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Start Up Internet Business Coaching Program: PV Reymond-Kurt Internet Business Coaching Program. How to start up a profitable Internet business in the easiest and fastest way. I personally will guide you to launch your Internet Business, this way you don’t have to struggle and spend a lot of time researching and testing.

I’ll teach you everything you have to do in order to start making money quickly. I’ll design a plan of action that you’ll follow to take your business to the next level and finally make money online

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Part 1 of 3 ActionCOACH Business Coaching Annual Client Award Winners

This is our Annual ActionCOACH Client Awards Evening where all our clients apply to be considered from an array of Business Awards that recognise the best results achieved through working with an ActionCOACH Business Coach. The results of the finalist are simply staggering and very inspiring for any business owner to watch. If you want to know the results that are truely avaialable to clients whom work with an ActionCOACH Business Coach, just check out these Awards Night Videos, The applications for the awards were Judged by Independent Judges outside of the ActionCOACH Network.

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Lovin Life Coaching – Sign Language

Introduction to Life Coaching for deaf and hard of hearing. Learn why it is important to FOCUS on your goals and dreams. Great life coaching tips from a certified professional who is experienced working with those in the deaf community.

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Business Coaching On the Net

Business coaching is a profession that provides business-related instructions and direction through proper guidance and encouragement. Evolved as a unique framework, it revolves around seeking a solution and formulating a plan of action. It aims at a broader perspective and helps in the development of a process for a business, so that it moves ahead in a positive direction. Though it is a fairly new profession, it has tremendous scope to expand as an industry. It is one of the most cost-effective methods of achieving business objectives. It works towards bringing new insights into the work culture and initiates a shift in thinking, resulting in developing new perspectives. Many times, people do consider hiring a business coach but eventually give the idea up mainly because it calls for attending and participating in classes and seminars, making it impracticable.

Fortunately, we live in the Internet age, which allows one to enroll into an online business coaching course, and thus attend classes, interact with your mentor and improve your business through this user-friendly medium.

Business coaching on the net works in a similar manner as a normal business coaching, with the only difference being that everything occurs on the web. In online business coaching, all the classes, group discussions, and seminars are conducted through chat rooms. During the sessions of these discussions and seminars, the attendees talk about various business problems, which the business coach monitors and adds opinions to.

In case you want to discuss your situation or want to know about your performance, you can do so one-on-one through private chat, email, or even video chat. Similar to face-to-face business coaching, online business coaching helps business leaders succeed by meeting their business objectives. In addition, unlike most face-to-face businesses coaching services, the online version is generally available on demand. So, the management of an organization can sign up its employees for business coaching to be done from the office at work, or self-motivated individuals can register at their own leisure. This helps to achieve a better balance between work and home, a deeper understanding of how to meet ones goals in both, namely, increased levels of efficiency and improved time management skills.

In case you wish to sign up for an online business coaching course, it would be wise to carry out a proper search and get to know how you can benefit from it before registering. It is advisable to check with the Better Business Bureau about any organization that you would be working with, and business coaches are not an exception to that. Always try to get as much information as you can about the business coach, just as you would when hiring an employee. Try checking references and qualifications to ensure that they are exactly what they claim to be.

Never be in a hurry while selecting a business coach. It s important to get to know all the pros and cons of a particular business coach. Always take your time and find out if a particular business coach would be suitable for your kind of business. He should be able to handle not only simple business problems, but also acute business crises by devising innovative ways to operate the business. Also, never judge the efficiency of a business coach on the basis of his fees, as the best factor of a business coach would be the ability to understand your requirements.

With the right way of going about it, you will get a business coach that will be very beneficial for your business. The expert mentoring and support that they provide can help your business to grow.

Kris Koonar

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The Power Of Positive Thinking.

Ever heard somebody say, or maybe even tell you immediately, ‘Hey, all that you need to do is think positively and all will be better!’ You hear the words, however you are going thru a unpleasant separation and divorce. Thinking definitely does not appear achievable. If you do not usually glance at the bright side of things, don’t push yourself to. How, you need to ask them, are you able to just turn on positive feelings when your body and your intellect radiate discomfort and torment? The reality is you cannot just turn on positive feelings when you are already down. Commence with one positive thought at a time. Try to not let sarcasm creep into these thoughts. Even thinking about thinking positive can already be thought to be a positive thought! In due time, your consciousness will be used to hopefulness that these positive thinking strategies will flow naturally into your consciousness.

Step two : Do a Good Deed. To be successful in whatever we do one must believe strongly in ones self, and to try this we have got to be thinking positive and inspiring our self – so self talk will turn into a daily part of your life, as will success. It wonacute,t take long for your positive thinking to help improve with your productiveness levels at home and the office, you may feel more active, you'll price yourself and your actions more – and this is what self-help is all about, aiding you in succeeding. After you reach the 1st hurdle and conquer it you'll find the future hurdles become lower and better to jump over as your new self-help strategies become active and you find yourself as a natural positive thinking person. Thinking Certainly is the key pillar to success without which you can't move further. Self-help isn't complex, but it's an intensive technique of self-help and to make certain that you gain optimum usage of the method I'd inspire you to teach yourself about it a little before commencing the positive thinking disposition with this method of self-help. To generate a positive thinking is very ease, but the very first thing you ought to have is the ‘faith in yourself’. If you have a belief in this, then you are on the start line towards success.

There are several methods to build your intellect towards Positive Thinking. I was grateful I had the best cancer surgeon working with me. I reacted with curiosity and a drive to discover what was going on. I was appreciative that we were going to work out what we were seeing on the scans. The last query is truly an umbrella over all the other questions and that's to ask, ‘Who do I select to turn up as in this world?’ When facing difficult scenarios we occasionally forget that we are still in this world and impacting on the folks around us. The power of positive thinking kept my reaction definitely centered each step along the way.

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What’s the name of a book about life coaching lies and scams? I recently saw a copy in a bookshop in the UK.

Recently in the UK I saw a book that was about the scams and lies of the motivational and life coaching industry….I have forgot the title completely! Please help if you know it.

Included inside were details of Anthony Robbin’s salary and revenue from his companies, and details about how life coaches play on people’s weaknesses and in a lot of cases actually making things worse for people…help me!

Thanks and Regards


I did a search in Amazon and couldn’t find anything exactly like this, but I did find an article about a suit against Robbins for fraud, etc. That might have a source – the URL is below.

BTW, don’t tar all life coaches with the same brush. Life coaching as a profession, as opposed to a megabucks spectacle, is entirely different (although there are also individual practitioners who are running their own games.)

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The Big Little Caravan of Joy

Circus, Song, Dance and Play

Support the Dream

Imagine a summer creative arts camp designed for the underprivileged children of Africa. Imagine a camp that not only unleashes a childs creative spirit but also brings about a cohesive sense of community through teacher and artist education, performance-celebrations and creative expression. Imagine children, for the first time in their lives, laughing, playing, dancing, singing and creating together. Imagine it now and help make it happen!

The mandate of the Big Little Caravan of Joy is to connect orphans and underprivileged children through the natural language of play, creative arts and circus. These creative arts camps will act as a springboard for children orphaned or affected by terrorism and illness to explore, experiment and acquire new information about the world and themselves. It is through the exploration of the arts that the dynamics of play will initiate: motivation, self-expression, personal and environmental connections and integrated experiences. Creativity is the most elemental aspect of our human nature. Active creativity in these camps will help to heal, integrate and expand each child’s human potential. The Big Little Caravan of Joy brings to the children of Africa a creative experience that reflects the joy of the circus, the beauty of art making and the fun of childhood play. Composed of circus performers, dancers, musicians, visual artists and volunteers from both Canada and Africa, this caravan will inspire and excite thousands of underprivileged children.

For more information contact Sarina-

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First Date? Don’t Be a Slob!

A simple yet often overlooked idea of a first date is so often neglected by many internet singles.  I stress the criticality of initial impressions on an initial date.   If you’re going to come to a first meeting dressed like a slob, your date can only imagine how you will look after you become more comfortable and get to know him or her. OMG! The first date “shlump” tells you one or more of these:  

He/she is a dating child with very few, if any, social skills.  As a result they don’t understand the importance of making a quality initial impression.  

They seemingly can’t afford anything more than a baseball hat, ripped jeans and a t-shirt.  And this can be quite alright because affluence is not the be all end all.  So this is a subject of personal preference in your date. However if your date apparently has a good job, a steady income and lives comfortably, but still comes to a first date looking like this, then run! 

If they don’t hold themselves to a higher measure, then how can they meet your standards and personal desires in a relationship with you?  These could possibly be suggestions of a soon to be disaster date.

Style of dress in the 21st century has changed dramatically from prior decades.  Corporations are dressing more casually.  Successful business people often attire themselves in a more corporate, laid back dress code as the days of business suits has pretty much gone away.  However, successful, confident singles can still be stylish and give off a proud sense of self and present themselves positively.  These days, jeans are acceptable nearly everyplace you go.  But old, faded (not intentionally) and mangles jeans with a NY Yankees T-shirt for a first date shows nothing more than lack of want for a positive impression, and this is a gigantic red flag. 

As for me, I prefer a woman who cares for herself physically and is attractively made up.  I don’t look for drop dead gorgeous, but no brains models with adequate makeup to line the side of a skyscraper.  But, I like makeup on a girl.  I prefer a woman who cares about this as well and always makes herself presentable for an initial meeting.  When I meet a woman who cares enough about a first date to show up without the slightest bit of makeup, and has clearly taken no time to prepare for the first date, I am instantly taken aback.  Note that this is just my preference.  Some girls are more of the tomboy type and look presentable wearing less make-up, but they do care about their appearance and it is evident.  This is fine if that is your preference.  If a woman wears little to no makeup, but evidently takes pride in her entire appearance, then you go girl!  The caveat here for me is the woman who is well made up in her dating profile photos and then comes to a first date looking as if just returned the gym.  So when I say dress to impress, this takes into consideration the whole package:  Clothing, makeup (for the girls) and hair. 

NOTE:  If you have a choice, choose to overdress.  Don’t ever forget this!.  Make it your standard dating practice, particularly for a first date.

Remember that you certainly do not want to end up as one of the numerous disaster dates we so often hear of.  

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Executive Coaching Increasingly Important to Organization Success

Professional athletes have coaches and many professional business people are looking to success coaching for guidance. This article looks at that industry. There are additional resource links at the end of this article.

Applied Creative Evolution Executive Coaching Increasingly Important to Organization Success

Applied Creative Evolution Executive Coaching Increasingly Important to Organization Success


Over the past five years, a new industry in the area of performance improvement has grown at an exponential rate. That industry is Executive Coaching. Major companies have made coaching a core part of executive development. The idea to engage a coach can originate from either HR or from executives themselves. More and more executives are choosing coaching as a proactive component of their professional life.
Presidents, senior vice-presidents, regional managers and senior directors from major privately owned corporations are the main clients of the Executive Coaching Firms. Executive coaching sessions is for top performers who want something more in their life: better balance, a bigger title, larger salary, more responsibility, higher level of effectiveness as a leader and want to work with a person outside of the organization to assist them in getting there.
The role of the Executive Coach is to influence clients to think, communicate and act in ways that lead to better results in their highest priorities. Executive coaching firms discovered that executives who use life coaching to achieve balance in their private lives release energy that could be consumed by worry and anxiety. On the same time, recent studies have showed that salespeople who are coached show increases in productivity.
Executive Coaching is searching the most important outcomes that the executives wants to achieve, the issues that keep them from achieving those results, and the perspectives they need to reconsider in order to improve results.
Executives need someone they can talk to who is outside of the organization and who can provide tailored suggestions for improving results.
The Executive Coaching usually offers individual coaching to their clients over the phone, a common format for life coaching, as they serve executives around the globe. Over time, some Executive Coaching Companies learned that the phone was a very limited approach. Telephone conversations only provide input from the client’s perspective. It is important for the Executive Coach to spend time with the client in actual business situations. The greater the variety of these situations, the better the overall understanding the coach develops.


Alison White



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Personal Training Fitness Institute: Common Studies

Find Personal Training Fitness Institute(s) in the United States and Canada. Once you’ve decided to enroll in a personal training fitness institute, you will discover that the curriculum is not just about exercise. A matter of fact, after you’ve begun training at a personal training fitness institute, you will find that much of the coursework is like that of a traditional academic program.

While educational programs vary from personal training fitness institute to institute, courses are often in excess of 20 weeks. In a comprehensive training program, students learn the basics of anatomy and physiology, pathology, human development; vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients; energy balancing, muscle testing (kinesiology), muscular analysis; personal, flexibility and strength straining; exercise programming, and first aid and CPR.

Generally, each course of study at a personal training fitness institute is broken into segments so students gain the most from their training. In addition, once candidates have successfully completed all required academics and practical training, they are awarded either a diploma or certificate of completion. In some cases, a personal training fitness institute program qualifies graduates to sit for the NSCA-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) exam that allows personal trainers to become nationally certified in their scope of practice. Specialized training, however, is required for this certification; including prior certification in CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

Individuals who have successfully achieved certification through a personal training fitness institute can enjoy career prospects as recreational workers, fitness and personal trainers, and personal coaches. Whether you work as an exercise instructor in a fitness club or work at major sporting events, occupational environments are broad and varied; with income potential exceeding $50,000 annually.

If you (or someone you know) are interested in finding a personal training fitness institute, let professional training within fast-growing industries like massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Reiki, and others get you started! Explore career school programs near you.

Salary source: (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Personal Training Fitness Institute: Common Studies

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