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Weight loss coaching small business legal question about waiver of liability?

I am thinking about starting up a small part-time weight loss coaching business. I do not have any certifications currently, although I am planning on becoming certified in this area this summer if I can build up a client base so that it’s worth the money. According to the research I have done online, weight loss coaching/life coaching is not governmentally regulated, so I do not believe I would be breaking any licensing regulations. I am concerned however with avoiding liability in case someone gets hurt while taking my exercise or nutrition recommendations. I am not going to be prescribing diet or fitness plans or exercising with clients, since I’m not a PT or nutritionist, but I will be providing them general education about how to lose weight.

I’ve pieced together an informed consent/waiver of liability contract, but I’m not sure how well it would hold up in court if a client has medical bills or dies during exercise that was recommended by me and wants to sue. Just wondering if this would protect me sufficiently or not or what other steps I could take. I’m not going to be getting an LLC since I won’t be making much money at it to start off.

Here is what I have. Any advice would be appreciated. I know the best way to make sure about this would be to ask a lawyer, but I can’t afford the legal fees they are asking for in my area to do contract reviews.

Informed Consent and Waiver of Liability

I, _____________________, have requested Weight Loss Consultation services from (business name), with the understanding that these services have been designed to provide information and suggestions as to how I could possibly improve my diet and my health. Through individualized education, (business name) is to teach me proper eating habits and a basic understanding of the behaviors necessary for healthy weight loss. She will provide motivation and support to help me make lifestyle changes and assume more personal responsibility for my own health. While people generally experience greater health and wellness as a result of embracing a healthier attitude, lifestyle, and diet, (business name) does not promise or guarantee me protection from future illness or injury. I understand that (business name) is not a nutritionist or physical trainer and has not completed any formal training as a weight loss consultant or life coach.

I further acknowledge that I am solely responsible for my own safety and physical health in any exercise that I chose to undertake. It is my responsibility to determine if I am physically capable of engaging in any proposed recommendations, and it is my sole responsibility to determine if any existing conditions or limitations may be adversely affected by her recommendations. I understand that any physical exercise carries risks including, but not limited to, abnormal blood pressure, fainting, dizziness, disorders of heart rhythm, and in very rare instances, heart attack, stroke, or even death. Exercise can also cause injuries to the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints of the body.

I understand that (business name) recommends that I consult with a physician prior to engaging in any physical exercise program. If I do not seek approval from a doctor, I warrant that I am in good health and that I have no physical conditions that would prevent me from participating in exercise.

I fully and voluntary assume any and all risk of personal injuries to myself, including medical or hospital bills, permanent or partial disability, death, and damages to my property, caused by or arising from recommendations made by(business name). (business name) is not liable for the misconception or misuse of information provided, as every effort has been made to see that it is as complete and accurate as possible.

I hereby release and waive on behalf of myself and my heirs, estate, insurers, executors, administrators, and successors any claim, loss, damages, demand, lawsuit, expenses, or any other liability for personal injuries or death, or property loss or damage, which I or my estate may incur arising out of connection with (business name), whether or not such claims arise from her negligence.

I full and voluntary agree to the terms herein.

Client Signature: ______________________ Date: ______________

For even the Son of Man came not to be served
but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many."

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Educational Toys By Melissa And Doug

Folks typing “Melissa and Doug” into world wide web search engines are searching for the well-known American toymaker Melissa & Doug of Wilton, Connecticut. The Bernsteins founded their eponymous company right at home back in 1988 and have experienced growth in the very high double digits for eighteen consecutive years beginning in 1994. Melissa & Doug is particularly beloved for its line of wodden puzzles, and the company has expanded into various types of high-end educational toys for young children today. These toys have won numerous industry awards, but the company now also sells more conventional fare such as fake cookie baking sets and plush puppets.

Melissa & Doug is comprised of two hundred employees in the United States and an additional one thousand over in Asia. Its products used to be wholly American-made, but most if not all of the manufacturing is now done by Chinese suppliers. The company has been reluctant to depend too heavily on China seeing how there wages and increasing, so it diversifies its production facilities among a smorgasbord of countries that include Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Melissa & Doug toys are designed to help foster many different aspects of a child’s development, from verbal facility and vocabular development to fine motor coordination and reasoning skills. Many of their most popular merchandise are made of real wood for a folksy sentimental charm and durability that lasts.

The educational toys market is a very robust one, with ever more parents choosing toys that put a premium on the quality of their children’s playtime, which obviously includes their playthings. Web surfers typing “Melissa and Doug” into the search engines tend to be a rather well educated and fairly affluent demographic. Melissa & Doug has been very fortunate to have caught the crest of the educational toy wave just as it was swelling!

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Testimonial for Success Coaching by Eddie Yu – Owen Leans testimonial on Eddie Yu's life and success coaching services.

Duration : 2 min 25 sec

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Is it inevitable that the uprising in "positive thinking" dissolves standards?

It seems as though people are beginning to take being positive so literally as to not allow for constructive criticism. Yet, without criticism there is no discipline, and no standards. Do we have to choose; is that the balance of the universe or what? Any thoughts?

Personally I think so for the same reason and one more. That reason being that children raised to softly will crumble in Society because they have had no experience with negativity and have only grown up thinking that they will always win. Growing up to positive they’ll from early on in their childhood will have high standards of believes and so therefore become easily disappointed when they fail which is a major confidence crush and well that means no self esteem leading to an empty and miserable existence.I supose this means that critisism however constructive will lead to even lowere self esteem.Right?

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New volkswagen passat TV ad – positive thinking

New Volkswagen ad for Passat featuring that classic Morecombe and Wise track Positive Thinking. Singing sheep and a song that really gets in your head.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Why the Secret (the Law of Attraction) May not be Working for you

Why the ‘Secret’ may not be working for you.

By Fiona Taylor, mystic, consciousness coach, winner of 7 World Titles in Windsurfing & Olympian

The Law of Attraction has become known as ‘the secret’ since the release of Rhonda Byrne’s best selling book The Secret.

The Law of Attraction is not new to the Personal Development industry or to the spiritual seeker. For thousands of years the mystics, sages and spiritual teachers have known only too well the Universal Law of Attraction.

The early Jewish mysticism known as the Kabbalah, which is based on the teachings of Abraham over two and half thousand years ago talks extensively about reincarnation and the Law of Attraction.

Some of histories great philosophers and teachers including Gallileo, Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Leibniz, Pico della Mirandola, Sir Francis Bacon, Carl Jung and Plato studied the Kabbalah and understood the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction basically means that what we think, feel and believe we create. What we broadcast out to the universe in the form of our thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs we ‘attract back’ to ourself. All thoughts, emotions and feelings are vibrations of energy. All vibrations of energy will be attracted to similar/like vibrations of energy.

If you think good, positive, loving thoughts you will attract those experiences into your reality. If you feel you are unworthy of making money or having a loving relationship, this is what you will create. If you feel you are worthy winning in sport that is what you create. If you feel that you never have enough money that is what you will create.

Is it really so simple?

It is not so much what we think, as thoughts float into and out of our awareness, but what is crucial is how we feel. Our feelings mould our reality whether we like it or not.

So to create what you would like to create in your life you must feel the feeling of what it feels like to already have what you desire. Do not assume it is in the future, but feel as though you already have it. The subconscious mind does not determine between past, present or future. That is why all self affirmations and visualization techniques for manifestation use the present tense. We must feel what it feels like to have what we want – not focus on not having what we want.

Why does the Law of Attraction not always work?

When we broadcast our thoughts, beliefs and feelings out to the universe we not only broadcast out what we are aware of (or conscious of) but we also broadcast out everything that lies in our subconscious and unconscious minds. The subconscious mind is where all our memories and experiences are stored since conception in the womb. The unconscious mind is also referred to as the Soul, and this is where all our memories from all the lives we have ever lived reside.

Our conscious mind (awareness) is not aware of what is being broadcast out to the universe from all the programs running in our subconscious and unconscious mind’s. So when we want something in our life, or we try working harder and harder to achieve something and yet fail over and over again then we need to go deeper and look at what is happening beneath the surface of our awareness. For example, in my windsurfing career unconscious themes sabotaged my conscious efforts to win more events. For five years I seemed to have ‘bad luck’, chaos or illness that prevented me from winning. It made no difference how ‘positive I was’, or ‘how many self affirmations I told myself’, or how hard I trained, the programs running in my unconscious mind simply sabotaged everything.

It was not until I retired from sport and was able to connect with my own unconscious mind – my own Soul Story, that I was able to determine the ultimate cause of the ‘bad luck’, chaos and illness. At the deepest level I had ‘created’ all of it. But in order for me to have realized that I had to take responsibility for Self and acknowledge that I create my own reality.

The entire Self Help industry is based on taking responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings and actions. However, for most people it is ok to take responsibility for all the ‘good’ things in their life, but if they are then told that they also create the ‘bad’ things, then this is a bit hard for their ego/rational mind’s to accept. Only when you connect to your own Soul (and God Self) does the ego finally feel the truth of this – that our consciousness creates our reality.

When we are stuck in the five physical senses we feel separated from everything. We believe that all events happen by random chance. That is the illusion of the five senses. When we tune into our own ‘6th’ sense or Spiritual Intuition we start to connect with All there Is (the God Force/or God/Goddess/All there Is) – Oneness. Only then can we feel the truth.

If we keep on attracting in the same terrible relationships, or losing our job, or over spending our money, or going into debt, or have recurring illness, failing to lose weight or keep it permanently off, or we are unable to increase our income we need to look at the ultimate cause.

The ultimate cause always lies in our own consciousness.

Does a past life affect this life?

Time ‘is an illusion’ according to Einstein, Stephen Hawking and the great scientists throughout history. Time does not exist beyond the perception of our fives senses. As physical beings we experience time as a linear concept with past, present and future. However all time is simultaneous. It is our conscious mind that perceives it in a linear fashion. The Kabbalah uses the analogy that time equals the distance between cause and effect.

All of ourselves that we have ever been (all of our ‘past lives’) are still in existence somewhere in our own mind – or hologram. For example when hypnotherapists work with their patients they realize that all of the memories in a person’s past are still there in their mind. All memories are recorded and present in our mind-field. For example the child part of me who was operated on in hospital at four weeks old is still somewhere in my consciousness.

So another ‘life time’ is happening in another Time-Space continuum (another dimension) and is happening right now. The emotions and memory of any lifetime can be accessed in ‘now time’ (in this life time) and they are what is called ‘lifehoods’.

The soul operates in an open system; it is connected to the universe (or universal mind) and all information that has ever existed and exists can be accessed at this level. The universal mind has also been called the Morphogenic Field by Rupert Sheldrake, a leading biologist and thinker on the human mind.

The rational mind (intellect and ego) operates in a closed system bound by time and space and the five physical senses. This is important to recognize as a ‘past life’ cannot affect this life unless there is an unresolved theme that needs healing and resolution in this life. It means that if you ‘killed someone’ in a ‘past life’ it does not mean that you will ‘pay for it’ in this life. There is no direct link between ‘cause and effect’ from past life to this life because all of our ‘lives’ are happening now. The eternal now.

There have been misleading teachings among all religions in relation to ‘cause and effect’ when it comes to ‘paying for our sins’ in past lives. This is incorrect. Once we take responsibility and realize that we are ‘at cause’ and create our reality we can find any part of us that is creating chaos or pain for us and change it. This is called ‘clearing our karma’. We all have the ability to do this.

We can transform those parts of us that sabotage our desire to make money, have a loving relationship or win a sporting event.

All lives we have ever lived are all happening in the eternal now. The soul is multi-dimensional. It can live in many different existences simultaneously. Quantum science is starting to understand the nature of multi-dimensionality by discovering parallel universes.

So if we dig deep into our own subconscious mind we may find ‘programs’ (belief systems) that are no longer serving us. We all can develop belief systems that are not conducive to success at the subconscious level. If however we have healed everything we can find (via therapy, hypnotherapy, time line therapy, counseling etc) in our subconscious mind and yet still there is no change in our life then it is very common to have a ‘past life’ theme, or several, that are unresolved.

All emotional wounds and unresolved ‘programs’ from other lives exist at the level of the soul – deep in our own consciousness.

These emotional wounds leave imprints at soul level and often have a ‘bleed through’ affect where they affect our current life. And of course we have absolutely no idea that this is in fact happening, unless we have well developed spiritual intuition.

The only way to heal these is to find the ultimate cause – original wound at Soul level.

The unconscious mind affects the subconscious and conscious minds. Our core and unconscious belief systems, perceptions and filters are all shaped by our past life experiences. These deep lifehood wounds and experiences affect our ‘lens’ of the world, how we see, feel and experience other people and events in our life.

So in order to change, heal and transform the unconscious mind we need to find ultimate cause – you cannot simply change these wounds by using the power of your own thoughts to change your thinking. You have to heal the emotional charge that still resides at Soul level. That is why self affirmations and some meta-programming techniques do not work at this level.

Meditation is a great technique to reduce stress levels in the body, however unless we do the emotional processing and transform emotional charges nothing fundamentally changes in our lives.

True enlightenment is the ability to hold more Light in the cells of our body. The only way this can happen is if we transform emotional charges that reside in every cell of our body. That means healing each ‘personality program’ one by one. These are also called ‘personas’. One by one we can transform personas that originated in this life or another life. The less emotional charge we hold in our cells the more room they have to be able to hold more divine Light – Love from the creator – God/Goddess/the universe.

To do this requires deep self exploration, but more often than not a good practitioner who can access this information for you.

A mystic is someone who is able to ‘vibrate up’ and access the information at Soul level, interpret it and then assist people in gaining new awareness. For example when I work with my clients I am able to ‘vibrate them up’ to access and feel this information. This information is downloaded into their conscious awareness so that they can feel the truth of the lifehood wound, or issue that is still unresolved.

All information is energy and all energy simply vibrates at different frequencies. For example the information at the subconscious mind level vibrates higher than our conscious awareness. The information that resides at Soul level vibrates even higher than the subconscious mind level. So it really is about being able to access this information. We all have this ability, however, most people have forgotten how to do this. Most people have under-active spiritual intuition and discernment.

Lifehood (or ‘past life’) wounds affect all of us at some time throughout our lives. In my client sessions and workshops at least 70% of people have a lifehood wound that needs to be addressed and healed that is underpinning all the other chaos in their lives, or holding them back.

In my books Spirit in Sport, and An Olympian’s Guide to Weight Loss I discuss in depth the nature of the Soul, lifehoods and healing emotional wounds. Both these books have an in-depth section on real emotional intelligence and the Sports book also has a section on Spiritual Intuition. For example I lost 18 pounds in 2 days after transforming a ‘past life’ wound at Soul level. My body literally morphed. (I share the details in my weight loss book in detail. You can download the free intro to my books on my website.)

Another example of healing at Soul level is a sporting client who finally placed 3rd at the World Championships in her sport recently. She had not had a top 3 finish for 8 years. She had had a huge ‘past life’ wound playing out for her. Once we healed this wound she was able to get back into the top three in the world in her sport, a place she had been able to achieve over 8 years ago. But because the ‘past life’ wound had been affecting her current performance she was unable to attain such success. Once it was cleared she could get back into the top three.

So if The Law of Attraction is not working for you then it simply means that you still hold unconscious beliefs and emotional wounds that are sabotaging your conscious efforts for change in your life.

The other reason you may not be creating the life you really want as quickly as you want is that your ego wants something for you, yet your Higher Self and Soul wants something else. Many people spend their lives listening to the rational, logical solutions from their ego and society and they ignore their own heart and Higher Self’s will.

Eventually we are all forced, either consciously or unconsciously, to follow the will of our Higher Self. The universe will set up events and situations to mirror back to us what we need to heal and learn from. Often we can experience more chaos before we achieve what we really desire. This is the breaking down of the ‘old’ reality to make way for a ‘new reality’. Often the only way the ego, in its ignorance, can learn, or wake up to what it really needs to know will happen via chaos or crisis. When things are rosy and fine the ego does not grow much. So chaos and change force us to grow to new awareness.

Divine Timing.

If we are not receiving what we think we want then it can often be because our ego has not yet learned what it came into learn. Spiritual lessons are part of why we incarnate. This is difficult for the ego (rational mind) to fathom. However, until certain events happen in our lives, or we meet certain people, or we succeed or fail at something we do not ‘get the spiritual lesson’ that we came to learn. Things are divinely timed for us. They may not happen in the time frame that our own ego wants. Our ego can feel impatient and despondent if it does not get what it wants fast enough.

So when chaos is happening in our lives it is important to remember that it only means the universe is shaking us up for future growth in consciousness. We will always learn from chaos. We simply cannot get attached to it, but trust that we will get through any challenge we face.

One way to get through chaos faster is to completely surrender. Surrender to the Higher Self and ask for inner guidance. Only when the ego surrenders will it be able to grow to new awareness.

The ego thinks it is in control of everything in its life – however that is the illusion of the ego. I discuss the nature of surrender and control in Spirit in Sport and this is discussed in depth at our programs.

Raising consciousness

The way to inner peace, love and joy is to heal those subconscious programs that are holding us in emotional bondage. The emotional highs and lows from elation to depression, resentment to infatuation are the ego’s emotional journey through life. It is only when we connect with our Higher Self – our Soul that we can access true divine love and joy. Living with joy and love is our natural state of being – beyond the ego. In challenging times the ego gets stuck in the emotional pain and forgets the true loving state of the Soul Self – our True Self. Our evolution in human form is to heal those personas/programs (the Negative ego) in our mind that are emotionally charged and wounded.

The Barakaya programs and coaching assist people to heal those parts of their consciousness that are no longer serving them. This includes transforming limiting beliefs that hold people back from achieving the joy, wealth and loving relationships in their lives.

©Fiona Taylor, 2007

(If you wish to use a part or whole of this article please contact Fiona for permission.)

Fiona Taylor

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I am looking for a unique name for my business, its for a business coaching and training business.?

Can anyone help me with an interesting name?

You’re telling other people how to run their business but you can’t think up a name for yourself…. I guess what they say is true…

"Those who can’t do, teach"

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Is it Encouraging Lack of Personal and Fiscal Responsibility?

First it was financial bailouts, then automaker bailouts, and now there is the question of state bailouts. Is this the beginning of a long string of bailouts for everyone? Some want consumer bailouts because of overspending on credit accounts. Then there is a broad jobs bailout in the works, as the new government under President Elect Obama is trying to put together trillions of dollars of public works programs to generate jobs rebuilding the country’s infrastructure. Where does it stop, will it stop and are bailouts an answer?

Obviously, as long as there has been government, there have been hands out looking to cash in on the billions and trillions of dollars in spending yearly. And with good employment figures, the tax money was coming in, but the budget deficit began to be a way of life with government spenders also. So the US is in as bad a shape financially as many broke families. Not quite broke, but not solvent either, with money in the bank and bills paid off. The current debts are going to extend to the next generation, and the generation beyond that, and most likely to the generation even beyond that one! This is not a good way to run a country, a business, or a family. And state bailouts are not an answer!

It appears that businesses, individuals, and now most of the 50 states are looking towards government as a “big daddy” to bail them out of the mess they are in today. With lower employment, and businesses failing, state tax coffers are taking in much less money to run the previously overspent budgets. How many states are in the black? How many have a budget that is not in debt? The current economic crisis is so severe that recovery by normal economic workings may not be able to tip the scales back to balance. And the problem is bi-partisan, with both parties at fault in creating this bailout disaster of Titanic proportions.

The state bailouts are another notch on the road to irresponsibility. The government does not have enough money to bailout all those who are sticking their hands in the pot. The Founding Fathers wanted the states to function separately from the central government, to have the federal government step in ONLY when there was something the states could not do themselves. Bailouts only encourage lack of personal and fiscal responsibility. It also causes motivation to disappear, and lose the spark of “make it or break it”.

By needing to increase taxes on successful businesses, it takes away investment potential and motivation from those businesses. Why would a business expand, hire more people, develop new products, and try harder when all the fruits of their labor are going to be taken away and given to businesses that should have failed due to lack of viability? Bailouts on a small scale may work, but what is being asked for today can only cause more problems. Increasing taxes will result in fewer jobs, less tax collected, and lower productivity just when the US needs the opposite to happen.

For more information on state bailouts, visit

John Parks

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Personal Loan – a Secured Friend in Need

Roughly, loans can be categorised as mortgage, personal loans and commercial loans. As mortgage and commercial loans are dedicated categories with specific scope, the market share of these loans is not as big as that of the personal loan category. Let us understand the concept behind its inception and the reasons behind their mass appeal.

Actually, the term personal loans is self-explanatory – loans for personal needs. As the word personal itself is immeasurable, the loan category based on it is bound to have a vast scope. With that view, the world of credit has devised a variety of personal loan products.

Some of the most popular ones are bad credit loans, business loans, car loans, career development loans, cosmetic surgery loans, debt consolidation loans, education loans, holiday loans, homeowner loans, home improvement loans and wedding loans.

Though most of the above-mentioned personal loans products can be availed in unsecured form too, a secured deal ensures maximum benefits – subject to basic credibility parameters like UK resident, over 18 years of age, past credit history, employment status, debt to income ratio and the value of the pledged collateral.

A secured personal loan can only be obtained by pledging collateral against the loan amount. As the loaned amount remains protected, the lender facilitates the borrower with benefits like quick attention, high credit limit (normally starting from £5,000), competitive low interest rates (normally starting from 6.7%), flexible payback methods and negotiable loan terms and conditions.

Though a secured personal loan sounds very attractive, it has certain inseparable limitations too. Firstly, it can only be availed by a homeowner or a property owner. Secondly, due to time-consuming property evaluation procedures, the overall loan application process is slow. Last but not the least, in the event of repeated defaults or non-repayment, the lender can take over the pledged collateral to recover his money.

Yet, this personal loan sub-type is a safe bet for all parties involved. It is most suitable for big monetary requirements, and is the best option for a bad credit holder and the only alternative for someone who has been denied an unsecured loan.

Angelo Drew

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Persevering to top

Perserver to the top. How to keep going when the going gets tough.

Duration : 2 min 32 sec

Read more…

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