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Does thinking positive help you get what you want?

I’ve heard that if you think positive and have hope then it can help you get what you want, is this true?

It can help, but it’s not a sure thing. It has helped me with some things, and with others it doesn’t make a big difference.

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Nine Out Of Ten Salesmen Are Repulsive: Do You Have The Necessary People Skills?

We have all had the experience of feeling an instant connection or bond with someone after just a few seconds of being in their presence. This is the Law of Connectivity. We have probably all met someone whom we instantly did not like and did not want to be around. This is caused by a lack of connectivity and usually takes only a few seconds to manifest itself. The Law of Connectivity states that the more we feel connected to, part of, liked by, or attracted to someone, the more persuasive they become. When you create an instant bond or connection, people feel comfortable around you. They will feel like they have known you for a long time and that they can easily relate to you. When we feel connected with someone, we feel comfortable and understood; they can relate to us and a sense of trust ensues.

There are four main factors in connectivity: attraction, similarity, people skills, and rapport. Let’s talk about people skills. However, before proceeding, it is important to note that really connecting with others requires an attitude of sincerity, a lot of practice, and a true interest in the other person. Whatever you do, don’t take your relationships with people for granted.

The ability to work well with people tops the list for common skills and habits of highly successful people. Studies show that as much as 85 percent of your success in life depends on your people skills and the ability to get others to like you. In fact, the Carnegie Institute of Technology found that only 15 percent of employment and management success is due to technical training or intelligence, while the other 85 percent is due to personality factors, or the ability to deal with people successfully. A Harvard University study also found that for every person who lost his job for failure to do work, two people lost their jobs for failure to deal successfully with people.

In this era where technology is taking over our lives, it is tempting to think that personality and the ability to deal with people are not important qualities. On the contrary, we crave personal interaction now more than ever. People still want to get to know you and like you before the doors of persuasion and influence are unlocked. We most often prefer to say yes to the requests of people we know and like.

Goodwill in persuasive practice comes courtesy of Dale Carnegie, one of the “greats” in terms of understanding human nature. He told us that by becoming interested in other people, you will get them to like you faster than if you spent all day trying to get them interested in you. Having goodwill entails appearing friendly or concerned with the other person’s best interest. Aristotle said, “We consider as friends those who wish good things for us and who are pained when bad things happen to us.”

This caring and kindness means being sensitive and thoughtful. It means acting with consideration, politeness, civility, and genuine concern to those around us. It is the foundation for all interactions and creates a mood of reciprocity. You will win hearts and loyalty through compassion.

You invoke goodwill by focusing on positives. Don’t be harsh or forceful when dealing in areas where the other person is sensitive or vulnerable. Additionally, make statements and perform actions that show that you have the audience’s best interest in mind.

Network marketing companies rely on the effects of people skills. Marketing techniques are arranged in such a way so as to capitalize on the fact that people are drawn to buy products from people they know and with whom they are friends. In this way, the attraction, warmth, security, and obligation of friendship are brought to bear on the sales setting. For example, at Tupperware home parties, the strength of the social bond is twice as likely to dictate whether or not someone will buy a product as is the preference for the product itself.

People skills are crucial because they have a huge impact on our success. First impressions are made within only four minutes of initial interaction with a stranger, so we don’t have time to not have good people skills.

One of the quickest ways to form an immediate bond with people is by using and remembering their names. How can you effectively remember a name? When someone tells you her name, clarify the pronunciation, clarify the spelling, relate the name to something, and use it again quickly–before you forget. Research shows that if you use a person’s first name at the beginning and end of a sentence, your chance of persuasion increases. It’s a simple technique that is easy to implement and which creates an instant bond.

Humor can be a powerful tool of persuasion. Humor makes the persuader seem more friendly and accepting. Humor can gain you attention, help you create rapport, and make your message more memorable. It can relieve tension, enhance relationships, and motivate people. The actor John Cleese once said, “If I can get you to laugh with me, you like me better, which makes you more open to my ideas. And if I can persuade you to laugh at the particular point I make, by laughing at it you acknowledge its truth.”

Humor can also distract your audience from negative arguments or grab their attention if they are not listening. Herbert Gardner said, “Once you’ve got people laughing, they’re listening and you can tell them almost anything.” Humor may divert attention away from the negative context of a message, thereby interfering with the ability of listeners to carefully scrutinize it or engage in arguing. If listeners are laughing at the jokes, they may pay less attention to the content of a message. Humor can “soften up” or disarm listeners.

Humor must be used cautiously, however. If used inappropriately, it can be offensive and may cause your audience to turn against you. Humor should only be used as a pleasant but moderate distraction. As a rule of thumb, if you are generally not good at telling jokes, don’t attempt it when you are in a persuasion situation. Be sure that you have good material. Non-funny humor is not only ineffective; it’s also irritating. Modify your humor so that it is appropriate for your audience.

The safest way to increase people skills is to give away smiles. A smile is free, generates a great first impression, and shows happiness, acceptance, and confidence. Your smile shows that you are pleased to be where you are, meeting this person. As a result, he in turn becomes more interested in meeting you. Smiling also conveys a feeling of acceptance, which makes your listener more trusting of you. It has been shown that sales representatives who smiled during the sales process increased their success rate by 20 percent.

In order for your audience to take your message seriously, they have to have some level of respect for you. The more they respect you, the more successful you will be. Building respect often takes time, but there are things you can do to facilitate it. You need to show gratitude–be thankful of others and for what they do for you. Never criticize others or talk about your problems. People want to talk about two things: themselves and their problems. If you listen when people tell you their problems, they will think you are wise and understanding. Remember, how someone feels about you is often influenced by how you make him feel about themselves.

Kurt Mortensen

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A. Maslan / Launches New Businesses Off The Trapeze.

Allison Maslan of Blast Off Life and Business Coaching demonstrates how life and business are like the flying trapeze. Learn about her new book, Blast Off and her One-On-One Coaching Program. She takes some of her budding entrepreneurs to jump off the high pedestal to launch the Blast Off of their new business. 888-844-3550

Duration : 0:5:17

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Coaching Program – How to Coach Successfully in 5 Simple Steps?

What if you learned how to make big money on the internet starting today setting up a simple coaching program in your niche?

Do you want to know some important points that will boost up the success of your coaching program in your niche?

The purpose of this article is to get you started today on the right track and show you a basic system to get started.

Here are 5 simple steps to get you started instantly.

Step 1 – Identify your target niche based on your expertise.

Step 2 – Do a thorough research and evaluate problems.

Step 3 – Create high quality content.

Step 4 – It is important to improve your communication skills.

Step 5 – Welcome your coaching clients.

The purpose of this article is to give you a step by step process that you can use easily use to make big money online using the power of coaching program.

Checkout the step by step details right here.

Step 1 – Identify your target niche based on your expertise.

It is extremely important that you know your niche exactly before you get started with your coaching program.

But more importantly you have to be an expert in your niche before you even think about starting with your coaching program because your clients will be paying you big bucks for your information.

It is extremely important to make sure that you target the problems of your niche and provide them a simple solution.

Step 2 – Do a thorough research and evaluate problems.

What is the use of your coaching program if it is not solving the most pressing problems of your niche?

Therefore visit forums in your niche and also make sure
that you checkout your competitors site to know the exact problems suffered by your niche audience.

Content is the king and this phrase is of extreme importance when you are planning to start your coaching program.

Step 3 – Create high quality content.

To make your coaching program successful you have to make sure that you provide top quality content to your members in your niche.

If you do this they will stay in your membership for a long time because they will depend upon your quality updated information in your niche.

Here’s how to get started using your coaching program using the power of your voice.

Step 4 – It is important to improve your communication skills.

You have to make sure that you improve your communication skills because you will have to conduct group coaching in your niche through teleseminars.

Conducting monthly teleseminars to help solve the problems of your customers is really a very high demand intensive that you can include in your coaching program.

Make your clients feel good and if you do this they will love you and stay with you for a longer time.

Step 5 – Welcome your coaching clients.

You have to make sure that you call your clients in your teleseminars by name as people like to get addressed with their names.

Also welcome each member individually by asking them to introduce themselves and also speaking with them about their success with your training and providing them personal help.

Gen Wright

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Motivation Mastery

Motivation Mastery
This Ebook Is One Of The Most Valuable Resources In The World When It Comes To Ways For Getting Motivated And Staying Motivated!
Motivation Mastery

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Personal Branding Social Media Themes

Personal Branding Social Media Themes
The ultimate collection of themes, tools and tutorial videos for promoting your personal brand with social media. Great new niche of “personal branding”. Easy to promote! Get paid while you build your own personal brand online!
Personal Branding Social Media Themes

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Time Management

Time management is a broad term fond of techniques and methods accustomed to schedule time. Such time management methods are essential to complete specific jobs or goals. Usually time management strategies comprise a wide scope of pursuits such as organizing, setting goals, analyzing, scheduling, prioritizing etc.

During the early stages time management was referred to business work activities. But eventually the style broadened and became one that was employed for personal actions as well. You will find numerous ideas linked to time management. Project management, attention management and personal knowledge management are some of them. Throughout these related ideas, time management is identified to be one of the core functions.

Several online websites offer time management guides for individuals to effectively carry on their way of lifestyle. Enhancing time management expertise can be done hard way or the easiest way. Hard way includes many a long time of studying from mistakes and several false starts figuring out which methods is most effective. Alternatively if someone makes an make an effort to research on the web or speak to someone who has already majored time management expertise, the training procedure will likely be shorter. Thus some effortless measures towards majoring time management skills are listed as below.

• Planning: preparing may be the procedure of preparing programs for a set of predetermined actions. Planning one’s day or week turns into essential to identify what activities needs to be done and what requirements to be avoided.

• Prioritizing: prioritizing work is one with the key jobs of time management. Since thoughts is broken occupied with multiple jobs at any provided point, prioritizing function based on its significance or deadline turns into crucial.

• Making notes of pursuits: one can effectively manage time through notes of related activities. Since humans have a tendency to forget, taking notes will assure that related tasks are remembered and given consideration.

• Continuous improvement: someone must not stop perfecting time management expertise once goals are achieved. It turns into important to continuously discover new methods and strategies to build up abilities. In addition to the contribution of this towards time management, it will also improve an individual’s understanding capabilities.

In several instances, those who perfect time management skills have a tendency to ignore the value of the correct balance between operate life and personal lifestyle. It is essential which you remember to make time for all pursuits such as time for meals, past times and other personal commitments. Moreover furthermore, it gets to be important to indentify the greatest time an particular person may work, i.e. where time during the day someone can execute at their highest productivity. This will assure that jobs are allocated appropriately in accordance with its value and the amount of commitment it takes, which in turn offer an outcome with the highest substandard quality.

Self Improvement PLR , Self Help Ebooks , Self Improvement

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Subliminal CDs Work To Improve Yourself –

Want to know how to be a success in life? Using subliminal technology to improve yourself and become successful is now possible with’s subliminal technology.

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Brad Sugars explains Why you Need a Business Coach (part 2)

Brad Sugars outlines four more reasons that you need a business coach for your business. They include having an external person to share ideas with, external training, network and community involvement, and the kinds of results you can expect to receive from business coaching.

Duration : 0:8:5

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