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miley cyrus – only girl. [HAPPY BDAY JENN, STEPH & HANN :D]


OMG. Girls, I am so so soooooooo sorry this video is crappy AND it’s late. I know this is a pathetic excuse, but I was sick all week and the whole month just passed by so fast! I remember thinking I still had 2 weeks left to make your video, dang it T_T Well, this video basically sucked :( I rushed it, there’s practically no effects, I got super lazy by the middle of the vid (at least you can enjoy the nice miley pictures and the cool matching video? xD) and I just really wanted to finish this video. I know it’s really not my best AND I APOLOGIZE SO SOOO MUCH that I couldn’t make you gurls an awesome bday video :( I’ll try and prove myself next year XD And hopefully next time I do a video, it’ll be much better than this xD But anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (it’s the thought that counts right? xD)

OMG! I am soooo happy I met you! And I seriously can’t believe it’s already been 2 years! That’s seriously sooo long in the “internet” world!? xD Hahahaa, I just can’t imagineee the amount of awesome inside jokes we had xD I always have suchh a blast talking to youu and I seriously just crack up all the time reading your comments! I guess our main quality is that were both LAZY, so we totally understand each other which is totally awesometasticall! Yes, I’m still inventing my cool words xD Remember lusy?? Busy + Lazy!? Hahaa you invented that one geniuuuus! 8D Hehe, I just wanted to sayy, THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH AN AMAZING TWINN AND BEST FRIENND AND YOUTUBE BUDDY!! I LOVE YOU SO SOOO MUCHH AND HOPE THAT ONE DAY, JUST ONE DAY, WE MIGHT ACTUALLY DO THAT COLLAB! HAHAHA xD HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL, HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING DAYY AND FANTASTICALL GIFTS CAUSE YOU TOTALLY DESERVE ALL THE BEST (hahaa, me and my cheesyness! wait, i don’t even like cheese!? BAM xD HAHA yeah sorry that was a really lame joke xD). ALRIGHT, IM GONNA SHUT UP NOW CAUSE I GOTTA GO COMMENT ABOUT THE OTHER BDAY GIRLS! YEAH THAT’S RIGHT, YOURE NOT THE CENTE OF THE WORLD TODAY, YOU GOTTA SHAARE MISS! xD Hehe, ok, im shuutting up for realz now, LOVE YOUUUU xo ♥

MY BEEEEEEEEEEETCHH! Hahaha first off, THANK YOU FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME AND MY LAZYNESS CAUSE I NEVER REPLY BACK TO YOU AS QUICKLY AS YOU DO xD I can’t believe it’s already been a year that we’ve met! Seriously, this year passed by sooo fast :O I’m really glaad I met you cause how would I become less lazy without you!? xD After all, Jenn obviously won’t help since she’s as lazy as me xD YOURE MY MOTIVATION TO UNLAZY-FY MYSELF!! xD Hahaha xD REMEMBER WHEN WE USED TO ASK EACH OTHER REALLY RANDOM QUESTIONS AFTER EACH OF OUR LOOOONG MESSAGES?! Hahahaha xD We should do that again xD ANYWAYYS, I JUST WANTED TO SAY, THAT YOU’RE AMAZINNG GIRL, AND YOU DESERVE THE BEST (including that blackberry, hehe I DIDNT FORGET!! ;D). HOPE YOU HAD AN AMAZINNG BDAYY and I’m really sorry that you only got to see this video AFTER your actual bday because of the time difference and all…BUT I REMEMBERED! DONT WORRY! xD LOVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS GUURL, DONT CHANGE CAUSE YOURE JUST TOO AWESOME AND THATS WHY I LOVE YOUU! ♥ xo

HANNAHH! I’m really sorry, I obviously don’t have as much to say to you as the other girls cause we’re not as close, but you still deserve this video!!! 😀 Haha, I honestly would think it’d suck if someone made a bday video for 2 of my friends but totally forgot me! So yeah, YOU STILL DESERVE THIS! I seriously don’t remember how we lost touch though, ugh, me and my bad memory, totally forgot. Hahaha, but we’ll catch up right?! 😀 I hope you had an awesometasticaaal bday and that you had really awesome presents!! 😀 HAPPY BIRTHDAYY, LOVE YOUUU ♥ xo


Song: Only Girl (in the world)
Artist: Rihanna
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 9
Coloring: xBurningTutorialsx (with some little personal touches)

I do not own any content in this video. No copyright infringment intended.

Duration : 0:1:3

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Training and Coaching for Inside Sales and Customer Service Staffs is Vital to Business Growth

When you are trying to grow your business during those first few years, the ability to turn prospects into customers and to keep customers satisfied with your products and services is MISSION CRITICAL.

However, some entreprenurs and small business owners may have a common misconception thinking their inside sales professionals and the customer service staffs also possess the same abilities and desires in keeping the business running and growing

Every sales trainer has heard the: “not in the budget” “we are not big enough for training and coaching” and “I am the sales manager-trainer” answers before and that type of response only makes me more committed to help them see the importance of investing some monetary resources into turning their operation into a successful and cohesive sales and service organization.

I have first-hand experience not thinking it was a necessary investment. As a result of a major business crisis for my sales organization in the mid-90s, I became convinced that sales and customer service training was needed to save the company. After finding that I needed to retool and retrain my staffs in order to weather the storm of losing our largest vendor, I had no alternative but to make a necessary monetary investment in trying to recover from this loss. In looking back at the results before and after the training, I see that I had made a HUGE mistake and probably lost significant revenues by not taking that step 5-8 years earlier.

The sales training that I chose was not appropriate for my team of “inside sales” account managers, but it was all I could find at the time. Without the convenience of the internet and websites, I had to rely on a referral from a business associate who gave me the name of the trainer and the program. The trainer tried to modify the program to address the needs of my company and ultimately it did help me to retool the entire sales and customer service team.

It was at that time that I decided that there was a lack of assessment and training programs that were targeted to the small inside sales team and small customer service staff — but these companies need that type of process training and coaching more than the Fortune 100 organizations.

As a small business owner, investigate the overview of training and coaching systems. Make sure they meet your appropriate needs and offer the following services: A comprehensive Assessment and Sales Training System for smaller inside sales organizations (2 – 20 Inside Sales Executives), an Assessment and Training for Inside Sales Managers and a complimentary coaching system for Customer Service Departments (3-10 CSRs).

Several training organizations have developed programs like these and they can be the best investment you make in your own company.

Some of the most well-known training programs demand months of training and high-ticket pricing. That is overkill for most businesses. The training should have elements of onsite training, follow up, and offer teleclass and teleseminars on an ongoing basis for brush up and advanced skills. Any program you choose should be able to assess if the sales and service teams to assure they are well-suited for their jobs. If they are – the training will be completed in less than 3 months with a minimum of disruption in the company.

Results are almost immediate. Proper assessment, training and ongoing coaching provide a way to set goals, develop a process, overcome fear of cold calling, a method of improving their vocal skill to make a greater first impression on those critical calls. Training organizatins should have additional modules as needed for more advanced training. The basis of successful programs are very simple: If you have a passion for sales, or the emotional empathy to be a great customer service representative, then any program you choose must provide the training and coaching to make your employees excel. For Business Owners, it is an opportunity to insure results and growth in revenue and satisfaction with customer service and support.

Melissa Vokoun

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Yonghan Budiyono – “the best business coach in the world”
Yonghan shares how, as a business coach, he help business owners close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Duration : 0:4:43

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Ken Ingram Business Coach video from Memoriesfx

Ken Ingram is the founder and President of The Achievement Center Coaching in Montreal. His team and him train and coach business owners on sales, leadership, team development and strategic planning.

We are proud to have worked with Ken to produce this business profile video introducing Ken to his prospective clients.

Duration : 0:2:46

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Dubai Life Coaching – Unleash your DNA – Hanan Nagi – P1

Dubai based Life & Executive Coach Hanan Nagi speaking at the Unleash your DNA 8th seminar in Dubai – UAE
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Hanan in this speech presents the ATTRACT Model and talk about the treasure buried within!

Sep 2009

Duration : 0:8:22

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Law of Attraction Coach Christy Whitman teaches Success in life Law of Attraction Coach Christy Whitman reveals her coaching strategies, and secrets that she has gathered over her 12 years of being on her personal development path.

Duration : 0:4:25

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Business Coach Emphasizes Soft Skills to Improve Performance

It’s not how smart you are; it’s how connected you are. The business coaching industry is increasingly looking at developments in the understanding of peak performance to help leaders and managers develop their skills. Valedictorians and technical experts are toppling from their pedestals as a large amount of research confirms a new formula for stardom in the workplace. The qualities of EQ, or one’s “emotional intelligence quotient,” turns out to be twice as important as IQ or technical expertise in determining who will succeed in the workplace.

Categorized as “soft skills,” the structure of the EQ powerhouse includes objective self-awareness, effective self-management, and the use of social/communication skills that help facilitate understanding and collaboration with others. In Working with Emotional Intelligence, author Daniel Goleman confirms the importance of EQ with an exhaustive review of research on top-ranked managers throughout the business world. Outcomes show conclusively that those with higher EQ consistently surpassed colleagues with deficits in “soft skills,” despite the presence of superior IQ and technical expertise among the latter.

Since these skills are not commonly addressed in formal education, their development is arbitrary for many. Fortunately, there are solutions. WealthBridge Connect, an elearning company that focuses on productivity solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs, focuses their training programs around EQ development in today’s workplace. Co-founder and Chief Learning Officer, Dr. J. Gregory Gillum, launched his personal journey of self-discovery through the coaching process, and it changed the course of his professional life. Recalling the moment of self-awareness, Gillum remembers looking at his business coach as he said, “I want to do what you do.” His coach responded, “Why don’t you?” Eight months later, Gillum became an entrepreneur in the coaching world. Prior to his role at WealthBridge Connect, Dr. Gillum served as the Chief Executive Officer of humanfusion, an award winning coaching and consulting firm that focused on leadership and management development.

Gillum’s mission as a business coach involves teaching the skills of EQ to individuals aspiring to realize their full potential. His ideas follow the findings of Goleman’s research: “If you can develop core competencies in this area, you will enhance your ability to rise in any organization.” Gillum’s unique approach to EQ training utilizes the integration of EQ into the four life domains, all of which are essential to success. Taken together, they encompass elements such as the organization of physical space, time management, effective focus, an objective awareness of strengths and limitations, and the cultivation of a sense of gratitude and accountability to the community and world at large. Gillum reports that as clients began to practice the disciplines within each domain, they experience a powerfully expanded sense of vision and possibility.

Gillum enthusiastically describes transformative outcomes with the coaching process. In addition to enhanced self-awareness and expanded vision, clients can anticipate dramatic increases in productivity. “I coached a group of realtors, and every top performer dramatically increased their productivity during the coaching process. One first-year real estate agent landed in the top 25 (of over 300) for her geographic area. She was astounded,” Gillum said. “I have had similar success with financial planners, small business owners and other entrepreneurs. Coaching has a dramatic impact on performance in any field.”

Gillum addresses the area of management with a technique he learned in the pharmaceutical industry called assimilation, an intervention designed for managers with work performance problems. The initial steps involve individual sessions with the manager and interviews with workplace associates who can provide additional perspective on the problem. The coaching strategy culminates in a powerful, live version of the 360 evaluation in which all parties involved in the problem assemble together. With the support of the coach, the manager must decide how to handle issues concerning employees and workplace issues. Gillum summarizes the benefits of this high-impact learning experience: “It creates public accountability and also requires everyone’s participation in getting to solutions. The manager’s performance improves, and the resulting ‘buy-in’ strengthens the sense of community.”

A critical part of the coaching experience is client behavioral assessment. To address this critical success factor, Gillum uses the Winslow Dynamics Profile (WDP), thought to be the gold standard of assessments by behavioral psychologists worldwide. WDP measures 24 critical traits, including the individual’s emotional intelligence. WealthBridge Connect is one of the few companies in the Midwest licensed to use the WDP.

Apart from his own passion for the work of WealthBridge Connect, Gillum is confident about the future of coaching. “Coaching is rapidly being legitimized in the business literature, as well as through personal and organizational validation with objective outcomes. Rapid changes in the workplace will necessitate the need for coaching as we move deeper into the information age, with knowledge workers becoming more in demand. The new work environment will require a visionary style of management, which gives employees permission to explore, question, and participate in the development of their own potential, and to contribute meaning and significance to the mission of their organizations.”


Dr. Gillum is the Chief Learning Officer of WealthBridge Connect, Inc. As CLO, his primary role is managing the universe of information that WealthBridge members use to drive their business to new heights. He lives with his wife and two children on a farm in central Kentucky.


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How to Find Your Core with Dr. Jeanine Life Coach & Hypnotherapist

After childbirth, upheavel or any type of change, we often need to locate our center or our core.
The following topic areas may be
addressed by my coaching:
Celebrity Life Coaching
Relationships Boundaries
Communication Skills
A Course in Miracles Coaching
Spirituality Coaching
Transpersonal Psychology
Enneagram Coaching
Spiral Dynamics
Clutter Coaching Organizing
Twin Flames Soul Mates
Flow Authenticity
Works of Marianne Williamson
The Divine Feminine
The works of Wayne Dyer
“The Secret”, The Law of Attraction
Jung Jungian Psychology
The Shadow Wholeness
Metaphysical Christianity
The Church of Religious Science
Unity Perspectives
The Tao te Ching
Metaphysics New Thought
Self Improvement Self Actualization
Buddhism Overcoming Suffering
Positivie Psychology Psychology &
The Works of Paul Pearsall &
Martin Seligman
Women and Women’s Issues
Mid-Life Embracing Midlife
Quarter Life Coaching
Coaching Women
Universal Laws
Spiritual Coaching
“Celebrity Coach”
“Female Celebrity Coach”
Name: Dr. Jeanine
Age: 43

I am a doctor of coaching for women all around the world.

Country: United States
Occupation: Doctor of Coaching for Women Wor…
Companies: Simply Divine Solutions Coaching…
Interests and Hobbies: Life Coaching, Spiritual Life Coaching, Positive psychology, metaphysics, The Tao te Ching, Spirituality, A Course in Miracles, Women’s Empowerment, Law of Attraction, The Alma Answers, Fitness, Comedy
Movies and Shows: My all time favorite movie is the Mexican movie Like Water for Chocolate. I love Whale Rider. For a long time my favorite movie was Ordinary People. I love anything directed by Pedro Almodovar~I loved Volver! My favorite actor is Gael Garcia Bernal. I also like Woody Allen movies. Spinal Tap always makes me laugh! For spiritual inspiration, I like: In Her Shoes, Deepak Chopra: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (more comprehensive than The Secret), Defending Your Life, I Heart Huckabees, and What the Bleep Do We Know.
Music: Bob and Ziggy Marley, The Beatles
Books: I have been avidly studying A Course in Miracles since ’92. I also study the Tao te Ching. I love to read and probably read a thousand books a year. For non-fiction works I love Pema Chodron, Paul Pearsall, Martin Seligman, Stuart Wilde, Marianne Williamson, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Ken Wilber, Ram Dass, Brian Weiss, A Course in Miracles (and its Urtext) and Wayne Dyer. I am interested in spirituality of all types and I study all paths in order to understand and learn from their essential truths. My favorite fiction writer is Laura Esquviel. Two of my favorite books are: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain made me laugh out loud!

Duration : 0:2:31

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Alexyss K. Tylor Life Coaching SEG2 PT4

Alexyss K. Tylor Life Coaching SEG2 PT4 ALEXYSS HAIR BY NIKK NELSON 404-488-1909

Duration : 0:9:34

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Ayrton Senna Da Silva Tribute 2 part 2 (HD)

READ Description before commenting!
My second tribute to greatest F-1 champion Ayrton Senna who lost his life in Imola Grand Prix 1994.
Part 2 Of my Senna tribute 2. Sadly problems with my own computer made impossible to download this project any earlier than now.
Part 3 will come out before end of Oktober and I try to publish entire Senna DVD download before end of year 2010.

RIP Ayrton Senna Da Silva (1960 – 1994)
we all miss you even today great champion

In Part two we meet Ayrton’s rival/friend Alain Prost who was leading champion of F1 when Ayrton came into F1. We even see things about his motivation and his first victory in Brazil 1991. Sadly quality is not very best trough whole video sence some of videos I used where bit bad quality.

All copyrights belong to there owners and I don’t own anything in this video. I’m just publishing my videos in Youtube to show what kind of hero Ayrton Senna Da Silva was and still is today.

“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use”
for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.
Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.
Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”

Duration : 0:12:43

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