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Survey:: Do you have the latest in personal motivation at your gym ?

Well do you ?

Yes I do…that is why I am so fecking fit…lmao…*cough* on the cigarette smoke…*hic* *hic* *hic*…keeps running though… :-)

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Coaches – Grow Your Business by Removing Self-Imposed Barriers

By Alan Boyer

 I’m going to challenge you here a bit. You may believe that what I’m about to say is not “self imposed” but it is. For instance, one of the things I encourage coaches to do to grow their business significant is speak. But, it’s not unusual to have barriers put up by the organization’s staff, or volunteer officers. It’s almost normal for some organizations. But what I said above was that this is “self imposed”. If you are running into barriers from anyone, anything, anywhere and you ACCEPT it and walk away then you have just made it “self imposed.”

If You ACCEPT the Barriers Put Up by Others Then Your Barrier Is Self Imposed

For instance, I noticed a certain organization seemed to be full of people who needed help growing their business. When I asked several members of that group how much they made by the hour it was PRETTY LOW, so I offered to do a series of “how to grow your business significantly” over the next month. Several in the group actually approached the board, and the board… originally said that sounded great. But I got a call back later that said that I had to “be approved by the board” before I could do the series.

One of the board asked if I was doing any presentations. I invited him ot one I was doing within a couple of days. he showed up, listened for only the first 5 minutes of the presentation and stormed out of the room. Later when I talked with him he said that what I had said wasn’t even possible. I had made a statement that IF they would develop a “marketing message” that really GRABBED people, and not just the typical that 20% to 30% of a room could easily be reached.

Since this particular person had never achieved results such as that not only did he not stay around long enough to hear “how it could be done” but he had decided that I wasn’t going to speak to HIS group who also had never done anything like that. Of course I offered to introduce him to the 30% from that room that night if he didn’t believe it, but he wasn’t interested since he was so SURE that it wasn’t possible.

The blind leading the blind. He has an opportunity to learn how but he stormed out before listening to the rest. He has an opportunity to even talk with those 30% to have it proven to him, but he was so SURE that it couldn’t be done he wasn’t interested. And he also shut the door to my speaking with his group.

Now, as I said, if you are willing to live with that (being shut out), then it has become a self-imposed result. Frankly, coach, I believe that, as a coach, I teach others how to overcome those barriers, so why should I live with them myself. So, I created my own workshop, and invited this whole organization by contacting the individuals in the group. And about 50% are interested, not 30%. Hmmmm! I wonder what that says.

In any case, to share a bit of the HOW to get that many people, it boils down to a couple of very simple things.


  • Make it about them and what thye want, not what you sell and almost everyone will want what you have.
  • Make it so VALUABLE to THEM, and they will BEG you for it.
  • In other words, stop selling coaching, and start selling what they want, and watch them line up at your door begging you for that rare time slot you have open.

I’ve run into barriers put up by chambers when another coach seems to put up barriers to me speaking to the chambers. Competition standing in the way. Do you accept that? No, as I said above, this is about THEM not about me. So, find a way to help the chamber and they will help you. For instance, after being told by a staff member that they weren’t allowing “coaches” to speak to that group, I created a workshop for a business fair they were doing.

So many attended that I was approached by the president of the chamber who said “Wow, we’ve never had that many attend any event before. Would you speak to… which was the group I had wanted to talk to. And when I spoke there it was to standing room only. It’s up to you whether you accept what is dealt. It’s also up to you whether you believe you are a small player, or one who can make a difference even when there are barriers.


Would you like to have those kinds of results, and NO BARRIERS? Join our group of coaches, weekly emails on how to grow your business, and monthly free workshops on how to develop your core marketing message that will literally have 5-10 times more people responding to you. Do you want to learn more about how to increase your coaching business? I have just completed my brand new guide to coaching marketing success. You’ll also get a free invitation to join a mastermind group of other coaches as they build their business. Hear what works and doesn’t work. Get your “How to Build a Super Star Coaching Business” for free.

Alan Boyer

The $100K Small Business Coach 


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Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green Part 9

We make our way to Rock Tunnel… groan….

Thanks to for info and Chuggaaconroy for personal motivation.

Duration : 0:14:43

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Life Coaching Cards – Where do you want to go

This short video shows how Lifeways Coaching Cards can help you define which Area of Life to consider and how to evaluate your goal…

Duration : 0:2:36

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Positive thinking
Learn how to think positve. Avoid garbage dump thinking

Duration : 0:3:10

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Focus: Story of Two Wolves

Frank Bolella, success coach to NFL, Major League Baseball and Fortune 500 executives Tells story of The Two Wolves. It's about Focus and attraction. Success, motivation, self growth, personal development.

Duration : 3 min 5 sec

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positive thinking?

Has this been proven

In a controlled environment 2 people study for a subject for an hour. Hypothetically, both people know the same amount of material at the end. One person thinks he will do good on the test, the other person questions wheather he know the material well enough.

Which one will score better.
I guess I should have added who would do better theoretically and in reality

Theoretically, you’d predict the positive thinker would do better. Reason is, studying isn’t just an activity, it’s a process. While studying, this person’s positive image or expectation will cause her to think the thoughts and do the things that will achieve that result and persist based on the expectation. Very difficult for the person with doubts to do the same thing.

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Building an Online Business.wmv

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How to Manage a Tough Boss: Keith Rosen Interviewed On News12

Tough Boss? What do you do if you love your job but hate your boss? In this News 12 interview, Keith Rosen shares with you proven strategies to better coach your manager to manage you better. Can you change your boss’s management style? Learn what you can do to enjoy your job more.

Duration : 0:6:48

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“Positive thinking” as a modern-day capitalist religion

This article takes a brief look at the way the positive thinking movements have evolved into its current form.


There are plenty of the new Mega Churches along with positive thinking gurus that proclaim the benefits of positive thinking. The question is has this become a natural offshoot for religion, a new religion or simply a way to make money. Let’s take a look at all three.

First, is positive thinking simply a way to make money. The most obvious answer is yes. There are many companies and individuals out there who are making millions helping people to “improve” their thinking. Is this a bad thing, not necessarily nor is it necessarily a good thing. The world of positive thinking books, videos and experts is filled with sinner and saints. So while something that is free is not always good or bad neither is something that costs $200 per hour either good or bad. Take the time to research anything or anyone before you give them your money. Check with the Better Business Bureau for ratings, comments or complaints. Pay with PayPal or a credit card in the event you have a problem. Do not get caught up in the hype.

Second has positive thinking become the new religion? First let’s look at the results when we search the question “What is Religion?”

” Religion is a collection of cultural systems, belief systems, and worldviews that establishes symbols that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values. Many religions have narratives, symbols, traditions and sacred histories that are intended to give meaning to life or to explain the origin of life or the universe. They tend to derive morality, ethics, religious laws or a preferred lifestyle from their ideas about the cosmos and human nature.”


The above is the result provided to us by Based on this definition it could be the beginnings if not the actual start of a new religion. Time will tell if it begins to evolve into a true religion in fact. Still the rise and fall of programs like “The Secret” is an example of how over the years specific programs in the realm of positive thinking. Still the concept continues to be popular in different forms and incarnations. Still it does not at this point rise to a level I would consider more than a movement.

The third question is would the positive thinking movement be a natural offshoot of religion. This seems to be a natural progression. Most traditional religions believe that there is one god or several gods who are positive and want to help mankind. So it is natural that people would gravitate towards this philosophy. Still many mainstream religions disagree with the positive thinking thought process because they feel it overlooks the responsibility factor. These religions look at the positive thinking movement as glossing over the cause and effect factor.





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