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The Mine Emergency Industry Needs an Effective Staffing Ssytem

In times of emergencies, the ability of emergency rescue personnel to respond promptly to emergencies is so crucial.The promptness of their response will certainly determine the outcome of rescue operations.

Mining companies are faced with an entirely different scenario when it comes to emergency situations and safety challenges.The hazards in surface and underground mining are more complicated.An extensive training program is given to mining rescue volunteers for purposes of proficiency in risk assessment.Hence, it is always important to prioritize staffing concerns in mine emergency services.The basic elements are development of safety programs, training and education modules for rescue volunteers, refresher courses, site assessment, evaluation of general safety structure and performance and investigations of mining accidents.

Mining firms must concentrate to devise a program that provides for mine paramedics and training; equipment and technologies; fully integrated mining emergency medical assistance and security support and crisis management.

Mine paramedics  is made up of planning and review solutions for risk management, business stability, site security risk, site medical risk, employee health and welfare, evacuation policy and audit and procurement plan development.

Volunteers in mine rescue work must be well-versed in to crisis and incident management, incident scene coordination, advanced first aid, managing hostile environments and front of house response.They should also be adept in emergency response and familiar with procedures, use of equipment, protocols, quality control and capability auditing.

Lastly, before mining firms finalize their decisions in mine emergency services staffing, the provisions contained within the Mine Improvement and New Emergency Response Act should be taken into consideration.Operators of underground mines should improve their accident readiness and emergency response capabilities.The Mine Act has various prerequisites such as investigation of mine accidents, complaints of discrimination reported by miners, complaints of hazardous conditions reported by miners, and criminal violations; developing improved safety and health standards; and reviewing mine operators’ mining plans and education and training programs for miners.

Mine rescue is never an easy task so mine paramedics have to undergo intensive preparations and orientation to be able to perform their roles in disaster response and management.  

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Can You Stop The Countdown To Your Divorce?

You cannot hope to survive a divorce if you are pessimistic about it. Your attitude counts in the rehabilitation of your heart after a brutal divorce. And if you have done everything possible to save the marriage then you don’t have to beat yourself up for not trying hard enough. Bear in mind that how you feel about yourself after a divorce is reflection on how you feel about other people around you.Getting divorced online does not in anyway cost much. An online divorce requires that you both only have an Internet connectivity and a credit card. With an online divorce, you can both get divorced in less than 30 minutes for a little over two hundred dollars.

Putting the blame for the disintegration of your marriage on your spouse or someone else can be extremely childish. Don’t operate in stereotypes because of a bad marital break up. Sterotypes can hinder you from finding the right person after a divorce. Your target after a divorce is to move ahead with your life and not spend the rest of it looking for who to blame for the divorce that inevitable.The problems that arise from the splitting up of assets arise from attachment to property. Try not to attach too much sentimental value to things in the house so that you won’t be devastated if you don’t get anything in the property splitting up process.

A divorce can debase you if you let it. In the matters of a divorce, there is the high road and the low road; you can opt for the low road after a divorce and be a harsh, bitter creature or go for the high road and be free of negativity. To help in this quest check out magic of making up reviews which is a book aimed at increasing your relationship common sense quotient, and is well worth a read.Divorce support groups for women are rampant because women naturally express themselves and so it’s easier for them to find a network of friends after a divorce. It is a fact that support groups for divorced men are few. If you are a woman and you hurt badly after your divorce, seek the closest divorce support group to you and get divorce advice.

You need to learn how to be brutally honest with your divorce lawyer in order to avoid getting any unpleasant surprises along the way. A consultation with your divorce lawyer can give you a pretty clear idea about how to start and end a divorce process. Rememebr, ultimately you need to take responsibility for your own situation, and think about ways to save my marriage that may yet have a chance of success. According to statistics, men who just got divorced are more prone to committing suicide than women. In men, focusing on the things that truly count can help them cope with a fresh divorce. It always helps to have someone at hand who you can turn to when you’ve just gone through a divorce.

If you want to get divorced without spending money, then you and your partner should agree on those areas that tend to cause friction among people more. If you and your partner are able to discuss amicably about issues such as the house, money and kids, you will have a nearly painless divorce.The kind of thoughts that you think after a divorce can help you heal or open the wounds even wider. Thinking positively while in a divorce proceeding can make you feel more in control. A divorce need not get the best of you. After all, it’s not the end of the world for you.

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What is the secret to Titans coach Jeff Fisher’s success and length of service?

16 yrs as Titans coach when so many get fired or change teams.

I’m from Nashville. Fisher is a decent guy loved by his players. He really loves the game (not just the money). He has great patience (you try to coach VY and Pacman). He has calm controlled leadership. He is simple and transparent…not flashy and fake.

As a fan of football, what do you see in Fisher??

He’s one of the best, that’s why.

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how can i be more positive i cant stop thinking negative and down about myself? & i doubt my partners fellings?

how can i be more positive i cant stop thinking negative and down about myself? & i doubt my partners fellings for me cause im doubting myself. what are good ways to stay positive and not doubt things so much?

this is the only thing you need

no matter how bad you have it someone else has it worse

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What kinds of personal motivations work for an individual’s rehabilitation? ?

Can a person be rehabilitated against their will ?

It depends on what you mean by rehab, whether physical or mental. Mentally, you can condition a person to do most anything if torture isn’t out of the question. Although it isn’t a real world example, George Orwell’s 1984 does have an example of what you’re looking for. The main character is faced with the threat of death by a particularly nauseating bit of torture, where a rat will burrow through his skull. He screams out what he knows the guards want to hear, and what he honestly feels in such horror, “DO IT TO JULIA!!! NOT ME, DO IT TO HER, DO ANYTHING TO HER!!” (I’m paraphrasing, and Julia was the main character’s love interest).

The character was rehabbed eventually for the future dystopian society that he lived in. He was forced to be a cog in the machine, a willing player in a society where he accepted what was illogical but still true.

The best motivation is pleasure. If you have fun while doing something, then there isn’t an excuse. If I enjoy going to the gym, I’m going to go a lot more than if I have to convince myself every single time why it’s worth it.

The second best motivation is advantage. If you know something is good for you, such as eating well, exercising, studying hard in school or putting in extra time at work, you’ll do it, if reluctantly.

A weaker form of motivation is fear of the consequences. If you don’t do something, like rehab, you’ll be punished by the authorities or loved ones. This is different from the last form of motivation because although you aren’t enjoying something, in the last form at least it was doing you some good, but here you’re doing it just because the alternative is worse.

If you’re talking about drug rehabilitation in today’s society, then people often cannot be rehabilitated against their will. Torture is illegal and we respect each others’ choices. That’s not to say there can’t be consequences for not going to rehab. A lot of times, families will forsake people who don’t go to rehab and stop giving that person handouts or bailing him out of jail. The best motivation is to find a new purpose and new enjoyments in life that can take the place of past addictions. You can use this in conjunction with punishments for bad behavior to shape somebody else’s values.

The best combination is risk/reward. Find a way to reward acceptable behavior and punish unacceptable behavior. If the consequences are severe enough and the rewards lovely enough, people can be made to do ANYTHING.

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Tony Robbins Inspirational and Motivational Quote Video
For free easy-to-use action steps to reach your goals.

Free course revealing how to create the life you really want — and become a millionaire in the process…

Enjoy :)

“Tony Robbins Inspirational and Motivational Quotes”

Tags: inspirational motivational leadership the secret personal development law of attraction tony robbins inspiration motivation self help achieve goals goal setting success

Duration : 0:2:7

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Why Business Audiobooks Are Ideal Business Mentors

Are you looking for a business mentor to inspire and motivate you to success but can’t find or afford one? Business audiobooks may just be the ideal business mentoring solution you are looking for to help you grow and succeed.

Statistics show that ninety-seven million Americans drive alone to work everyday — and that doesn’t even include those who commute by bus, train or car pool! With the average commute to and from work now reaching over an hour each way, that’s almost two months of your life each year spent in transit or sitting in traffic. Just think how much you could improve your business or advance your professional career simply by listening to spoken audio recordings containing excellent information on how to improve your sales approach, communication and people skills, how to market your business better, ways to improve your customer service, etc. during this time.

With the rising popularity of MP3 players and iPods, and more new cars being fitted with built-in MP3 players (as of this year, almost all new cars are now capable of playing digital audio files), more business people are discovering that music or the news is not the only thing they can listen to while going about their busy day. Now, people can “listen” to business books, business seminars, sales and marketing lectures and podcasts from successful business people while they’re on-the-go — and when they don’t have time to read. Hence, the huge emerging popularity of audio books with commuters and business owners.

Today’s mobile and “time-starved” business owners, sales managers and sales professionals are discovering that they can download an unlimited amount of information into their brain, learn a foreign language or new skill that will improve their business, and get that competitive business edge while driving in their cars, commuting in trains and buses, or even while standing around in queues.

Most business people love to improve their business acumen via reading and taking courses, but lack the time to do so. This is where spoken audio recordings can play an important role in their professional lives.

Business audio books narrated by successful business people can act as an ideal mentoring tool for business owners (one specific title that comes immediately to mind is the audiobook version of Michael E. Gerber’s business classic “The E-Myth: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work And What To Do About It” read by the author himself!). Imagine all the money you can save on consulting fees and the knowledge you will gain, just by listening to an audio book written and narrated by a business expert while driving, or commuting to work on a bus or train.

Not only will you get mentored by some of the best business minds in the world and gain a competitive business edge by acquiring the latest business information listening to spoken audio recordings on business-related topics, you will also get yourself into the right “state of mind” for doing business successfully.

Just think about it! You arrive at work or at a sales presentation after having been “coached” by a successful business owner while driving or commuting, your mind is immersed in business thoughts and you’re most likely inspired by a great business idea or tip you’ve just heard. You walk into a meeting and you are focused. Your mind is sharp. Your energy is positive and you look vibrant. Your brain is filled with new business strategies and ideas and working subconsciously with these to help you achieve the best results and outcomes no matter what daunting tasks, projects or challenges may lie ahead for you in your busy day.

As a business person, you can now use the amazing value inherent in listening to audio books to gain a competitive business edge over others. You won’t have to worry about not having the time or will to flip through the pages of a book. You can now “listen” to business books when preparing to go to work in the morning, when commuting to and from work, etc.

Currently, there are thousands of best-selling business audiobook titles available. If you are at a loss for specific business audio books to get started, here are 5 of some of the best that any business person should listen to:

1. “How To Win Friends And Influence People” – by Dale Carnegie

One of the most important aspects of any business is the fact that PEOPLE are a crucial part of its success. This is true in almost every aspect of human activity, and especially in business. We need people to keep our businesses going and growing. Not just the people that bring us new sales and new customers, but also the people that make the sales possible, the people who deliver our products, handle complaints, run the administrative aspects of the business, and so on. To be able to succeed in business and other areas of life, we all need to know “how to win friends and influence people”. That’s why this incredible book by Dale Carnegie is a “must have” for any person in business. With the power of the information contained in this classic book, you can learn not just how to influence people so that they bring in more sales for your business, but most importantly how to win staff, suppliers, customers and prospects over as friends to help you make future sales possible. This book is available in audio book format, so you can enjoy listening to it in the comfort of your car while driving or commuting.

2. “E-Myth Mastery” – By Michael E. Gerber

Michael E. Gerber is the world’s leading small business guru and bestselling author of the phenomenally successful “The E-Myth Revisited”. In this audiobook version of his follow up book, “E-Myth Mastery”, Michael Gerber presents the next big step in entrepreneurial management and leadership. This audiobook presents a practical, real-world program that can be implemented in real-time in your business. The E-Myth credo — Don’t work IN your business, work ON it — is spelled out here in the seven essential disciplines followed by every leader of a world-class enterprise. Each discipline provides the leadership keys for unlocking success in the critical areas of business development: Leadership, Marketing, Finance, Money, Management, Client Fulfillment, Lead Conversion and Lead Generation. E-Myth Mastery is the ultimate business development program that will help you recover your passion and turn your company into a world-class operation — a turn-key machine for the money and satisfaction that only a successful entrepreneur can enjoy.

3. “Zig Ziglar’s Secrets Of Closing The Sale” – By Zig Ziglar

All of us are involved in selling every day. Whenever we present a product or a principle, inform a client, or instruct a child, we are engaging in the art of effective persuasion. Zig Ziglar is America’s master of the art of selling and in this audiobook, he explains proven, practical sales techniques all of us can use every day. He also provides vital strategies for specific closes, hundred of sales questions, and dozens of persuasion procedures to help everyone sell their ideas, or themselves. No matter what your age, gender, occupation, or lifestyle, these proven techniques from America’s selling sensation can work for you.

4. “Jack: Straight from the Gut” – by Jack Welch

Jack Welch is unquestionably one of the world’s most successful CEOs ever. In this powerful and thought-provoking audio book, Jack tells his own story, detailing how you can follow his steps to become one of the most successful persons in your career today.

5. “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make The Leap” – by Jim Collins

You can’t argue with the fact that “without the techniques and strategies, no company or business can excel beyond a few days, weeks or even months”. Businesses and companies that have stood the test of time for many years know what to do and they have done it right. Jim Collins took the time to conduct extensive researches into how and what companies did to maintain success for many long years, while their counterparts failed within a few months or years of starting up. The power of the information contained within this audio book can help any business person to succeed.

These 5 audio books can truly help you improve your business, your career and your life, if you will simply take the time to listen to them and apply what you will learn. Before your next sales presentation, job interview, or important business meeting, take some time to go online and browse through an audiobook store for a downloadable business audiobook that you can burn to CD, or upload to your iPod or MP3 player. It will not only empower you to achieve better business results and improve your life, it will also give you a competitive edge over those who are spending their drive or commute time engaging in less productive activities.

For more articles and information about the benefits of audiobooks, visit .

Martin Aranovitch

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I have to write a paper on personal value development help!!!?

I have to write a paper on personal values development help!?
the paper is suppose to examing your personal values, ground reules and/or ethics development. Focus on the development aspect rather than on a particular issue. Define what your values are and the source that helped shape them and the criteria and decision making factors you utilize to revise them. Also, discuss the piotential impact of your values and your performance in your workplace.

Ethics stem from the desire of man to live in community. Chosen likely because large groups survive better that small groups or individuals.
In living together, simple rules had to be established, for the goal of living peacefully.
First, Truth. Because without trust, there is no cohesion. and second, Love. Because this is the bond that ties.
A simple look into virtue demonstrates that no single virtue can be deemed virtuous without the action of truth and love.
Take the love or truth out of Grace, Courage, Kindness, Generosity, Affability, Patience, Loyalty, Faith, Gallantry or any other virtue you wish and till me how it is possible.
All virtues are gifts we present to our loved ones.
How does a value develop? by the recognition of its service to our community. Does it serve truth or love of our people?
Potential impact… Can you imagine if the world became a family of one, serving with love and honesty, every one of its members always? How’s that for impact?

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Testimonial: The Paradox Agency for Hypnosis (Hypnosis Training with KC Johnson)

For more information about Hypnosis Training Classes, Motivational Hypnosis and Sports Hypnotism…
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KC Johnson and The Paradox Agency for Hypnosis teach hypnosis classes throughout North America and Europe. In this video testimonial, a Certified NLP and Personal Development Trainer discusses his experience in KC Johnson’s Instant and Rapid Induction’s Course.

If you are interested in taking classes with The Paradox Agency for Hypnosis, please see our list of classes at:

Duration : 0:0:46

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How to increase positive thinking and improve the attitude?

I have positive thinking and attitude but i am sometimes unable to stop the non sense negative thought.

Don’t TRY to stop negative thinking, but pay it no mind and return to an inner awareness, then behave in a positive way. Eventually you will develope a more positive attitude.

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