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Appetite For Distraction – Top Android and iOS Games, Self-Improvement App Challenge

We take a look at Fractal and Vidrhythm on iOS, Pocket League Story and Airport Mania 2 on Android, plus see how the path to self-improvement is littered with Apps.

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Coaching tips for life problems

Have you lost your job recently? Do you owe more on your mortgage than your home is worth? Is your credit rating or report not what is should be? Do you need help in any or all of these areas? Where do you turn when you are in a fix like this? […]
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200 W Pine St Missoula MT Home for Sale

Welcome to 200 West Pine Street and the home of Pizza on the Fly One of the hottest high traffic business opportunities out there today Pizza on the Fly The name says it all In this convenient high traffic location people come to you for that New York Style Pizza, a soda, an ice cream cone, or a hot la tay Pizza on the Fly supports our local businesses buy purchasing products from fellow business is what your have always dreamed of then do not miss this opportunity to be your own boss and a part of our local downtown business development The business and equipment are for sale but the foot traffic just comes to your door Currently, Pizza on the Fly is delivering as well Call Bob Zimorino at 406-239-9795 or Lynda Allen at 406-240-1837 today for a personal showing, you will be glad you did

Virtual Tour:

All information is believed to be accurate, but not guaranteed. Buyers should verify all information with the listing agent.

**Please check the listing website for current pricing.
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Duration : 0:1:3

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Live Coaching with Executive Sales Coach Keith Rosen #6

Live sales coaching with author and executive sales coach Keith Rosen on Selling Power Live with Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder and publisher of Selling Power magazine.

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The Content of the Books & Cds are truly a life transforming, highly inspiring to read and listen to while you are having great fun all the way to achieving your desired objectives. Ideal for job seekers, school leavers wanting to get a job in high paying industry for waiters and waitresses. CV writing, cover letter, how to fill job application, how to hypnotize your interviewer,how to get promoted,how to pass a job interview for waiters and waitresses is educational, informative, empowering and great fun!

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Success Through Positive Thinking

In a home based business, in order to succeed, you must ensure that you have a positive outlook. Positive thinking is definitely required for a mindset change. Is it really achievable? Can this be fulfilled in our pursuit of success? Is it complicated to adapt a positive thought? Despite the difficulty in some people to realise this, positive thinking is certainly a good starting point.

Your positive thoughts will definitely have a big impact on your life and especially your business. Learning to achieve and maintain your thoughts is a big task, but positive thinking is a must to achieve your dreams. How your mind works has a great impact to the way you conduct your business and your approach life.

How does your thinking affect your life and business? There is a lot of scientific evidence available to prove the direct relationship between your mind and the eventual results as a consequence of your action.

It can get very difficult to monitor your thoughts. Even if you try to do this, it can become very overwhelming. It is not easy to go through a day evaluating what you are thinking about every moment.

However, now there is an intermediate step between your positive thought and the results of your action. This step is your feelings. Your positive thinking will arouse your positive feelings. This feelings will then create the actions that you take. As a consequence, the actions will determine the results. Fortunately, there is a short cut to monitoring your thoughts. Your positive thoughts create positive results, but there is a step between your thoughts and your results. That step is your feelings. Your thoughts create feelings, and your feelings create the actions that you take. Ultimately, your actions determine your results.

You can immediately know your thoughts by monitoring your feelings. The way you feel is related to what you are thinking about. If you have bad feelings, it means that you are thinking of things in negative field. If you are feeling good, you are focusing on things that enhances your purpose and objectives.

Once you decide on your objectives , or your goals, your thoughts will then either move you closer to your goals or away from it. The way you feel will translate to what you are thinking. Whenever you feel depressed, sad or otherwise down, then it shows that your thoughts are not in tandem with your goals.

The simplest way to ensure that you are thinking positively is to monitor your feelings. If ever you feel down,then direct your thoughts into positive territory. At times, this is easier said than done but if you move forward and persevere, then positive feelings leading to positive thoughts is achievable. Focusing your attention to any success story or attend to inspiring motivational talks will help turn your thoughts positive.

Wholehearted effort to maintain positive thoughts is required to keep you on course to success. Whenever you are down or under negative influence, exert extra effort to make you feel better and confident. If you feel better, the more confident you are, the more positive will be your thoughts and you will be on course to making your dreams come true.

mohamad ali

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Have you ever wanted to be a head coach in the nfl or college?

Have you ever wanted to be a head coach in the nfl or college?
now you can

If you apply for a job do it at Stanford =3

Pigskin Empire is an multiplayer online football game in which players are coaches in the Empire Football Universe.(EFU)

Players can seek head or assistant coaching jobs in either the College or Pro ranks within the EFU and try to guide their teams to pigskin success by building and developing their team and developing strategy. Players can also collaborate with other players by building a coaching staff made up of other players in the EFU.


Build Your Team

■College coaches recruit players from around the country
■Pro coaches draft players from college teams, trade with other pro teams or pick up free agents
■Build up your player’s attributes through training drills and practices

Design Your Playbook

■Create limitless plays using our play design tool
■Set your formations, play calling tendencies and gameplan
■Set up practice sessions to watch your plays

Take The Field

■Watch your games live
■Call plays live with the unique play calling feature

Get a Job

Once you are a coach you need to find a job. When you log-in you will be taken to your "home office" which will be located in the hometown that you selected. To find a job click on the big MAP and find your way to a town that has a pro or college team (they are marked on the map) and interview for a job. Head Coaches are only hired after the season but can become an assistant any time. If the team has a CPU Head Coach you will get an offer immediately. Otherwise it’s up to the player who is the Head Coach of the team you interviewed for


Although there are slight differences in Pigskin Empire, the general rules of the game are the same as in real life. In the college game they have added a playoff system. This system takes the winners of the 11 conferences plus the 5 best at-large teams and runs a single-elimination playoff. The pro game is mostly the same but they use the college rules for overtime situations.

Building Your Roster

The first step to building a team is getting your players. There are a few ways to do this in both college and the pros. In the college game you fill your roster by recruiting high school and junior college players or from players transferring from other colleges. Pro teams build their roster through the Draft, picking up free agents and through trades with other pro teams.

College coaches recruit H.S. and JUCO players using the map. Travel to a player’s hometown and click on their name in the balloon to visit and scout them. Keep players high on your list by visiting them often. You can also call them using the phone.

Pro coaches aquire players through the draft. You can evaluate college prospects by visiting their college town using the map. Pick up free agents at any time by going to the free agent page from the clipboard. You can also initiate a trade with another team from the clipboard

Yes, I did once.

But I never made it past the thought stage…

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Making the best of free prescription online pharmacy

Curiously, online pharmacies are increasing and currently making a name in the pharmaceutical industry. More often than not, most of the American households that have members taking maintenance pills are buying their medicines online. In modern times, the purchase of drugs through Internet is no longer taboo. Surely, there are still quite a few who are accustomed to the traditional over the counter purchases but as what records show, once a successful online transaction is made online, 70% would stick with online process which is more convenient.

With great references and online, who are always well informed on the latest industry news of the pill. You can also compare prices from different sellers and of course choose the best offer among all. With our unstable economy, it is very important to know the exact and right amount for this particular commodity than paying more than it’s worth. This also reduces the chances of being robbed seller’s wrong. So it is necessary that you make ample research as well, for your own sake.

Another good thing about buying meds from a free prescription online pharmacy is that you also get to read first-hand reviews from the users of the medicines or perhaps reviews on a particular online pharmacy as well. Not only do you know what to expect after taking the pill, but be prepared and avoid possible incidents or unwanted situations. You should also know if this pill is right for you or not, if you look at the medical records and history. It can not be blind to what you use and when to expect the same results.

An outstanding free prescription online pharmacy will also want to think about keeping and growing the number of their customers, so it is naturally expected that they would cater to all your needs and concerns. This is also one of the things that I like about them is that they easily respond to my concerns or complaints. It is also easy to reach your customer service representatives, and that, in my experience, they responded immediately, even if it was like two o’clock.

Surely, there are really great things when you do your pill shopping online. Not only will it be convenient, it will save you the time and effort you spend in doing it the traditional. Online pill shopping through online pharmacies is truly a great innovation to our traditional way of doing things.

For more information, please visit our website at

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I am looking for a good insprirational uplifting book.. Positive thinking and stuff like that!?

I would like a law of attraction, or any other ideas for one anyone might have.
Thanks yahoo friends
I would like a motivational, self help book ideas too!! Thank you

Check out Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsche. I love them, but for some reason could never get into The Secret. They’re different too, more about the evolution of God than what was written in the bible (without making mankind’s version of that God obsolete, rather merging those idea with ideas of today) and they’ve been very inspiring to me.

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Take Time To Smell The Roses – Ingrid Perri Life Coaching Are you running around on a wheel like a mouse? No joy in your life? Take some time to smell the roses and get a buzz of happiness!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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