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I need to loose 30 lbs….Motivation, success stories, and weight loss tips appreciated! Thanks!?

I am a strong and sexy woman in my 20’s and I just recently moved and started a new life in a new city. I am starting at the local university and my life is heading a a great direction. There is just one problem. Due to stress from things that have been happening in my life for the last few years I have gained 30 plus lbs. I am worried about my health because I have a history of heart problems, strokes, and diabetes among other things in my family. People in my family pass at 65 or so usually. I have been thinking and since the rest of my life is going in the right direction, I would like to get my weight and health going that way also. I guess what I am looking for is any motivation, weight loss tips, or personal stories any one would like to share with me. I want to get fit and healthy so that I can be around for a long time and enjoy life. Thank you all for any responses. They are all very much appreciated!

This is a good site and it is free. I really enjoy it .It really keeps me motivated. You enter what u eat every day and it calculates it up for you and also u enter your activities for the day and it tell u how much you have burned. It is agreat site ;;

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The Life Coaching Handbook

The Life Coaching Handbook

If you are considering life coaching as a career, then meet your winning coach. The Life Coaching Handbook is a complete guide to creating and sustaining your practice, a comprehensive resource for coaching yourself towards a more fulfilled life, and a reference and companion that will continue to serve you through your professional life. But what exactly is Life coaching, and is it the career for you? The first task this book undertakes is to address these important questions, as it promotes a

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Why is positive thinking important in are life?

In *our* life.

Sorry, but that was really bothering me.

As to your question…

Because negative thinking is crippling. People who constantly thing negatively have a hard time doing anything, usually, because they lack the optimism to boost themselves up, get things going, and look to the brighter sides of things. For someone who is constantly optimistic… imagine a time when you felt worthless, like nothing you could do or say would amount to anything. Like whatever effort you put in wont mean a thing, and that things just won’t work out.

Now, imagine feeling like that all the time.

How will you be able to function always feeling so low? Always feeling as if nothing is good enough. As if *you’re* not good enough. It puts on a dampen on pretty much everything. You become unmotivated, unable to work at full force or do your best.You lose spirit and confidence and, possibly, the will to do anything.

Negative thoughts make living really hard. I know from personal experience, as one who suffers from clinical depression and severe anxiety.

People who can naturally look to the brighter side of things are lucky bast@rds because when things get hard or scary, they push past all the "dark things" and go straight for the place things are most likely to work out.

People who don’t have that innate optimism and thinking process dwell on the dark things because they can’t see that other, more hopeful place.

As a visual: imagine you need to cross a loose, rickety bridge hanging over a sea of lava (or something). Optimists would, despite the fear, keep their eyes focused on the other end and slowly make their way across. Pessimists, on the other hand, can’t help but stare at the broken boards beneath their feet, wondering which piece of wood would be the one to give out and lead them to their fiery deaths (or something less dramatic, but you get my point).

People can’t help who they are and how they think and how their minds work. It’s like beguiling someone for falling in love– you don’t have much of a choice in the matter. Just as you can’t force your heart to lead a certain way, can’t force yourself to love someone you hate or stop loving someone you love, you can’t force yourself to think a certain way. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it is possible that you can… but some people are just better at it than others. Some people need help to do it, like being reassured, having support, having someone or something to pull them through, but many people just can’t. It’s how their brain is wired, and if let unattended for a long time, or left overlooked, it can be entirely impossible to do change.

I, personally, lean on the pessimist side of the ladder. It’s something that started out small when I was younger– I had more insecurities and doubts at a young age than most children should ever have– and because no one noticed it and took the time to help me, it grew into something really big. I’m working with people to try to get myself to think differently and work through hardships in better ways, but it’s really, really hard to do so. It’s like trying to force your brain and senses to acknowledge spinach as a really good food, when you hate it like nothing else and the smell alone makes you vomit. Sure, you can force yourself to eat it, can pretend you’re eating something else… but in the long run, you know it’s gross, you hate it, telling yourself you like it is a huge lie and makes you sick, and you absolutely dread the time when you’ll have to eat it again. Or something. I’m sure it’s different for everybody.

And in regards to the first poster… he’s right. Not completely, no, but there’s truth to what he says. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. It siphons, almost. To put it simply, when you’re really happy and you’re feeling like nothing could get you down, who would you rather turn to? Someone as equally happy and perky, or someone more mellow or, in some cases, probably sullen? The opposite is the same. When you’re feeling down, do you want to hang out with someone positively happy or someone as equally low in spirit (or just not so bright). I, for one, don’t like being around happy people when I’m depressed, as they get on my bloody nerves. And when I’m happy, I’d rather be around other happy people so the feeling could grow rather than diminish.

Hm. Hope that answers your question. I got off topic quite a few times, though,

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Can you Make Millions in Property Development?

In the highly specialised market of property development you can make millions of dollars with a few well planned projects, properly financed and built on time and to budget.

The problem is, as most developers have experienced, all projects don’t always follow these rules or work out according to the numbers on the feasibility spreadsheets.

As a developer you have probably experienced some of these examples:

The DA always takes longer to get and Councils usually spring some surprises,

The land price is too high and the owner is wanting some of your profit,

The builders pricing is always too high or the contract has tricky out clauses,

The Agents retail sales estimates are never high enough to make the deal work,

The valuers price is less than you thought and the QS pricing is too high,

And to add to that, the bank now wants 60% in pre sales- so there goes more of the profit you thought you were getting,

Then you realise the deal is tight and you are short of funds and may need a joint venture partner or maybe mezzanine funding or a funder who doesn’t need pre sales.

Suddenly those millions of dollars of your money are slipping away!

There is a solution:

At Positive Finance Australia we specialise in taking on and solving some of those challenges for you. We can arrange;

– Land banking finance

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It’s very simple to try us out;

1: Contact our office and talk us through your project or send your feasibility spreadsheets.

2: We will do a preliminary assessment of your project and provide you with the general terms of a funding arrangement or package.

3; Upon you accepting that these general terms suit your needs we will then start the process to secure these finance arrangements or package for your project.

For a quote or a chat either call us on 1300 POSFIN (767 346) or request a quote

In most cases, the banks offer reduced interest rates such as “Professional Packages” that have a rate reduction of up to 0.70 off their normal variable rate to those clients who they may deem as professional or investment borrowers.

Now is the time for all households to take action and fight back by considering refinancing your current liabilities with the new Bank Buster Home Loan * and save around $185 per month * on your repayments, based on a $300,000 mortgage at the average variable rate.

Compare the following rates to your own rates;

The Bank Buster Home Loans are available for both full documentation 6.90% Variable Rate (7.130% Comparison Rate) applicants. This is not just a Honeymoon Rate. This is a lifetime reduction of 0.90% off the normal variable rate and will only change when the Reserve Bank of Australia changes their rates.

Imagine refinancing your personal and car loans, credit cards and so on into your mortgage and having a better-than-professional rate that will not only allow you to streamline your debts and ease the weekly budget, but it could also save you many years off your mortgage. Or buying a new house perhaps – That extra 0.20% adds up to a lot of extra monthly overheads.

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* Conditions apply. Comparison rate applies to the example given and is based on a $300,000 loan over 30 years using the current variable rates.

Michael Constantinos

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will i look stupid embracing positive thinking?

i like positive thoughts etc and i know life will be better that way, but won’t i look stupid if i think of positive stuff even in the worst possible situations?

The truth is there is a lot of positive stuff even in the worst of situations, if we open our mind to it. You are not saying you want to ignore all the bad that goes on, you can’t miss it. You just don’t want to focus on it.

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Think Positive to Improve your Confidence and your Entire Life

Self confidence is one’s ability to believe in one’s self. Those with a high self confidence are optimistic, assertive, and eager individuals ready to take on the world and conquer the goals. On the other hand, people with a low self confidence find themselves often distant and despondent, constantly questioning themselves and often passive or submissive. Self confidence is the key to success in academic pursuits, athletic activities, employment field, and private life, literally every aspect of one’s life. Individuals that entertain a high sense of self confidence usually go on to phenomenally succeed, whereas individuals with a low sense of self confidence tend to be brought down by their inner demons and fail.

The trap of low self confidence is extremely easy to fall into and very difficult to remove oneself from. That tiny voice in the back of the head that criticizes, questions, and insults can easily grow louder and louder the more you listen. Instead of the traditional angel on one shoulder, those with low self confidence would find the devil there more often than not. Instead of boosting themselves up by enjoying their accomplishments or congratulating themselves on a job well done, individuals with low self esteem find their shoulder devil is constantly picking and finding fault in the midst of triumph.

They key to maintaining a high self esteem is positive thinking. Individuals that think of themselves in a positive light are more likely to have a higher self confidence than those nay-sayers in the crowd. One way to remain positive and keep an upbeat aura is to surround oneself with positive people. Avoid individuals who criticize, nit pick, and put down. These negative individuals are a sinking ship and will only bring you down with them. People who surround themselves with positive people, find it easier to maintain a high sense of a self worth and banish that devil from their shoulder. If you find yourself in a situation where you must deal with individuals with a negative outlook, confront them on the matter.

If you find yourself surrounded by so-called friends who constantly make you feel poorly about yourself and lower your self confidence, it might be time to part ways. Remember, friends, family, and loved ones are supposed to make you feel good about yourself and have your best interest at heart. This is not always the case and friends by title alone can do more harm than most enemies. Furthermore, personal relationships can have the same if not worse affect on one’s self confidence level.

Always remember to think positive, believe in yourself and your ambitions and goals and you can achieve whatever you desire.

For a greater understanding of the power of your mind and your thoughts and this can affect your financial freedom, get a copy of the original classic by Napoleon Hill titled “Think and Grow Rich”


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Whole Life Coaching with Energy Therapy Talk by Donna Burick – Part 1 of 3
FREE Insiders Secrets to Healthier, Happier Living. Donna is a Whole Life Coach and Energy Therapist. This unique fusion helps you uncover and remove conscious and subconscious blocks so your transformations are quick and easy. Please stop by
and learn what this powerful combination can do for you.
Here is a sampling of topics that might be covered in your session:
Alternative Healing Practices
Life Coaching
Whole Life Coaching
Holistic Coaching
BodyTalk System
Intentional Cuisine
Time Management
More Abundance
Increasing Your Money
Law of Attraction (LOA)
Communication Skills
Spirituality Coaching
Matrix Energetics
Clutter Coaching
Family Issues
Life Coach
Weight Loss
Video Blog

Duration : 0:9:40

Read more…

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Why do you live life? What is your personal purpose?

Just curious why everyone out there is living their lives. What motivates you? Your kids? Your work?

I want to know why you keep going every day. Why you don’t just quit. Please share your personal life motivations.

~~~ I tried to quit living a few times. Didn’t work. Maybe later. Until then….curiosity about tomorrow keeps me going. It’s like a never ending story. ~~~

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Ilm Warriors – DiscoverU Life Coaching or Program

Video by:

For information – visit:

* * *

Many prayers of peace and blessings upon you – my sisters in Islam,

A program is taking place on August 10, 2009 – which I have many hopes, Insha’Allah, to be a part of. However, as the funds are exceptionally high (4500.00 USD – not including the travel and other expenses) – it is difficult for me to do so individually. As I do not wish to take donations, I have opted to teach you all that I learn in the program for fees -many- times lower than the actual cost. In this way, you benefit from the information (at an exceptionally low price), and myself the opportunity to learn of that information in the first place.

Registration is open until August 5th – 9 PM (21:00) GMT. Thereafter, if sufficient amount of sisters uptake this wonderful opportunity, an invoice will be sent for payments via Paypal.

Insha’Allah, I truly look forward to your support sisters! :)

Duration : 0:1:59

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