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Help with letter to High School Coach?

Hi. recently, I attended a camp that was run by a local high school coach. At camp i learned a TON, and I really want to play for his program now. However at camp, I got into a little bit of trouble, and Im tyring to get out of it.

Can you please read my letter below and give me some feedback:

Coach Wootten,

Good Evening, my name is NAME (camper from last week’s overnight camp with the cast), and I’m writing to you in regards to a few miscellaneous topics. First off, I just wanted to express my gratitude for all your time and efforts over the past week. Honestly, I learned more in that week than I did over the course of my whole high school freshman season. Over the past few days, I have put in the work, and continued on what you have taught me, and already I notice DRASTIC changes in my game. Hopefully, my cast will be removed on Wednesday, and then I can put in the intense work needed to catch up, and rise above my competition. On another note, I wanted to sincerely apologize for my intolerable action. It was completely disrespectful to you, your staff, and your camp. And for that, I am sorry. My actions were completely uncharacteristic of me, and I can PROMISE you that I will NEVER participate in any such mistake again. I hope you understand that that mishap has taught me to always respect the greater authority, and to never disrespect those who you admire. Again, I am genuinely sorry. The life lessons that you have taught me in that one week are beginning to sink in. I have even wrote them all down on a piece of paper, and pasted them to my room door so every morning, when I wake up, I am reminded of the true meaning of basketball; which is to understand the life lessons that will help you later on in life.

Basketball wise, my overall goal is to play for an prestigious university, such as an Ivy League school, and continue my passion for basketball; but at the same time receive a top notch education. In the mean time, I do not feel like my current high school (MY SCHOOL) is preparing me to reach my goals of playing college basketball. I know that only I can put in the work needed to take me to the next level, but I feel as if Marshall can not provide me with the proper tools to take advantage of; which brings me to my main reason for writing. After going to your camp, and only being able to participate in limited amounts, I have taken my game to a whole new level. I can’t imagine how much better of a player I will become if I were exposed to your wisdom on a daily basis. I was wondering if you believed that I could contribute to your program at O’Connell? I know that you haven’t had a chance to really watch me to play, which is why I was planning on attending the day camp. Hopefully by then, I will be all healed up, and ready to go full speed. I can PROMISE you that if you give me a shot, I will put in the most work out of anyone in your program. And if it is not this year, and maybe next year, I will be working till I drop to hopefully be given the shot to help your team win. Not one player in your program will work as hard as I will / am, or utilize your knowledge of the game of basketball as much as I will / am. Not only will O’Connell provide me with the proper tools as an athlete, but I am confident that it will also provide me with exceptional academics that I will surely take advantage of. If you are interested in me, I can give you a little more about my academics, strengths as a player, extra-curriculars, etc.

Coach Wootten, I greatly appreciate all your time and efforts.

It is very well-written and it also sounds pretty professional, if that’s what you’re aiming towards, which you probably are. I like how you are telling him how much he has helped you with your game improvements but also as a person (learning from your mistakes.) Another thing, when you said "my main reason for writing" in my opinion, should be changed just a little bit. I only say this because aren’t you also writing to say sorry too? So, you could say "one of my main reasons for writing…" Just a train of thought.

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Part 12 Allison Maslan Shares Insights to Finding Your Soulmate

Allison Maslan teaches how to find true love. She reveals how she found her soulmate after years of choosing the wrong match. How to be deliberate and manifest your soulmate now.

Duration : 0:7:54

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So, You Want to be a Millionaire?


Turn Yourself Into A Millionaire

There are 10 million millionaires worldwide and 3 million in North America alone. How do they do it you ask?

First and very obvious……………SET GOALS

Are you ready to plan a course of action? Do you know a business that will give you the direction and guidance you need to achieve your business goals? Write down your goals and set a date for reaching those goals.

Follow Directions Exactly

If the online business you are presented with has a proven marketing plan, then put their plan into action! Follow their directions exactly and do not create your own or reinvent the wheel! You don’t have to.

Keep Plan of Action Going

Above I told you NOT to reinvent the wheel. Get yourself a mentor or coach that should be in the business already. Benefitting from other’s experience is very rewarding. Just remember to pay it forward to your student. Listen to Napoleon Hill – his video is below.

Be Motivated, Consistent and Persistent

YOU will not get rich quick! You will not get rich quick overnight! Know that. So don’t be hard on yourself. (Yes, I have trouble with this one.) Others have started where you are and it takes a LOT of time and energy to build your successful business! Just know that YOU can do this. Others already have and are making top dollar. You have to persist more than 97% of others who give up! Will YOU be the 3% who SUCCEED?

Remember…..”Whatever you can do, or dream you can, BEGIN it.”….Goethe

Linda Tygenhof

The 75-K Entrepreneur



Linda Tygenhof

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Pressing issues: Positive thinking

This is vice city public radio but only with youtube characters.
thewinekone (Tony Huynh): positive thinker
lazydork: the host of the programm
RosieProbert (Leanne: pshycotic girl)

Duration : 0:6:11

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Introduction to Life Coaching – Part 1

An introduction to the process and benefits of life coaching

Duration : 0:4:54

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Clutter-Free Forever!

Life Coaching

Some products I recommend:

Clutter-Free Forever !
The coaching program at home that gives you in control of your life!
uncluttered Forever!
Find your life purpose
Created by Life Coach Baron Nicolas, find your life purpose is designed to give you the tools you need for your discovery Empowering purpose of life.
Find your life purpose

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Delaware Real Estate Mastermind group business tips (tip #1 know your goals)

Recently business coach Dwight Miller spoke at Wilmington Investment Network;s Mastermind group aimed for investors who primarily target the Wilmington and Newark Delaware area.

Duration : 0:4:51

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7 Balls… 21 Throws/20 Catches

New personal best. Wish it weren’t so sloppy, though. Oh well. Only that much more motivation to work harder.

Duration : 0:0:21

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Astrid Brinck Chilean Healer ~ Life Coach ~

Astrid Brinck is a Healer and life Coach who works with Luz Clara and is an international teacher.

The purpose that inspires my path is to offer my life as service to remember who we are. I have received extraordinary gifts and treasures which today are the tools I use to elevate this prayer.
The path has been sometimes easy, sometimes not, yet, what is always present is the trust and certainty that we are one unity.

Duration : 0:10:8

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Coaches Second Paycheck

Check out these Success Coaching products:

Coaches Second Paycheck
How sports coaches can cash in on the growing sports instruction business. Easily make 0-00 per month with this step by step system
Coaches Second Paycheck

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