaching because I found it more personally rewarding. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information.

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What Do Girls Like

Here’s a question every man wants answered… what do girls like? Ever guy would know how to attract women if they just came out and said what they want. However, women have a lot of social hang ups preventing them from speaking their minds. 
First of all, love and dating is different for women. Women want to be wooed, so they hide their real intentions until they’re completely sure they want the relationship. 
Simply put, women want attentive men, and those they can count on to be consistent. They also want to have fun with a guy and be mystified enough to crave more. If you’re in the dark about the things that girls are looking for, here is one thing you should remember: laughter is synonymous to fun. 
If you can make a girl laugh with you, if you can provide a fun time, you can safely say that you will have her affection soon. There are several more ways to make an interaction fun for her. 
For instance, you can create your own environment; a different plane that only you and your girl can access. Exclude the outside world and make yours special by doing the following steps: 



1. Give Her A Special Name – 
This works very well if you see each other regularly. For instance, if you go to the same gym or the same school, you can call her by her special name to create that special closeness. Whenever you call her by that name, you’re creating a special place where only you and the girl exist. 



2. A Private Joke – 
Sometimes, you don’t even need names or words to increase rapport. You can share a private joke once and smile at each other knowingly afterward.  3. The Continuous Conversation –
If you only interact with a girl for a few minutes, you have to make each second count. For instance, the girl you’re targeting is a coffee shop waitress or a bartender. Start a conversation with her, tell her a story. Then, leave her hanging just as she’s starting to enjoy the way you unfold each part of the story. Then, you can continue the storytelling the next time you meet. This way, she will look forward to the next time she will see you.  
All your actions around your special girl must translate to attraction and interest. The truth is women don’t know exactly what they want in men. They develop liking for guys through consistent interaction and exposure to the guy.  

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How can a life coach support battered women powerfully rebuild their lives?

I had heard of an organization in Southern Calfornia that supports women who have been battered to create completely new lives with a job and home using hair stylists, therapists, coaches, home renovation folks, etc. The particular organization (which I can’t remember the name of) already had a life coach that was providing support for their particular area. I’d like to find another organization in Southern California where I could volunteer my services. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?

Life coaching for women who have been battered is a great idea and awesome that you want to volunteer in that capacity! Here’s a (long) list of over 150 agencies that specialize in domestic violence services in California:

and a list of California domestic violence shelters:

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Part 13 Allison Maslan Shares 3 Keys To Creating Success and Fulfillment

Allison Maslan discusses the three keys to living a successful and joyous life. 888-844-3550

Duration : 0:4:40

Read more…

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Purchase Birth Control Brands Online Without A Prior Prescription

There are two basic Birth Control Brands: those manipulateing progestin only, and combining pills containing both estrogen and progestin. Progestin-only pills contain no estrogen. These are sometimes referred to as the mini pill and are considered paragon for breast feeding women since the presence of estrogen reduces milk production. The mini-pill works by thickening the cervical mucus, thereby preventing spermatozoon from incoming the uterus. They must be taken at the same time every day.

While these pills don’t contain any estrogen, they’re not considered figure-friendly by any means. You see, the pill’s progesterone component has been proven to increase appetite – which of naturally makes it very toilsome to diet, resulting in weight gain. Some of the other side effects of the mini-pill include irregular or heavy bleeding, spotting, and fermented headaches. in addition, progestin-only pills have been shown to be slightly less effective than their combination counterparts – so that the chance of becoming a mom is actually increased when choosing these over estrogen containing birth control pills.

Combination birth control brands are ones containing both estrogen and progestin. This sept can be broken down into ternary different types, which are as follows: Monophasic pill. This is the original birth control pill. Each pack of these pills consists of 21 active pills containing the same fare of estrogen and progestin in each pill, and 7 placebos, which contain no hormones. The second type of the combination pill is known as multiphasic.Also referred to as triphasic and biphasic, multiphasic oral contraceptives contain varied amounts of hormones and are designed to be taken at specific times over the pill-taking menses.

Each of the pills in this pack contains different levels of estrogen and progestin so that the hormones are varied throughout the month. They were developed for the specific project of reducing side effects of oral contraceptives. Women taking multiphasic pills repute having fewer episodes of breakthrough spotting and bleeding, but as of now, those are the only sides that have been shown reduced. The last type of the combination pill is the continuous use pill. This is the brand new one of the stack, being approved in the spring of ’07.

The best known brand of the continuous use pill is Lybrel, which also happens to be a multiphasic pill. It comes in a 28-day pack and is meant to be taken without any breaks in between pill packets, which basically means not having a period at all. Some of the side effects affiliated with all combination oral contraceptives include most of the ones you’d normally hear near, including nausea, severe headaches, possible vomiting, irregular bleeding, and weight gain resulting from the changes in the body’s hormonal make-up. see today!

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Using Persuasion Methods in Cults

Some common physical routines used by cultsconsist of hyperventilation, repetitive motion and body manipulations.  Conversely, psychological methodscontain trance/hypnosis and guided imagery. Cult leaders and active followers employ a mixture of these strategiesto encourage members and increase their devotion.

Hyperventilation involves constant over-breathing then may cause carbon dioxide levels in the bloodstream to lower. In the milder stages, induces dizziness breathlessness  or light-headedness.  This task makes an abnormal condition called respiratory alkalosis, it boosts the alkalinity of the blood and tissues. However, more continuous over-breathing might cause panic, muscle cramps and convulsions.  Cults frequently have people do incessant loud screaming, chanting or signing to generate this condition, which they insure as using a spiritual experience.

As outlined by former associates of a cult, there’s also a variety of body tricks procedurescarried out in most religiousgroups, their leader would walk from one member to another then press on their eyes until the pressure from the optic nerve lead them toperceive flashes of light.  Using this method is called “bestowing divine light.”  These same cult members werehabituallyadvised to intently push on their ear lobes until they heard a buzzing or humming sound, that was interpreted as hearing the “divine harmony.”

Guided imagery is likewise utilised in one moreeffective approach popular with therapy cults to regress members back to the pain and being alone of pastincidents like puerility, tragedies and heartbreaks.  This isusually depicted in movies or even executedlive in certain television programs. Cult leaders also utilize a variety of imagery patterns as well as long detailed visual stories that can absorb the attendees in to a trancelike statemaking them more susceptible to suggestion andeffect, to take out followers off their normal frames of reference and heave themclose to oblivion.

Due to man’s relentless pursuit for a higher-level of bliss, these along with other ways of persuasion such as cult persuasion will still beexercised for many years to come.

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Think Again


THINK! THINK! THINK! You really have to think to make anything in this life become a reality! I think, therefore I am is an amazing concept!


Thinking is not watching the Simpson’s or Playing with your Wii! Just existing day to day while doing the same old daily routines does not require any real thinking.
Only when we are truly thinking can we be creating. And only when we are creating are we really moving forward in this life!


Daydreaming about how nice it would be to go on a tropical vacation or about a new car or a bigger house is not using your brain either. But, creatingdifferent ways in which you could pursue and attain those dreams, now that’s THINKING! By turning those idle dreams and wishes into attainable goals, we start the thinking process. Once thinking, the process of creating a way to realize those goals kicks in to high gear!


And so it is with real estate wholesaling. You want to make the big bucks wholesaling houses, but wanting and dreaming about it isn’t going to make it happen! THINK about it! Where do you start? What do you do first if your just getting into the “Flipping game”? Who do you talk to to show you the ropes? Do you just read some books on real estate investing? Buy an investing course from some Internet Guru who says he will make you rich? THINK about it! What steps need to be taken by YOU in order for you to become a wealthy real estate wholesaler. Hmmm? Are you Thinking?


Nothing in the history of mankind has ever been created without somebody thinking about it first, NOTHING! In the beginning, If man just sat around his cave picking flea’s out of his hair where do you think we would be right now? THINK about it!


I know that at one time, I did very little real productive thinking myself. I just kind of existed. I got up in the morning, brushed my teeth, got dressed, ate breakfast, went to work for somebody else, performed my job tasks and completed my work day, went home and ate dinner, watched TV for a few hours, took a shower, and then went back to bed. Sound familiar? And I can honestly say that I did NO creative thinking for about 10 years of my adult life! I thought I was thinking, but trying to decide which jeans to wear that day or what to cook for dinner that night was just making choices, not thinking. I was just as guilty as most of the rest of the world, of just plain existing. So sad man!


So where’s this going Eddie? Well, it’s up to you that’s all I’m saying in this post! I should know, I had to overcome my own lack of thinking which promptly woke me from a 10 year drooling coma-like state of mind.


Since then I have owned 10+ different companies. I have traveled to may exotic and tropical destinations through the world. I have personally built and lived in mansion sized homes and have owned some of the worlds finest automobiles. I have been married and divorced. I have raised two beautiful children. And I am currently running 2 very successful businesses. And I achieved all of these things because I started to really THINK about ways to make it happen for myself!
Think about this, how sad it is for any person to have lived their entire life without any real vision about how they could have had it all. If they would have just taken the time to sit and really THINK about it, they could have made anything that they envisioned, their reality.


Recommended Books on Thinking:
Think and Grow Rich by: Napoleon Hill, The Power of the Subconscious Mind by: Dr. Joseph Murphy,
Visit: to watch a video that explains real estate wholesaling! More Free videos about wholesaling at this location!


Visit for 20 FREE FAQ’S Videos about real estate wholesaling!


Eddie Case
(“Full Time” Real Estate Wholesaler)


Eddie Case

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Law of Attraction Moment 29: Contrast Provides Clarity Law of Attraction Coach Nanette Geiger provides advice and coaching on the Law of Attraction and Relationships in this Law of Attraction Moment, Contrast Provides Clarity. In this video Nanette shows how seeming conflict and contrast in your environment provide the means to achieve clarity on what you truly desire.

Duration : 0:0:47

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4 Motivation Strategies To Help You Stay Focused – Click Here Now To Grab Your FREE 40-Page Book (Worth ) Where You’ll Discover Time-Tested, Proven To Work Strategies That Managed To “Magically” Transform A Middle-Aged Guy From New York From A Hopeless, Homeless Welfare Sponge Into An Unstoppable Success Magnet…

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