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Susan Steinbrecher on Financial Success Coaching pt 2

Part Two of Kim Snider’s interview with internationally acclaimed businesswoman, executive coach and author Susan Steinbrecher. More on the the global financial crisis and strategies for managing for economic uncertainty.

Duration : 0:10:0

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Out Of My Dreams & Into Castle TV

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‘Thought & Humor’ At Our New Website:


List of Castle characters

* Nathan Fillion as Richard Edgar “Rick” Castle — Castle is a best-selling mystery writer. Born Richard Alexander Rodgers, he adopted the middle name Edgar in honor of Edgar Allan Poe. Plagued with writer’s block after killing his popular lead character, he finds himself involved in the case of a copy-cat killer investigated by NYPD Detective Kate Beckett. Castle discovers a new source of inspiration in her and soon begins shadowing her investigations, affording him the opportunity to use his knowledge and skills to help solve murders.

* Stana Katic as Detective Kate Beckett — Beckett, a homicide detective with the NYPD, is a first-class investigator who has gained a reputation for being intrigued by unusual cases. She joined the force after her mother was murdered in an unsolved case.

* Jon Huertas as Detective Javier Esposito — Esposito works in the homicide division as part of Beckett’s team. He is always ready with a sardonic comment to keep Beckett on her toes and enjoys the way Castle riles her up. He and Kevin Ryan are friends, even though they constantly argue about obscure facts.

* Seamus Dever as Detective Kevin Ryan — Ryan also works as part of Beckett’s team. He and Esposito regularly tease Beckett, but they are also protective of her and ultimately treat her like one of the guys. The character was a late addition to the show as the original presentation pilot was only 37 minutes long.

* Tamala Jones as Dr. Lanie Parish — Parish, a medical examiner with an upbeat outlook, is also a friend of Beckett’s, one of the few people Beckett can talk to easily and without reservation. Parish notices the personal connection between Beckett and Castle and urges her to act on it.

* Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Captain Roy Montgomery — Montgomery, Beckett’s boss, appreciates her determination and diligence but maintains a close watch to make sure the investigations go smoothly. He is amused by how much Castle annoys Beckett but also appreciates how effectively the two work together.

* Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle — Alexis, Castle’s teenage daughter, is often portrayed as more mature and responsible than her father. She is very bright and enjoys school. Her social and interpersonal issues often parallel some aspect of the case Castle and Beckett are investigating, and Castle sometimes asks her opinion on a killer’s motivation.

* Susan Sullivan as Martha Rodgers — Rodgers, an actress on and off Broadway, is Castle’s mother and lives with him and Alexis. She helps her son through the difficulties of raising a teenage girl (even one as mature as Alexis) but also has an active social life of her own. She lives with Castle partly because a previous husband absconded with all her savings.

Music By:

Annunzio Paolo Mantovani (November 15, 1905 — March 29, 1980), known by the mononym Mantovani, was an Anglo-Italian conductor and light orchestra-style entertainer with a cascading strings musical signature. He is more associated with the light orchestra genre than any other entertainer.

As the alluring & angelic music from the past
swells, compliments, and enhances each HD
Picture/Video with melodious beauty, the Holy
Spirit – when allowed – overwhelms the marvelous
as well as the mundane in our continuance and
changes our existence (no matter our sordid path)
by transforming our very lives, beings & personhood
along with our status with the One True God of the

Duration : 0:10:0

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Susan Steinbrecher on Financial Success Coaching pt 1

Part One of Kim Snider’s interview with internationally acclaimed businesswoman, executive coach and author of Heart-Centered Leadership: An Invitation to Lead from the Inside Out, Susan Steinbrecher.

Heart-Centered Leadership begins with research, studies and scientific fact, all compiled into a book that took a bold new approach to how successful leaders achieve their legacy and emotional intelligence from the inside out.

Steinbrecher, Founder and CEO of Steinbrecher & Associates, is also the author of “Roadmap to Success”, and shares what her experience of coaching numerous executives has told her is needed if someone is to experience success at an exceptional level—the five core fundamentals of success. Susans ideas, along with those of Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey and other resourceful people, are revealed in Roadmap to Success.

Snider and Steinbrecher discuss the global financial crisis and how we can turn these hard times into a time for transformational impact if we have the right strategey for economic uncertainty.

Duration : 0:9:48

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