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Looking for the perfect motivation to drop those extra pounds? Join us for the 12-week Losing Big Weight-Loss Challenge where you have a chance to win your share of $8,500 in prize money! Along the way, you will have access to a personal trainer, get work out tips, have personalized nutrition counseling from Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center dietitians and have access to work out at community YMCAs. So what are you waiting for? Sign-up to become a contestant TODAY!

When you join the VBIA’s Losing Big Weight Loss Challenge, you will receive the following: VALUED AT MORE THAN $1,000!

Ormond Beach
Holly Hill
Port Orange
Southeast Volusia (Edgewater)
Four Townes (Deltona)

ACCESS TO A PERSONAL TRAINER (not affiliated with the YMCA), including:
Monthly Boot Camps
Nutrition tips
Fitness Center and home-based exercises
Weekly weigh-ins
Before and after pictures
Before and after body fat analysis



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Life Coaching: A Manual for Helping Professionals

Life Coaching: A Manual for Helping Professionals

  • ISBN13: 9781904424949
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold!

This manual is specifically designed for therapists, counselors, and other helping professionals who are looking to add life coaching techniques to their portfolio of skills. Dave Ellos has produced a step-by-step practical guide to turning your natural people-helping skills into a profitable life coaching business. Life coaching is not therapy, but many of the qualities that therapists possess and the techniques they use naturally lend themselves to a life coaching apprach.

List Price: $ 29.95

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Christine Hassler, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Life Coach

Christine Hassler, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Life Coach talks about Gen Y issues and transforming the twenty-something experience. Christine speaks to college audiences, people in their twenties experiencing a quarter-life crisis, and corporations about the Gen Y Factor. She is an expert on overcoming Expectation Hangovers® and bridging generational gaps in the workplace.

Christine Hassler, M.A.
Author – Speaker – Life Coach

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RSA Animate – Smile or Die

Acclaimed journalist, author and political activist Barbara Ehrenreich explores the darker side of positive thinking.

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Do you know some positive thinking classes?

I am looking for classes (face-to-face interaction coachings) which teaches positive thinking or personality development. I need institutions which will bring out the issues and rectify them. Do you know some classes or personal face-to-face interactions? Thanks.

I took life management in community college and loved it! That class taught both positive thinking and personality development. It was a really fun class and you learn a lot about yourself.

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Does the state of California recognize life coaching as a profession?

Does the state of California recognize life coaching as a profession?

Does the CA board of psychology or board of behavioral science regulate or license life coaches?

What qualifications does someone need to have to be a life coach?

Life Coach is not a licensed profession. There are certification programs for Life Coaches, but they are not required. Basically, anyone who wants to can call themselves a Life Coach. It is not a regulated occupation. Here is some additional information:

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Dr. David Molapo – I Can Foundation

Dr. David Molapo is a foremost management consultant, educator, and renowned motivational speaker. Using a fine combination of humor, an incredible stage presence, and his personal life experiences, David has a unique ability to mesmerize any audience with his message of hope. Through his public appearances, David effectively motivates, inspires, and impacts more than a million people in South Africa each year, providing them with the confidence and tools to change their lives, as well as those of the people around them.

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Les Brown on Finding Motivation, Part 1

Les Brown is the ultimate Movitvator and Mentor! Watch and learn.

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Lucrative MLM Success Secrets Revealed

Success is defined as the favorable or prosperous outcome of attempts or endeavors. It can be fast or slow but must be continual in order to accomplish goals. With regards to mlm, success is quantified as a group statistic hence the first letter of the acronym “mlm.” It’s possible to have individual goals and to succeed at achieving them but to be truly successful with mlm you must have a team of successful people to surround yourself and share with.


What motivates people though? What truly moves them and encourages their success? Most people get involved with mlm for the opportunity of financial freedom but while they know they’re at point A and they have an idea of where point B should be, they have no idea how to get there. That’s why such a big emphasis is placed on the role a sponsor plays in the experiences of his/her downline. I’ve found that personal success drives the ones closest to you and when everyone around you is succeeding it’s an uplifting feeling that can be very contagious.


As far as what works, I’ve found audio/video to be a great tool. Take music for example, certain songs make us feel certain ways and even seeing specific behaviors or emotions can be altering as well. There are phenomenal speakers that make a living solely by inspiring, motivating, mentoring and teaching others. You can find some videos like this at and the benefit to using audio/video is that this method is passive. You can even do the speaking yourself just to personalize experiences. Speaking on your own allows others to notice your knowledge and comfort with what’s being discussed and “vibes” play a huge role in marketing and presenting which leads to the next point.


Knowledge is also a very influential tool. Being perceived as knowledgeable is a priceless attribute for anyone who works with others. We know this because you would only ask a car question to someone who knows about cars, right? You find out who knows about cars, whether it’s by word of mouth, advertisement etc., and you ask them your questions based on their level of knowledge on the topic. As the conversation goes on the questioner has their thirst for answers satisfied and walks away from the conversation feeling a little more educated. Also, the person answering the questions is able to almost determine and even predict every next move the questioner may make. Think of it the opposite way as well. When someone seems like they lack knowledge doesn’t it discourage your desire to move forward with them? So while mlm is a group effort for success, it’s not a bad idea to start with the person in the mirror when it comes to knowledge. You’ll find that it your knowledge will benefit others at first and will soon benefit you just as a byproduct.


Conference calls are another proven way to drive success. It’s a time-old method but it’s still around for so many reasons. Conference calls allow anonymity giving listeners an added level of comfort from their own home. The calls can be organized for free and they actually encompass all of the previous methods discussed. Also, you can fit a lot of people onto one call and power comes with numbers. Wouldn’t you be more likely to participate in something if everyone else around you is participating? The call will allow you to share your own personal testimonial and it will be an important avenue of communication due to it’s efficient nature. Plus, as your network gets larger so will the group of listeners.


You may find the above suggestions to be extremely beneficial and it’s my pleasure to provide them. With your success in mind, I’ll get started on the next composition but in the meantime this article should be sufficient in improving your success rate for now. If there’s a topic you’d like to see an article on, please request it as my contact info is in my profile.


Liam Kalish (& .ws)Online Income Made Easy


Liam Kalish

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SEO for a company that offer management and personal development training services?

Is it worth the dollars? In what way?

It sure is worth it and here is why.

When your website is listed in the organic listings, search engines feel your website is more relevant to whatever organic listing keyword term you come up under.

It’s proven that users feel more comfortable choosing from organic listings. There are many case studies to back this up.

I had a company do some SEO work for an associate of mine, and they increased his Google Page Rank, Lowered His Alexa Rank,Built His Website Hundreds of Back Links and even has him in the 1st position.

So check talk to them see what they can do for you.

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