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Texas A&M commencement

Former Texas A&M football coach R.C. Slocum delivers the commencement address — Coaching Points for the Game of Life — to A&M graduates Aug. 12, 2010.

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Wealth and Abundance Morning Mantra Life Coaching

Use this mantra every morning to help set a peaceful pace for your day. When we act as if we already have what we want, then it brings it to us much faster.

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Who Didn’t Impress Today, Barcelona or Chelsea?

The answer will appear obvious to many people, – Chelsea.
Unfortunately just as it is in life, appearances tend to be deceiving.

Pep Guordiola and the whole Spanish Press, can finger and accuse Chelsea of being negative, but they are only deceiving themselves.

Let’s face it, do you need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that after a few spankings, Chelsea would come to stifle and suppress?
Barcelona did the exact same thing as Chelsea last year. They defended all night against the Man Utd juggernaut. Neither did they offer any attacking verve at Old Trafford.

Senor Pep was clueless. He failed to prepare his team to ‘unlock and unpick’, the Chelsea defense, which supposedly was leaking more goals than Kim Philby leaks secrets.

Examples of the managerial experience of both coaches:

A) 1 saw that Barcelona would almost certainly come out firing. He secured the opening 1/4, and directed that Messi & Co, was not to be given license to dribble unchallenged.
The other had no idea how to unlock, no serious attempt was made for close controlled passing or attacking the fullbacks.No sustained pressure on weaker spots of the defense.

B) 1, despite the numerous dead ball situations, showed that no preparations were made to maximise this attacking advantage.

The other realised that counter attacking or matching pass for pass, would be suicidal. He also realised that if Chelsea could survive the early onslaughts, eventually Barcelona would tire.

Barcelona’s performance convinced and confirmed my long held suspicions, that they don’t have the necessary tools to prise open top English clubs. They remind me of Mike Tyson, a ferocious and extremely dangerous opponent, but if any team could stand-up and hold off the early attacks, eventually they lose steam and run out of ideas. Just like Tyson.

Of course you are entitled to your opinions, for which you probably have just cause as well. However can you not concede that my statement has some weight, as well?

As always a song, like this classic from the Scorpions:
Wind Of Change:
No Freshy and MJ. I never blindly support or oppose any team.

And Freshy, some teams have won the European Cup by exactly parking 11 players in front of goal, just take a look at Steaua Bucharest, Red Star Belgrade, even Hiddink’s PSV Eindhoven.

This year, I am supporting Chelsea for this Cup. Behind them is deffo Barcelona. But what I want to say is that, it is becoming more and more obvious that Barcelona, has peaked too early.

Also when you’re pulverizing teams ‘black and blue’, you take for granted that every opponent can be dispatched the same way. How often have you seen this in football? Surely a lot, moreover as a Barcelona fan, this is deja vu for you.

Of course Barcelona can go to London and win, but anyone who expects the same type of Chelsea to re-appear, is in for a rude shock.
As the Italians put it, ‘a draw away from home, is always an honourable result’.
Especially from the Camp Nou, if I may add.

i cant remember the last time i read anything on any medium that was so well-worded…..good job…..

as a blues (sorry, yellows today) fan, i was more than content to see chelsea sit there and let barca fire 30 yarders over the bar time and again. there only real chances came when iniesta got fouled twice in the second half, and of course that eto’o breakaway. good on alex for pressuring him so he couldnt get off a good shot, i thought surely it was in. alex, cech and terry should be co-co-men of the match

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Life Coach Kitegirl What is Life Coaching?

Introduction to Kitegirl Life Coach and what Life Coaching is.

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[EFT Coaching for Business] Overcome Limiting Beliefs Around Money to Achieve Your Goals

In this video see success coach, Pamela Bruner in action as she removes barriers to success using a simple Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) exercise. This example is targeted specifically around overcoming the fear of not having enough money.

Are you not taking action and not sure why? Is your business growth and income a constant struggle? Is fear holding you back from success?

Remove the roadblocks to success with the free 5-day minicourse ‘5 Secrets to Success’ at

Pamela Bruner is a success coach who uses state-of-the-art mindset tools to make it easy and fun for her clients to do all the things that make business, and life, successful.

Duration : 0:6:22

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Would you use a "personal development coach"?

I would like to become a personal development coach. I have the gift and strong desire to help people examine their lives to enhance overall happiness. I think this informal approach to counseling with a "regular" person would save people both time and money. Even just talking to an impartial party who won’t "label" them would help people relax and open up. What do you think?

The field is saturated with "life coaches" and similar.

It is extraordinarily competitive.

In addition, some "coaches" have found themselves in legal hot water in terms of their services bleeding over into the fields of counseling and psychotherapy (which require a license to practice – not unlike medicine).

My advice to you is to carefully consider your options before you give a single dollar to ANY organization claiming to "train" or "accredit" coaches. The profession at the moment is NOT regulated. Therefore, any "training" or "accreditation" you purchase will likely be invalid if the profession ever does become regulated by the state.

With Obama’s promise to socialize medicine in this country, you can be virtually assured that lawsuits against "coaches" who are actually conducting psychotherapy or counseling will soon follow.

Best of luck to you in your decision-making process,
~Dr. B.~

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How Distance and Open Learning has Changed my Life

When I was approached to write a piece on open and distance
learning education, I came up with this piece. After reading it
through, I have come to the conclusion that my life has changed
completely because of it. I didn’t realise how much until I
wrote about it, and got half way through proof reading it. This
is what I wrote:

‘When I got married I quit my job in the legal profession.
Eighteen years on, and three children later, I decided that
there had to be more for my future. I had the time to spend on
anything I wanted, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I
looked through the courses that Oxford College ODL offered by
open and distance learning, and realised that this mode of
education was a very good place to start. I had picked out the
characteristics of education that I didn’t want to bother with,
and there were quite a few! Examples of these were not sitting
in a classroom with younger students that would show me up,
stringent rules and class times that had to be adhered to, and
cramming for and worrying about exams that were taken in large
halls full of these again, young students. Oxford College ODL
through their distance learning and open learning courses was
offering me what I wanted, all that was left to do was to choose
where I wanted to start.

I decided to start with two courses that were completely
different, so I enrolled in one that I thought would help me
understand the world around me, and one that would help me with
confidence and my relations with my children. The first came in
the form of a sociology diploma, and the second in a diploma in
life coaching. I knew I was taking a lot on, but this was just
for me, and I could take five years to complete them! It hasn’t
taken me anywhere near that long to complete them both. I have
completed my diploma in sociology with distinction, and I am on
my penultimate assignment for my life coaching diploma. I have
been able to put a lot of time into my studies, but it has only
been shy of two years now and I have accomplished more than I
thought I would have been able to.

My plans are to move onto a diploma in psychology next which my
background in sociology has given me a deep interest in, and for
myself rather selfishly, I am going to enrol on the English
Literature program which I believe will give me the confidence
to enjoy the writings and works of those that spent their lives
composing pure and quality entertainment. I couldn’t have done
all this if it wasn’t for the distance learning and open
learning courses offered.

Through me, my children have gained confidence. My education in
life coaching has given me the ability to support my children
without interfering which gives them confidence. My son has
since started his own business with my support, and my daughter
is studying through distance learning as I am, whilst she trains
in distance running. She has realised, as I have, that there are
many ways to get a quality education, and it doesn’t have to get
in the way of other ambitions.’

Distance learning and open learning have changed our lives
greatly, and there are many reasons to study this way. I have
come to learn that education is not something to be scared of,
it is something for everybody, and it is something that you
should be able to take at your own pace. Distance learning has
done this for us along with show us that education is not just
there for those who want to further their job prospects, but it
is also there for people to simply gain knowledge in subjects
that they are interested in and through this it is impossible to
describe the feeling of confidence that is achieved. I had
always thought that further education was for those that had to
make more money to support themselves and it was just a tool to
further their job prospects. It is much more than that and has
opened my eyes to a whole new way of life. It is for me, it is
for my children, and it is for everyone. Distance learning
doesn’t discriminate. It is a gift

Emma Jones

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The power of positive thinking tests

The Power of Positive

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    The Power of Positive Thinking has helped millions of men and women to flourish in their lives. In this phenomenal bestseller, Dr. Peale demonstrates the power of faith in action. With practical techniques in this book, you can power your life – and give yourself the initiative needed to achieve your ambitions and hopes

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    How do I know how to choose a good personal trainer?

    I want to do a mass-gaining program (and muscle-gaining) during the Summer. I know what I have to do, but there are a few other things that I need to learn about and need some motivation.

    I’ve been lifting weights for over a year now and I’m much bigger than before but now I want to just get large and buff. So how do I know how to pick the right personal trainer? Thanks.

    Not sure, but I have some requirements that you should follow:

    If your trainer is not making you…
    squat to parallel, then fire him
    deadlift, then fire him
    overhead/military press, then fire him

    If your trainer wants you to…
    squat on a smith machine, then fire him
    do anything on a machine really, then fire him

    If your trainer does not tell you to…
    Eat like a starving madman, then fire him
    Eat at the very least 1gram of protein per pound of body weight, then fire him

    There’s a lot of bullcrap in today’s fitness world and there are bound to be lousy fitness trainers. I see trainers all the time at Bally’s making people do obscure exercises with little to no weight that doesn’t do jack shit. Make sure you have someone who is legit. Bonus points if they are some hardass ex-Marine.

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    Living With Somebody Who Has Panic Attacks

    Panic attacks are incredibly devastating for the individual who is suffering from them. However, hard as it may be for someone with panic attacks to go through it, they don’t seem to be the only ones affected. The people around them, their families, spouses, and friends also may be affected. If you cope with somebody with the condition, you’re not alone. There are also some things you are able to do to make things better for you and for the individual with the condition.

    03/09/2011  Scranton, PA – Nelson Jay Van Hutton shares his experience when he was just a young kid and he had to face his mother who had anxiety disorders. “I was always just so scared for her and I wanted her to be okay,” said Van Hutton. “I did not know what I had to do, father just advised us to give mom our love and we did. Luckily, she found a doctor who showed her some panic control method that really helped.” Van Hutton was also at hand when the web page –  was launched.

    In one of the boards that talked about Panic Away reviews, there were a few people who commented that living with a individual with anxiety attacks can be a challenge. Of course it can be, especially since panic attacks can be very unpredictable. 

    The incredibly first thing you need to do is to be aware of what a panic attack really is. To help you determine what a panic spell is, you will have to schedule a session with someone who know what it is. They may even be able tell you what you can do to help individuals when they are experiencing a panic spell. You might also read self-help books if you want to do so.

    When you cope with someone who has panic attacks, there is a extremely good chance that you live in fear of the attacks as much as they are. The best thing you are able to do for someone with Anxiety disorders though is to make sure that you give them your support. Panic attacks can be really incapacitating and you would want to make sure that they feel they have your support.  

    You might also talk to the person with the anxiety disorders. Ask them what you’ll be able to do to assist to. If you feel bad about it, you could also inform them about it.

    You could also talk to someone about your problem. Doing so will help you let go of some steam and the tension that you are feeling. Talk to someone who is in a similar position as you are. You could also join boards like Panic Away reviews. Talking to others might even help you find a solution for your friend’s condition. You might also ask for tips on how you’ll be able to live with your concerns.  

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