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Creating Positive Thoughts

Positive Thinking You are what you think! This simple but accurate statement indicates that what we say, what we do, and what we feel all have their origin in the mind. The energy of the human mind is one of the greatest, but least understood energy resources of the universe. When we understand and harness this energy, we possess the keys to happiness and contentment as well as to improving our relationships and circumstances. Positive thinking: Make Your Mind Your Best Friend How I think about myself and how I use my mind immediately affects my relationship both with myself and others. Trust, love, respect, understanding, and good communication characterize any good relationship. Am I my own good friend and companion? Thoughts are like seeds. Loving and happy thoughts produce beautiful flowers and nourishing fruits; or thoughts can be spiteful and depressed, producing painful brambles or poisonous weeds. We can master our life by producing those fruits which are wholesome, attractive and nourishing, and which give us the most happiness and contentment. Positive Thinking Course The Aim The aim of the Positive Thinking course is to give you an understanding of the nature of thought. You will learn methods for being more positive and constructive at home, at work and in your relationships. Topics covered include •Understanding the energy of thought, •Getting to know the mind, •Taking control of lifes experiences, •Developing self esteem, •Creating ones own reality and

Will Smith talks about what can happen with positive thinking! Camera By: Angelina Peterson. Sponsored by: MediaTrust
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Succeed with a Positive Attitude

Success? Leadership? Motivation? Goals? Welcome to, where you will find a complete collection of famous motivational quotes, sayings and thoughts accompanied by unique and enlightening meanings.

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Positive thinking
Learn how to think positve. Avoid garbage dump thinking

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Happiness and Success Daily Coaching Videos by Sue Stone

Life Coach advice for empowerment, happiness and success and the power of positive living. Sue Stone transformed her own life in every area and now she helps others to achieve their own life transformation. Sue Stone is author of Love Life, Live Life and the Happiness and Success Videos. Find out how Sue turned her life around and her passion at

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Thoughts of love and self-improvement will change the world!


“We are what we think. All we are is the result of our thoughts. With our thoughts, we are in the world. “Buddha-Check my blog please! This is called … 12,000 years our society in decay. Why the truth of our species and health lifestyle is a failure. It discusses where our species 12,000 years ago has path leading to the collapse of our civilization and for the current collapse. Uses of Daniel Quinn , Ishmael, and historical and scientific facts to show how the genetic control, pseudo-democracy, religion, food and money we have deviated from the natural law and order, that our ancestors were both millions of years. There are other ways of living and better by the natural law and order. ——- Video Script or most of ———– ——- We all know that there are problems in this world and we can improve. If you have not heard that a great change in consciousness and the increase in energy and solar activity is going on. More important than anything else for you to work on you. Love is the most self-love! This is the biggest change you can do in the world, but it does that you can not help spread the message if you have time. We are all one and the same in relation to the earth and the other through it. If we harm the earth, we hurt. Why would we want anything negative to establish for our Earth? The Earth is a living organism, by definition. We have pain all the time

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Thoughts Become Reality Tired of falling in the same emotional or financial rut? Learn to break free from outdated thought patterns and start attracting the life you deserve today! In this free relationship video, Nanette Geiger discusses how you can attract the love of your dreams!

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Powerful Affirmations.

The following write up on Affirmations is from a great guy called Remez Sasson at I strongly recommened the site to everyone who seeks a more fulfilling life.

Affirmations are positive sentences that describe a desired situation, and which are repeated many times, in order to impress the subconscious mind and trigger it into positive action. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the affirmations, they have to be repeated with attention, conviction, interest and desire.

Imagine that you are swimming with your friends in a swimming pool. They swim fifteen rounds, something you have never done before. As you desire the respect of your friends, you want to show them that you can make it too. You start swimming, and at the same time keep repeating in your mind: “I can do it, I can do it…”. You keep thinking and believing that you are going to complete the fifteen rounds. What are you actually doing? You are repeating positive affirmations.

More than often, people repeat in their minds negative sentences and statements concerning the situations and events in their lives, and consequently bring upon themselves undesirable situations. Such sentences and statements work both ways, to build or destroy. It is the way we use them that determines whether they are going to bring good or harmful results.

Affirmations work in the same manner as creative visualization. The repeated words build mental images and scenes in the mind, and help to focus on the aim, object or situation one wants to achieve or create. Frequent repetitions affect the subconscious mind, which in turn reshapes and affects the way one thinks, acts and behaves.

The conscious mind, the mind you think with, starts this process, and then the subconscious mind takes charge. This means that the most frequent thoughts that pass through your mind, ultimately affect your life and your destiny.

Affirmations work like commands that are given to a computer. They influence us, other people, events and circumstances. It might seem strange to you, but they do also influence the people we meet, our circumstances and the events we encounter.

Sometimes they work fast, but more often they need time. Repeating positive affirmations a few minutes, and then thinking negatively, neutralizes the effects of the positive words. You have to refuse negative thoughts, otherwise you will not attain positive results.

We mentally repeat negative statements, without even being aware of the process. We use them when we tell ourselves that we cannot do something, that we are too lazy, or when we believe we are going to fail. The subconscious mind always accepts and follows what we tell it, whether it is good or bad for us, so why not choose only positive statements?

How to Repeat Affirmations
It is advisable to repeat affirmations that are not too long, as they are easier to remember. You can repeat them anytime your mind is not engaged in something in particular, such as while traveling in a bus or a train, waiting in line, walking etc, but do not affirm while driving or crossing a street. You may also repeat them in special sessions of about ten minutes each, several times a day.

There should be no physical, emotional or mental tension while repeating them. The stronger the concentration, the more faith you have in what you are doing, the more feelings you put into the act, the stronger and faster will be the results.

It is very important to choose only positive affirmations. If for example you desire to lose weight, do not say, “I am not fat, I am losing weight.” By saying this sentence you are repeating to your subconscious mind that you are fat. The word “losing” also evokes negative images. It is better to say, “My body has an athletic form, and weighs the right and healthy weight”. Such words evoke positive images in the mind.

It is important to affirm in the present tense, not the future tense. Saying: “I will be rich”, means that you intend to be rich one day, in the indefinite future. You are actually telling yourself that some day you will be rich, never now. It is better and more effective to say, and also feel, “I am rich now”, and the subconscious mind will work overtime to make this happen now, in the present.

As to results, sometimes they may come fast, and at other times might take more time to manifest. Getting results depends on how much time, energy, faith and feelings you invest in repeating your affirmations, on the strength of your desire and on how big or small is your goal.

By using the power of affirmations you state what you want to be true in your life. You see reality, as you want it to be. For a while, you ignore your current circumstances and your doubts, and concentrate on a different reality.

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