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What is a good business slogan?

We are doing an assignment in school and I need a good slogan for a coaching business.


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Transformational Life Coaching: Make unlimited possibilities for you and others

Transformational Life Coaching: Make unlimited possibilities for yourself and others

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  • The final rule book for becoming a life coach – dgMarket the founder of the coaching movement
    Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D., is the original life coach. In 1974, she founded the first coach training program and has since written numerous books including the bestseller # 1 New York Times If life is a game, What are the rules: ten rules for being human. True to its tradition of teaching others how coaches ‘brilliant’, have become for themselves and their clients, Dr. Carter-Scott

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    ADD US ON FACEBOOK TO GET MP3 Here is a video sharing many inspiring boxers in this world. Rocky Marciano Muhammad Ali Joe Frazier Roy Jones J Manny Pacquiao Mike Tyson James J Braddock Sugar Ray Robinson Joe Louis Other inspirational athletes and people Mike Tyson Muhammad Ali Nelson Mandela Arnold Schwarzenegger Rosa parks Michael Jordan Derek Redmond Martin Luther King Kai Greene Bruce lee Mother Theresa Motivation Inspiration Powerful Beyond Measure Inspirational Speech Rocky Rocky speech Muhammad Ali Motivational Tony Robbins Success Training Personal Coaching Bodybuilding

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    So if motivation is the main reason why I can’t seem to loose weight, will a Personal Trainer help?

    I think a personal trainer is a waste of money.

    You can try
    It is a healthy way to lose weight.
    You type in how much you want to lose and by when etc…and they plan out your meals so you can achieve your goal. They have a calorie counter and everything. Plus they give you a fitness plan according to what type of exercising you like to do. The exercises can be done at home like dumbells, resistance bands & ball. You can also choose from walking, jogging,or a home video. There’s many different options. It’s like having a nutritionist and it is free. You also have support from the members. A real neat site. I’m quite impressed.

    God Bless!

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    Millionaire Seeks Apprentice to Mentor

    Finally; A fool proof plan to make your financial dreams come true. A Recession Proof Business. Full time income, anytime.


    Finally, there is a way to stay ahead in the money game. You can make a sizable income, or even become wealthy, regardless of the economic situation. Join those ina special club who receive hundreds of dollars in their accounts every day, simply by promoting the products of others.


    In this club, you will not be left alone. You will receive “Hands On” coaching, and 24 hour email access to your mentor.


    You do not need your own website. You will not do any prospecting or selling. You will not need to harass your friends or relatives. The web site does it all for you.


    There are 8 tutorial videos that will guide you every step of the way. It’s like being led by the hand. You will be shown how to get a Domain Name, and how to link that Domain Name to the club. You will be shown how to set up your ClickBank Account to receive payments.


    You will also be taught how to promote your own Domain Name, free, through on-line advertising.


    You will be coached on how to write attention arresting articles to be published on-line through no cost article engines.


    With all the available coaching and hands on mentoring, your success is guaranteed. Imagine all the things you ever wanted to do, and all the “Toys” you ever wanted to buy. You owe it to yourself to check out this business venture. Since you have tried all the rest, isn’t it time you tried the best?

    Ronald M. Davis

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    Is it the power of positive thinking?

    How can we remain positive in the competing demands and time pressures can all affect how our immune system, whether or not we exercise, the interactions we have with each other, and even every breath we take? Our understanding of the relationship between behavior, physiology and disease development, the rationale for integrative approaches that enable people to become more aware and efficient navigation in the world today. UCSF Dr. Margaret Chesney has some of the current research on mind-body interventions and provide strategies to improve health and well-being. Series: Healthy Living [8 / 2010] [Health and Medicine] [Professional Medical Education] [Show ID: 19383]
    Note Video: 4 / 5

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    how to prepare personal development plan?

    I need to have general understanding about preparation of personal development plans for a company. It is a part of Human Resourse development.

    Very generally by looking at

    1) the skills you have now

    and then detailing the gaps between this and

    2) the skills needed to fulfill your job description
    3) the skills neeeded to keep abreast of changes/updates to your job
    4) the skills needed to move towards aspirations you hold in your job

    and then working out a plan for addressing these gaps.
    Very often, in assessing your current skills, tools like appraisals and 360 degree feedback can be useful

    These sites may also be able to inform

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    talk show
    Video Rating: 5 / 5

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    What a Life Coach Can Do for you

    As the New Year begins people all over the world are committing themselves to all sorts of resolutions to lead better lives. Every year millions of people (friends and family of mine included) commit themselves to such things as: quitting smoking, getting in shape, making more money, and spending more time with our family and friends, which are just a few of the resolutions we hear today. While some of us do join the gym, throw away cigarettes, start saving money, how long does it last? A month? Two months? Three, if we’re lucky? When the excitement of the New Year wears off and the old routine and demands of life set in, the same old patterns come back up and we tell ourselves “well maybe next year”, or “promises were made to be broken”. It doesn’t have to be that way this year. There are many people out there, besides personal trainers, whose job it is to ensure that we continue to reach our goals. They are called Life Coaches.

    A life coach is someone who works with you to create the goals and outcomes we want for our life. Some areas they work with clients on are: creating a better balance between our personal and professional lives, improving our ability to communicate our ideas and thoughts in public, and developing strategies for us to earn more money.

    After attending a self-development seminar by Tony Robbins late last year, I decided to hire my own life coach. You see, for many years I‘d read numerous books on how to be a better person and leader. I watched DVDs and listened to CDs on spirituality and finding the inner wisdom, so that I could find my true purpose. I will admit that a lot of what I read stuck with me and I was happy to share that knowledge; I just found that I didn’t apply much of it consistently. I don’t think I am alone on this. I believe we all want to have a great life with financial security, time with our family and friends, and a career where we’re making a positive difference that provides us with a level of deep satisfaction.

    Yet we never have someone committed to working with us to achieve those goals. While you may have family, friends and colleagues interested in seeing live a better life, they aren’t necessarily going to put their time and energy into helping. Why? Because they are just as focused on their goals and outcomes for their life. I can tell you that I have already seen results in two of three outcomes I have set to achieve over the next three months, and it is empowering. The final outcome will be realized within the next two weeks. When I am finished achieving these outcomes I will work with my coach to push my self into new adventures, opportunities and areas of life that will create more passion and zest for life.

    A life coach steps in to provide many levels of support; acts as a sounding board, works to create action-oriented techniques, and provides thought provoking questions. Growing in popularity and use all over the world, in 2004, according to MarketData Enterprise, there were 25,000 life coaches in the U.S, and in 2005 the amount of coaches grew to 40,000. Canada, Japan, the U.K, and Australia are also growing markets for coaching.

    Some of the most successful athletes, CEOs, musical artists in the world have their own life coaches. These coaches are not counselors, therapists, mentors, or consultants. Counselors and therapists focus on your past, mentors and consultants give you their opinion and how you should proceed and offer solutions. A personal coach will bring the solution out of you, and that is a very empowering tool for clients. The ability to talk out the process that will create the desired result or the optimal solution to the challenge their facing will propel them forward at an exciting rate.

    Many people who hire a personal trainer are often the most successful at losing weight, staying in shape and eating healthy. When the commitment is made to pay a personal trainer, show up at a specific time to train, and complete the amount of work they require you do you get results. Why? Well for one thing you have vested financial interest in the sessions. Secondly, you are now accountable to another person; you told them you would show up at a particular time to train and you don’t want to disappoint them. Finally, as strange as this may seem, the vast majority of us will do more for others than we will do for ourselves. So when the trainer tells you that you’re going to do fifteen sit-ups and as you get to the fifteenth they tell you, “ok now ten more”, and you push yourself. If you were training alone you would have stopped at ten. Make sense? Now is the time to hire a life coach to push you to your “10” in life, and then help create a “15” to reach for.

    Brian Toppin

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    Do you believe that thinking positive actually leads to having good things happen?

    I hope it does. I tend to think that being positive and friendly leads to others responding in the same manner. And it lessens the chance of conflict happeneing. But I am not sure if theres any science to the whole thing.

    Yes i do believe that. THere is actually a book about the whole theroy, its called The Secret. It was featured on Oprahs book club and in my opinion, its a very good book.

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