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Affordable Life Coach Training
Affordable Life Coach Training

Anybody with the passion, the heart and the desire to help people can become a life coach. The problem though is that those qualities alone are not enough to qualify you as an effective life coach. You will also need training and mentoring. But life coach training resulting in a certification costs $3000 to $6000 on the average.

Let’s assume you simply don’t have that kind of money laying around. Does this mean your dream of becoming a life coach is over? Well, not quite. There are several ways you can make life coach training more affordable.


As in traditional colleges and universities, there are scholarships available to help you pursue your dreams of becoming a life coach. There are a number companies willing to help you as long as you meet their qualifications and discplay the necessary level of desire and determination.

One approach you can take is with your current employer. You can inquire whether or not they have scholarships or other programs available that would meet your needs. Many companies offer incentives for their employees to further their education, especially if it’s in an area that would benefit the company, such as life coaching.

If no such progam currently exists in your company, you could suggest it to the appropriate department head or your supervisor. There are many companies that fund 100% of continuing education.

Another approach is to apply for a scholarships with the top coaching academies. One of these institutions is the International Coach Academy.

International Coach Academy is one of the top schools in the world for coach training. They provide top notch, affordable and accessible training. Their Certified Professional Coach Program is fully certified by the International Coach Federation. What may be of special interest to you is they offer a number of 50% scholarships for their program.

Find A Mentor

Another method of obtaining affordable life coach training is by finding a mentor. If you have the necessary desire and motivation, you can look for someone already working as a life coach who is willing to take you on as an apprentice. This may not be formal training but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be less effective. Someone currently working in the life coaching field may well be a better teacher or trainer who has been in the classroom and isn’t an actively practicing coach.

Of course it’s going to require some work to find someone willing to become your mentor. You will need to gain their trust as well as demonstrate a high level of desire and determination to become a life coach. While you should attend some sort of formal training later to attain life coach certification, the lessons you will learn from studying under a personal mentor will likely prove to be far more valuable than anything you will learn in a classroom.


If you are unable to find a mentor or are unable to afford formal life coach training, then your last resort is going to be self training. One source of self training that is widely available is books. There are many books on the subject of life coaching, but you don’t necessarily need to buy them yourself. Find the ones available through your local library and start with those.

Another good source of information is the internet. The information superhighway has an incredible amount of information on life coaching. Just make sure you exercise some caution on where you get your information. Choose sites that are credible sources of information regarding life coach training.

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Applied Creative Evolution Tip Focus Your Self Improvement Plan With A Personal Manifesto

Our society is becoming more aware of self responsibility. As people look towards self improvement as a method of improving their lives they are taking steps to make things happen. This article looks at writing a personal manifesto to help solidify your self improvement plan. There are additional resource links at the end of this article.

For many people the desire for self improvement is very strong. However for a large portion of those people where to start is the problem. Making the effort and investing the time in writing a personal manifesto will help you move forward on the path to self improvement.

Applied Creative Evolution Personal Manifesto For Self Improvement

Applied Creative Evolution Personal Manifesto For Self Improvement

If you hear the word “manifesto and thoughts of a man with swept back gray hair and a full beard come to mind then you are not alone. This is one of the example of how we have been programmed to associate certain word with specific people or things. That is another conversation for another day. Let’s take a look at how the Oxford American Dictionary defines the work manifesto:

    Man•i•fes•to (noun) – A public declaration of policy and aims, esp. one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.

So while you can see why this word has been associated with political writings, we can use it to improve and focus our journey to self improvement. So let’s look at how to write a personal manifesto even if you have no aspirations to a political career. Here is a list of things that could be accomplished by writing your personal manifesto:

Help you clarify and define your beliefs

Probe your personal motivations for the things you are currently doing and would like to do

Help put into writing your own personal policies

Describe and as a result help create the type of world you would like to live in

Define and put into writing your personal goals

Going through this process is going to help you determine what you truly want out of life. You will avoid the traps of haphazardly allowing things to happen to you and will begin to make things happen for you. Some of the benefits will be:

Improved decision making

Better evaluation of “opportunities”

Enhanced ability to stick to and manage priorities even when “emergencies” arise

Increased ability to accomplish goals

One of the things to bear in mind is this is simply a snapshot of where you are today. You should review your personal manifesto daily but plan to make changes at least annually. As you continue to grow and change so should your personal manifesto. Don’t throw away the old versions but save them somewhere. It will be interesting to look back on the old you and see how you have evolved over time.

This does not have to be a lengthy process. The outline below will help get you started.

I hold the belief that all people ________________ (have for example these qualities and or rights).

I hold the belief that it is important for me to___________ (list the specific things that you should do).

In the world that I live in people treat others____________ (list how you believe we should treat others).

My world looks like this___________________ (In as much detail as possible describe the economy, environment, entertainment etc).

My personal policy towards life is_____________ (list how you feel you should conduct yourself).

I am uniquely me because I have the unique set of abilities to_____________ (do or be what).

My far reaching personal goal is __________________ (you can break it down to smaller parts if that will help clarify).

My ultimate business or career goal is to _____________ (again breaking this down into smaller parts may be helpful).

This might be something that you will want to share with someone or you may want to keep it personal. It is really up to you. It is however sometimes helpful to have someone to help you think through how to accomplish your goals. This can be a mentor, friend, spouse, soul mate or some form of personal coach. If you are daring it can certainly be a way to start an interesting conversation.

Start this process with an open mind. This will enhance the likelihood that you will be able to clarify where you are and where you would like to be. Do not make this an opportunity to get on a soap box. The goal is to look within not push your opinions on others. We are each on a different journey and your journey is probably not the same as someone else. Respect where others are on their journey

Mark Talbot

Mark Talbot has been a coach in the corporate and private world for the past twelve years. Mark has owned and currently owns businesses in the fields of financial services,internet publishing and entertainment. Mark works with other business owners and professional to help them grow both in their business and personal endeavors. Mark is married to author Sharon Denise Talbot. They have 3 children, 4 grandchildren and live in New Orleans LA

Disclosure Self Improvement From Self Growth



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What Is Life Coaching?

This is a post in answer to a question regarding Life Coaching. There are additional resources at the end of this post.

Applied Creative Evolution Life Coaching

Applied Creative Evolution Life Coaching


there is a yoga place that i saw that does life coaching ? what is that?
is it like counseling then? and is it covered by ohip or whatever?

Life coaching is different from counseling in that your life coach will be more directive and offer specific advice. Life coaching is about improving your life going forward and does not usually focus on past emotional issues.

Counselors have to go through more training and certification to become licensed than a life coach so you have to be careful when selecting a life coach. Most life coaches offer a free session over the phone for you to see if life coaching is right for you.




CNN Living: Does Your Life Need A Coach?



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