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Law of Attraction Coach: Clarity & Vitality Nanette Geiger, Law of Attraction Coach and Law of Attraction Relationships expert, can help you strip yourself or self-limiting beliefs and emotions. She is the best-selling author of Create the Love of your Dreams, and has helped many people manifest happiness. Free teleseminars and videos are available, and also personal and group life coaching.

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Has anyone become a life coach successfully?

I am considering becoming a life coach on the advice of some friends I helped through a bad spot. The problem is, I’m not sure if one needs to be certified or if the certification programs are scams. Is anyone doing this for a living? What are some good programs to check out? (Yes, I appreciate the humor in asking for advice on life-coaching.)
Not to be rude to those entrepreneurial souls among us, but please don’t link me to some site you’re hawking which will not help me. I’m actually seeking information.
I’ve looked online; that’s where I see the certification courses. I just don’t know how reliable they are.

Danny Bonaduce on WYSP – 94.1 FM in Philadelphia – has a 15 minute a day Life Coach segment on his radio show – even has his own Theme song with a hard rock beat

very few people probably make a living – you have to be very charismatic, have to put a lot of time and money into having free seminars to convince people you might be able to help them – probably a degree in Psychology or something related would be standard or like Danny B – done everything worng in your life and know how to benefit from that knowledge ad help others

google for information – if there is any – it will be on the internet somewhere

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Benefits Of Out Of Body Experience

Out of body experience is a scientifically proved phenomenon which says human soul can body and can get back after an astral travel. It has roots in many religious doctrines and recently got scientific support. Its base lies in the theory; human body is constituted of two things, physical body and astral body.
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The Perfect Time: Coaching During an Economic Downturn

Most of us aren’t really old enough to remember the beginning of the Great Depression but we can certainly take the lessons learned from this period and apply them to economics, finances and, yes, even personal growth. Surprisingly, most businesses and individuals still don’t really understand this basic philosophy, and most certainly our government often doesn’t get it either – though a select few do.

Here is the simple and basic principle we can learn from the Great Depression and the leadership of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Save during boom, spend during bust.

What that means, put simply enough, is that when things are going well be conservative, keep to a plan, and save whatever you can and when things get difficult tap into that nest egg, take some calculated risks, and accelerate yourself out of the slump. It’s a basic and accepted economic principle that, unfortunately, most American’s in modern society just don’t get. More common practice in our debt-driven business mentality is “cut back when it’s tight and borrow when you’ve got money to make.” If you’re lucky enough, that second philosophy will see you through but it’s not the best policy according to most economists usually leads to an acceleration of the decline.

But that’s economics and we’re talking about personal and professional growth!

During an economic downturn people start to lose their jobs as businesses cut back (contrary to this lesson). When that happens the two most common courses of action, other than collect unemployment and look for a new job, are to 1) go back to school, and 2) start a new business. Now whether you still have a job, you’re looking for a new one, you’re in school or about to go back to school, are starting a new business or already own one, or you’re just ready to make big changes in your life – it’s time to apply the lessons of FDR.

The most successful businesses and individuals use this opportunity to fundamentally remake their image and products, improve skill sets, revise personal roadmaps, improve their core competencies and find new abilities. Why do they do this? Because everyone else is staying stationary or moving backwards and accelerating instead will only give them a wider advantage.

Personal and professional coaching is about creating advantage in your life. Whether it’s about doing better in your current job so you are more valuable, reassessing where your professional priorities and direction are, advancing your self-growth regimen, improving your relationships, developing new projects or businesses to implement, or just clarifying and focusing your critical life priorities – all of these are about creating advantage.

You can use this advantage to help yourself, help your family, help your company, or even to help your community. The more you are able to help yourself and others the more effective and supportive you become. As you spend this improvement outwards in your life you bring greater revitalization to everything you are involved in whether it’s work or every aspect of your personal life.

Now this is generally a good idea during every period of the economic cycle – but during a downturn it can mean the difference between falling behind, and catapulting ahead in your life! So where would you rather be – waiting to pull the lever of, or the flaming ball sitting in the launching pad of the catapult?

Angel True

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How to Get Out of Our Own Way Utilizing the Wisdom of the Tao

Getting out of our own way utilizing the wisdom of the Tao Te Ching. Dr. Jeanine discusses how we can stop resisting and starting moving with The Tao (the way).

I coach women towards their ultimate purpose, full of spiritual meaning, connection, compassion and humor.
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“TOP 10” “LIFE coaches” “STEPS” “solutions”

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A Life Coach Less Ordinary Introduction

A TV series following eccentric life coaches Nik and Eva Speakman as they try to change the lives of Compulsive Cleaners, Hair Pullers, Gamblers and Arachnophobes amongst others!

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How To Make Decisions – Life Coaching

How to know the difference between making decisions vs owning decisions. See how this very simple practice can be so effective in reaching your full potential.

Joe Torres is a life coach who is dedicated to helping his clients reach thier goals. Contact Joe for a free 25 minute consultation.

How to Make a Decision with Dr. Jeanine Life Coach for Women …
Women’s Issues Women’s Empowerment Woman Positive Psychology Coaching Women Metaphysical Christianity Universal Laws Law of Attraction Spiritual Coaching.…/how-to-make-a-decision-with-dr-jeanine-life-coach-for-women-worldwide/

Life Coach Training for Therapists, Coaches and all helping …
If there is anything we can do to help you make a decision to change something in your life, either by becoming a coach or being coached, please let us know …

A Life Coaching
Its just a fact of life. The most common point of failure is the failure to do anything or to start. My coaching here is simple. Make a decision, make it …

Decision Making Techniques and Decision Making Skills – Mind Tools
Learn a wide range of useful decision making techniques with these free videos and … coaching and support you need to make a lasting success of your career. … think through your goals, and make the very most of your life and career. …

How to Make a Career Change | Fashion Styling Uk | Yoga Retreats …
We are certainly not equipped with these kinds of decision skills at school. Life coaching can really help you decide how to make a career change by getting …

Tag » how to make decisions « @ Life Coaching Designs Blog
28 Oct 2009 … Life Coaching Designs Blog Designing Your Best Life. RSS icon · Email icon · Home icon … So what can we do to help make a better decision? …

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Mom is a pastor who has a ministry that primarily deals with helping to feed, clothe and provide life coaching

for anyone in need. This is a neighborhood outreach. All funding has been provided by her and the family. She recently has become incorporated and was issued an EIN number. She also is operating the outreach from her home. She has converted her ENTIRE home to the ministry. Her home is filled with the most beautiful, abstract and yet spiritually inspired artwork all thru out the premises, even the ceilings. She is not an artist, yet theses paintings were all done by her. They ARE art gallery worthy. My question is: any ideas on how she can use her incorporation/ein status to open her facility as a gallery to draw more income for the outreach? She’s thinking of having it open to the public for walk thru’s, but how to get started? How to advertise? How to solicit support? How many channels will she need to go through?

Contact the media. You can call your local tv station or go on their website and email their anchors, esp. those that do on location types of things. Write them a consice letter that gets the point across – make it as interesting and community oriented as you can.

Make press releases and find all of the individuals that handle art events in the local publications. These are posted in the art sections of many local newspapers and magazines. You may have to get these out early to the publications that come out monthly. They have to get their info pretty early on in the previous month before publication.

Make fliers for the shops in your area to post on the doors, esp. coffee shops, bookstores, and cafes. See if you can get people to donate to the event in exchange for publicity. So maybe the local print shop can donate the cost of printing the fliers. If she is a not for profit, they can get a tax write-off.

Those are some things she can try that won’t cost much.

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I am 31 years old male. I have a degree in Engineering and a masters degree in IT. and my problem is that I HATE MY FIELD! Now I work as a presales Hardware system engineer. I changed many jobs within this field before this job and I just got bored of them all, I didnt last more than one year in any of them before i jumped to a new one hoping to find it interesting. now after five years in the field, i realized that i hate it. Now I am so depressed, i go to my work unmotivated everyday and i just dont know if i can start a new career. I cant deal with specs and numbers. I want to work with ppl, i like abstract,i like theory ,concept.I like bigger pictures and i hate to delve into details. i enjoy talking about the greater meaning of life andi like to advise others. i am so idealistic so corporate life is like hell to me. My wish is to be a life coach like anthony robins for example. I like motivating ppl and helping them out and i like philosophical discussions and arts. I do not know where to start or is it even a possibility.
I know everyone is going to tell me there is a way when there is a will but i need more than that. i want tools, i want examples .i just want a way out of this before my life goes by and i end up just another man who earned his living and died

Um, okay, yeah, that sucks. BUT just be glad to have a job. You are fairly young, you got a career in the field that you studied. Compared to some people, you are incredibly lucky. I know a person who worked their butt off in Law School and now can’t get a job.

Maybe if you are that depressed you can move to a new city. Get a job in the field you were trained for but go in with a positive attitude. Try to meet new people. Honestly, if you’ve gone through that many jobs already and haven’t found one you liked then it’s going to be pretty hard to. If you quit now, in this economy, you might not find a better job.

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