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Kam Chana, Expert NLP Practitioner and Life Coach, talks us through life coaching

Kam Chana interview on Life Coaching

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Life Coach Tip – Law Of Attraction Tip of the day – Meadow Devor
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What You Need to Know Internet Marketing Coaching!

What is internet marketing coaching and how can it help you? Internet marketing coaching is a program that is designed to help you become successful in your online business. It provides you with step-by-step instructions on exactly what you need to accomplish to make money online.

Who needs internet marketing coaching? Maybe a better question is; who doesn’t need internet marketing coaching? Almost everyone can benefit from a good coaching program.

Regardless of how successful you are, and no matter what level you’ve achieved with your online business, there are others who are more successful. It is a much process to copy the successful technique of someone who has done it before than to strike out on your own and have to reinvent the wheel every step of the way. A good coaching program can give you the guidance you need to achieve that next level of success.

Most Internet marketing coaches will teach you what THEY’VE been doing. Regardless of whether their business is based on selling $2 ebooks, for more details visit to or $100 affiliate products, your business will look similar. So you should determine how you want to run your business before deciding on a coach. You need to get a coach from someone who has already accomplished what you want to do. For example, if you want to make $500 a month, you cannot enter into a coaching program from someone who is only making $300 a month. And the same goes with larger sums. If you want to make $5000 a month, the internet marketing coach you choose should be making at least that much.

There are two other factors that are extremely important in the world of Internet marketing coaching. This first is personal contact. You MUST have access, for more details visit to either by phone or email, to your coach. This service is vitally important.

The second important factor is scheduled lesson plans. These lessons should come out on a regular basis and should be written in a simple straight forward manner. They should also include step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. Make sure that the coaching program you are considering has a series of lessons that will teach you the foundation and principles of what you are doing. That way, you can adapt it to other websites or online businesses.

Are your profits declining or non-existent? If so, you definitely need to take a look at a good coaching program!

Manish Gaur

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Business Coach Emphasizes Soft Skills to Improve Performance

It’s not how smart you are; it’s how connected you are. The business coaching industry is increasingly looking at developments in the understanding of peak performance to help leaders and managers develop their skills. Valedictorians and technical experts are toppling from their pedestals as a large amount of research confirms a new formula for stardom in the workplace. The qualities of EQ, or one’s “emotional intelligence quotient,” turns out to be twice as important as IQ or technical expertise in determining who will succeed in the workplace.

Categorized as “soft skills,” the structure of the EQ powerhouse includes objective self-awareness, effective self-management, and the use of social/communication skills that help facilitate understanding and collaboration with others. In Working with Emotional Intelligence, author Daniel Goleman confirms the importance of EQ with an exhaustive review of research on top-ranked managers throughout the business world. Outcomes show conclusively that those with higher EQ consistently surpassed colleagues with deficits in “soft skills,” despite the presence of superior IQ and technical expertise among the latter.

Since these skills are not commonly addressed in formal education, their development is arbitrary for many. Fortunately, there are solutions. WealthBridge Connect, an elearning company that focuses on productivity solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs, focuses their training programs around EQ development in today’s workplace. Co-founder and Chief Learning Officer, Dr. J. Gregory Gillum, launched his personal journey of self-discovery through the coaching process, and it changed the course of his professional life. Recalling the moment of self-awareness, Gillum remembers looking at his business coach as he said, “I want to do what you do.” His coach responded, “Why don’t you?” Eight months later, Gillum became an entrepreneur in the coaching world. Prior to his role at WealthBridge Connect, Dr. Gillum served as the Chief Executive Officer of humanfusion, an award winning coaching and consulting firm that focused on leadership and management development.

Gillum’s mission as a business coach involves teaching the skills of EQ to individuals aspiring to realize their full potential. His ideas follow the findings of Goleman’s research: “If you can develop core competencies in this area, you will enhance your ability to rise in any organization.” Gillum’s unique approach to EQ training utilizes the integration of EQ into the four life domains, all of which are essential to success. Taken together, they encompass elements such as the organization of physical space, time management, effective focus, an objective awareness of strengths and limitations, and the cultivation of a sense of gratitude and accountability to the community and world at large. Gillum reports that as clients began to practice the disciplines within each domain, they experience a powerfully expanded sense of vision and possibility.

Gillum enthusiastically describes transformative outcomes with the coaching process. In addition to enhanced self-awareness and expanded vision, clients can anticipate dramatic increases in productivity. “I coached a group of realtors, and every top performer dramatically increased their productivity during the coaching process. One first-year real estate agent landed in the top 25 (of over 300) for her geographic area. She was astounded,” Gillum said. “I have had similar success with financial planners, small business owners and other entrepreneurs. Coaching has a dramatic impact on performance in any field.”

Gillum addresses the area of management with a technique he learned in the pharmaceutical industry called assimilation, an intervention designed for managers with work performance problems. The initial steps involve individual sessions with the manager and interviews with workplace associates who can provide additional perspective on the problem. The coaching strategy culminates in a powerful, live version of the 360 evaluation in which all parties involved in the problem assemble together. With the support of the coach, the manager must decide how to handle issues concerning employees and workplace issues. Gillum summarizes the benefits of this high-impact learning experience: “It creates public accountability and also requires everyone’s participation in getting to solutions. The manager’s performance improves, and the resulting ‘buy-in’ strengthens the sense of community.”

A critical part of the coaching experience is client behavioral assessment. To address this critical success factor, Gillum uses the Winslow Dynamics Profile (WDP), thought to be the gold standard of assessments by behavioral psychologists worldwide. WDP measures 24 critical traits, including the individual’s emotional intelligence. WealthBridge Connect is one of the few companies in the Midwest licensed to use the WDP.

Apart from his own passion for the work of WealthBridge Connect, Gillum is confident about the future of coaching. “Coaching is rapidly being legitimized in the business literature, as well as through personal and organizational validation with objective outcomes. Rapid changes in the workplace will necessitate the need for coaching as we move deeper into the information age, with knowledge workers becoming more in demand. The new work environment will require a visionary style of management, which gives employees permission to explore, question, and participate in the development of their own potential, and to contribute meaning and significance to the mission of their organizations.”


Dr. Gillum is the Chief Learning Officer of WealthBridge Connect, Inc. As CLO, his primary role is managing the universe of information that WealthBridge members use to drive their business to new heights. He lives with his wife and two children on a farm in central Kentucky.


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Intellectual property lawyer uses Strategic Coach tools to fulfill a lifetime goal.

Intellectual property lawyer John Ferrell talks about some of the Strategic Coach Programs planning tools for entrepreneurs, which have helped him recognize his achievements, derive confidence from them, and use that energy to fuel his other goals in life, like learning to fly an airplane — a skill he now uses in aid of a local charity.

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The Art of Coaching in Business

This is a sample of The Art of Coaching in Business video. In this video, consultant Gary Schuman discusses coaching successfully with seven extraordinary individuals who understand the coaching process inside and out:
Herb Kelleher, Chairman & CEO of Southwest Airlines
Jack Nicklaus, One of the greatest golfers of all time
Mercedes Ellington, acclaimed choreographer
Keith Lockhart, Conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra
Lenny Wilkens, “Winningest” coach in the history of the NBA
Jim Flick, Coach to Jack Nicklaus
Sarah Nash, Managing Director of J.P. Morgan
More information about the video is available at:

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Can someone good at business plan coach me?

Hi all,

I have a very good idea and i am very positive that if I write a good and articulate business plan I should be able to find partners who would join me to create an online business. Well the problem is I want a good coach who is good at marketing or business finance or advertising to help me build my online business from the beginning. I had some business administration class but thing go so fast and I need someone to help me gain more confidence and help me structure my idea so they can be more appreciable.

please if you accept to help tell me what you want in return:
Money, service anything legal please. we can use internet and web conference tool to communicate.
thank you very much to all of you for answering my question

Please help me build my life to be able to help others . that’s my goal in life.

You don’t need partners and you don’t need a business plan. Read some books about Bootstrapping… many entrepreneurs are bootstrapping their businesses. You’ll save a lot of money and time if you’ll concentrate on just doing it… and before you do, see who’s willing to buy even before you build it!

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What’s your best "power of positive thinking" experience?

I am really interested in the concept of positive thinking and would like to hear how people have benefited from it in their lives.

i would call it positive expectations . if you dont believe good things can happen for you then you will take fewer risks an reap fewer rewards. i can give you an example of another guy. he was in a goodwill store an saw a document that he thought was valuable. there were several skeptics. but he persisted. an sold it for two hundred thousand dollars. bought it at the thrift store for a few dollars.

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Coaching Sessions – part1

SUCCESS is a way of Thinking. Join me to coach you how to reshape the way you approach things and get anythinh you ever wanted in your life !!!
Coaching with Gregory Neocleous
Coach on Personal & Professional Development.

Duration : 0:6:55

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