Life coaching without certification?

I have been told by others (a life coach included) that I would be very good at coaching people and that I should seriously consider this line of work. Being a life coach does indeed sound appealing and interesting to me but I have no formal certification and getting one would be both difficult and expensive for me.
I did coaching training with a professional coach and finished with a certificate, too, but it doesn’t equal any kind of "official" certification.
Is it advisable to offer life coaching services without having a coaching certification or is not?
Does anybody know a good/professional coach who does this?
I’d love to see an unconventional example if there is one! :)
Thanks for your answers!

Many, if not most, coaches do so. There is no true coaching certification, in the sense of licensing, anywhere in the US. Those groups that offer "certification" are certifying that you’ve completed their training course, nothing more.

If you think you would be a good coach, and want to do it, have at it. Start perhaps by offering your services as a volunteer in your community, maybe working with the Y or some other group to help its client population define their goals and achieve them. That’s basically what coaching is about.

Best wishes!