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Thinking About Buying Life Coach Tools?


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What is a definition of emotional, personal and social development?

Hey i’m studying for my childcare exam and i can’t seem to get definition of emotional, personal and social development.. can anyone help me?

Emotional is –

In children, emotional development refers to the attainment of emotional capabilities and their expansion as the child grows. These capabilities enable the children to have feelings about what they do and also about others. Emotional development provides children the capabilities and skills that they need to function and survive in the society as well as the world. There are many different stages in the development of a child’s emotions and at each stage; the child learns a new kind of emotion. – see link below

personal is –

develops skills related to positive interpersonal relationships within the family, peer groups, work place, and community. …

social is –

Social development is learning the skills that enable a person to interact and communicate with others in a meaningful way. Social skills are closely allied to Emotional Intelligence (EI)- a kind of intelligence or skill that involves the ability to perceive, assess and positively influence one’s own and other people’s emotions. In order to interact effectively with others, one has to be able to monitor and control one’s own emotional state.

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Stacia Pierce Personal Welcome

Dr. Stacia Pierce Personally Welcomes you to her all new Website.. Which is been made over with you in mind!
Your Life Coach, Dr. Stacia has built a website geared towards helping you win life’s challenges! Whether it’s the 21 Life coaching Books in her store, or her Amazing Success Circle Blog.. You Are sure to find the answers that you need at!
Follow Dr. Stacia on twitter.. and Add her as a friend on Facebook..

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Upgrade from Coach to Business Class on an International Flight?

Tomorrow I will be flying from Boston to Prague on Air France. Presently I have coach seats but I would like to upgrade to Business Class. When/How should I contact Air France to do so? Also, I looked at the current price for Business class tickets and they are over $2,000, more than double what I paid for coach. Will I have to pay the difference if I can upgrade or is there a special rate? Thanks in advance.

Cheaper to ask when you check in. Some fares won’t be upgradeable. You may have to pay the difference, you may have to pay less.

Airlines as a rule don’t upgrade passengers on international flights because the difference in price is so high.

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Motivation – Personal Hygeen – PLEASE HELP!!!?

Its not YOU its ME!!! I have a really hard time wanting to take a shower. I need more motivation, more insentive………….I tried buying new shower gels, and I am just not wanting to shower as much as I should. My hair looked sooo stringy this morning & all day [from grease] before I finally took a shower after my boyfriend thought my fart was the smell of me as we were watching viva la bam. I told him it was my fart and he serioulys refused to believe me. Whatever though. So finally I decide to shower and i’m like….??where are all the towels?????? "they were stacked up on the dryer where did they go" (which they were, they were all a nice green color all perfectly folded by me) and he goes, "That was a week ago" so aparently I havent had a shower in a week!!! lol THIS IS SOOOO bad, what to do what to do? and puhleeze! dont tell me to drag him in there with me that would not be a pretty site!!! Im also thinking if I have my hair "done" it will motivate me to get ready every day.

just think it relaxes you thats what it does to me i turn off the light and put on a candel & insence and have a shower and when i come out, its the greatest feeling

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Losing Your Job Could Be A Blessing! Life Coach San Diego

Allison Maslan of Blast Off Life and Career Coaching discusses the flip side of losing your job. What seemingly appears to be a terrible scenario may be the exact jolt you need to take matters into your own hands and become an entrepreneur. Many successful companies such as Hyatt, Burger King and Microsoft were launched in a down economy. 87% of people polled said they dislike their jobs. Since we spend almost 75,000 hours during our working life, shouldn’t we love our work?
Allison Maslan has been an entrepreneur for 25 years building and running 8 successful companies.
She is also the author of Blast Off, The Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams Into Reality. Life Coach San Diego 888-844-3550

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Virtual Assistants are Revolutionizing the Way Business Services are Delivered, Everywhere

The Virtual Assistance Industry Has Experienced Tremendous Growth in 2008;
VAs are Revolutionizing the Way Business Services are Delivered, Everywhere.

The Media’s Virtual Assistant Survey found at conducted by gives us a deeper insight into the virtual assistance industry, which has experienced tremendous growth in 2008. The mysteriousness behind the term virtual assistant has been replaced with intrigue and fascination. To professionals such as speakers, author’s, business coaches and online business owners – having a virtual assistant has become main-stream. Small scale businesses are able to achieve large scale growth and higher sales volumes simply by outsourcing to a virtual assistant.  Business Services etc.,, a virtual assistant company in Canada was able to increase a clients’ subscribers list by 4,000 and generate $40,000 in sales over the same 4 month time period.

With the shift in the global economy and the pressing environmental issues facing the world, the general consensus is on conserving both money and energy. Not only does the virtual assistance industry contribute to the conservation of both of these global factors but it also allows professionals to leverage people and strengthen systems and resources.

In a localized business environment there may be one person who is responsible for the daily operation of the administration and marketing. What happens when that person is not seeking or given the opportunities to network with peers and enhance their skill sets? It is vital for businesses to be able to assess their options and participate in marketing activities such as social media marketing.

It is customary for a virtual assistant to explore multiple social media and traditional marketing strategies and implement these into their business successfully and those of their clientele. This practice is both extremely cost effective and yields noteworthy results.

The general mindset of a virtual assistant is typically technical in nature.  Because they work virtually their whole foundation is built around technology. Every major breakthrough online contributes more and more to their success. The affects of social media tools such as blogs, facebook, and twitter have been profound.

The 3 key areas that have experienced significant growth within the virtual assistance industry in 2008 are:

1. Collaboration/Leadership/Professional Development

Take for example the milestones achieved by the leadership of Tawnya Sutherland at, with over 10,000 members worldwide this association reached its fifth year anniversary and won 1st place in the Startup Nation’s Baby Boomers Back in Business award.  Providing training, mentoring, and networking opportunities for both new and aspiring virtual assistants.

And as stated by Erin Blaskie of, “2008 saw the emergence of more multi-VA Teams”. Virtual Assistants that offer clients a “one stop shop” are building solid teams and implementing comprehensive project management strategies that enable them to effectively service multiple clients. Michelle Jamison, founder of a multi-VA company in Canada has been in business since 1998 and authored a book titled, “The Virtual Assistant’s Guide to the Multi-VA Business” which shares everything Michelle learned and everything one needs to know in order to create a successful and fulfilling multi-VA business.

Seasoned virtual assistants and others who specialize in Internet Marketing are developing niche specific training and coaching packages designed towards educating newcomers to the profession and coaching them to success.  Like Mary-Lou Ashton of Virtual Strategies,, who has been a pioneer in the Virtual Assistant profession in Canada since 1997. She provides coaching services to virtual assistants through her coaching business Vision to Action. Also, the VA Coach,, Erin Blaskie offers a variety of solutions for new and seasoned virtual assistants in both group and self study training formats.  And for those looking for industry specific training in Internet Marketing and Social Media the, founded by Craig Cannings offers an affordable and comprehensive certification program.

More and more industry specific Forums and Conferences are presenting hands on development opportunities for virtual assistants. Barbara Lang, of Virtually Anything-Administrative Services,, started the Forum On Virtual Assistance (FoVA) in 2008, which presents virtual assistants with the opportunity to exchange ideas and information and gain valuable insight in facilitated discussion groups and workshop formats. This event was so well received that FoVA 2009 is a highly anticipated event within the industry.

2. Tools/Technology

Social Media Marketing and web based collaboration tools and software have totally transformed business.  Having the ability to connect real time with such tools as twitter means that we are able to reach out to millions of people. Managing multiple projects with virtual work teams using web based project management systems such as Basecamp, Skype, and a variety of Google tools is a snap. Not to mention how productive and easy it has become to track time across multiple projects and give clients the ability to log in from virtually anywhere to view and pay their invoices seamlessly with tools such as Armed with the knowledge, passion, and desire for success entrepreneurs such as Kathie M. Thomas, an Author, Blogger, Speaker and Virtual Assistant Coach & Trainer, who founded A Clayton’s Secretary,, in 1994, are able to achieve successes such as gaining a spot on the Top 100 Australian Blogs list. Also, Danielle Guérin owner of VADG,, a fully bilingual (English/French) multi-VA company in Canada, won the Young Self-Employed Worker of Quebec award in the 2008 ARISTA Provincial Competition. This award celebrates Danielle’s talent and accomplishments. The winners were selected based on rigorous criteria and succeeded in impressing the jury with their professional achievements, creative spirit and involvement.

3. Clientele

A variety of people are now outsourcing multiple projects ranging from personal assistance to the management and operations of their entire business. It need not matter if you run a service based company, an actual brink and mortar store, are an entrepreneur, franchisor, or large corporation people are now keenly aware of the benefits that a virtual assistant will bring to their business. Seeking ways to overcome challenges, be innovative, save money, and participate in online collaboration and marketing are the common factors that the majority of clientele share.  Like Terry Green owner of Fastype VA Services, Inc.,, a full-service multi-VA company with a team of qualified associates specializing in providing quality administrative and executive support to Professional Speakers and Coaches worldwide. Their clients span the globe from across the United States and Canada, to as far away as New Zealand, Antigua and Singapore.

The forecast on the virtual assistant industry for 2009 and beyond is remarkable. With the ongoing commitment, drive, and passion to provide extraordinary customer relations while presenting the best possible options to service their clients, virtual assistants are revolutionizing the way business services are delivered, everywhere.


“The online world is evolving. Being simply a virtual assistant that offers administrative services is no longer enough. With the emergence of social networking and social media marketing, it’s vital to any online business to stay on top of these changes. For the growth of my business, I took the certification course to become a Social Media Specialist. I will achieve the certification in January. It’s not only internet marketers that need this service anymore. Every business, from Realtors to Entrepreneurs to Ebayers will be using Social Marketing to attract business. I heard an interesting quote recently. The Internet is a buyer’s market where sellers aren’t welcome. Sellers need to adapt.” ~ Crystal Pina,

“Working virtually is not the future anymore, but an everyday reality that has now taken its rightful place!  As a Virtual Assistant and owner of Virtual Managing Associates, working virtually throughout 2008 brought in many developments on a multitude of levels, may they be professional or personal.  To some it all up in a few words I would only say: Working on a virtual basis is not only a frame of mind, but also a possibility to offer to your existing customers and associates your undivided attention, and a proactive outlook on the work at hand.” ~ Christiane Jechoux,

Frances Palaschuk

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Business Coaching with Pamela Beaudet Boston Business Coaching for small businesses in the Boston Area and around the world. Pamela coaches clients in the US, UK, Australia and all over the English speaking world.

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Common Massage Chairs Help Ease Chronic Strain

Massage therapy has been known to help relax and clear your mind. Massage helps to decrease stress by calm your mind and soothing the muscles of the body. However, what about conditions of chronic pain? New studies are starting to show that massage has a greater impact on relieving conditions such as migraine headaches to lower back pain. Massage chairs are being utilized by many chiropractors for therapies to help people with chronic back pain conditions.
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Dental Practices: Thinking and Growing Rich Pt. 1 – How to Set the Best Goals Effectively in Your Practice

In dental practices, you need to set the best goals that you can have in your practice. Now the question is: how do you do this? This is something we focus specifically at our dental practice website for the success of your dental practices. In this article I have something special for you on how to set your goals for your dental practices and you’re not going to learn this anywhere else!

Now, everybody talks about the whole concept of thinking and growing rich. Actually, it was the famous book written by Napoleon Hill. It was a concept on how successful people get their best strategies and how it happens. And this can be applicable to your dental practices as well. Last week, one of my clients asked me: Ed, what does your ideal day look like and what does your ideal week look like? My answer to that is in reality, I spend a lot of the time away from the office and out of the office purposefully by strategy because (take note of this!) you’re best thinking will always come when you’re not in the place that you “exist” the most! Now you might have heard people say that the best ideas come while you’re in the shower or while you’re working out, and it’s because your mind is relaxed and it has a lot of capacity to think well. In my case, I spend a lot of time in the car, going from place to place, listening to stuff, just even walking or exercising, and i do my best thinking there. One of the things that I really like to do a lot is set my goals and then get away from it for a little bit. When you get out of your everyday environment, you disassociate yourself from your stress, anxiety in dealing with your staff, your kids, etc.; and then you get to think clearly which allows you to perform on high level, and this is very important! That’s why people go to starbucks just to think, and even though the surrounding is loud, it is outside the existing environment, so they get to think well.

So, here’s the strategy that I want you to do for your dental practices. I want you to take out a piece of paper, a pad, and simply write down your top ten goals on that piece of paper, 1 – 10 (or if you don’t get to reach 10, you can go for 5). And then what I want you to do there is I want you to do:

  • one for income;

  • one for health;

  • one for overall growth of the practice or whatever is it that you’re doing;

  • one for relationships; and

  • one for your big, big dream that if you know you couldn’t fail then you’d accomplish it!

Write these down, and then I want you to take it, then write it down again two times. Then what you do is you take one piece of the copy, put it in the top drawer in your bedroom, or by your nightstand and just stick it in the drawer. Then for the other piece of copy, I want you to put it in a binder or put it somewhere close where you get to see it in a daily basis. Then go exercise! That’s right, go exercise! It could be a walk, a jog, a bike ride, a combination of a walk and bike, it doesn’t matter! Then I want you to go do something where when you start it you’re only thinking of your goals, and as you exercise, think about each goal one after another, after another, and after another. If you need to bring that piece of paper with you then do so. It doesn’t have to be anything stressful, just go out for a walk and see what kind of energy and excitement this creates for you. Test that out, and I promise you, you’ll discover a hidden power amongst that whole concept of thinking and growing rich!

Ed O’Keefe

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