Increasing Your Patience For Anger Control

When you are trying to get everything on your to-do list done, you may lose your patience and even get angry. You may even start to second-guess your actions when you are left alone with your thoughts at the end of the day. If you are tired of losing your patience and taking it out on people who don’t deserve it, take in a few helpful tips that will help reduce your stress. Reduced stress levels will also help you control your anger.<br /><br />Start out by recognizing when you get angry. You may notice it after you’ve gotten angry the first few times. However, if you stay vigilant in trying to be aware of how you are reacting to the environment around you, you’ll become more and more in control of your feelings and temper. This will help you stop a situation before it occurs.<br /><br />Stay focused during your day. This may mean that you have to check-in with yourself. You can do this by prayer, meditation or reflection, whichever one suits you best. The point of this process is to take a time-out and assess your day, how you’re feeling and how you want to move forward.<br /><br />Flush out any negative feelings you may have. Only retain feelings that make you happy and feel good. Keeping hold of the positive energy will carry you through your days with less stress and more patience. Staying positive will also help you deal with unexpected situations such as becoming <a href=’’>period pregnant</a>, for example.<br /><br />How realistic are your goals? If you inflate your goals too large, you risk serious disappointment. This means you have to create goals that you can achieve. Milestone goals are important in order to be successful.<br /><br />Being successful on your smaller milestones will help you reach your bigger goal, with less frustrations and disappointments. For instance, if you are working on your <a href=’’>muscle growth</a>, you probably want to start lifting light weights and work yourself up to heavier weights.<br /><br />Delegate when you’re feeling overwhelmed. When you get off track and simply can not keep up, ask the people around you for help. Distributing the work load can relieve you immensely. This means you’ll be under less stress which will give you more patience.<br /><br />Incorporating physical exercise into your daily routine can help you release negative energy from your body. You do not have to think about <a href=’’>buying mountain bike</a> to get fit. You can use your legs to walk. Getting out in the fresh air can help you release stress and increase your patience.

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Cautious Dating: Discovering The Woman Of Your Dreams In Today’s Modern World

To celebrate the initial printing of Conscious Dating: Finding the Love of Your Life in Today’s World, I’ll ask your indulgence when I share some of the journey that has brought this book from concept to reality 8 years later. In 1997, I was a Marriage and Family Therapist handling couples on the verge of divorce.

I discovered the emerging field of personal/life coaching and then became excited about applying coaching to romantic relationships. In attempting to figure out which way to do this I had an epiphany. SINGLES Turn out to be COUPLES! In my twenty years as a therapist on a mission to minimize the divorce rate, it had never occurred to me to work with singles.

I knew really little about how singles could successfully find their life partner, so I started reading all of the self-help books I possibly could find on the subject. I was appalled at how much bad and misguided information for singles that I found.

It seemed that most books for singles had been written by lay people (non-relationship professionals) that narrowly centered on “hooking up” (how to flirt, how to “get” a woman, etc.) and had little to offer about how singles could locate and have a successful, sustainable, and fulfilling relationship.

And so, I scratched my head, sat down with a legal pad, and asked myself “What do singles need to know and do to discover their life partner?” Starting literally from a blank slate, is started drawing upon my own life, my education as a therapist and coach, and my years of expertise specializing in relationships.

I began mapping out some disconnected thoughts and ideas like:

– Need to begin with a vision.

– Need to be clear about life purpose.

– Make relationship choices aligned with requirements, needs, along with wants.

– Dating Traps – the many ways that singles set themselves up for failure.

– Attraction Venues – the individuals you meet depends upon where you meet them.

– Need to have a Relationship Plan – “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

– Need to be self-aware, conscious, and informed about relationships.

– 4 steps to finding your life partner – searching, sorting, screening, and even testing.

– More than one type of dating relationship – recreational, fully committed, “mini-marriage.”

Whew! My creative juices were flowing, and before I knew it I had written a transcript and went to a recording studio to generate a cassette tape to promote my relationship coaching – Locating the Love of Your Life along with the Life That You Love. I gave this tape to everyone that came to my once a week singles events and was stunned at their feedback. They loved it! I heard comments such as “This tape saved my life!”

Wow… I realized I was on to something. Many of the concepts and ideas resonated powerfully with singles, like dating traps, requirements, and such. The one that seemed get the most response was “Be The Chooser.” Right then, I knew I had to turn this into a book.

Fast forward to today, you can find now many helpful dating advice resources available. One useful source is the internet. You can find several fantastic internet dating advice websites popping up more and more. One in particular had info on women to pick up, where to meet women, and even reading women body language. There is information on almost any dating question you might have.

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Restart Your Current Romantic Relationship! – Helpful Tips For Dating

People in long lasting relationships, whether they are married or dating, frequently complain about getting into a rut.

Your connection may have started off with the great burst of passion and excitement, and after that perhaps it began to wane because life became busy and work wore you out towards the end of the day.

If you’re in a dating relationship that appears to be in a rut, or wonder why you can’t maintain a long term relationship exciting anymore, perhaps you have to go back to the beginning.

That does not mean you should break up with your present partner and discover somebody new, it means you need to refresh the connection with exciting and spontaneous activities.

Whenever you look back on a time of your life, what is it that you recall? Is it the average day-in, day-out activities? Not very likely.

It really is far more likely that it was those enjoyable and spur-of-the-moment times when you did things that were hilarious or scary or new. That’s what it means to go back to the beginning of a relationship, when everything you do is spontaneous and new.

The very next time you and your girlfriend are deciding to do a little something on Friday, do not settle for dinner-and-a-movie. Do something different! Here are some ideas:

Enjoy paintball

Lease a classic vehicle

Go skydiving

Have a picnic

Or delight your date with something impulsive:

Start a water fight

Take a romantic boat ride and tip the boat

Blindfold your date and take them somewhere they have never been

Surprise your date at work just as they are finishing up for the day

Relationships fail for many reasons. One of the saddest reasons is that people basically drift apart mainly because the other person doesn’t excite them anymore. It doesn’t have to be that way.

You’ll look back on your time and energy together with fondness as you consider the many fun and spontaneous things you did together. But doing those things is a choice. Choose to return to the start of your relationship and have fun once more!

Or in the event you both come to a common agreement to move on and date, get guidance on the best way to date on the internet by searching: arouse-rx, the best flirting book for men, and flirtation.

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Self-Improvement Tips : How to Smile

A smile relaxes facial muscles and social situations by expressing feelings in a positive way. Learn to smile with tips from a professional psychologist in this free video about self-improvement tips. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and He is also the author of ‘Dynamic Dating’ and ‘Boomer Girls, a Women’s Guide to Men and Dating.’ Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

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The Success Principles for Teens: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

The Success Principles for Teens: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

WITH COURAGE AND HEART, YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL!   Everyone wants to be successful—and surely you are no exception. After the massive success of Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles, thousands of requests came rushing in to develop the most important success strategies for today’s teenagers. Your calls have been answered.   Jack Canfield, cocreator of the famed Chicken Soup for the Soul series, has teamed up with successful author and young entrepreneur Kent Healy to design a fun and en

List Price: $ 14.95

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”0757307272″]

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Leadership Development For Managers

Research has shown that 80% of every organization investments is spend to improve the human capabilities and promote their interests and 20% of the investments are spend for technological upgrading and production improvements. Entering today the new advanced management practices of knowledge management, investment through people is divided to three general categories.

1. LEARNING ON THE JOB: To develop leadership on the job requires that employees take jobs or project assignments that include leadership responsibilities. Early in a person’s career, working as an individual contributor on team projects provides many opportunities for learning effective leadership. Being a project leader allows an employee to use different types of power and observe how people react to employees attempts to influence them. Team leaders can also ask team members for candid feedback and suggestions for improvement. The rest of the team members can also learn, by observing the relationship between the leader and the team and by practicing the use of referent and expert power.

2. FORMAL ASSESSMENT AND TRAINING: Many organizations ensure that their most talented employees receive formal leadership assessments and attend leadership training programs. These can be conducted in the organization’s own educational facilities, at a college or university, through a computer simulation program managed by human resource companies that play the trainers’ role. Regardless of location, formal assessment and training programs include evaluation of the individual’s current approach to leadership and provide educational experiences designed to improve the individual’s effectiveness as a leader.

3. COACHING AND MENTORING: Whether held at a college campus or at corporations’ premises, most formal leadership development programs take place in traditional classroom settings. Leaders who prefer a more personal approach can hire a personal leadership coach or work with a mentor. Personal coaches can provide an intensive leadership development experience. But they can be quite costly. Few people can afford this method of leadership development. For many managers, having a mentor is more feasible. Mentors are often supervisors or senior colleagues in an organization who provide advice and guidance about a variety of career-related concerns. They can help a manager understand how others respond to his or hers behaviors and point out weaknesses or blind spots. They also serve as role models that a manager can emulate and provide valuable advice concerning the styles of leadership favored in an organization. Finally, they assist a manager in developing leadership capabilities by helping the manager find assignments that will foster on-the-job learning.

Jonathon Hardcastle

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Garage Sales: Your Best Source For Your Home Improvement Needs

You are frantic to start on home improvement but you are short on cash? There are actually ways to do home renovations and enhancements without taxing your pocket too much. Try these tips and discover that it can be done.


Drop in on Garage Sales

You can acquire practically everything you may need in your home improvement project from garage sales. And the costs are incredibly discounted so find time to check them out.


Be Watchful of your Neighbors’ Garbage And Even Dump Sites

This doesn’t suggest of course that you literally forage through unclean rubbish. While you drive around, you could sometimes be surprised that there sitting in front of the neighbor’s porch is a dainty piece of furniture ready to be discarded. Many people do not donate nor do they think of selling so they just discard off what could otherwise be much useful (and lovely ) items for others.


Develop Contacts With Builders And Contractors

Builders and contractors can assist you a lot in locating items you need. Remember that these individuals are involved in construction of new structures and particularly in home renovations. There are times when homeowners would sell to the builder an extra set of fixture or a surplus material. These items are at ready disposal and much discounted notwithstanding they could be just as good and as beautiful as new.


Some Building Materials Can Be Obtained Cheaply From Construction Sites

Can you believe that you can find ample building supplies in dumpsters near construction areas? Sometimes there are good pieces of wood or scraps of building materials that you can find handy in your own home improvement. Instead of buying these things from stores, you could take a few of what you may need dumped outside these sites. These are free and are frequently excess cuts so they could be superior quality materials too.


Make Use of Your Networking Contacts

Every so often there are particular items you have in mind in your home improvement project that your acquaintances can assist you with. For instance, you are seeking for an antique chair to adorn your antique-themed dining room renovation, and one of your friends or neighbors happen to possess that in their garage or stockroom. A little help from furniture design magazines could turn the dusty item into a magical piece. There are things which are junks for other people but are actually treasures for you so spread the word when you are hunting for items. You could hit jackpot.


Take Advantage Of Others’ Remodeling Projects

In make-overs, homeowners rid of good cabinets, sinks, tiles, and even furniture and replace them with new ones. They would be glad that you pay a little price for the things which they will be throwing away anyway.


Home improvement can be much fun and satisfying. And you get a bonus joy when you know you achieved that at a much favorable cost.



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Personal Loans – Loans for Any Personal Requirement

Many lenders offer a wide range of personal loan products. Currently, the most common ones are bad credit loans, business loans, car loans, career development loans, cosmetic surgery loans, debt consolidation loans, education loans, holiday loans, homeowner loans, home improvement loans and wedding loans.

Most of the above-mentioned personal loans products can be availed in both secured (suitable for big and long-term monetary requirements) and unsecured (suitable for small and short-term monetary requirements) form. The key difference between the two sub-types is the presence or absence of collateral, which has both advantages and disadvantages.

•Secured personal loans – credit assistance against collateral

•Unsecured personal loans – credit assistance without collateral

The advantages of presence of collateral in a secured deal are quick attention, high credit range (as high as £250,000), competitive low APRs, multiple rate plans, diverse payback methods and flexible loan clauses.

But, the disadvantages are credit for homeowners and property owners only, slow approval procedure and additional paperwork – due to property evaluation procedure, and repossession threat – in case the borrower fails to payback.

The advantages of absence of collateral in an unsecured deal are no collateral, credit for all (tenants, homeowners, property owners and students as well), no time-consuming property evaluation procedure, less paperwork, quick loan approval and no repossession threat – in case the borrower fails to payback.

But, the disadvantages are limited credit range (typically between £500 and £25,000), high interest rates (typically between 7.9% and 41%), fixed rate plan and payback option, and preset loan terms and conditions.

Please note: To avail the benefits of personal loans – secured or unsecured – the applicant must be a UK resident and over 18 years of age. In addition, the approval of the loan amount is subject to the lender’s credit policy, and is in proportion to the borrower’s credit history, employment status, debt to income ratio (DTI = Debts/Income) and the value of the pledged collateral (in case of the secured credit only).

bernard john

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Personal Loans – Popular Loans Over the Internet

Research shows that more and more people are opting for personal loans over the Internet. Its growing popularity can be attributed to factors like:

  • Convenient presence of numerous lenders, which makes loans more accessible and the entire loaning process very expedient

  • Better transparency in lending rates across the country

  • Cheap loan deals as compared to conventional lending institutions, as the overheads of online lenders are comparatively less

    The personal loanscategory is like a one-stop credit shop, as there are a variety of products to choose from – bad credit loans, business loans, car loans, career development loans, cosmetic surgery loans, debt consolidation loans, education loans, holiday loans, homeowner loans, home improvement loans and wedding loans.

    Most of the above mentioned personal loan products can be availed in both secured (by pledging collateral) and unsecured (without pledging collateral) form. The key difference between the two sub-types is presence or absence of collateral, which has both advantages and disadvantages.

    Presence of collateral in a secured deal leads to:

  • Advantages like quick attention, high credit range, low APR, multiple rate plans and payback methods and negotiable loan terms and conditions

  • Disadvantages like clientele limitation (credit for homeowners and property owners only), slow approval procedure (due to property evaluation procedure) and repossession threat (in case the borrower fails to payback)

    Absence of collateral in an unsecured deal leads to:

  • Advantages like no time-consuming property evaluation procedure leading to less paperwork and quick loan approval. It also guarantees that repeated defaults – accidental, incidental or intentional – or non-payment will not lead to repossession of a precious asset

  • Disadvantages like limited credit range, comparatively high APR, fixed rate plan and payback method and non-negotiable loan terms and conditions

    Based on the above-stated advantages and disadvantages, it is clear that secured type of personal loans is most suitable for ‘small and short-term’ monetary requirements, whereas, unsecured type is most suitable for ‘big and long-term’ monetary requirements.

    Online personal loans come well equipped with attractive offers. However, a thorough evaluation of the market trends is recommended, as loan terms and conditions vary from lender to lender.

    Angelo Drew

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    Six Tips for Helping an Underachieving Student

    Although I enjoy tutoring students in secondary mathematics, and I certainly don’t want to put off parents who naturally want their children to learn, I feel I need to make the point that not every student is in the right frame of mind to benefit from tutoring especially an underachieving student. My purpose for writing this article is to try to explain to parents that tutoring sometimes has limits. When I am tutoring students in mathematics I want my students to learn and I want their parents to feel that for their hard-earned money, their children are receiving effective tutoring.

    Tutoring may not work for different reasons, but the student I want to focus on in this article is the underachieving student. I have had several experiences working to transform student underachievement where parents have pushed their underachieving student into tutoring which often just doesn’t work and can even exacerbate the problem. These students resisted and put no effort into learning. Being a parent myself (my wife and I have three sons) of boys who were not stellar students, I am aware of some of the challenges and frustrations dealing with an underachieving student.

    In an attempt to offer some help, I cite the work of Dr. Michael D. Whitley, a nationally-known psychologist specializing in helping children, adolescents, students and adults overcome underachievement and discouragement. His book, Bright Minds, Poor Grades: Understanding and Motivating Your Underachieving Child (Penguin Putnam Inc., New York, N.Y., 2001), contains some good strategies, in the opinion of many experts. DISCLAIMER: I have never communicated with Dr. Whitley, nor have ever received compensation of any form for this referral.

    On Dr. Whitley’s website (, you will find Podcast2: Joyous Living (Friday, July 7, 2006), which is a video that introduces his basic program, The Six Pillars of Personal Success — for helping the underachiever (both adult and child). Below is my summary of the video:

    Dr. Whitley speaking “…I call these six personality skills the six pillars of personal success because they hold up the entire house of a person’s achievement in life…If any one of them is weak or under developed …there’s going to be a problem with achievement. It’s inevitable.”

    “When I first went to college, some upperclassmen took me aside and asked me if I wanted to graduate. I said, ‘Well, yes, of course, I do!’ Then they asked me what kind of grades I wanted to get. I said that I wanted to do very well. ‘Then, you will have to learn to love studying,’ they said.”

    “College is full of distractions, worries and problems. There’s always trouble but if you love studying then you will find a way to do what you need to do anyway, no matter what happens. If you don’t love it, if you are negative about it, if you’re anxious and nervous, or if you hate it or you don’t enjoy it then you will find a way not to do it!”

    That made sense. I decided to give it a try. It worked! It worked so well that it carried me all the way through my program. In fact, I still like it today. Once you really learn something like that, you don’t let go of it. It taught me a lot about life.

    When I started my practice and started working with underachievers, guess what the biggest deficit was? They hated school! An underachieving student, whether they’re children, adolescents, young adults or adults in the workplace who cannot find a way to connect positive feelings with their everyday lives and work are going to be miserable. They are going to take that misery wherever they go. Some of the most unhappy people I’ve known in my life are friends of mine who cannot transform those feelings, cannot learn to love and work and combine those two skills into one. They are not very happy people. In fact, some of them are tremendously unhappy in both their personal lives and at their office. It’s a miserable life.

    I would not wish this life on anyone and I devoted my life to changing the destiny of the kids I work with. I want you to change the destiny of your children and maybe yourself as well and learn these six basic pillars of success. These six skills, once you learn them, you have the magical ability, the mental health of learning to work and to love and combining the two to have a rich, rewarding life. The six pillars are:

    Help an Underachieving Student Tip #1. Self Control- The ability to delay the desire and drive for the immediate gratifications in life in order to work for long-term gain and the gratification and satisfaction that comes from that delay.

    Help an Underachieving Student Tip #2. Independence- This is the ability to work consistently toward task completion. To be able to organize it and get it in on time, whenever it’s due. An underachieving student cannot work independently and cannot delay the desire for immediate gratification — they usually seek it out.

    Help an Underachieving Student Tip #3. Will Power- The power of will to force yourself to do things you know are the right things to do even if you don’t want to do it. Even though you may be very afraid, getting overwhelmed, or down and depressed about something you force yourself to get the work done that you need to get done. That’s what adults need to be able to do and the role that children need to take on by working at it step-by-step. They need to learn that emotional skill of will power.

    Help an Underachieving Student Tip #4. The Spiritual Side of the Work Ethic (transformational skills)- The ability to take negative moods, negative feelings and negative attitudes and work them around into a positive framework that you can use to connect your everyday need to work and to achieve a long-term goal. That is a major skill and it is fundamental to a rewarding life.

    Help an Underachieving Student Tip #5. The Radical Sense of Personal Responsibility- The feeling that I alone am the one who must do something to make my life better, to change my destiny. If I’m unhappy it’s me, it’s my problem to solve, not my teacher’s problem, not my mother’s or my father’s problem, not my work place, not the world — it’s something I must do. A student’s underachievement is something that they must want to change themselves.

    Help an Underachieving Student Tip #6. Development of a Rational Soul- The ability to be able to think rationally about one’s life – to have rational thoughts, rational feelings, a rational life that commits one to dealing with the real world out there. The ability to meet problems head on and, if you realize current solutions aren’t working, the ability to recognize that and come up with/create solutions to the challenges you face.

    An underachieving student cannot do that. They keep running into the same problems, they keep creating the same problems over and over again, whether they’re adults or adolescent children, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes an entire culture is that way. Whole political systems become that way unfortunately. A rational soul is the ability to see that my instinctive reactions, my natural reactions are hurting me. My reactions are not right or adaptive, and they’re not creating a problem-solving effort. So I need creative solutions and a rational world to be able to recognize that and use rational thinking to help myself work, survive, prosper, and become happy.

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