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JACK CANFIELD – Positive Thinking for Self Esteem

Jack Canfield has a new wealth program.

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The main teachers behind The Secret have launched a new program and it is based on employing the Law of Attraction to create wealth.

Now you can learn how to use the “Law of Attraction” to create whatever you want in life – be it money, love or happiness – and generate abundance in all areas of life.

Get 7 free lessons @

To assist people worldwide in manifesting more money, Brian Wong created the “Law of Attraction Riches” Free Strategy Report.

This report teaches how to apply the Law of Attraction to money and how you can take action to make a fortune with the Official Teachers from The Secret.

Get Your Free Report Here:

Download “Law of Attraction Riches” and discover:

— 7 Free Lessons on the “Law of Attraction” from the Teachers featured in The Secret.

— Tons of FREE Passive Income Information, Tips and Resources

— The Teachings of Abraham – Esther Hicks Channeling Abraham Master Course Audio CD set

— Bonus E-books, Including:
1. The “Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles

2. The “Master Key System” by Charles F. Haanel

and download “Law of Attraction Riches” now for all the GREAT details.

Learn how Thousands of people are making a fortune with the Official Teachers from “The Secret”

Jack Canfield is co author of the chicken soup for the soul seiries with Mark Victor Hansen. Visit the jack canfield blog and learn more at the jack canfield website. Learn about jack canfield and the law of attraction. Jack canfield success stories from the secret movie. A book by jack canfield called the success principles. Jack canfield learn how to dream big with the jack canfield dvd set. Sequel to the chronicles of narnia. Watch videos about jack canfield on youtube. Quotes from the chicken soup for the soul book. The chicken soup for the soul series written by Jack Canfield from the secret. Its the best way to work online and invest in property and real estate. The Best jack canfield book, how to use the secret lessons with jack canfield’s home seminar. Counseling by jack canfield quotes and audio. Goal setting with jack canfield books and cd’s. Get jack canfield’s free lesson for getting rich and making money online. Similar to using mlm or other “work at home” systems to build wealth. Easy money making ideas for financial freedom and retirement. Use the science of getting rich and a book called think and grow rich by napoleon hill. The best home based business called the sgr program by jack canfield, very high comission. New age thought churches like agape international. The best vacation packages including luxury homes and apartments. This program offers the best wealth creation system and strategy. Making money using the secret to create a residual income system. Attract more abundance with tony robbins (anthony robbins) and robert allen help with manifesting and creating wealth. The secret movie will teach you wealth creation how to earn money a great business opportunity. Find self esteem help with teachers like zig ziglar and les brown. Get free lessons with jack canfield. The best videos on Jack canfield coaching. Prosperity counceling with amazing jack canfield teachings for personal success using the secret. You may ask “what is the secret” the best way to apply “the law of attraction” is focus. Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield books and free ebooks with inspirational quotes. How to use natural chakras energy healing for psychics using yoga. The secret to manifest with meditation to reach your higher self using the universal laws. Proper goal setting for better homebased business ideas with internet advertisng. Its a program called the sgr club, one of the best affiliate programs that actually works. The best kept wealth secrets to make money online is to work at home. Create passive income and earn extra money using internet marketing secrets. Affiliate and network marketing are great business investments. Jack Canfield will help you make money fast using the law of attraction. The teachers of the secret dvd show how to apply the law of attraction to business and investments. Who is jack Canfield? Check out Jack Canfield philosophy on wikipedia to read the success principles. Fred allen Wolf and Lisa nichols together with esther hicks channeling abraham coaching on the law of attraction. Jack Canfield created an amazing wealth seminar with an affiliate program to make money with the secret.

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Delaware Real Estate Mastermind group business tips (tip #1 know your goals)

Recently business coach Dwight Miller spoke at Wilmington Investment Network;s Mastermind group aimed for investors who primarily target the Wilmington and Newark Delaware area.

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Mark Victor Hansen – North America’s Ambassador of Possibility

Co-author with Jack Canfield of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Mark Victor Hansen is one the leading authorities on personal growth and motivation. His idea for the Chicken Soup series was just one of many that has propelled him into the worldwide spotlight. In the area of human potential, no one is more respected for helping people and organizations, from all walks of life, reshape their personal vision of what’s possible.

This video is brought to you by Speaker’s Spotlight – – North America’s leading speakers’ bureau.

Book Mark Victor Hansen as a keynote speaker for your next event by contacting:

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Life Coach Tip – Law Of Attraction Tip of the day – Meadow Devor
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Corporate Coach

Louise Bergeron is a Certified Corporate Coach with The Art of Excellence.

At TAOE our vision is Leadership Excellence; Everywhere, Everyday.

Are you happy in all areas of your life?
Do you know what being your best self looks like?
Are you currently focused and excited at work?
Do you feel in control of your day?

If you have answered one NO, a coaching conversation could help. Email or visit

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Law of Attraction Coach Christy Whitman teaches Success in life Law of Attraction Coach Christy Whitman reveals her coaching strategies, and secrets that she has gathered over her 12 years of being on her personal development path.

Duration : 0:4:25

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Alexyss K. Tylor Life Coaching SEG2 PT4

Alexyss K. Tylor Life Coaching SEG2 PT4 ALEXYSS HAIR BY NIKK NELSON 404-488-1909

Duration : 0:9:34

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Experts Debate Self-Help Phenom ‘The Secret’ (CBS News)

James Arthur Ray, author of “The Science of Success,” and psychology professor John Norcross disagree on whether the hit self-help program “The Secret” works. Harry Smith moderates their discussion. (

Duration : 0:4:36

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Believe… Achieve – The Power of Positive Thinking

Hope this helps you all :)

Love to all xoxox

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Bay Of Pigs Invasion, Cuba

Bay of Pigs invasion, Cuba.

On April 17, 1961, 1400 Cuban exiles launched what became a botched invasion at the Bay of Pigs on the south coast of Cuba.

The first major error occurred on April 15, 1961, when eight B-26 bombers left Nicaragua to bomb Cuban airfields. The operation failed to destroy the entire arsenal of planes, leaving most of Castro’s air force intact. The CIA had used obsolete World War II B-26 bombers, and painted them to look like Cuban air force planes. As news broke of the attack and American complicity became apparent after photos of the repainted planes became public, President Kennedy canceled the second air strike.

On April 17, the Cuban-exile invasion force, or Brigade 2506, landed at beaches along the Bay of Pigs and immediately came under heavy fire. The planes left unharmed in the earlier air attack strafed the invaders, sank two escort ships, and destroyed half of the exile’s air support. Bad weather hampered the ground force, which had to work with soggy equipment and low stores of ammunition.

During the next 24 hours, Castro had 20,000 troops advancing on the beach and the Cuban Air Force continued to control the skies. As the situation grew increasingly grim, President Kennedy authorized an �air-umbrella� at dawn on April 19, which called for six unmarked American fighter planes to help defend the Brigade’s B-26 aircraft flying from Nicaragua. But the B-26s arrived an hour late (most likely due to time zone confusion) and were shot down by the Cubans. The invasion was crushed later that day. Some exiles escaped to the sea, while the rest were killed or rounded up and imprisoned by Castro�s forces. Almost 1200 Brigade members had surrendered and more than 100 had been killed.
The Aftermath

The Brigade prisoners remained in captivity for 20 months, as the United States negotiated a deal with Fidel Castro. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy made personal pleas to pharmaceutical companies and baby food manufacturers, and Castro eventually settled on 53 million dollars worth of baby food and drugs. On December 23, 1962, just two months after the resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis, a plane containing the first group of freed prisoners landed in the US. A week later, on Saturday, December 29, surviving Brigade members gathered for a ceremony in Miami�s Orange Bowl, where the Brigade�s flag was handed over to President Kennedy. �I can assure you that this flag will be returned to this Brigade in a free Havana,� the president promised. The failure at the Bay of Pigs had a lasting impact on the Kennedy administration. The commitment to erase this blot from the historical record contributed to the November 1961 decision to establish Operation Mongoose–a plan to sabotage and destabilize the Cuban government and economy, including the possible assassination of Castro himself. More than 40 years later, relations between Castro’s Cuba and the United States remain tense and tenuous at best.

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