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Help You Clients Generate And Later Increase Their Sales.

A teleseminar is a smart way to build deep relations with your prospects. After you have earned the inherent right to be given someones e-mail you're going to need to nurture that trust by demonstrating to your list that your worth their time. You want to investigate their requirements and offer answers to their concerns in a fashion that creates real worth to the prospect. Now, while there are plenty of strategies you might reach and have interaction with your prospects a teleseminar is among the best paths to demonstrate your understanding and training character. When you read something somebody writes you are hearing your voice in your mind's eye, which prevents your prospects from identifying you with your papers.

A negative executive can rub off on their workers, so making a negative working environment which cuts back on the productivity of the business. As a business chief, it's very important to represent the business as a full on each level. Even when tough times hit the business, attempt to be hopeful. When things are going good, attempt to be hopeful and pragmatic. Bear in mind that home entrepreneurs nowadays have so many selections. These info can certainly influence the purchasing call of your prospects.

One of the greatest things you can do to get them to deal with you is by giving them free consultations. Your goal here is to persuade them you're what they need and you can offer them with the data and help that they have to grow their business. In here, these folks can raise questions and they can ask your expert guidance on issues about running a home business. To be valuable in this field, you have to have applicable background in promoting and advertising. You can also be tasked to help in arranging a promoting campaign. Help you clients generate and later increase their sales. This is the key purpose of people that would are building their own business. As a coach, you need to be able to supply these folk with info, resources, tools, and help as to how they can attract their prospects and later convert them to purchasing patrons.

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Investing In You. Beyond Positive Thinking

Who Else Wants To Learn The Hidden Secrets That No One Has Been Telling You About A Better Life Beyond The Power Of Positive Thinking?

You're About To Be Handed The Key That Unlocks The Hidden Secrets Of How To Finally Have The Life You Dream Of…

Taking Control Of Your Life, Finances & Happiness Is Just One Simple Step Away – Attaining Success Has Never Been Easier!

Listen to this audio clip from the Book 'Beyond Positive Thinking'

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Duration : 3 min 10 sec

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Personal Success Coaching Course

28 Session coaching course launching April 2010 at Course written and designed by Newcastle Performance Coaching founder Aly Sproat. Full details will about this great product launch will be announced soon. Any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. Aly

Duration : 0:3:21

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How does one teach work ethic and personal motivation to those that want maximum dollar for minimum work?

It always helps to set an example. I would organize people into cross functional teams, set them goals and objectives to attain and hopefully the influence of the hard workers willinfluence the others.

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Alexander Supertramp presents “My Generation” a poem

My Generation

in the evacuation of knowledge from the minds of my peers
I too search
Lost internally and externally
All direction lacking
Substance and apathy attacking
Crippling both economic and personal goals
It breaks my heart to stand as part
of the “Generation of Nos”
No religion, no leaders
No motivation no fears
Immortality and entitlement
are the that got us here
God and education have fallen to the back
Our children are suffering but we save Freddie mac
Break from the media
Break from politics too
Rely on respect as societies glue
“We the people” can again be great
Come together, pull your weight
Believe in action
since we don’t have faith
take control of our future
become “Generation Dictate”

-Alexander Supertramp

Duration : 0:1:14

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Helpless When She Smiles (S2) : Chapter 25

Marcus walks out into the alley behind the arena and sighs as he leans against the concrete wall, looking up towards the afternoon sky. “This is stupid!” he says out loud to the heavens. He scratches the back of his neck, rubbing his hand up over his head and then down his face. “I don’t have feelings for her.” He mumbles. “I can’t have feelings for her.” He corrects himself. His mind races as he tries to figure out what just happened in there, it didn’t make sense but when he had seen her standing there, he had felt warm inside. He knew the first rule of being a personal bodyguard, Never Fall in Love with the client! He’d always been able to stick to that rule. And up until last night he still felt he was, but then Alex had said those things, and they actually made sense. The two of them had become very close over the last few months. Well of course they would, they were pretty much together 24/7. They laughed together and talked about their lives, he had comforted her when she cried over missing Kevin. Really maybe Alex was Right. He shook his head to get those thoughts out of his mind. No, Alex knew nothing he was just trying to taunt him, he was a Sicko, who took pleasure from making other people crazy. That’s all this was, and he wasn’t going to let that psycho get to him. Lisa was a client and that is all that she will ever be. He pushes himself away from the wall taking a deep breath, forcing the unprofessional feelings for Lisa down into the pit of his stomach, hopefully never to be heard from again. He grips the door and opens it, returning to the busy interior of the Arena.
Hours later Marcus is confident that things are back to normal he watches Lisa sitting on Kevin’s lap as they chat with the others in the airport lounge. Happy to see them together and relived he was back to his on the job mentality. They were all sitting in the small lounge waiting for the call to board the plane. Lisa was sitting in Kevin’s lap her arm around his shoulder her fingers twisting in his hair, as they talked with Tracey, Joe and Colleen. “I guess you’ll be happy to see the back end of this place.” Joe says, Tracey swatted him “Joe?” Lisa squeezes her lips together before answering “Yes and no. I mean I’m happy to get away from what happened last night but I’m gonna miss Susan all the same.” Kevin kisses her cheek “I’m just happy that you’re still here with me.” She blushes and replies “I could say the same thing…. I’m sorry.” He looks at her his eyebrow raised “For What?” She smiles at him before looking down at the bandage wrapped around his arm, she gently brushes her hand over it, before looking back up and into his eyes. “For you getting hurt, and creating so much drama in your life. I mean you’re dad has had to work over time since last night to keep the press happy.” Kevin and Joe both laugh and Joe states “Li, Don’t worry about it Dad loves this and if it wasn’t you there would be something else that would be creating just as much Havoc in our lives.” Lisa looked at him oddly, a confused look appears on his face and then he says “Wait that didn’t sound right… but you know what I mean.” Lisa giggled “The scary thing is Joe you’re right I do know what you mean..” Kevin laughs “You are finally learning the language of Joe… but be warned once you understand him nothing else will make sense again.” Tracey and Colleen both start laughing at the hurt look on Joe’s face. Nick saunters over and sits next to Colleen taking her hand in his. “”They’re just putting the bags on the plane well be boarding soon.” Tracey looks over at the two of them smiling at each other and sighs “I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming. You two are just so cute.” Joe laughs “I knew it! I’m just surprised that you were able to hide it for so long. … You’ve got more willpower that I thought little Bro!” Nick sneers at him “Well the motivation behind it was that I wouldn’t have to listen to you cracking Jokes all the time.” Joe feigning offence “What? Me… Make fun… of You! … Never!… Oh Colleen, just make sure you give him a lot of …..” Tracey slaps her hand over Joe’s mouth so all they hear is a muffled “MROTUGHFFLYGH” as she scolds “Joe! Don’t you dare!” his eyes sparkle as he looks at his girlfriend. He sticks out his tongue and licks the palm of her hand as it still covers his mouth. “Ewww” she exclaims as she pulls her hand away quickly rubbing it on his shirt. He laughs “That’s not what you said the last time I licked you.” Everyone else says “Ewww” in unison. “That’s one detail we didn’t need to hear.” Nick exclaims, Joe laughs “What all I was going to say was that she needs to give you a lot of time to write.” Kevin rolls his eyes “Yeah! Right?” Joe gives everyone a sly smirk, just as Rob comes over and announces its time to board.

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Extreme Cash Coaching : The Team, mentors, coaches, trainers (623)332-9022 We are a unique program where you will find the highest quality of training & support that will show you how to become an expert internet marketer. Secondly, we provide our members with an incredible money making opportunity that provides both immediate and residual income. When you become a member of Extreme Cash Coaching, you will have access to training from some of the best marketers on the internet. We have a tutorial video library that will show you exactly how to become an expert internet marketer. These videos will cover a number of different resources and techniques that are used by these top marketers. We even have some tutorial videos on high quality offline advertising as well. Our compensation plan was developed by some top online marketers to bring you a highly leveraged pay plan. When you become a member, you will be able to earn both immediate and residual commissions by marketing our program. You'll be able to earn money on your own marketing …

Duration : 2 min 34 sec

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What is the anecdote about the 4 minute mile & the power of positive thinking?

I am being interviewed for a radio program and would like to tell this anecdote as it relates to the topic. It is something like this: for many years running the mile in under four minutes was thought to be physically impossible until someone (Robert Banning?) did it. Within weeks or months several other people did the same, the reason being they now knew that it could be done. The barrier was a mental one not a physical one.
A local radio breakfast program is coming to my work to interview us about our business. Its a free promotion that airs twice weekly in Campbelltown and we have been invited to be on it.
We have transition to school classes for preschoolers designed to teach them to have the confidence to accept challenges and believe in their own abilities by giving them the opportunity to succeed in early literacy & numeracy tasks.
But I googled and got the info! It was Roger Bannister by the way

If im not wrong, there was one another factor that made him to break that record.. his aussie/russian (??) counterpart who had a sporty rivalry with him, chasing him down the line. Within a week, his new record was broken by 1 whole minute, by his rival. So i guess there are few things that work out in life that make us super humans even without our knowledge.. for eg: Bannister wouldnt have thought of breaking the 4 min barrier but just to beat his rival. And the record came along, its a bonus. So i will add "movivation" to your list.

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Life Balance

This powerful coaching segment is one of 36 topics covering some of the most important questions in our lives. All topics are contained on a DVD entitled “Your Personal Coach” by Will Marre, available from the American Dream Project at

Duration : 2 min 4 sec

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The Online Business Crucial Success Factor | Internet Marketing

Online business is an industry that requires a huge amount of self motivation. Self motivation is the sole driver for discipline, endurance and patience which are the success factors that differentiate the winners from the quitters. …
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