Regarding life coaching. It seems to me that people could coach each other?

I’m looking for a site that connects people up based on their situations and goals where the people could coach each other and keep each other honest and on track by email, phone, internet meeting or some other method. Sort of be Tony Robbins to each other.

I know there has to be such a group out there but I can’t get past all the life coach adds and find it.

Anybody know of such a group or have suggestions on how I might locate some people to form a group with?

Thanks in advance.

I agree with you that people could coach each other, however, there are a few fall backs to that. But first I will answer your question.

I do not know of any such groups where people get together to coach each other, motivate each other and more based on personal goals and personal situations. However, there is such thing as group coaching, where a group of individuals are being coached by a certified life coach/business coach, and also partner up with members in the group for extra support and life long friendships.

You could always start a group in your community to bring people together and ‘coach’ each other. Maybe post an ad on your local to see who might be interested and how many people you could bring together.

As I was saying before there are a few set backs that you may face. The first being that not every body is a life coach. Not everyone can motivate other people to achieve their goals. This may sound negative, but it is quite true. Think about it this way. The last time you might have wanted to start a new adventure (whether it be relationship, job, vacation, weight loss, etc) how many of the people you talked to (whether family, friends or acquaintances) were happy for you and how many said ‘why are you doing that?’. These people used in the latter example can have a hard time with other people reaching their own goals because they themselves have difficulty reaching their own.

Another difficulty you may face is the time and commitment from each individual and how much they want to participate in helping another person to succeed. A life coach who does this for a living, focuses on each individual client and wants each one to reach their goals, despite the time length and/or difficulty of the challenge.

I think you have a great idea….I hope it works out well for you!!