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Human Papillomavirus Described In Simple

HPV stands human papillomavirus and it is the general term for over a hundred diverse types of viruses mane of which are practically harmless yet there are certain types of which are can cause precancerous growths or cancer itself. Human papillomavirus usually invade and infect the human skin’s mucous membranes, the inner linings of the different body organs which are moist.

Of the many HPV strains, there thirty identified types that are transferred from one individual to another through sexual contact and that is the reason why human papillomavirus is the most transmitted virus through sexual contact and HPV the most common STD or sexually transmitted disease.

What causes human papillomavirus?

So that you would be aware, the many disorders caused by the human papillomavirus are:

Non-cancerous voice box (larynx) tumors. They can also affect the vocal cords and the air passages starting from the lungs up to the nose. This particular tract is ideal for HPV to dwell unto because it is fairly moist and soft.

  • Precancerous wounds or cancer on the vulva, vagina, anus, and the penis.
  • Dysplasia both low grade and high grade
  • Genital warts or venereal warts
  • The common warts which is caused by a totally different HPV strain, not the same as the one causing genital warts
  • Cervical cancer

There are cases when HPV does not manifest any symptoms at all and it remains dormant on the human body for years and that is the very reason why people who are sexually dynamic especially individuals with multiple sexual partners and those who do not practice safe sex should frequently be tested for HPV in order to minimize the transfer of the virus from unknowing victims.

Though sexual intercourse is the most common medium of HPV transmission and propagation, it is not the only act that contributes to the spread of the virus.

There are other non-sexual acts that play a role in the swelling of HPV cases such as skin contact on an infected person’s face, kissing, drinking from unsterilized glasses used by someone with HPV, sharing toothbrushes with someone infected with HPV, using the toilet after a person with HPV, and a lot more.

Genital warts symptoms and treatments:

To combat HPV, one has to practice safe sex. If for whatever reason, you were unable to use a condom, have yourself immediately tested for possible infection even if there are no manifestations that you have it. It is always better to be sure than to suffer the consequences later in life.

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