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Is it true that thinking positive provides a higher chance of success?

I’ve been told it has something to do with your subconscious mind, that when you think for example, "yes, by God, this is going to happen for me" somewhere down the line it will. Is it true or just optimist propaganda?


I used to be the most negative person there is in the world. I felt the unluckiest person alive. I had no friends because I believed that I was unlikable and unloved all the time. I always attracted people who brought me down and put me down. I always had bad things happened to be because I expected them.

Then I found LAW OF ATTRACTION. I researched and researched about it and found forums about people who had manifested a lot of things using this law. I manifested positive people, men in my life and some money. It`s true that you must do some kind of action but this action is inspired because of how you are using the LAW. I now always have positive things come to my life because I expect them.

You should try watching THE SECRET. There were lots of people who became a millionaire and became successful because of positive thoughts and positive feelings. And isn`t it better to be positive and happy all the time rather than feeling bad when thinking negatively? Which makes you feel better?

Like the above said, MIND OVER MATTER.

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How far does positive thinking really take you in life?The reason I ask is that I am working on changing my ..

attitude at the moment?What experiences do you have of positive thinking in your life?

I have a strange tale about positive thinking. It may not be what you had originally wanted as an answer but it may help all the same.

When I stopped smoking with Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking I forgot to follow one vital instruction which was Don’t try not to think about smoking. The more I tried to not to think about smoking the more I was obsessed with thinking about it. I would say to myself…”I don’t want to smoke”

Boy oh boy big mistake! In the end I was nearly crying after months of self torture. I re-read the appropriate chapter and realised if I simply say to myself “I am a happy non-smoker” and allow myself to think about being a happy non-smoker whenever my brain wants to then at least the struggle would be over. In fact I could not believe the shift. The obsessive thoughts went almost instantly.

It was almost like getting into a taxi and telling the driver where I did not want to go. The moment I used positive thoughts my brain took me there.

Positive thinking makes more sense and has a very direct result.

By the way, Allen Carr’s book is fabulous. It was my fault for not following the great advice he passed to me!

Good luck!

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Understanding Reiki

With all of the stresses brought by the modern world, it’s only common to people to look for options in relieving their tension. Aside from resulting to medications and other treatments that give the promise of comfort and relaxations, people are now resulting to ancient ways of relieving stress such as Reiki.
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Motivational – Positive Thinking

Surround yourself with the precious few who believe in you.

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Change your Thoughts, Change your Life – a Cognitive Guide for Weight Loss Surgery Success

One of the most handed down, often-quoted quotations is that “If you change your thoughts, you change your life.”

It is so true…

It takes a thought to create an emotion, which in turn drives a decision to take an action.

Simple, huh?

All the self-help books, tapes, seminars, etc. show you what to do, but not what to think or how to prioritize in order to do it.

How do you change your thoughts and lifestyle in order to make the right actions?

Nowadays, we live in such a fast-paced world that we don’t take the time to ‘stop and smell the roses.’ We are on a fast-paced train that continually runs on a regular track of toxic habits and behaviors. Sound familiar?

Well then, how do we get off this lethal train?

The first step is to recognize how we neglected to take time – the time to become calm within ourselves. By doing this, we acknowledge how reckless our lifestyles have become.

You might be saying to yourself, “Yeah, but the kids need me to drive them to soccer practice,” “I have to make dinner and do the laundry, not to mention the ironing,” “Oh, I am so busy with my business and the PTA. Oh, and I can’t forget my church group.”

Do you see and hear the insanity of it all? If you want to change something in you life, how much of this mayhem do you think you are going to fit in with what you are wanting?

Do you remember that old Calgon commercial? It had the wife/mother frantic, trying to get everything done. With her children screaming and the phone ringing, she finally runs into the bathroom, locks the door, throws up her hands and looks up shouting “Calgon, take me away!”

This advertisement said it all. She just needed a moment of peace. When we are able to take just a few minutes to be with ourselves, we can take what I like to call ‘ME TIME’.

Within those brief but valuable tranquil moments, we can start making conscious, clearer decisions about what we want. And remember, changing your thought patterns can create the change that you desire.

My challenge to you is to take a hard look at how often you seize that sacred moment to be with yourself. Is it once a week? Twice a week? Ultimately, my hope is that you become mindful to do this every single day of your life.

This means escaping from all of the chaos for a few minutes. Slowing down your pace; thinking of no one but you. Self- care is essential for life balance and when we forget about loving ourselves first, we can then tumble helplessly into possible burnout, depression, addiction, etc.

The second step is awareness. To realize the more often you think new thoughts, the more often they cross your mind, the higher your standards will be. More often you will be compelled to take the actions that will make you more and more successful in that area of your life.

Treasure in…treasure out.

Garbage in…(well, you get the idea).

For instance, you can have thoughts of being a thin person, but not think of being a financially stable person.

Simply, this means you can become so focused on your weight loss, that you completely neglect your financial goals. Remembering that your thoughts create standards that oversee your actions and decisions, you can have it all. This principle pertains to every aspect of your life, you just need to be aware and focus on your life’s balance. Therefore, go ahead and think of what it would be like to lose weight but don’t forget to also put thought into how you are going to keep your finances in order.

Once you start reflecting on the past, it is inevitable that your thoughts will create your destiny. I challenge you to set aside some time today to reflect on what is most important to YOU.

You CAN achieve your weight loss goals and enjoy a more balanced life.

“If you change your thoughts, you will change your life.”

Copyright © 2006 Jeff Cadwell Positive Coaching

Jeff Cadwell

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What are your thoughts about positive thinking?

I would like to get peoples opinions on positive thinking. I’m writing an article/presentation for work and would just like to get some other views on it.

Thank you in advance!

You can research cognitive-behavioral therapy, which follows a model that you might find interesting.

Beliefs affect actions and words, and observations can reinforce beliefs. This creates a cycle. Suppose you’ve got a dysfunctional lifestyle or bad habits, like worrying too much. If I keep believing that bad things will happen in a specific situation, then I’ll only notice and validate the bad things that happen to justify and reinforce my belief. One way to break out of it is to consciously remind myself to believe otherwise. Another way to break my worrying is to take note of exceptions to what I believe, or try to say or do something different to prove myself otherwise.

So if I think positively, then I’ll see the good things in life and convince myself more about positive things. Positive thinking also opens myself up to positive results and believing that they really happen normally (as opposed to being some fluke).

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Business Coach Emphasizes Soft Skills to Improve Performance

It’s not how smart you are; it’s how connected you are. The business coaching industry is increasingly looking at developments in the understanding of peak performance to help leaders and managers develop their skills. Valedictorians and technical experts are toppling from their pedestals as a large amount of research confirms a new formula for stardom in the workplace. The qualities of EQ, or one’s “emotional intelligence quotient,” turns out to be twice as important as IQ or technical expertise in determining who will succeed in the workplace.

Categorized as “soft skills,” the structure of the EQ powerhouse includes objective self-awareness, effective self-management, and the use of social/communication skills that help facilitate understanding and collaboration with others. In Working with Emotional Intelligence, author Daniel Goleman confirms the importance of EQ with an exhaustive review of research on top-ranked managers throughout the business world. Outcomes show conclusively that those with higher EQ consistently surpassed colleagues with deficits in “soft skills,” despite the presence of superior IQ and technical expertise among the latter.

Since these skills are not commonly addressed in formal education, their development is arbitrary for many. Fortunately, there are solutions. WealthBridge Connect, an elearning company that focuses on productivity solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs, focuses their training programs around EQ development in today’s workplace. Co-founder and Chief Learning Officer, Dr. J. Gregory Gillum, launched his personal journey of self-discovery through the coaching process, and it changed the course of his professional life. Recalling the moment of self-awareness, Gillum remembers looking at his business coach as he said, “I want to do what you do.” His coach responded, “Why don’t you?” Eight months later, Gillum became an entrepreneur in the coaching world. Prior to his role at WealthBridge Connect, Dr. Gillum served as the Chief Executive Officer of humanfusion, an award winning coaching and consulting firm that focused on leadership and management development.

Gillum’s mission as a business coach involves teaching the skills of EQ to individuals aspiring to realize their full potential. His ideas follow the findings of Goleman’s research: “If you can develop core competencies in this area, you will enhance your ability to rise in any organization.” Gillum’s unique approach to EQ training utilizes the integration of EQ into the four life domains, all of which are essential to success. Taken together, they encompass elements such as the organization of physical space, time management, effective focus, an objective awareness of strengths and limitations, and the cultivation of a sense of gratitude and accountability to the community and world at large. Gillum reports that as clients began to practice the disciplines within each domain, they experience a powerfully expanded sense of vision and possibility.

Gillum enthusiastically describes transformative outcomes with the coaching process. In addition to enhanced self-awareness and expanded vision, clients can anticipate dramatic increases in productivity. “I coached a group of realtors, and every top performer dramatically increased their productivity during the coaching process. One first-year real estate agent landed in the top 25 (of over 300) for her geographic area. She was astounded,” Gillum said. “I have had similar success with financial planners, small business owners and other entrepreneurs. Coaching has a dramatic impact on performance in any field.”

Gillum addresses the area of management with a technique he learned in the pharmaceutical industry called assimilation, an intervention designed for managers with work performance problems. The initial steps involve individual sessions with the manager and interviews with workplace associates who can provide additional perspective on the problem. The coaching strategy culminates in a powerful, live version of the 360 evaluation in which all parties involved in the problem assemble together. With the support of the coach, the manager must decide how to handle issues concerning employees and workplace issues. Gillum summarizes the benefits of this high-impact learning experience: “It creates public accountability and also requires everyone’s participation in getting to solutions. The manager’s performance improves, and the resulting ‘buy-in’ strengthens the sense of community.”

A critical part of the coaching experience is client behavioral assessment. To address this critical success factor, Gillum uses the Winslow Dynamics Profile (WDP), thought to be the gold standard of assessments by behavioral psychologists worldwide. WDP measures 24 critical traits, including the individual’s emotional intelligence. WealthBridge Connect is one of the few companies in the Midwest licensed to use the WDP.

Apart from his own passion for the work of WealthBridge Connect, Gillum is confident about the future of coaching. “Coaching is rapidly being legitimized in the business literature, as well as through personal and organizational validation with objective outcomes. Rapid changes in the workplace will necessitate the need for coaching as we move deeper into the information age, with knowledge workers becoming more in demand. The new work environment will require a visionary style of management, which gives employees permission to explore, question, and participate in the development of their own potential, and to contribute meaning and significance to the mission of their organizations.”


Dr. Gillum is the Chief Learning Officer of WealthBridge Connect, Inc. As CLO, his primary role is managing the universe of information that WealthBridge members use to drive their business to new heights. He lives with his wife and two children on a farm in central Kentucky.


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