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Law of Attraction Coach: Clarity & Vitality Nanette Geiger, Law of Attraction Coach and Law of Attraction Relationships expert, can help you strip yourself or self-limiting beliefs and emotions. She is the best-selling author of Create the Love of your Dreams, and has helped many people manifest happiness. Free teleseminars and videos are available, and also personal and group life coaching.

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Pressing issues: Positive thinking

This is vice city public radio but only with youtube characters.
thewinekone (Tony Huynh): positive thinker
lazydork: the host of the programm
RosieProbert (Leanne: pshycotic girl)

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How much are personal trainers (for weight loss)?

Im trying to get back in shape after sitting on my butt and putting on weight for the last 3 years. The problem is I lack motivation. Im curious about trying a personal trainer to get the motivation I need and to lose the weight/tone/add muscle, but Im nervous about the cost…are they usually really expensive and if so, is there somewhere I can look online where the prices are better?

*If it helps, I live in the Washington DC area.

It depends, personal trainers cost less when they work at a gym, ranging from $50-80/hour, and about $800 for 30 sessions or so. But the cost seems to go wayyy up when the trainer has his/her own business, with it ranging from about $90-120/hour. So it might help if you get a gym membership, and find a trainer in there, plus when you get your motivation back you wont need a trainer anymore, but you will still have the gym. goodluck

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Training and Coaching for Inside Sales and Customer Service Staffs is Vital to Business Growth

When you are trying to grow your business during those first few years, the ability to turn prospects into customers and to keep customers satisfied with your products and services is MISSION CRITICAL.

However, some entreprenurs and small business owners may have a common misconception thinking their inside sales professionals and the customer service staffs also possess the same abilities and desires in keeping the business running and growing

Every sales trainer has heard the: “not in the budget” “we are not big enough for training and coaching” and “I am the sales manager-trainer” answers before and that type of response only makes me more committed to help them see the importance of investing some monetary resources into turning their operation into a successful and cohesive sales and service organization.

I have first-hand experience not thinking it was a necessary investment. As a result of a major business crisis for my sales organization in the mid-90s, I became convinced that sales and customer service training was needed to save the company. After finding that I needed to retool and retrain my staffs in order to weather the storm of losing our largest vendor, I had no alternative but to make a necessary monetary investment in trying to recover from this loss. In looking back at the results before and after the training, I see that I had made a HUGE mistake and probably lost significant revenues by not taking that step 5-8 years earlier.

The sales training that I chose was not appropriate for my team of “inside sales” account managers, but it was all I could find at the time. Without the convenience of the internet and websites, I had to rely on a referral from a business associate who gave me the name of the trainer and the program. The trainer tried to modify the program to address the needs of my company and ultimately it did help me to retool the entire sales and customer service team.

It was at that time that I decided that there was a lack of assessment and training programs that were targeted to the small inside sales team and small customer service staff — but these companies need that type of process training and coaching more than the Fortune 100 organizations.

As a small business owner, investigate the overview of training and coaching systems. Make sure they meet your appropriate needs and offer the following services: A comprehensive Assessment and Sales Training System for smaller inside sales organizations (2 – 20 Inside Sales Executives), an Assessment and Training for Inside Sales Managers and a complimentary coaching system for Customer Service Departments (3-10 CSRs).

Several training organizations have developed programs like these and they can be the best investment you make in your own company.

Some of the most well-known training programs demand months of training and high-ticket pricing. That is overkill for most businesses. The training should have elements of onsite training, follow up, and offer teleclass and teleseminars on an ongoing basis for brush up and advanced skills. Any program you choose should be able to assess if the sales and service teams to assure they are well-suited for their jobs. If they are – the training will be completed in less than 3 months with a minimum of disruption in the company.

Results are almost immediate. Proper assessment, training and ongoing coaching provide a way to set goals, develop a process, overcome fear of cold calling, a method of improving their vocal skill to make a greater first impression on those critical calls. Training organizatins should have additional modules as needed for more advanced training. The basis of successful programs are very simple: If you have a passion for sales, or the emotional empathy to be a great customer service representative, then any program you choose must provide the training and coaching to make your employees excel. For Business Owners, it is an opportunity to insure results and growth in revenue and satisfaction with customer service and support.

Melissa Vokoun

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Finding Your Personal Motivation, part iii

When people find out that I am a “motivational speaker” they often ask me to motivate them as if it is something that I can do for them or to them. Motivation is internal and the ability to motivate yourself is something that you can learn to do if you set your mind to it. There are many different ways to build self-motivation and hundreds of techniques that you could use. Here are some of my favourite strategies that you can use to help to develop your own personal motivation.

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Stressed Out? Here Are Some Great Ideas!

Everyone has a different trigger point for stress. Quite often, people are unsure of how to effectively deal with their stress. In this article you will learn some ways to help you better deal with excess stress and begin to live life more relaxed and stress-free.


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I am wanting to start my own motorcoach business but I am not sure how 2 go about getting grants.what do i do?

I am wanting to start my own motor coach business but I am not sure what I need to do in order to get grant funding for my project! Where do I get started and who do I need to talk to? Do you have any ideas for me?

No such thing as grants to start up businesses unless you are setting up a non profit business.
Be careful about getting scammed.
A lot of sites will charge you for applications for grants – and then deny you the grant.
Don’t get scammed.

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Has anyone become a life coach successfully?

I am considering becoming a life coach on the advice of some friends I helped through a bad spot. The problem is, I’m not sure if one needs to be certified or if the certification programs are scams. Is anyone doing this for a living? What are some good programs to check out? (Yes, I appreciate the humor in asking for advice on life-coaching.)
Not to be rude to those entrepreneurial souls among us, but please don’t link me to some site you’re hawking which will not help me. I’m actually seeking information.
I’ve looked online; that’s where I see the certification courses. I just don’t know how reliable they are.

Danny Bonaduce on WYSP – 94.1 FM in Philadelphia – has a 15 minute a day Life Coach segment on his radio show – even has his own Theme song with a hard rock beat

very few people probably make a living – you have to be very charismatic, have to put a lot of time and money into having free seminars to convince people you might be able to help them – probably a degree in Psychology or something related would be standard or like Danny B – done everything worng in your life and know how to benefit from that knowledge ad help others

google for information – if there is any – it will be on the internet somewhere

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How do You Get a Hypnosis Script

Hypnosis scripts are tools necessary for the completion of a hypnosis session. They allow the professional or non-professional reader to construct a hypnotic intervention and give suggestions to the subject. Some therapists use hypnosis scripts in their practice, but criticism has often fired for this kind of sessions. More experienced and really competent hypnotherapists will not use hypnosis scripts directly on the patient. Yet, this does not mean that they don't use such materials.


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I am obsessed with breaking my personal record. What is another positive motivation to keep running?

I’m pushing myself too hard with this philosophy of breaking a record every time I run. I’ve been running 5 days a week for a couple of years. I can’t lose any more weight. I’m not going to get any faster since I’m 36 (and had a very active youth). I feel overtrained. What are some motivations to keep running, because I’m really feeling burned out at the moment?

Any tip would be appreciated. Thanks!

Well, I understand where you are coming from. This is common with a lot of runners, including myself. I love running 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, full marathons and just about any kind of road race. In my earlier and younger days, setting personal records was exhilerating for me and setting these goals to break my own records motivated me to train and train hard. I actually got my weight down to 143 pounds just from the hard training and racing. I was blessed that I didn’t have but a few injuries that sidelined me.

After realizing that the aging process was slowing me down and that my body needed more rest, I adjusted my thinking. I feel Blessed just being able to get out the door most mornings to go for a run, weather a short run or a long run. I also became more focused on half and full marathons and just being able to finish them in good condition and not competely physically and mentally drained.

Another motivation is that because of my running, I keep my blood pressure down, my cholesteral down, my heart rate down and I feel so much better. I have more energy, I am more alert and I run because I can. I can take a day or two off now without feeling guilty because I know that the rest is helping me to recover for the next run. What a wonderful feeling.

So, take it easy, get more rest and enjoy running for the sake of running and the many health benefits you get from it.

Happy Running!

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