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Kam Chana, Expert NLP Practitioner and Life Coach, talks us through life coaching

Kam Chana interview on Life Coaching

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Unemployment: A Fresh Start

So, you are one of the many American jobless who are now without a job. How are you going to handle this?Well, it could be foolish to get upset about your new situation. Instead, just think of this as a new chapter. When you think about it, you've been wanting to leave that job for a while anyway.But, you stuck around out of fear. Just like others, you have a fear of the unknown.


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Who can provide me with some positive thinking during this financial situation?

I have over $100,000 in student loans. I have a $12,000 credit card debt. I owe the bank $800, since I overdrew money. I can’t find a job, I can’t go back to school, and obviously, I have no money. Any ways to stay positive?

You have a borrowing problem. The loss of your job should stop that. Since you must have some free time without a job, I would suggest you do some volunteer work at a homeless shelter or
food bank, when you come out of there, you will thank your lucky stars. You can only go up
when you have been down so long. Know that there are millions of people in your shoes.
Start to read Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey, they will help you when you get a job and back on your feet.

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Dr.Mark Harries life coach new H.A.Y.S. method guaranteed to cure mental physical holistic alternative sex therapy depression

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The Content of the Books & Cds are truly a life transforming, highly inspiring to read and listen to while you are having great fun all the way to achieving your desired objectives. Ideal for job seekers, school leavers wanting to get a job in high paying industry for waiters and waitresses. CV writing, cover letter, how to fill job application, how to hypnotize your interviewer,how to get promoted,how to pass a job interview for waiters and waitresses is educational, informative, empowering and great fun!

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How To Become Your Own Life Coach

Become your own life coach by following common sense dictates.

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How To Make Money Without A Job QUESTIONS? Call me at 516-984-1625

How to make money without a job is exactly what you will learn here. Imagine for a second, that you can start making money, and lots of it, every month, even if you stop working, once you get enough work done, doing all of this without an actual job!! Believe it or not, it is VERY possible, and likely that if you work very hard and put in the right amount of work in the rich places, you can learn EXACTLY how to make money without a job with my personal help. I truly believe that what i’m presenting here to you, is probably one of the least expensive, and most profitable ways to make money without needing an actual job. You can do this all online using nothing but your computer, the internet, and some motivation, all from home. Again, don’t pass up this extremely beneficial opportunity to learn exactly how to make money without a job.

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