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Coastal Vacations was served a lawsuit by Florida State Officials during the Coastal Vacations Training Seminar Convention at the Gaylord Palm Resort in Orlando, Florida. Scot Chatron has quit Coastal Vacations and joined Resorts360. Visit Scot Chatron’s website at:
Scot Scott Chatron is a provider of Resorts360 Resorts 360. A home travel business with savings and discounts. Scot Chatron is a trainer and leader in the Home Based Business income opportunities. Scot Chatron provides training and support to help your success. Scot Chatron website is
Posted: For All Coastal Vacations Directors Worldwide and Board of Directors.
Subject: Breaking News on Coastal Vacations Lawsuit.
Category: Corrupt Companies – Income Opportunities with Lawsuits.
Charges: N. B. Management / Coastal Vacations for Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practice.

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