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The Convergence of Science and Spirituality

For many years science and spirituality seems to be moving further apart like particles from the “Big Bang”. Now it seems these two trains of thought are again moving closer together. This article discusses the prospect of  “The Convergence of Science and Spirituality”.


Applied Creative Evolution The Convergence Of Science And Spirituality

Applied Creative Evolution The Convergence Of Science And Spirituality

During the course of any given day, we have thousands of thoughts that flow through our brains. The majority of those occur without our being aware of them, even though they guide our lives. Things like the act of taking a breath occur without conscious thought or effort. The very act of living occurs with any participation on our part. This is something that we take for granted but is also an opportunity for great learning.

The daily things that are solved are usually done so without much effort. Many of these things are solved with the unconscious area of the mind. These are the things that as a result of our experience we are able to solve almost on an automatic basis. Conscious thought comes into play when we get outside of our life experiences or routines. This is something that is done on purpose.

What makes up our consciousness?

Have you ever seen an animal growl or bark at its reflection in a mirror? This is because it is not self-aware. It believes that it is focusing its attention on another being. How does this happen from a scientific standpoint? What is it that separates us from animals?

When these questions are examined from a scientific standpoint we see the following. The brain is the home of our consciousness. Human beings have a frontal cortex that is highly developed. The frontal cortex has three distinct areas. The parts of the frontal cortex are called the cerebrum, the cerebellum and the medulla oblongata or stem. Science tells us this is left over from our evolution from reptiles that arose from the ocean.

Many would be surprised to learn that as we “grow up” and learn we are actually editing existing material. This is much different from the common perception that the learning process means adding new material in the brain. Our consciousness results from a cerebral ability to inputs from 50,000 million cells that make up who we are. Each of these cells is in constant communication with the others. We assimilate all of this information and use that data to make our decisions and choices in life. This is however, only a small part of the big picture. It is like a small opening in the ground that leads to a huge unexplored cave. We have barely tapped its full potential much less the potential that lies in our world and universe.

Human memories and infused with information that goes back farther than anyone of us consciously realize. The areas of our brain that contain memory, information and our emotions are where our consciousness resides. The scientific community currently has several projects that are attempting to map the DNA sequence of the human genes. There is also an effort to look at the entire volume of consciousness including the unconscious. This project is looking at everything that is involved in the human consciousness. Evidence is beginning to surface that there is really no separate state of consciousness. We are in all of the states or regions at the same time.

Awareness is something that is being viewed in a different light. For many years it was believed that any time we are conscious we are aware. Evidence points to the fact that we can be aware without being conscious. Awareness is just a part of consciousness along with recall, visualization, free will and reasoning and the act of making choices.

What is real? What is really known?

All that we know and all that we are able to communicate has the limitation of the connection of language. As people become more evolved they are able to reach higher levels of infinite consciousness. We are still limited by our language. As we progress these progresses become stabilized in our expanding abilities to communicate. Still in many instances we do not see things as they really are but as our limited experience will allow us to find an explanation for those experiences. This is one of the things that is limiting in our evolution. We will create things to explain that which we do not understand. This continues the distortion of reality. A classic example of this is when Native Americans saw explorers on a horse. They had no frame of reference and were in fear of this unknown animal. Once they began to realize the truth they accepted the possibilities. Our imagination is like a seed that grows once planted. That seed will grow over time to deny or confirm the idea with which it is associated. We are only to perceive what we can conceive.

Simplicity does not describe Consciousness.

Ancient civilizations made great strides in the advancement of knowledge. Many believe that those that came before us knew things that we are only now beginning to learn. The area of the understanding the seat of consciousness is not one of them. The ancients give this location as the heart, the liver and even the navel. Only two centuries have passed since we elevated the brain to this place of honor. Having said that we still really are not certain how it actually works. The greatest advancement in the history of evolution is the awareness of our consciousness. At this point, we are not able to separate brain, mind and spirit. All of these are in many ways affected by memory. Our memories are something that is not very reliable. Memories can be influenced our own desires and experiences. We adjust memories as it suits our purposes. There are memories in some people that can’t be explained by any current events or things they could have possibly experienced in this current time period. This makes this even more bizarre and esoteric. When you throw in the influence of emotions then memory becomes even harder to pin down. Emotions do not occur in a vacuum. They are a result of external stimuli. In order to be conscious we must be aware of something other than ourselves.

So what does it really mean to understand something?

In order to understand anything we must first have some type of evidence that it truly exists. In this instance we are using something to attempt to understand the very thing we are studying. This creates a paradox of the impossible goal. It is however our nature to continue to pursue our mental tail. In this pursuit the things you think are important. Thought is the framework of consciousness. Memories and emotions can be random in nature and our awareness is a series of choices that we make. We over time have the advantage of trial and error in this process. This is what separates consciousness from awareness. With enough experience, we are able to create a model of our world that becomes more logical as we progress. As we progress to a higher level, our mind is able to free itself to explore more and more possibilities and choices. This brings us to increased levels of consciousness.

Are there different levels of consciousness?

The answer to this can be illustrated by looking at an infant. Initially it does not recognize that it is separate from its mother. To the newborn child its mother is part of its immediate environment and is not separate from itself. As it grows, the child will begin to realize that it is separate and distinct from its mother.

It has been suggested that there are eight levels of consciousness. They are as follows: Level 0 – deep sleep; Level 1 – dreaming; Level 2 – waking but unresponsive state; Level 3 – beginning yet dull and meaningless self awareness; Level 4 – normal consciousness or the grim battle of life; Level 5 – life that is exciting and interesting this is happy consciousness; Level 6 – when time ceases to exist or the transcendent level; Level 7 – the mystic level.

There are also level or types on consciousness that involve more than just us. This is called the collective consciousness. This has happened over the course of history in many fields. Great ideas do not usually occur in isolation. Even though an idea can spring from an individual mind it usually strikes two or more thinkers separated by vast geographically distances. The power of this type of consciousness has yet to be fully explored but many times we see the results. In times of distress or emergencies when groups of people unite in prayer amazing results that support those prayers occur.

Is our consciousness inherently good inherently evil?

History has shown that the conscious human mind has the capacity for both unbelievable and selfless goodness and horribly unmentionable evil. The scientist wanting to save the world from horrible diseases and the evil genius wanting to create weapons of mass destruction operate from the same levels of consciousness. Consciousness is nonlinear, dynamic and every changing in nature. It is really difficult for us to discover some thought that the human mind can’t think. A conscious mind knows something and it knows that it knows. This creates a paradox that we are aware of ourselves and other things as well. This includes things outside of our real world. The problem is we are limited by our known symbolism. Meaning there are some things that truly defy definition.

Our consciousness is truly the most prized possession of the human race. This is the thing that sets us apart from the other creations that inhabit this third rock from the sun. This possession brings with it great responsibility. We are given gifts that allow us to travel this incredible journey called life. We have a sense of self that allows us to contemplate the world around us and make ethical choices. We have the ability to influence and change ourselves. As we do so we are able to influence and affect those around us. As we create our own little world, that world expands or contracts as we grow or contract in our own process. While our consciousness is our own it is also part of a greater consciousness.

The information in this article is for informational purposes only. You should see the advice of a professional as you journey towards your goal of applied creative evolution.



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