Need Missing Motivation?

My father told me I’ve always been lazy and un-motivated to move forward in a positive direction with my life. And I think he’s right. I’m 24 and desperately want to have the energy and motivation to keep a job and begin a successful career. If I’ve "been this way from the beginning", Is it just the way I am and will always be? It makes me feel kind of worthless. I’ve tried LOTS of things to motivate myself, none have worked so far. How do I find personal motivation from within and make things right?

Don’t give up, you are trying. Think of some ways that will motivate you. Maybe write yourself a success contract on your goals. Don’t let others put you down. Take your fathers words and break them with your truth motivation. You have to learn how to take care of yourself in terms of finding a job. Your parents wouldn’t be able to support you forever. They will leave you and it’s your job to get back on track and improve your life. You are not worthless, you are yourself. Now get off the computer and start your goal today.