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See Zenni Optical For Valentine’s Day Gifts

Zenni Optical

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I am sure most of you are scrambling for that perfect gift for your special someone or someones as the case may be. I was just given the best tip for a wonderful gift from Zenni Optical . I know it sounds strange and may not be the most traditional gift but how about a great pair of glasses from the number one online optical store, Zenni Optical? Zenni Optical offers high quality eyeglasses starting as low as $6.95. Great news! A Valentine’s Day gift does not have to put you in debt this year.
There are no middlemen, no retail overhead, and practically no advertising budget so the guys and gals down at Zenni Optical are able to offer prescription eyeglasses at the lowest possible prices. Because their own brand has top billing they do not pay for or sell expensive, or even inexpensive, brand names. This lets them pass on costs as low as possible to you. I promise your sweetheart will love the stylish look of a pair of eyeglasses from Zenni. What could be better? It is definitely a winning proposition. You save money but give value.

Visit Zenni Optical today and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Zenni Optical


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Get Creative and Help Yourself

A little self-help goes a long way and sometimes we just have to get creative about how we do it. Here at Applied Creative we know the feeling. Anything we can do to keep some of our money is definitely a good thing. We have recently come across something that will supply a need without sending us to the poor house. Zenni Optical is the perfect answer for those of us needing eyeglasses at a cost that we can live with. Zenni Optical is providing fantastic values in the eyeglasses area, their eyeglasses start at only eight dollars a pair. Zenni Optical sells full prescription eyeglasses at reasonable prices. I mean eight dollars? Come on. What’s not to like?
Zenni Optical offers their own brand of prescription eyeglasses made in their lab in China for a minimal cost. There is a waiting period but unless you need same day service why wouldn’t you want wait a little while when you save so much in the long run? At Zenni Optical, like most eyeglass stores there is an extra charge for bifocals, thick lens and anti-glare coating. This does come at a reduced cost that is easily affordable. Prices range from that paltry eight dollars I mentioned to about forty dollars for each pair of eyeglasses you purchase. Do yourself a favor, try Zenni for your eyeglasses needs.

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Even Motivational Life Coaches need eyeglasses


If wear you wear eyeglasses like I do, believe me it can be a big hassle even for motivational life coaches.  Finding an eye doctor or optometrist that you like can be an issue as well as trying to get an appointment whether you are an established patient or a new one.  That is only the beginning. Eric Hammer talks about this topic in an article written for the Brooklyn Liberal Examiner.

Once you have a prescription in hand you need to get your eyeglasses made. This is the dilemma my friends. This step encompasses a whole laundry list of choices beginning with where to have those eyeglasses made to multiple lens and frame options and of course the real biggy –cost.

Zenni Optical is the perfect choice for budget conscious, busy people.  Zenni Optical sells full prescription eyeglasses.  They start at only eight dollars a pair.  Prices range from the minimal eight bucks, yes eight bucks, to about forty dollars a pair.  Don’t you love the sound of that? Like most optical stores there is an extra charge for bifocals, thick lens and anti-glare coating though at a much reduced cost compared to the upscale places.

Designer frames are not available at Zenni Optical. With their inexpensive prices and low shipping costs, only $4.95 no matter how many pairs you order, who needs designer anyway? Compare if you must but take it from a motivational life coach Zenni is one big positive.

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