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JACK CANFIELD – Positive Thinking for Self Esteem

Jack Canfield has a new wealth program.

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The main teachers behind The Secret have launched a new program and it is based on employing the Law of Attraction to create wealth.

Now you can learn how to use the “Law of Attraction” to create whatever you want in life – be it money, love or happiness – and generate abundance in all areas of life.

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To assist people worldwide in manifesting more money, Brian Wong created the “Law of Attraction Riches” Free Strategy Report.

This report teaches how to apply the Law of Attraction to money and how you can take action to make a fortune with the Official Teachers from The Secret.

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Download “Law of Attraction Riches” and discover:

— 7 Free Lessons on the “Law of Attraction” from the Teachers featured in The Secret.

— Tons of FREE Passive Income Information, Tips and Resources

— The Teachings of Abraham – Esther Hicks Channeling Abraham Master Course Audio CD set

— Bonus E-books, Including:
1. The “Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles

2. The “Master Key System” by Charles F. Haanel

and download “Law of Attraction Riches” now for all the GREAT details.

Learn how Thousands of people are making a fortune with the Official Teachers from “The Secret”

Jack Canfield is co author of the chicken soup for the soul seiries with Mark Victor Hansen. Visit the jack canfield blog and learn more at the jack canfield website. Learn about jack canfield and the law of attraction. Jack canfield success stories from the secret movie. A book by jack canfield called the success principles. Jack canfield learn how to dream big with the jack canfield dvd set. Sequel to the chronicles of narnia. Watch videos about jack canfield on youtube. Quotes from the chicken soup for the soul book. The chicken soup for the soul series written by Jack Canfield from the secret. Its the best way to work online and invest in property and real estate. The Best jack canfield book, how to use the secret lessons with jack canfield’s home seminar. Counseling by jack canfield quotes and audio. Goal setting with jack canfield books and cd’s. Get jack canfield’s free lesson for getting rich and making money online. Similar to using mlm or other “work at home” systems to build wealth. Easy money making ideas for financial freedom and retirement. Use the science of getting rich and a book called think and grow rich by napoleon hill. The best home based business called the sgr program by jack canfield, very high comission. New age thought churches like agape international. The best vacation packages including luxury homes and apartments. This program offers the best wealth creation system and strategy. Making money using the secret to create a residual income system. Attract more abundance with tony robbins (anthony robbins) and robert allen help with manifesting and creating wealth. The secret movie will teach you wealth creation how to earn money a great business opportunity. Find self esteem help with teachers like zig ziglar and les brown. Get free lessons with jack canfield. The best videos on Jack canfield coaching. Prosperity counceling with amazing jack canfield teachings for personal success using the secret. You may ask “what is the secret” the best way to apply “the law of attraction” is focus. Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield books and free ebooks with inspirational quotes. How to use natural chakras energy healing for psychics using yoga. The secret to manifest with meditation to reach your higher self using the universal laws. Proper goal setting for better homebased business ideas with internet advertisng. Its a program called the sgr club, one of the best affiliate programs that actually works. The best kept wealth secrets to make money online is to work at home. Create passive income and earn extra money using internet marketing secrets. Affiliate and network marketing are great business investments. Jack Canfield will help you make money fast using the law of attraction. The teachers of the secret dvd show how to apply the law of attraction to business and investments. Who is jack Canfield? Check out Jack Canfield philosophy on wikipedia to read the success principles. Fred allen Wolf and Lisa nichols together with esther hicks channeling abraham coaching on the law of attraction. Jack Canfield created an amazing wealth seminar with an affiliate program to make money with the secret.

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The Best Women’s Online Life Coach: focus, tools, & strategies
20 Free Videos from Online Personal Development Coach, Bonnie Bruderer. Relationships, Weight Loss, & Career. Tools and Strategies for achieving your goals.

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Inside North Korea (DPRK)

DPRK – Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

American Tours North Korea – US citizens are allowed to travel to the DPRK but under certain restrictions. American citizens can visit North Korea during the Mass Games only, can stay a maximum of 4 nights and 5 days and are not permitted to enter or exit the country via train.

An increasing number of foreigners hope for tourism in the DPRK with the tourist season at hand. Visitors are always welcome and their personal safety is surely guaranteed in the DPRK which values international visits, exchange, mutual understanding, cooperation and respect.

The government encourages tourism with a view to strengthening solidarity with peoples of all the countries in the idea of independence, peace and friendship and building a more prosperous and civilized country. The first travel company was established in the country in August Juche 42 (1953) and later the state general bureau of tourism for the development of tourism.

The DPRK became an official member of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) in September 1987. In April 1997 it was officially admitted to the Pacific Area Travel Association (PATA). The state allotted a great amount of fund to building tourist grounds and service facilities at scenic spots.

Hundreds of tourist grounds involve the capital city of Pyongyang, the west sea barrage, a leading lock gate of the world, and such famous mountains as Mt. Myohyang, Mt. Chilbo and Mt. Kuwol. Tourism in the DPRK includes inspection of monumental edifices and historical and cultural relics and remains in Pyongyang and ecological tourism aimed at promoting health and training bodies while resting and vacationing at beautiful and attractive scenic spots.

Tourism also includes medical treatment, the training of Taekwon-do and dance notation, the study of Korean language and the observation of animals and plants. What is noteworthy in this year’s tourism is to appreciate 100,000-strong gymnastic and artistic performance “Arirang,” a masterpiece in the 21st century. Revolutionary opera “The Sea of Blood,” national opera “Tale of Chun Hyang” and joint performances of schoolchildren and circus performances are also being prepared.

The state general bureau of tourism is now busy with preparations to meet the increasing demand for tourism. Those who want to witness the peculiar feature of the DPRK vigorously advancing with the might of the single-hearted unity, the climax of fascinating art and the beauty of attractive nature may contact with the state general bureau of tourism.

Address: Jungsong-Dong, Central District, Pyongyang, DPRK.
Telephone: 850-2-18111
Fax: 850-2-3814547

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miley cyrus – only girl. [HAPPY BDAY JENN, STEPH & HANN :D]


OMG. Girls, I am so so soooooooo sorry this video is crappy AND it’s late. I know this is a pathetic excuse, but I was sick all week and the whole month just passed by so fast! I remember thinking I still had 2 weeks left to make your video, dang it T_T Well, this video basically sucked :( I rushed it, there’s practically no effects, I got super lazy by the middle of the vid (at least you can enjoy the nice miley pictures and the cool matching video? xD) and I just really wanted to finish this video. I know it’s really not my best AND I APOLOGIZE SO SOOO MUCH that I couldn’t make you gurls an awesome bday video :( I’ll try and prove myself next year XD And hopefully next time I do a video, it’ll be much better than this xD But anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (it’s the thought that counts right? xD)

OMG! I am soooo happy I met you! And I seriously can’t believe it’s already been 2 years! That’s seriously sooo long in the “internet” world!? xD Hahahaa, I just can’t imagineee the amount of awesome inside jokes we had xD I always have suchh a blast talking to youu and I seriously just crack up all the time reading your comments! I guess our main quality is that were both LAZY, so we totally understand each other which is totally awesometasticall! Yes, I’m still inventing my cool words xD Remember lusy?? Busy + Lazy!? Hahaa you invented that one geniuuuus! 8D Hehe, I just wanted to sayy, THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH AN AMAZING TWINN AND BEST FRIENND AND YOUTUBE BUDDY!! I LOVE YOU SO SOOO MUCHH AND HOPE THAT ONE DAY, JUST ONE DAY, WE MIGHT ACTUALLY DO THAT COLLAB! HAHAHA xD HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL, HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING DAYY AND FANTASTICALL GIFTS CAUSE YOU TOTALLY DESERVE ALL THE BEST (hahaa, me and my cheesyness! wait, i don’t even like cheese!? BAM xD HAHA yeah sorry that was a really lame joke xD). ALRIGHT, IM GONNA SHUT UP NOW CAUSE I GOTTA GO COMMENT ABOUT THE OTHER BDAY GIRLS! YEAH THAT’S RIGHT, YOURE NOT THE CENTE OF THE WORLD TODAY, YOU GOTTA SHAARE MISS! xD Hehe, ok, im shuutting up for realz now, LOVE YOUUUU xo ♥

MY BEEEEEEEEEEETCHH! Hahaha first off, THANK YOU FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME AND MY LAZYNESS CAUSE I NEVER REPLY BACK TO YOU AS QUICKLY AS YOU DO xD I can’t believe it’s already been a year that we’ve met! Seriously, this year passed by sooo fast :O I’m really glaad I met you cause how would I become less lazy without you!? xD After all, Jenn obviously won’t help since she’s as lazy as me xD YOURE MY MOTIVATION TO UNLAZY-FY MYSELF!! xD Hahaha xD REMEMBER WHEN WE USED TO ASK EACH OTHER REALLY RANDOM QUESTIONS AFTER EACH OF OUR LOOOONG MESSAGES?! Hahahaha xD We should do that again xD ANYWAYYS, I JUST WANTED TO SAY, THAT YOU’RE AMAZINNG GIRL, AND YOU DESERVE THE BEST (including that blackberry, hehe I DIDNT FORGET!! ;D). HOPE YOU HAD AN AMAZINNG BDAYY and I’m really sorry that you only got to see this video AFTER your actual bday because of the time difference and all…BUT I REMEMBERED! DONT WORRY! xD LOVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS GUURL, DONT CHANGE CAUSE YOURE JUST TOO AWESOME AND THATS WHY I LOVE YOUU! ♥ xo

HANNAHH! I’m really sorry, I obviously don’t have as much to say to you as the other girls cause we’re not as close, but you still deserve this video!!! 😀 Haha, I honestly would think it’d suck if someone made a bday video for 2 of my friends but totally forgot me! So yeah, YOU STILL DESERVE THIS! I seriously don’t remember how we lost touch though, ugh, me and my bad memory, totally forgot. Hahaha, but we’ll catch up right?! 😀 I hope you had an awesometasticaaal bday and that you had really awesome presents!! 😀 HAPPY BIRTHDAYY, LOVE YOUUU ♥ xo


Song: Only Girl (in the world)
Artist: Rihanna
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 9
Coloring: xBurningTutorialsx (with some little personal touches)

I do not own any content in this video. No copyright infringment intended.

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Mark Victor Hansen – North America’s Ambassador of Possibility

Co-author with Jack Canfield of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Mark Victor Hansen is one the leading authorities on personal growth and motivation. His idea for the Chicken Soup series was just one of many that has propelled him into the worldwide spotlight. In the area of human potential, no one is more respected for helping people and organizations, from all walks of life, reshape their personal vision of what’s possible.

This video is brought to you by Speaker’s Spotlight – – North America’s leading speakers’ bureau.

Book Mark Victor Hansen as a keynote speaker for your next event by contacting:

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Corporate Coach

Louise Bergeron is a Certified Corporate Coach with The Art of Excellence.

At TAOE our vision is Leadership Excellence; Everywhere, Everyday.

Are you happy in all areas of your life?
Do you know what being your best self looks like?
Are you currently focused and excited at work?
Do you feel in control of your day?

If you have answered one NO, a coaching conversation could help. Email or visit

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The Secret:Positive Thinking & Bring abundance to your life!

Law of Attraction Guide Ebook- a step by step on how to apply the law

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Experts Debate Self-Help Phenom ‘The Secret’ (CBS News)

James Arthur Ray, author of “The Science of Success,” and psychology professor John Norcross disagree on whether the hit self-help program “The Secret” works. Harry Smith moderates their discussion. (

Duration : 0:4:36

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Believe… Achieve – The Power of Positive Thinking

Hope this helps you all :)

Love to all xoxox

Duration : 0:8:50

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The Hold Steady – Stay Positive

Music video by The Hold Steady performing Stay Positive. (C) 2009 Vagrant Records (US)

Duration : 0:3:7

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